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Ahh, Katie. What a girl. She was a freshman my junior year of High School. I got hurt wrestling that year. I fractured my sternum, bent my clavicle, and seriously injured my spine. I was put on steroids as part of my therapy. I gained a bunch of weight, but I didn’t get bitch titties or anything like that. No roid rage, and no decreased genital size, for which I am very thankful. I have always been a charmer when it came to the ladies, but they just didn’t call as much as they did before I gained all the weight.

School ended and summer passed and I was finally able to stop taking my meds. By then, the damage was done; I had gained almost 100 lbs. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting laid at all. Senior year started and as soon as I was allowed, I started working out again. I was staying with a friend at the time and went to school with him around 6 am every day. He would go to band practice and I would hit the gym. School started around 9 am, so I was alone till the football players staggered in around 8 ish. Our workout area was on the second floor separating our 2 gyms. There were windows on both sides of the workout area. The walls went up about 3 feet, and then it was windows to the ceiling. The dance team worked out in the east gym and I would peer down them as I was doing my morning routine. I recognized almost all of the girls as prior acquaintances, but I took particular notice of Katie. I don’t know why, but I just did.

This brings us back to my little friend Katie. We met briefly my junior year before my injury. Senior year rolls around, and we shared a class. I sat behind her in some History class I needed because it didn’t transfer from my Florida HS. Thank God for curriculum differences. She was too cute. I was a head taller than she was. I asked her why she was never a cheerleader, and she promptly replied that her IQ was too high. We had a good chuckle. We talked during class, passing notes and such. Our teacher was very cool, one of the football coaches. He let me get away with passing notes to her and chatting quietly during class.

More time passed, and wrestling season started again. I wasn’t allowed to wrestle any more, but I worked out just as hard as the rest of the guys. Time to run intervals came and we all took off our shirts. It was mid afternoon in the blistering Texas heat, and everyone always watched us run. As soon as my shirt came off, a lot of the other jocks and a bunch of the girls would make fun. I tried not to let it phase me. I continued running day after day after day. I would run and work out and run and work out. The weight didn’t come off like I hoped it would. Katie was out there one day and started giving some of the people shit that were laughing at me. She tried to tell them how hard I was working to get back what I had lost. It was in vain, because the laughing continued. It became torturous, and I almost gave up. Things changed for me the next day.

5:45 rolled around and the alarm went off. I woke up and did my pre work out morning routine of brushing teeth, deodorant and headed out the door with my then roommate. We get to school and parted as normal, and I headed off to the weight room. I was about 20 minutes into my routine when I looked down at the dancers, as I always do. There was a free weight exercise I did at the window, so I could watch the girls as I exercised. I looked down at the girls and for the first time, I saw Katie looking back up at me. I smiled at her, and she winked. My heart began to race. I know she was just flirting, but it was still an ego booster.

I told her in class that day that when she winked at me, it was very motivating. I told her how the previous day’s incident was bothering me, and I thanked her for sticking up for me. When she winked, it set something off inside me. I felt the drive I had when I first took on my enormous task of trying to get the weight off, which wasn’t happening. It seemed the harder I tried, the worse it got. I told her all that and she just smiled and turned back around and took notes. She didn’t say much of anything the rest of the class.

The next day, I was working out again. I had such drive. I looked down at the girls again, and focused directly on her. She saw me looking down on her. Practice hadn’t started and they were stretching. She did her split and lay forward. She put her head on her folded arms and looked up at me. I was doing my standing rows. She had this look on her face that almost made me drop my weights. It was a look of absolute seduction. She licked her lips and put them softly together, almost as if she was trying to kiss me from 2 stories down. I was shocked and my adrenaline rushed so much more intensely. At first, I thought I was just seeing things, so I faced forward, finished my set, and dropped the bar. I bent over to stretch and get some blood to my head. When I returned, the girls were up and kicking. I looked back down at her and she was focusing on the coach. I thought it was a fluke and did some more curls away from the window. At the end of practice, I looked down and there she was again, looking up at me. She was standing in a crowd of her friends and waved. They waved too. I smiled and waved back. As soon as I was out of view from the window, I blushed.

Later that day, it was time to do interval running again. Sure enough, everyone was out and about. We were about to do the shirt thing when Katie came up. I ran over to her and we exchanged pleasantries. The coach was getting mad and blew his whistle and told us to haul ass. She looked at me with these intense soulful green eyes. I thought I was going to melt, and it wasn’t because of the heat. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it slowly above my head. She helped me out of it, and kissed me on the cheek. She told me she was proud of me for working as hard as I was, and my heart raced. She slapped my ass with my shirt and threw it on my head. She told me to get my ass running, and my wrestling buddies started whistling and hooting approval. Man, I never ran so hard or fast in my life. I wanted to talk to her in class, but that day, we didn’t have History.

The next morning, I weighed myself. I had actually started gaining weight. One could argue that muscle weighs more than fat, but my clothes didn’t fit any better. My gut was still very big and didn’t show any signs of going anywhere after the almost 6 weeks of ass busting that I had done. All I had to do was think about Katie, and the blood started pumping again. I was working out like normal. I had decided to do more standing rows because it was the only exercise that let me watch Katie. She commented in class that she saw more of me than usual. I smiled and she chuckled a tiny bit. We had a test that day, and I told her she could copy my answers. She replied with a reference to her cheerleader comment. She told me that she studied and hinted that I may want to copy HER answers instead. I did just that. We both got A’s. She gave me her number.

I called her that night and we talked for almost 3 hours. We filled in the parts about each other that we didn’t know and were curious about. We talked about what high school kids talked about. I asked her out to the lake and a movie. She politely declined because she had relatives in town for some occasion. She gave me a rain check. I was only able to talk to her briefly after school on Friday and wasn’t able to reach her all weekend.

Monday morning couldn’t get there soon enough. I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was so anxious to get back to school so I could see Katie. Monday morning, I got to it with an intensity and vigor I had never had before. Sure enough, there was Katie, down on the first floor, looking up at me. What a rush. I was about 30 minutes into my routine when the workout room door opened. It was the first time in the almost 2 months I had started this that the doors had been opened by anyone but me. It was Katie. She was wearing her sports bra, which showed off her superb upper body. She was also wearing red shorts with black tights underneath them. She looked so stunning with her hair pulled back in her red scrunchy and covered in a light film of sweat, I almost got a hard on when she walked in. I sat up from doing a bench press and toweled off. She told me that she didn’t get enough exercise from practice and wanted to get a good work out in before she had to shower. She asked me to work with her.

At last it starts to pick up.

She started off with weighing herself. 108 it said. She did her little pouty thing and complained that she had gained almost 2 whole pounds. She looked at me and asked what the best way to go about getting it off would be. I smiled at her choice of words, and she smiled right back. She said she was tired of running, so she didn’t want to get on the treadmill. She ultimately decided she wanted to work on the inclined bench press. I told her that wouldn’t help her lose weight, but she was very insistent. I lightly loaded her bar and took up the spotting position. She asked me to give her a front spot. I grinned and assumed the position. She did the first couple of reps and let the bar drop very fast. I caught it and the back my hand went right between her c cups. I got it off her and replaced it back on the bar rest. She smiled and said that it must have gotten away from her. I told her there was nothing to worry about because I had been watching over her. She smiled. She told me that she loved how I would watch her. She told me it was a real turn on and gave me a very coy smile. My crotch was about 3 inches from her boobs at this point, and I blushed at her candidness. She told me how she wanted me to think of her whenever I needed motivation. What she said next blew my mind. She told me she thought of me when she masturbated. She thought of all the hard work and sweat I put in to achieving my goal. She said my ambition was so sexy.

Without thinking, I leaned down and kissed her. Our tongues danced for what could only be described as not long enough. She pulled away and smiled at my now throbbing erection. She asked me if she could see it. I pulled down my shorts far enough for them to be resting on her rib cage. The head of my cock was resting comfortably on her sports bra perfectly between her incredible breasts. I noticed that her nipples were fully erect. She smiled at me and leaned forward. She swallowed me whole. Thank God I was still holding onto the bar, if not, my knees would have given out. It felt so good, I almost nutted right there.

She must have sensed what was about to happen because she pulled away. She told me to take one leg out of my shorts. As I did so, she took off her shorts and tights as well to reveal a very sexy pair of white cotton bikini panties. There she was. This drop dead gorgeous girl in nothing but a sports bra and panties just had my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe what just happened, and I knew there was going to be more.

She dropped the bench to where it laid flat and told me to get in the same position I had been in before. I did as I was told and she laid flat on her back. Her legs were open along both sides of the bench. She had her head at an angle looking up at me with her dainty hands folded on her flat, smooth tummy, and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, even to this very day. She asked me to remove my shirt, and I did. There I was, this lard ass, standing butt ass naked in my high school weight room about to fool around with a goddess that was in to me for a reason that I am still not sure of. Things like this don’t happen to fat people.

I kept saying that to myself over and over again. I leaned down and kissed her again, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I ran my fingers through her soft, sweet smelling hair. Even though she had been sweating, she still smelled intoxicating. She returned my kiss very passionately and gently grabbed my balls. I exhaled a moan with my tongue still probing her mouth. She grabbed my cock with her other hand, and it felt deliciously cool and tender. She started jerking me off very gently and slowly while her tongue and mine danced furiously together. She pulled back once again and laid her head back down with my cock and balls still in her tiny hands. My cock looked enormous in her hands. Due to the weight gain, I lost about 3 inches from the base, so 4 you could see, and 3 you couldn’t. I looked past my cock and saw her breasts still covered by the tight confines of her sports bra. I lifted it up and emancipated her wonderfully sexy breasts that hardly moved at all. They were so firm. Her light brown areolas were a little bigger than quarters and her nipples stood out like 9 mm bullets. I couldn’t think, I just started groping her breasts. The harder I groped her, the faster she jerked me off. She gently pulled my cock down to where the shaft and my balls rested on her sternum, from there almost to the middle of her neck.

She released my cock and pressed her breasts together around it. My cock was still very wet from her saliva it slid between them wonderfully. I started fucking her tits. She pressed them together and pinched her nipples while I grabbed the bar resting above her head for support. The saliva was great to start with but friction was slowly starting to build. There was a nice warming sensation for about 30 seconds, but the dried saliva got sticky. I pulled back and kissed her again. I kissed her and licked her lips. I bit her lower lip playfully and she nibbled my upper lip in reciprocation. I kissed my way down her neck, licking as I went. I moved my way down to her boobs, and did my best to lick and kiss them like I was never going to see another breast ever again. As I nibbled on her nipples, she let out a moaning sigh and bucked her hips. She loved the feeling of my tongue grazing her nipples through my teeth gently biting them. I got lost in a trance while I was kissing her body.

After what seemed like an eternity, I found my way to her navel. It protruded just a tiny bit, and I licked it as one would lick a clit. It drove her wild. I slid back further still as I worked my way to her panty line. I slid them down from the top with my teeth and pulled them down the rest of the way with my fingertips. She was shaved completely bare. She raised her left knee so they could slide off one leg. She let them fall down her other leg where they rested on the floor around her right ankle keeping her sock and tennis shoe company. I looked at her lovely young pussy and it quivered as if it could sense the approaching ideas I had for it. I sat down on the bench and she pulled herself forward slightly from the bar that rested over her head.

I leaned down and inhaled her deeply sexy musk. She was so turned on at this point; her juices were dripping out of her pussy and onto the towel on the bench. I licked around the outside of the lips first, just to get a taste. I relished it. It was sweet and a little tart at the same time, much like a raspberry.

I licked her inner lips as I spread them and she gasped. All this time, I was purposely avoiding her clit just to tease her. I slid my first finger inside of her, and it was very tight. After a moment of finger fucking her while licking her inner and outer lips, I decided she had enough. I curled my finger upward and pressed her g spot at the same time I licked her clit for the first time. It drove her insane. One of her hands was on the bar while the other was doing its best to claw directly into my skull. She had a very explosive orgasm. The floodgates opened and the juices flowed. I did my best to lick up every last drop. I had never seen a girl release this much fluid. I was enamored by the taste and the whole “too good to be true” experience.

I sat up and brought my cock up to the mouth of her pussy. It was throbbing and the head was almost purple at this point. I sat straight up at the end of the bench while she was still lying flat, and aimed the head of my cock at her clitoris. I used my cock like a dildo and rubbed her clit very fast from side to side. I could feel the vein in my shaft acting like a rib in a condom sending her over the edge to another powerful orgasm. When she came again, I was so fucking close to coming myself; it was all I could do to keep from doing so. She told me she wanted me inside her so bad, but she wanted me to go slow.

During our conversations in class, it had been revealed that she had sex only once. It only lasted about 10 seconds because the guy was already close to coming before they started. I told her that I wasn’t sure if I could go too much longer in the state I was in. She told me that it was ok because I spent so much time on her already with a pleased smile. I aimed the head of my cock at the mouth of her pussy. My cock is about average thickness, so I didn’t think it would take too long to get all the way in. I slid the head in about half way and she gasped. I could tell it was a gasp of pain, and I asked her if I should stop. She told me to continue, just go very slow. I pushed the rest of the head in and I had to stop moving completely because I was about to come. I closed my eyes and just stopped moving. I didn’t even breathe. She asked me if I came, and I told her that I was very close. She told me it was ok and to keep going if I could.

After about 15 seconds, I felt the rush subside and continued to push it in. I got it about a quarter of the way in and she pulled herself up with one hand on the bar and grabbed my ass with the other. She pulled herself to me and impaled her pussy completely with my cock. She let out a sexy little whimper, and she let herself back down to the bench very gently. I had to savor the sensation, so I didn’t move for about 10 more seconds. Her eyes were looking into mine very intensely. I drank in every last scent, taste, and smell of the moment. I grabbed her breasts and she started to moan. I pulled out about half way and pushed it back in very slowly. She told me to fuck her as hard as I could. I told her if I did that, it might only last about 5 seconds. She didn’t care, she knew what she wanted.

I lifted my ass off the bench about an inch and pulled the towel under me a little better. I grabbed her hip with my right hand and cupped her ass with my other and slammed her pussy as hard as I could. She put her right ankle on my shoulder. Her panties hung down from her ankle and gently grazed my skin with a slight tickling sensation in rhythm with my constant pounding. They eventually came to rest on the back of my shoulder. I was fucking her so hard, my balls made a really loud slapping sound against her ass. She bucked her hips and kept rhythm while she held onto the bar for dear life. I felt the sweat starting to pour after almost 2 minutes of ball slapping. The look she gave me while I was relentlessly pounding away at her pussy was one of the sexiest looks ever. Her look, mixed with her moaning, lip biting, and her grabbing the back of my neck digging her nails in was too much. It was enough to make me nut right then. I felt my orgasm well up inside me. I told her I was going to come, and she told me to come wherever I wanted. I told her I wanted to come in her mouth, and she told me she was hoping I would say that with a sexy smile on her face. Less than 5 seconds later, I was out, she was up, and I was running my fingers through her hair while I unleashed the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. I shot at least 7 times in her mouth. She had trouble swallowing it all and even gagged a little. I tried to pull out when I heard her gagging, but she kept moving her face forward as I would move back. She was determined to keep me in her mouth at all costs.

She looked up at me as she choked down almost my entire load. I could only see her eyes over my stomach but she had never taken her eyes off mine. When I was done coming, I pulled out all but the tip of my cock, and she kissed it. I pulled her hair and her eyes faced the ceiling. I used the head of my cock to move the rest of the come to her mouth, which she licked off her lips with great enthusiasm. Sweat was pouring off my body and the towel was almost completely soaked through. I leaned down and kissed her once again and finished by kissing her forehead. I thanked her and told her what she did for me could never be measured by mere words. I toweled off some of the juices from her pussy and slid her panties back up her leg. She pulled down her sports bra as I pulled my boxers and shorts back on. I handed her tights and shorts back to her and watched transfixed as she put them back on. She told me that was the most intense sexual experience she ever had and sighed with a hint of sadness as she looked at the floor. I asked her if something was wrong, and if she regretted what we did. She told me we had to talk, and that she wouldn’t change what happened for anything in the world. We kissed a final time and went off to the showers. I was left with my mind to wander painfully for another 4 hours.

I saw her in class later that day, and she told me that she was moving. I was crushed. The relatives that came to town delivered some devastating family news, and they had to leave the following weekend. I made love to her one more time before she moved, and it stands out as one of the most memorable sexual experiences I have had to this day… almost 8 years later. That is a story for another time.

I never looked at the weight room the same ever again.

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