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Katie & me (couple)

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This story is not about the usual 30 something people you read about here with DDD breasts and 9 inch cocks who can cum and cum and cum. But it is about a male and female in their mid 60s who can take it a little slower and enjoy the sex.

Katie and I are both married - just not to each other. Both are “trapped” in what have become sexless marriages of over 40 years. Both of our spouses have very serious health issues, which is pretty much what keeps us in our marriages - mostly as a duty thing. We also live 200 miles apart - I live in Ames, Iowa and Katie lives in Davenport.

3 ½ years ago we were put in contact on line with each other by a mutual friend, with the intention of finding a “FUCK”. So we started chatting on Yahoo Messenger and decided that we were really interested in each other and meeting in person. Pretty soon we were chatting every night on line and we became much more open about what we wanted and what we thought about so many things. We even had long discussions about our sexual pasts. This led to exchanging some pictures - the usual tits, ass and pussy of her and cock shots for me, then to being able to talk on the phone fairly often. We both have had previous affairs, and are at an age where we know what we want sexually and don’t have to play any of the games that we seemed to have played years ago.

Soon we decided we had to meet in person and see if we really had so much in common and if the sex would be as satisfying to both of us as we had been talking about. Now comes the problem of having an affair with someone who is married and also lives 200 miles away. Since we are both retired there is no handy “work” excuse we can use.

One plan after another for meeting was sabotaged by an unbelievable number of circumstances. Everything from ice storms, snow storms, spouse’s illnesses, and other family obligations. Finally, last week (plan # 8 or 9) we were finally able to meet at a motel about half way between each of us.

I made a stop inroute at a super market to pick up a picnic lunch, and then got a motel room at the first motel that had a vacancy for an early check in. Katie did not want to have to park her car at the motel so we met at a nearby truck stop with acres of parking .

Now I have to tell you that I am past my “Barbie” stage and really prefer more full figured “mature” women with breasts that are saggy and floppy - because they are so much fun to play with and suck..

Katie pulled up and got out of her car and was exactly like she had described herself. A very attractive tall blue eyed blonde with a killer smile. When she got into my car for the ride back to the motel - it was all I could do to keep from being all over her. But, because it was a very public area, and I sure did not want to be distracted in my driving and become involved in an accident - I had to be satisfied with just putting my hand on her thigh for the 3 minute ride to the motel.

When we got to the motel it was almost impossible for me to get the damn key card in the lock the right way and get the door open. Finally once the door was open we hurried into the room and shut the door and wrapped our arms around each other and started to kiss very deeply and passionately. First with just our lips, then with our tongues touching and then exploring each others mouth.

After a few minutes of deep passionate kissing with my hands all over her full firm butt and pulling her against me, she said that she needed to get out of her shirt and bra because her bra was to tight and was uncomfortable. Now that is my kind of lady - eager to start taking her cloths off. So being the gentleman that I am I helped her pull the shirt off and then her bra. Damn, but she has a very lovely set of large soft saggy tits with very large nipples - and I was very quick to wrap my arms around her and start sucking those big soft tits and those big nipples that started to really stand up and get hard.

While sucking those lovely tits and nipples I reached around her and used my hands on her as to pull her up close so my face was buried in those lovely tits. Then she was pulling herself against me so that freed up my hands to start taking her pants and panties off. Some how I was also nude and was enjoying holding her close to me and kissing her.

We both managed to move toward the bed and end up laying down wrapped in each others arms - kissing and feeling our bodies against each other after the extremely long wait. Katie’s legs begin to spread and the next thing I knew my cock was resting up against her warm wet pussy, while we continued kissing and exploring each others mouths with our tongues.

Pretty soon I started to move my mouth down to her breasts to kiss, lick, suck and nibble her lovely tits and nipples. I also became aware that her pussy was very wet and that my cock had some precum on the head which made it very enjoyable to have my throbbing cock rubbing on her wet pussy lips.

It was not long before I had to start kissing and nibbling my way down Katie’s stomach to her naturally blonde pubic hair - which had gotten pretty wet from her warm cum that was being spread from her pussy lips to her pubic hair by my cock.

Finally, I was going to get to smell the aroma of her sex and taste her wetness. Her sex had very little aroma, and what there was - was very pleasant. So then I started to lick and suck her wet pubic hair and found that her wetness had a very mild and sweet taste. Now I had to get to her wet pussy - so I started to kiss, lick, suck and nibble my way to her thighs and made sure that I got all the cum that was on her thighs.

Oh my god - her warm sweet cum tasted so good and seemed to be worth the long wait. So I continued kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling her thighs and wet pussy lips before slipping my tongue between those lips and opening her pussy. It was such a warm, wet and sweet pussy that I could not get enough of my face buried in it. But I was in search of her clit so I no choice to spread her open and explore with my mouth and tongue in search of that wonderful sensitive clit. Finding it was pure heaven and I just had to take my time sucking and nibbling it. As I continued to eat her pussy Katie was getting wetter and wetter and started to have some small orgasms and pull my face deeper into her pussy.

When Katie pulled me back up so we could kiss and she could enjoy licking and tasting her cum that was covering my face and mouth. As we wrapped our bodies around each other my cock started to slip between her pussy lips and the head of my cock was resting just inside her pussy. The more we hugged and kissed the more my cock slid into her tight warm wet pussy. Damn, she has one nice tight pussy, and it just holds my cock so tight. Guess maybe part of the reason that her pussy is so tight is that she had her kids via C section and never really had it stretched out.

After sliding my cock in and out of her pussy for a while, and really enjoying the feel of how warm, wet and tight it is - we changed positions. She started licking and sucking my cum covered cock and playing with my balls for a while. It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load in her mouth - but remember I am in my mid 60s and not sure how soon I could get hard again if I had my orgasm then. And I sure wanted to be able to have an erection to be able to slip my cock back in her warm, wet tight pussy and fuck her some more.

After some very enjoyable cock sucking, we changed positions again, with her on her back - so I broke out the chocolate fudge sauce that I had bought at the grocery store and applied some to both of her tits and also covered her nipples. Then I licked and sucked every bit of the fudge sauce off and in the process found that her nipples got even bigger and harder than before. By my estimate her nipples were standing hard and tall at about ½ inch. The more I sucked the harder they got. I spent a lot of time making sure every last bit of fudge sauce was licked and sucked off of those saggy floppy tits. Part of the fun in sucking saggy floppy tits is seeing just how much tit you can suck into your mouth - solid firm tits don’t have much give and play - so you can not really suck them in your mouth to the extent that you can the saggy floppy ones. Damn they are good suckers! Also had to hold both tits together so the nipples were together and then suck both nipples at once.

After that we needed a lunch break and for desert I would slip green gr*pes into her juicy pussy and then suck them out - all nicely sweetened.

After lunch I wanted more of that warm wet pussy - so I laid Katie on her back spread her legs and put them over my shoulders and started to eat her pussy and suck and nibble her clit. While doing this I could look over her pubic mound and hair and watch her scrunch up her face, close her eyes and roll her stomach muscles every time she would have and orgasm and push her pussy against my face.

After she had several orgasms I crawled up between her legs and started to slide my cock up and down the length of her pussy - with the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips. Trying to rub her clit with the head of my cock. Finally I slid my cock into her pussy and slowly went balls deep before just holding my cock deep in her pussy before starting to fuck her.

I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her warm wet pussy, but gradually picked up speed and continued to fuck her lovely pussy until I could feel my balls tighten and the cum start to surge through my cock. So as I felt my orgasm starting to rise from my balls to the head of my throbbing cock, I slid my cock as deep into Katie’s pussy and I could, held on tight and kissed her until I shot my load as deep in her pussy as I could.

Finally, as my spent cock shriveled up and slid out of her warm wet pussy - I knew it was time to clean her pussy up. So I got back down between her spread legs and started eating her just fucked pussy. Damn - but that is good eating with all that cum oooooooooozing out.

After cuddling and kissing to rest up we headed off to the shower so that we could wash each other’s bodies and enjoy hugging and kissing in there. Before I dried her off - I could not resist turning her around, bend her over and lean her forward - then spread her ass cheeks and giving her a licking the whole length of her ass and also enjoying giving her asshole a lick or two. Next time we are able to meet I should give more attention to her ass - all we need is more time and not have to be limited to a 5 hour quickie.

So - all in all it was a wonderful day, and we are planning on meeting again as soon as possible.

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