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Kathy Meets Her Man

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Kathy meets her man

My name is Kathy, I?m in my mid 40's, 5 foot 9, a few extra pounds with great 38 DDD tits and a story I wouldn't believe if I hadn't lived it myself. My story started over 10 years ago when my husband had been an ass for months, finding out he had been cheating on me. I worked for a large corporation in California in sales. I just turned 33 four days earlier. My marriage sucked and I was ready for a change. Needless to say, when the opportunity to go to Kansas for a week of training came up, I jumped at the chance. After checking into the hotel, I prowled in the hotel lounge for talent. By chance, in the back half of the bar, a nice looking man sitting by himself. Well built, 6 foot plus, dark hair and blue eyes. He introduced himself as Dave and invited me to sit down; he was there for the same training. Not sure if it was the soon to be ex-husband or Dave?s friendliness, but I felt like we clicked. While dancing to a number of slow songs he would press himself close feeling the hardness in his pants as he would grind against my crotch. He also took liberties while holding me tight squeezing my ass and the sides of my breasts. I kept my arms around his neck seeing how much fun I could have. I think it was to see what kind of reaction Dave got. We talked for hours, about anything and everything, nothing was off limits. During the following week I allowed him to freely touch me whenever we were together but nothing more than that. One time in his room, things got out of hand as I allowed him to undo my shirt and suck and twist my nipples while rubbing my crotch, getting off twice. I was being such a bitch to this poor guy?getting a rush out of the power I had being such a prick tease.

While in the training session the last day, Dave had become so bold that he continued to try to run his left hand up my skirt, finally fearing I was going to lose him, I allowed him to place his hand on my leg. Quickly his hand moved and found my panty covered pussy, and before I could say anything his finger pushed the cloth aside sinking his middle two fingers deep causing a wonderful orgasm. When finished with me, Dave placed his finger under his nose and then to his mouth. He just looked over at me and smiled as if to say ?I got you?, it was a game we played and he was adapting well. After the last day of class, my panties were soaked and sticky between my legs, I told him to get ready, meet me at the restaurant in an hour and a half ?I had a big surprise?. After a fabulous dinner that included more petting, we decided to leave for the night club. Halfway to our destination, with my back to a full view window, he stopped and kissed me passionately. His lips met mine, his tongue parting my mouth forcefully. Dave held me close with his left arm while his right hand reached up under my sun dress for every one to see, and found his focal point. Dave smiled like the Cheshire cat when he found my bare pussy without any panties on soaking wet. We stayed in that position as Dave probed me placing first one then two fingers parting my lips penetrating swollen labia, while his thumb rubbed my clit in a circular motion. I reached around his neck with one hand to hold on as I grabbed the outline of his cock rubbing it back and forth with the other. I was having an earth shattering orgasm as my legs were giving away being help up by two fingers still inside of me. We had no longer thoughts of night clubs; it was straight to my room to finish what we started. Our hands were all over each other in the elevator as I unzipped Dave, only getting the head of his cock out sucking and licking it like it was a tootsie pop tasting his pre-cum. In the room I thanked him for all of the attention he had given me. I told him "I had something very nice for you?. Dave asked "what I had in mind". I said "since we met I have had this urge to give you a big surprise". He said? I?m willing to take a chance?. I said "then you need to take your tie off and tie it around your eyes so you can?t peak? then I sat Dave down on the edge of the bed with a smile and told him "as long as you don't object, you'll get your surprise" He then leaned back on his elbows as I undid his pants and pulled his down boxers to his ankles. I was greatly surprised at the size of his cock. It looked like a baseball bat compared to what I had been getting. (My husband is just a little smurf) I was going to savor every moment with this beautiful cock as long as I could, pretending it was a giant drum stick.

I started around his balls, burying my self against his legs and nut sack. Rubbing my face back and forth, kissing from the base of his cock; I told him how wonderful he smelled like fresh bread. After licking his shaven balls, I placed each one in my mouth with a gentle sucking, making slurping noises. I slowly worked my magic on that gorgeous shaft licking all of its length with my saliva completely covering it, as it glistened. Slowly my lips and tongue were like a snake encircling its pray traveling to the top, until I placed the engorged mushroom head of his in my mouth as I sucked it hard, causing him to jump from the sensation. The look on his face, with his eyes still shut was priceless. Soon my antics grew old, I?d had my fun and I needed to get to business. Slowly I placed his cock in my mouth swallowing as much as I could we every swallow, creating more slurping and sucking noises until I almost took him whole. Looking up to see Dave's smile, as he was pleased with my effort. He gently grabbed the back of my head, guiding me to a slow enjoyable rhythm. All I could get to come out of Dave?s mouth was ?oh God don?t stop?, ?that feels so good?, ?how do you do that?, ?it feels incredible?. It was only a short time after that he reached out entangling his hands in my hair grabbing both sides on the back of my head. Quickening the pace he started frantically face fucking my mouth, bucking wildly with his hips. Dave continued his pace, his cock growing in width and length, my jaws felt like they were about to burst from the sides. I was gagging; Dave had over powered me, having no control of his cock being shoved repeatedly to the back of my throat. Then with his entire grip, Dave held my face to the base of his cock, trying not to lose my dinner, tears running down my face, he called out ?you are the greatest fucking cock sucker ever?, erupting cum like a volcano, and load after load in my mouth. I tried my best not to gag and swallow it at the same time. I loved his taste like sweet man nectar; Once Dave released his grip, I continued sucking his cock for every drop that I earned. It was wild! I have to say I never sucked someone off with so much passion that showed so much enjoyment. Placing my focus back to his manshroom head, I licked him like a lolly pop, cleaning Dave?s cock and in around his balls.

Dave was so impressed with my talent and willingness to take his cock to the base. He loved that I swallowed all of his cum as he continued to fill my mouth and never complained. He said that I was a real team player and I had a passion for sucking cock. He desperately wanted to fuck me like a little boy in a candy store, saying "that was the best head I've ever had" ?I have never had anything like that before? "oh my fucking God" then he said, "I never seen any one suck cock like that before, how do you do it??. Dave was willing to do anything he could, thinking of ways to convince me. I didn?t want him to think I was cheap. He continued his talented fingers in an around my pussy, bringing me just to the point of orgasm and then stopping. It seemed Dave was astute to this game I had played and I was going to get my share of payback. Dave?s tongue alternated between my lips and ears while pinching and twisting each nipple, causing my good girl will power to start crumbling. I new I couldn?t take much more and I told him ?let?s take a shower? ?if you are any good at eating pussy, you might get head again?. I also said ?If you are any good, I'll let you lick me all night" I knew then that I had a keeper.

We quickly stripped off the remaining clothes we had and ran to the shower like high school kids with our parents gone. I stepped in first while Dave closed the door behind us. The feel of his strong hands bathing my body rubbing lather over my shoulders and breasts, as suds ran down to my pussy felt so wonderful and so erotic. All I could think of was hoping this would never end. While we were showering I started stroking Dave?s cock, bring it back to life with a soapy wash cloth. I turned my back to Dave?s hands so he could apply soap on my back and shoulders. It felt so naughty to feel his hand run between my ass as his finger penetrated my ass. With out knowing Dave stepped forward to shampoo my hair. That?s when I felt his hard cock at full mass rubbing up and down between my cheeks. He started dry humping me like a dog in heat, with the soap making it slide easily. I leaned forward under the shower, rinsing the shampoo from my hair that was starting to get in my eyes, when all of a sudden I felt the head of his cock place at opening of my ass. I jumped at that thought. I never considered ever having a man?s cock in my ass. I wasn?t sure if I was able, or maybe just too scared. He grabbed me and held me tight reaching around the front with both arms was more than I could handle. Dave expertly opened my labia and probed me with his right fingers, while his left hand held me tight squeezing and pulling my nipples. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck saying nasty things in my ear. I knew then I was on borrowed time that I was going to be his to do with, how ever he wanted. I struggled slightly until he lowered his cock to my slick wanting swollen pussy, rubbing back in forth against my opening, and then he mounted my wet patch. The spearing I felt inside of me was like no other. I released any resistance of his pursuit of me. From behind, my face was now pressed against the tile wall, my arms stretched out for balance, Dave holding my hips with a firm grip, his left arm around my waste while his right arm across my back exaggerating me over to give him easier access, taking what he so wanted. The constant driving of his large penetrating cock twice was the size of anything I had ever had, making me feel like my pussy was more than I could handle.

I begged and pleaded with him, like a little girl ?please stop, let me fuck you on the bed?. I said ?I give, you win?- "you can fuck me what way you want?, I screamed ?I haven't had sex in over three weeks", I said "I just want you to fuck me there, where we both enjoy it". We quickly ran to the bed, still soaked from the shower as I quickly lay down with my knees bent my legs wide open. He quickly followed behind. Climbing on top, I reached out grasping Dave?s cock guiding towards my already well soaked pussy. Dave grabbed my knees, pinning them against my tits giving the view we were both looking for, as his over sized cock stated penetrating my cleaned shaven wide open pussy. It was so wild to see for the first time watching that giant swollen head start to disappear inside of me. Dave?s thick cock split me like a wedge, making me quiver and shake, realize what I hadn?t been getting. Slowly he would push slightly in a little at a time, then his manshroom disappeared inside of me for good. Dave pushed slightly in and then pulled out. He continued this back and forth until his entire cock was embedded; he paused for a moment I knew I was receiving all he had to give and was given a chance to adjusted myself for comfort. At that point Dave placed my ankles to his shoulders, leaning forward reaching for complete control he grabbed both of my arms, holding me in place. I knew right then I was going for a ride, the same feeling you get from a roller coaster about to go down a hill, as he fucked me at a torrid pace. Feeling this cock at full penetration, almost made me feel as if it would cum out my throat. I felt helpless and loved it, because I was getting the fucking of my life. Just then, I felt for the first time, his cock swell and spasm as I knew he was unloading his first of many deposits for the night. As his cock subsided he pulling his cock from me was like taking the pacifier from a baby. His cock was so big that it actually created a vacuum, as it popped when released. Dave looking down at my wet deep pussy cave, cum lathered all around my opening with a ring of white goo, then ordered me saying "get on your hands and knees, I?m going to teach who is in charge you little freak", quickly I complied. With my ass in the air, my legs spread apart, and my head tilted back I give him full access. I felt him enter me with one swift motion, as his cock had sprung back to life, fully imbedding onto my pussy. While his balls slapped against my clit, Dave asked me ?do you like the fucking you are getting??, ?have you ever felt a cock that felt so good in you?? ?Are you getting more than you expected?? I could only shake my head yes to all of the questions. He then asked me ?do you feel like you are worthy of being my bitch??, ?do you think you are worthy of me fucking you like this every night?? Again all I could do ways shake my head yes as he had taken my breath away.

For the next few hours I was his fuck toy, and yes he fucked me in more ways then I knew how leaving cum every where he had visited. I was well trained to his needs, completely submitting to his will, and loving every minute. That evening ended as he tit fucked me, telling me to pinch my nipples, asking me "who's your daddy?" shooting his load on my face and in my mouth. Then kissing me deeply and said you have past my test.

My pussy was so sore next day, I walked bow legged getting on the plane. When I returned home I told my soon to be ex-smurf what a dick he was, how I fucked another man which had a cock twice his size all night, and then I moved out. Dave and I dated for quite a while; the sex was incredible, we fucked like rabbits day and night and almost always had either his cock or his cum buried in me.

Each time he'd fucked me, it became more intense. It Dave was like a drug I had to have. The orgasms I experienced were mind altering from intensity. Laying still on my back feeling the throbbing of his cock releasing fluids in me was like a damn breaking. Mornings I would bring him coffee just to suck his cock. I loved having his taste for breakfast. But neither of us wanted a commitment to more then just good nasty, down and dirty hard sex. We went our own way, he wanted to date other women, and have some one else while he was dating me.

Seven years later by chance we ran into each other at another sales convention. Both in sales, but both had changed companies. We sat next to each during the meeting texting each other. I told him five minutes after the class I wanted his cock in me for a repeat performance. I then reached over and grabbed his crotch, stroking and feeling the outline of his cock under the table. That first night we were like a couple hungry dogs in heat, like we had never missed a beat. The feeling of that throbbing cock shooting load after load deep inside of me made me realize that there was no way I would ever miss this feeling again no matter what it took. At that moment I was willing to wear a collar or do what ever it took to keep him inside of me. Some times you just know who your soul partner is, and I knew mine. Over the years of being together we spoke about everything, and I confided in him that I had also been with a number of women. That I thought that I could be that woman who was open enough to sex to keep him always satisfied. I was willing to open my mind to satisfy his fantasies. I told him of my younger years when I was 31 that my friend Terrie who now lives in Oregon and I ambushed a young kid 19-20 years old drunk in the apartment hot tub. How we took him up stairs and took turns fucking him and sucking him. When that quit working we tied him up in a chair and made him watch us lick and suck each other's pussies. My boyfriend at that moment was hooked and all of a sudden. He wanted to know every story I had. We would talk some times during 'spicy pasta' and I would tell him every detail of other stories. It really seemed to work. Everything about us was incredible including our sex life. From going to strip clubs and getting lap dances as my boyfriend watched, bring dates to high class suites with large roman tubs and acting out fantasy?s we had discussed, to fantasizing of woman at clubs when we would go dancing. But that's another story,

When Kathy goes to Seattle #2

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