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Kate Learns Submission Part 3stepping it up

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Kate Learns Submission Part 3

Kate woke up early, after sleeping curled securely in Jay?s arms most of the night. She was enjoying this uninterrupted time together, and hated how when you looked forward to something so much, the tables turned so suddenly and one had to start counting down to when it was over instead of when it was to begin. It wasn?t that she didn?t WANT to go home, she loved her family and life, and knew that Jay loved his everyday as well. But they both agreed that their time together was something special, and they were quite bonded. Kate woke up knowing full well that this was day 2 of 3 in the nation?s capital, and tomorrow evening it was back to the airport, onto a plane, and away from Jay. Jay still had a week of classes to endure after Kate left, then he would be boarding a plane home as well. Unfortunately home for them both was still two hours away from one another, but they had been making it work for years, with the consent of their significant others, and they were confidently sure they could continue to do so. Kate smiled quietly as she glanced over at him, still sleeping soundly. In the past, Kate had many times woken Jay gently in the wee hours, rubbing her hands across his back, his chest, eventually over his ass and his thighs, massaging and kissing, never touching his cock. She knew all too well that after only a few minutes, Jay would wake, stretch, and reach for her. They would kiss and caress, then Jay would get up and head for the bathroom. When he returned he would touch her everywhere, and almost always her impatience would get the better of her and she would climb over him, sliding her now wet pussy slowly down over his hard cock, riding him slowly, grinding her thighs into his, all the while looking him in the eye, her long auburn hair falling softly over one shoulder and tickling his chest. Jay would fondle her tits, pinch her nipples, and keep his eyes locked on hers. Kate would make herself cum all over his hard cock, then Jay would usually flip her on her back, often playfully, and fuck her hard until he came as well. Only then would they get up and think about the rest of the day. Mornings like that were far better than the ?few hours in a hotel room? quickies they sometimes resorted to just to see one another. They loved waking up together, and as of late had been spoiled by doing just that?and often.

Waking up this particular morning, Kate was a little confused. Waking him the way she usually did seemed too aggressive for her newly submissive role. Stretching as softly as possible, Kate considered her other options. She COULD curl up and go back to sleep, wait on him to set the tone for the day when he awoke. She COULD get up and shower, dress, and play a little online while he woke up on his own. Hmm, she could see through the mostly closed windows that it was a gray morning, the kind when everyone woke up and thought, ?what a nice day for staying in bed.? In this case it was especially tempting. The choice made, Kate curled herself back up to Jay intending to fall asleep, but just as she closed her eyes, her back to his chest, she felt his hand slowly run over her side and stomach and wander over her smooth shaven pussy mound almost nonchalantly. Then Jay used his hand to softly part her thighs from behind, get between them and touch her pussy more. She tried to roll over to face him, but felt his other arm snake under her and press her to him possessively. Not knowing what he wanted, Kate relaxed in his grip. She could feel his hardened cock against her ass, pressed firmly against the bruises she could feel but hadn?t yet seen. Jay continued to caress her pussy, his fingers parting her lips and teasing her hole ever so slightly. Jay so loved to touch her, wake up with her close and available. His life was full, not lacking in love, or lust, or friends, or activity. But being with Kate was his chance to slow down, decompress, and relieve sometimes months worth of stress. They fit so well together, dominant/submissive roles or not, and he had gotten very used to having her in his life. He knew too that the clock was ticking, and that this hotel room, and this bed, were going to feel empty once she left tomorrow afternoon. She felt him kiss her neck, and relaxed even more. With his fingers becoming slick as her pussy got wetter and wetter, Jay whispered in Kate?s ear, ?good morning my beautiful little obedient one. Whatever shall I do with you today?? Kate didn?t answer right away, and Jay growled quietly in her ear, ?answer me Kate,? but his fingers remained gentle inside her. Kate thought carefully and responded, ?anything you want, sir.? ?Good girl,? Jay responded, and she could hear the smile in his voice. His fingers began stroking her clit more rhythmically, and Kate began making little moaning noises. Jay kissed her ear, her cheek, her neck, using his other hand to knead first one of her breasts and then the other, pinching her nipples between his fingertips hard enough to make Kate wince just a little. As her clit swelled in response to his attentions, Kate began to squirm, but Jay held her naked body tightly against his and continued to stroke all over her pussy and thighs. After getting Kate?s pussy sopping wet, Jay placed one finger against her opening and teased it open easily. He then inserted one finger into the hole, drilling it slowly in and out, making Kate sigh and part her legs more than she already had. Jay used one finger, then two, then three, drilling them slow at first and then faster in and out, in and out. Kate realized she was getting dangerously close to orgasm, and Jay could tell she was almost there too. He again whispered in her ear, his breath warm on her earlobe, ?my slut knows by now she has to ask to cum, right?? ?Yessir,? Kate replied automatically, followed quickly with, ?please Jay may I cum all over your fingers?? ?Please WHO?? Jay responded, his fingers pausing momentarily, and Kate quickly amended her plea, her breath coming faster and more frenzied. ?PLEASE SIR can I please cum all over your fingers?? Kate begged. ?Yes you may, cunt, quickly, NOW.? His fingers began drilling in and out of her hard and fast again, and Kate didn?t need to be told a second time, her muscles began contracting and she let out a loud cry as her orgasm rocked through her, coating Jay?s fingers with her sweet juices. Jay continued drilling his fingers into her pussy?holding her tightly against him with his hand wrapped firmly around her left breast, her nipple pinched firmly between his fingers. Jay didn?t stop until Kate?s contractions subsided, slowly pulling his fingers out and releasing her nipple, but still holding her tightly. Kate remained oh so willingly in his grip, surprised when Jay traced his wet fingers up over her mound, her belly, and her breasts, bringing his fingers all the way up to her lips. ?Taste how sweet you are, slave, and lick my fingers clean.? Kate hesitated, and Jay again pinched her nipple, hard, and growled more loudly than previously, ?Do it now.? Kate licked his fingers, hesitantly at first, then with increasing concentration, until Jay removed them from her mouth and licked them once himself. He kissed her cheek as he squeezed her nipple one last time, then rolled away from her and got out of bed. Kate rolled over on her back to face him, covers pushed aside and her nakedness slightly red from the lingering excitement of her orgasm, and smiled when she saw him smiling down at her. He stuck out his hand and said, ?Come my slave, lets get you cleaned up.?

Kate took Jay?s hand and went willingly to the shower behind him, waiting patiently while he started the water and adjusted the temperature. She glanced in the mirror on their way past, seeing for the first time the redness and bruising from their adventures the night before marking up her ass. Jay turned and saw her looking, reached around, ran a hand over her ass gently and said, ?beautiful sweetheart.? The shower was large, plenty of room for two, especially with Kate on her knees at Jay?s feet, which is where she ended up immediately after they had soaped each other up and rinsed each other off lovingly. He hadn?t spoken, just guided her to her knees, knowing she would know what to do from there. Kate took his erect cock into her hand and then her mouth, enjoying the feel of the warm water running down her back and over her ass as she sucked him. Jay braced himself against the shower wall with one hand, wrapping the other hand possessively in her tousled wet hair, guiding her head gently to take him deeper. Kate gagged a little bit on Jay?s swollen member, but that seemed to excite Jay more, his hips beginning to thrust closer every time Kate sucked him in. Kate felt Jay getting harder in her mouth, and knew he was close to cumming. She sucked eagerly, encouraging him with her mouth and lips and tongue to go over the edge. Oh how she loved the taste of his cum running down her throat! But just as she thought he could hold back no longer, Jay pulled Kate up by her hair, and spun her around. He ran both his hands up her sides and down her arms, simultaneously placing both her hands on the shower wall directly under the shower head. He then grabbed her hips, forcing her to stick her ass out towards him while parting her legs to keep her balance. Jay again wrapped her hair in one hand and pulled her head back, arching her back almost painfully, at the same time the swollen tip of his cock forced its way into Kate?s wet slit, seeking her hole. Kate gasped as Jay slammed his cock all the way into her pussy, the combination of his cock inside her, his hand tangled painfully in her hair, and the warm water running a constant stream over her shoulders, down her back, and over her ass almost overwhelming. Jay fucked Kate hard, making her grunt despite her efforts to remain quiet. Jay spoke as he slammed into her, growling out phrases like, ? my slave?s pussy likes to be fucked hard, doesn?t it?? Kate didn?t answer this time, thinking she wasn?t supposed to. This time she was right. Kate held her position as best she could as Jay continued to slam into her, placing his hands on her hips and grinding into her with every thrust. The sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin filled the bathroom, only serving to excite them both more. As his movements became more frenzied, Kate realized she was going to cum again. She spoke up immediately, ? May I cum again sir?? Jay responded in a breathless voice, ? only if you cum WITH me bitch, not a minute sooner, or later.? ?Yessir,? Kate practically screamed, tensing to hold back her orgasm to time it with his. Jay continued to pound her pussy from behind, digging his fingertips into her hips with his firm grip. All at once Kate felt him thrust into her hard and his hot cum began to fill her pussy. Kate squeezed her eyes tightly closed and began to orgasm too, crying out in unison with Jay as her contractions rocked along with his. As their orgasms subsided, Jay relaxed his grip on Kate?s hips and withdrew his cock slowly, Kate?s hands sliding off the shower wall. They rinsed under the now cooler water before getting out, Kate obediently letting Jay towel off first himself and then her, lovingly wrapping her up in the fluffy white hotel towel, and nudging her towards the bed. Kate sat on the edge of the bed, beginning to brush her wet hair with the hairbrush she had grabbed from the vanity. She watched Jay put on a pair of boxer shorts, and then was pleasantly surprised when he came to sit behind her, taking the hairbrush from her and continuing to brush the tangles out of her hair. This was an instance where it was ever so easy for Kate to submit, she LOVED when someone else brushed her hair. With each stroke of the brush, Jay ran a hand over Kate?s long curls, smoothing them out with gentle care. When he was done, Kate took the brush from him and went to put it back on the vanity, but froze when Jay said, ?no my little slave, put it on the nightstand. We might need it later.? He was smiling, and Kate was both a little fearful and a little turned on by what he intended to do with that hairbrush, but she followed directions obediently, placing the brush near the lamp with its smooth oval shaped head on the wood.

A glance at the clock and the window revealed that Jay and Kate had most certainly missed breakfast, both surprised by the clock and the sudden breakthrough of sunshine approaching the noon hour. They dressed in no rush, both checking texts and emails as they did so. Jay took Kate?s hand and led her from the hotel room to the elevator. On the ride to the ground floor, Jay pulled Kate close, running a hand possessively over her ass cheeks as he kissed her long and hard. The elevator door opened unexpectedly on the second floor, and Jay and Kate giggled softly at the disapproving look given them by the elderly couple that boarded on that floor. Jay, Kate, and the elderly couple all stood facing the doors, women in front and men behind, and Jay took the opportunity to reach up under Kate?s shirt and fondle her right tit. Kate moaned helplessly, and the elderly woman turned just in time to see Jay pulling his hand out from under. The woman snickered as she exited the elevator, and Jay and Kate glided past her, giggling despite themselves. Jay took Kate to a small Italian bistro for lunch, then surprised her with a metro ride to the national zoo, where they spent the afternoon wandering between animal exhibits, chatting easily about this, that, and the other. Several times Jay whispered something in her ear about what he might do to her later, using the usually derogatory terms Kate had become newly accustomed to, but to anyone glancing their way, it looked like nothing more than sweet mumblings between lovers. The afternoon passed wonderfully, Jay and Kate both enjoying one another?s company.

Later, Jay and Kate took the metro back to the hotel and took the truck to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After a wonderful meal and quiet ride, and energized still from the fresh air outing of the afternoon, Jay and Kate walked hand in hand through the parking garage towards the inner door of the hotel and the elevator. Suddenly, Jay backed Kate up against the retaining wall on the side of the parking garage facing the busy street. His movements weren?t exactly playful, and Kate was taken off guard. The retaining wall was only waist high, and Jay forced Kate?s ass up against the rough concrete, kissing her almost fiercely. The parking garage was well lit, and there were people still walking on the street only one level below. Jay began to raise Kate?s skirt with one hand?fumbling with his button and zipper with the other. Kate put her hands on his saying quietly, ?No Jay, stop. There?s too many people around.? Jay persisted, and Kate continued to fight it. She tried to get Jay to stop, telling him to please take her inside. Se kept glancing around, afraid someone would drive through the parking garage and see, or people one level down on the street would look up. Jay got his mouth very close to Kate?s ear, his hand holding her pussy tightly and said, ? I KNOW you didn?t just tell me no, MY slut.? Kate stammered then, ?I did, but?? Jay didn?t let her finish, putting a hand gently over her mouth as he continued to push himself against her. ?Kate,? he stated, ?you are my slave and I am your master. If I want to take you right now, it is my choice, and my right, not yours. Do you understand?? ?Yes, but..? Kate began but Jay cut her off again. ?No buts, you do not get to tell me no.? ?But Jay, not here, please, its so public. No.? Jay stopped touching her and backed up a foot, letting go of her skirt and his zipper in the process. He looked at Kate long and hard, then turned and walked away from her towards the door. Kate hurried to catch up, but Jay paid her no attention. She followed him into the elevator, her hands on him as soon as the doors closed. Jay however pushed her away gently, stone cold silent. Kate backed up, confused for sure. Didn?t she just offer exactly what he had wanted? They continued to the room in silence, Kate a half step behind Jay the whole way.

After they were in the room and the door was locked, Kate again attempted to sidle up to Jay seductively, but he backed away and said quietly in the darkness of the small living room, ?go get undressed, freshen up, and return here to me. Do not turn the lights on and do not speak.? Kate hesitated only an instant, then headed into the bedroom and on to the bathroom. She took her time undressing, wondering what Jay had planned. When she returned to the living room, she stood uncertainly in the middle of the room, naked, in front of Jay sitting in a small but heavy looking Victorian occasional chair facing her. He didn?t speak for what seemed like a long time, and Kate got more and more nervous. Finally Jay stood up and came close to her, and ran his hands teasingly over her body, starting at her neck and progressing down over her shoulders, breasts, hips and ass. Kate shivered a bit, but didn?t say a word. Jay didn?t speak either, eventually taking her by her hand and leading her over to the chair he had just vacated. Instead of guiding her to sit however, Jay leaned Kate gently over the arm of the chair so her ass was fully exposed to him. The room was dark, a small filtering of light coming in from between the curtains, and a bit cold Kate realized, as she began to shiver slightly again. Leaving Kate in that submissive pose, Jay walked away into the bedroom. Kate heard him use bathroom, a few drawers open and close, and then felt more than saw Jay re enter the room and stand behind her, now naked as well. It seemed an eternity before Jay spoke, and when he did he said almost conversationally, ?Slave, you disobeyed your master. You pushed me away and told me no. Both things that are not acceptable. I even repeated the rule, gave you a second chance to react, and you still disobeyed. You know what comes from disobedience don?t you, slave?? Kate raised her head slightly and replied quietly, ?punishment. But I?.? Jay cut her off again, ?no buts, no excuses. You will learn that I will have you whenever, and wherever, and however I choose.? Jay circled around to the other side of the chair, grabbing Kate?s hands as he produced a length of rope. He skillfully bound each of Kate?s wrists to the legs of the chair below her, effectively binding her in position bent over both arms of the heavy chair and rendering her effectively helpless. Kate opened her mouth to speak, Jay had never tied her up before, and he knew restraint was one of the things she was somewhat afraid of. But she bit her lip and remained silent, afraid of upsetting her ?master? anymore. With Kate bound to the chair, Jay stepped back around to stand behind her. Kate could feel his eyes on her, and it seemed an eternity before anything happened. Kate felt so helpless, and exposed, the wetness between her legs indicating it turned her on at the same time it scared her. Kate felt Jay?s hand on her left ass cheek, first a caress and then a hard smack. Kate jumped a bit, but took the spank in silence. Jay repeated a similar spank on Kate?s right ass cheek, further reddening the marks from the night before. Kate tensed, but held her position, thinking that if punishment was to be a spanking, that she could handle. Jay smacked her ass several times with his hand. Then there was a pause before Kate felt leather being dragged softly across the skin of her lower back. She knew right away that Jay had his belt in hand, and she instinctively tried to move, tugging on the ropes binding her wrists. Jay paused only briefly, watching Kate wriggle helplessly, before snapping the belt across both of Kate?s ass cheeks at once, not incredibly hard, but enough to demand proper attention for sure, and the resounding thunk of the belt meeting skin made Kate cry out. Jay hit Kate with the belt rhythmically over and over again in the same spot, pausing between each swat to rub her ass cheeks. Kate couldn?t help but cry out and squirm, but Jay paused and said softly, ?Be still cunt, or it will miss your ass, and your back and thighs will be sorry.? Kate took the whipping as best she could, but as it progressed tears welled up in her eyes, and she couldn?t help but cry out. After a few minutes, Kate heard Jay drop the belt to the floor, and froze, both anticipating and dreading what might be next.

Jay circled around and stood in front of her, using his hand to raise her chin to put her eye level with his hard cock. Jay used his fingers to wipe the tears from Kate?s cheeks gently, his eyes never leaving hers. His cock was rock hard and right in front of her, and Kate thought she knew what he wanted, but when she stretched to take his cock in her mouth, Jay pulled her back by her hair and said evenly, ?My turn to say no my disobedient cunt. You watch.? With that Jay proceeded to stroke his cock right in front of her face, her mouth only inches from the precum oozing from the hole at the head. She wanted to lick it desperately, and Jay knew it, but he continued to stroke it himself, holding her head by her hair and making sure her face remained only inches from his cock. Jay masturbated slowly at first, alternately stroking his cock and massaging his balls. Then he stroked harder and faster, beginning to breathe heavily, and Kate knew he was going to cum . Kate?s pussy was wet and dripping, wanting his cum ,his cock, him. She at least wanted to touch herself, but being tied made that impossible. All she could do was move her legs, trying desperately to create friction for her pussy. Jay pointed the head of his cock right at Kate?s face, moaned loudly, and shot a huge load of cum all over her features. Kate sputtered a little but otherwise remained silent. Jay looked down at her, his cum dripping down her cheeks and off her chin, and said sternly, ?I am the one who makes decisions here. I am the master and you are MY slave. You do what I want, when I want, wherever and however I want. You will be obedient from this point on. Do you understand?? Kate looked up at him from her subservient position tied to the chair and said very quietly, ?yes sir.? With that Jay released her hair, quietly unbound her, and pointed at the bathroom for her to go wash up. Kate headed that way slowly, her ass cheeks burning. She avoided looking in the mirror, quite honestly a little afraid of how her ass looked at this point. Kate stayed in the bathroom a little bit longer than she really needed to, feeling somewhat ashamed and embarrassed, but also so incredibly in need of an orgasm. When she came out, Jay told her to go to the couch and lay down. Kate saw he had put a pillow and blanket there for her. After using the bathroom himself, Jay stretched out in the bed alone. Kate could see him from the couch and in the darkness she debated asking him if she could join him, but decided against it. If he wanted her there he would invite her. After a few minutes of silence, Jay quietly murmured, ?Punishment is not about pain, it is about control. And when you are punished, it is punishment for me too. I think now you will understand your role. Now go to sleep.? A few seconds later he added, ?and absolutely do not masturbate. You will not cum tonight.? ?Yessir,? Kate answered dejectedly, her voice shaking just a bit.

Kate felt like crying, it had been such a strange night. She wiped a tear or two away, convincing herself there was no reason for them. It was all part of the ?game? and everything was fine. The ?game? however had gone farther tonight than Kate had thought it would, and she had some mixed feelings about it for sure. Who knew she could be so punished, and so turned on, all at the same time? She so wanted to touch herself and briefly considered trying to masturbate quietly under the blanket, but Jay had effectively made her obedient, at least for tonight, and he had said no. She did fall asleep, more from pure exhaustion then anything else. But just a few hours later, she woke to feel Jay?s hand stroking her hair off her forehead, and opened her eyes to find him sitting on the floor next to the couch. He leaned up and kissed her, both gently and insistently, and when Kate tried to speak, he put a finger to her lips and held out his other hand. Kate took it, and he led her past the chair, rope still hanging from its feet, to the bed, where he curled her up into her regular spot in his arms and whispered, ?goodnight little one.? Kate remained quiet, just snuggled her back as much as she could up against his chest, not entirely oblivious to the tender soreness of her ass, and fell back asleep, content that she had played her role well, as had Jay, and tomorrow would be another day of adventure. Because of course they were still PLAYING at this, right?

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