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Kate Learns Submission Part 2

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Jay and Kate laid and talked awhile, relaxing from the incredibly intense oral sex session they had just completed. It was nice to have time to catch up on all the things that were so much better shared in person. No one but them really understood the relationship they had. It was a close friendship, and they had gotten closer in the last several months. Some things they didn?t talk about, and it was almost like a silent agreement to avoid certain topics. They avoided talk of the heart for sure. Love was an uncomfortable word for them both, and even if it existed between them, neither one was dare going to be the one to complicate things by uttering it. And they both knew that admitting if it existed would forever alter the freedom they had right now, and the relationships with their everyday loves, and neither was willing to jeopardize those. Some things were actually sweeter left completely unspoken. It was that strong emotional compromise that let them explore the baser instincts they were experimenting with already this weekend. They eventually got dressed and went to find dinner. The hotel was in a busy area, and there were plenty of places to choose from. They ended up at a steakhouse, where he treated her to a great meal and relaxed conversation. They ate leisurely, basking in one another?s company. They held hands on occasion, a touch of a knee or graze of fingertips on her back letting Kate know that she was still his, and making her mind wander back to the dominant side of Jay she had just met earlier. Jay?s mind was wandering too, stealing glances at Kate as he devised the evening?s upcoming activities. She wanted to be submissive, and he was completely willing to make her that way. They rode in his truck mostly in silence, but a very comfortable one filled with unspoken anticipation.

When they got back to the hotel, they got more comfortable, shedding clothing on their way into the bedroom. Kate lit a few scented candles, while Jay fiddled with the laptop on the nightstand, finding and playing a porn. They had recently discovered that they enjoyed watching porn together, and it was an excellent background to foreplay. They both lay on their stomachs close to one another, watching and commenting, sometimes humorously, on the movie. Jay rubbed her back, her shoulders, and her ass in slow lazy movements. Every time his hand touched her ass she tensed a little bit. They had talked about spanking and Kate had let him know she was interested. How that would play out she had not a clue.

Eventually she rolled him over tentatively and laid close to him, kissing his mouth, his neck and his shoulders. She let her fingertips wander, tracing lazy circles around and then over each of his nipples, kissing them on her way down his chest and over his stomach. She ran her hands over his already stiff cock?enjoying finally being able to touch it. It was warm to the touch, and fit in her hands so nicely. She licked the head and raised her eyes to his, submissively looking for approval. Jay smiled at her, nodded slightly, and put a pillow under his neck so he could watch her. She began sucking and licking his cock in earnest, wanting to please him. His contented little moans let her know she was on the right track. She kneaded his balls gently in one hand while stroking his cock with the other?alternating between her mouth and her hand completely enveloping him. "Good girl, " Jay murmured, stroking the back of Kate's head.

After a few minutes Jay pulled her head back to look her in the eye, and said, "play with my asshole know what I like." That was something new. Not that she hadn't done it before, but he had never asked for, wait, ordered her to do it. She obediently licked a finger, wetting it well, and slipped the tip into his ass. She moved it very slowly in and out, watching him to gauge his reaction. He stretched his body, pushing closer to her, and she continued putting her finger farther in slowly, licking it and running saliva from the base of his cock to his asshole, making sure it all stayed lubed well. After a few minutes, Jay pulled her head up once again and said "Do you want to please me my little sex slave?" Kate froze for a minute, the sudden change of dynamics and the term he used shocking her a bit. His tone remained loving, but the power in his words was unmistakable. "Kate, remember about answering questions?" Jay said, suddenly pulling her hair painfully back so her neck arched. "Yes sir, YES SIR," Kate said. "Yes sir you remember or yes sir you want to please me my beautiful little slut?" Kate's thoughts were whirling around at breakneck speed. The words were usually demeaning, definitely dominant, their purpose obvious, but the usual reaction she would have to them didn't apply here. Looking at Jay as best she could with her hair painfully in his grip, "yes sir both," Kate said. Jay eased up a little on her hair, caressed her cheek with the other hand and said, "Tell me you are my little sex slave and you want to please me." Kate repeated the words, and got rewarded with a "good girl" and a smile. Jay pointed at the nightstand and murmured, "then use those." Kate reached to the nightstand for a small canister of lube and a small purple dildo. After lubing both his asshole and the toy, she pushed it gently into his ass, all the while sucking his hard throbbing cock in and out of her mouth. Jay was moaning, which in itself was a feather in her cap because he was known for his quiet, even during sex. When they first began seeing one another, Kate had had trouble reading his body language and cues to know when he was going to cum. But over the years they had gotten to know one another well, and now she knew when to speed up, when to slow down, and even when to stop. Sometimes she stopped because she knew she wanted him to fuck her, but other times she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She loved the taste of him. It was always a tough decision running through her mind when she was sucking him, and this time was no different. As she played with the dildo with one hand while sucking and licking his cock, she again was trying to decide what she wanted. She should have known better by now.

Jay was enjoying what was going on for sure. She had only recently begun to play with his ass when they were together, but he had only recently let her know that he liked it. And being able to order her to do this or whatever else he wanted was a huge turn on. One of the things he loved about Kate, she wanted to please him, and that made him want to please her. Jay reached down and gently pushed her back off of him, not wanting to cum in her mouth again. She looked up at him, wondering why he had moved her, but she saw the look in his eyes and she thought she knew. Jay rolled her over onto her stomach, which surprised her. Kate had her head up and could see the porn, a woman licking another woman?s pussy. Although Kate was very and completely straight, watching two pretty women together was a turn on for her and Jay knew it. As Kate?s eyes went to the laptop screen, Jay softly caressed her back and ass, his hands on her skin making her tingle. He ran his fingers underneath her and fingered her pussy, which made her squirm and part her legs a bit. Kate couldn't help but relax, all but purring like a kitten.

She tried to roll over to give him better access, but his response was to sit on her legs just above her knees, straddling her body with his, effectively pinning her to the bed in the slightly open legged position she had been in. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks, and as Kate tried to squirm out from under again, out of nowhere Jay?s hand smacked her left ass cheek. It wasn?t too hard, but surprised her nonetheless, and a small yelp escaped her. She squirmed, and Jay spanked her again. No harder, but on the other side. "Be still little one," Jay whispered. Kate let out a small moan, but stopped squirming. Jay continued to spank her, not overly hard, but enough to get Kate?s attention, and Kate was surprised by the part of her that didn?t want him to stop. After each smack Jay would rub her ass cheek before spanking again. Kate lay obediently still, taking what Jay was dishing out, knowing with her fair skin that her ass was probably red already. He spanked her for a few more minutes, occasionally running his hands over her quickly warming ass cheeks and under to finger her pussy. Kate was a little confused. This certainly was a spanking, but it wasn?t punishment, and she liked it dammit. She wanted him to fuck her, and considered asking, opening her mouth but then closing it again, thinking that was way less submissive then he wanted, and she really was trying to play her part here. So she put her head down and closed her eyes, concentrating on his hands on her, jumping and crying out a little bit with each spank. Jay smacked her ass repeatedly and more rhythmically, watching her ass cheeks get redder and redder at his hand and enjoying feeling how wet her pussy was getting.

"Do you like to be spanked, Kate?" Jay asked and Kate hesitated again. Part of her did like it, but what was the correct answer here? Her ass had to be bright red, and it was stinging more with each smack, which Jay continued to deliver even as he spoke. When she didn't answer, Jay paused for a moment, leaned down and said "Kate, that?s the third time you haven't answered quickly. You will need punished for that, slut." With that Jay sat back up, squeezed her with his thighs to hold her still, and all at once Kate felt something all together different on her ass. It was light, and smooth, and caressed her skin. Curious, Kate raised her head to look behind her, and got only a quick glimpse before Jay pushed her head back down roughly, and Kate felt the black leather flogger she now knew he had smack her ass...hard. She yelped loudly, the pain of it hitting her already tender skin coupled with the shock that he had actually hurt her. "Count them out loud" Jay ordered. "One?" Kate said. "No, one SIR," Jay corrected, smacking her hard again. "Two sir," Kate practically hollered immediately. Jay continued, pausing between each lash, just so Kate wouldn't expect it. Kate continued to count, "Three sir, four sir," until her voice was breaking and she was starting to tear up with "ten sir." Jay stopped then, placing the flogger close to Kate's head so she could see it. He caressed her ass with his hand softly, running his palm over the raised welts the flogger had made. Kate laid still and tried not to sniffle. She was confused by her reaction to the first real punishment she had ever received at her dom's hands. Her ass really hurt, but at the same time her pussy was wet enough that it had made a sizeable wet spot on the blanket under her.

Jay studied Kate right there in front of him, he liked the submissive position of her body this way, running his fingers over her pussy and feeling her wetness, and it turned him on to know she was his for the taking. He wanted to take her right now. The only question was which hole did he want. He had access to her pussy and her asshole this way, and he loved the feel of being inside both. He reached for the lube, rubbing a small amount on her pussy, her asshole, and his cock. Kate felt the cold lube on her warmed ass cheeks and raised her head, turning it to look and see what he was doing. That action was responded to quickly, with Jay wrapping one hand in her hair and pulling her head back so she was again facing forward. He tugged her by her hair up into a position on all fours, and Kate?s body tensed, her neck arched back by his hand in her hair. She felt his cock rub against her pussy lips, slowly, and she moaned ?please fuck me, Jay.? He pulled her upright onto her knees against him, continuing to pull her hair as he got very close to her ear and whispered, ? I will fuck you when I am ready and how I want to, and you will be a good girl and take it. I am completely willing to punish you again, and can be very creative with it. You do not call the shots here, I do. Understood?? Kate missed a beat answering, and before she could say anything, Jay leaned back, pushing the back of her head forcing her back on all fours and spanked her squarely in the middle of both already marked ass cheeks, hard enough that she cried out. ?Yes Jay, Ok? she forced out, but her tone was one of defiance, because she was feeling that last spank was intended for punishment, and it had only taken her an extra second to answer. Geez. ?Wrong answer,? Jay said patiently from behind her, spanking her again hard enough to make her yelp. ?Ok, yes sir,? Kate said hurriedly, not wanting another smack like the last one. Another spank did not come, and Kate felt the tip of his cock once again touch her, but this time it was teasing between her ass cheeks.

?You know,? Jay said in an almost conversational tone as he continued to rub his cock in her crack and placed a fingertip against her asshole, ?I could stick my cock in your tight little asshole right now and fuck you hard and you would let me, wouldn?t you slave?? ?Yes sir,? Kate answered immediately, but the uncertainty in her voice was apparent. They had had anal sex in the past, and while Kate knew it hurt at first, once his large cock was all the way in her tight asshole it pleasured her. Her pussy was dripping wetness onto the sheets below her however, and she really wanted him in there, making her cum hard and cum fast. But Jay was right, it was his choice to make, she was his to use, and use her she did not doubt he would. She felt his fingers tighten slightly in her hair, as Jay placed his other hand squarely on the small of her back and with the decision made, pushed his cock into her pussy. She moaned despite herself, surprised he hadn?t gone for anal, the feel of his throbbing hard rod inside of her pussy excruciatingly good. He began to pump slowly in and out of her, the feel of that combined with the slight tug of her hair and the pressure of his hand on her back threatening to send her over the edge quickly. Jay moaned too at the feel of being inside her, seeing his cock pumping in and out of her pussy, glistening with both lube, his precum, and hers, all framed by the red welts all across her ass. He was so thankful they had decided about a year ago, and with their significant others? reluctant consent, to stop using condoms. They had both agreed to only go bare with their significant others and each other, knowing condoms were still a necessary evil with the other occasional bed partners one or the other of them took on. Jay vividly remembered that first time bareback had been so intense, he was grateful they didn?t have to go back to using condoms now. They both loved the feeling of closeness fucking without a condom provided, and the extension of trust into this area of their relationship only served to strengthen it. Jay continued to fuck Kate?s pussy, watching his cock repeatedly disappear between her pussy lips and enjoying the site of her reddened ass cheeks as well.

When she started to push back against him in a somewhat frenzied manner, Kate also adjusted her balance of weight slightly and slipped one of her hands up to reach under and play with her clit. All at once Jay stopped moving, his cock buried all the way in her pussy. Kate froze, realizing she hadn?t asked, or been told to touch herself. She waited, seconds seeming to tick by slow as hell, to see Jay?s reaction. Jay?s hand that had been on the small of her back slid slowly over one sore ass cheek and Kate tensed, readying herself for the smack that was sure to come?instead feeling Jay withdraw his cock completely from her. Kate didn?t move, afraid of what was to come. After what seemed like forever, Kate felt the lube once again being dripped into her crack and rubbed on her asshole. She made a sound, but went silent when Jay spoke, ?Now I think my little slut has forgotten who is in charge here. Tsk Tsk?Punishment number two.? Kate knew better by now then to speak or move, but still moved when she felt something hard and unyielding pushing on her asshole. ?Be still sweetheart, punishment is necessary.? Kate felt the tears well up in her eyes as Jay pushed what Kate knew to be a much bigger dildo than the earlier used toy deep into her asshole. It felt entirely different from Jay?s cock, which even when hard bent and gave a little bit. This dildo was hard and unyielding, and felt positively massive in size. It hurt?a lot?and the tears came easily, falling onto the bed below her. ?Relax my sassy little slut, and it won?t hurt as much,? Jay cooed, all the while pushing steadily until the toy was lodged firmly in Kate?s ass. ?It does hurt, Jay, please please please take it out,? Kate begged. Jay didn?t respond, once again wrapping his hand firmly in her hair, this time pushing her head and breasts down to touch the bed. In this position Kate felt completely vulnerable, her ass raised high and filled to the point she felt it was going to tear. She tensed more when she once again felt the head of Jay?s cock slowly entering her pussy. Jay paused just long enough to caress her ass for a moment, his hand running lightly over the base of the dildo and pressing it briefly. Then his cock was buried totally inside Kate, his body pressing the dildo firmly every time he thrust deeper into Kate?s soaked pussy. He used the hand still in her hair to pull her face up slightly and said, ?does it still hurt Kate?? ?No sir,? Kate said, with her voice shaking just enough that they both knew it did. ?Don?t lie to me slave,? Jay warned and with that Kate replied, ?I?m sorry, yes sir it hurts. Please take it out.? ?No,? Jay responded, ?punishment is my way of showing you how to please me, which is what we both want, right?? ?Yes sir,? Kate stammered. Jay loosened his grip in her hair and Kate laid her head on the bed, gripping the blanket in both of her hands, trying to relax, stop the tears, and accept both the cock and dildo deep inside her. Jay pumped his cock in and out of Kate?s pussy firmly, putting pressure on the dildo with every thrust and as she relaxed, the feeling of the dildo in Kate?s ass and his cock in her pussy began to push her towards orgasm again. Feeling her wetness increase on his cock Jay growled, ?Do not dare cum until I say so, little cunt, or punishment will be had.? Kate responded by gripping the blanket tighter, biting her lip, her whole focus on preventing her own orgasm. After a few minutes of Jay?s constant pounding, and Kate?s intense but almost losing battle to control her body, Kate was relieved to hear Jay say, ?good girl, now you may play with your clit, slave, and lets cum together.? Kate quickly snaked a hand under her body, her fingers finding her wet clit and massaging it rapidly. Just as the waves of her orgasm began, Jay shot a large load of cum into her pussy, the fluids from both their orgasms mixing and spilling onto the blanket in what seemed like bucketfuls. When the waves of ecstasy finally began to subside, Jay withdrew his cock from her pussy, enjoying the sight of his cum mixed with hers glistening on it?s tip. He then sat back and slowly removed the dildo from Kate?s ass. Kate didn?t so much as flinch, reveling in the contractions still rolling through her. Jay crawled in front of Kate, raising her chin and placing his cock where she could lick it clean, and lick it she did. The taste of his cum and her own mixing deliciously on her tongue.

They both collapsed to the sheets, Jay?s body resting comfortably just to the side of hers, his leg over the back of her thighs as she stretched out on her stomach catching her breath. After a minute they both rolled onto their backs and laid side by side, heads resting on the pillows, the only sound the laptop humming as the movie they had both forgotten about silently ran its credits over the screen and the monitor darkened. The room was now illuminated only by the one candle still burning, its scent overwhelmed by the scent of sex in the room. Eventually they crawled under the covers, both on their sides, Kate?s naked body backed up against Jay?s and his one arm wrapped around her possessively and holding her tight. He could feel the involuntary shaking Kate?s body was still having, and the heat from her bruised ass warm on his cock even now. ?Good girl,? Jay whispered in Kate?s ear, smiling softly and kissing her cheek, ?now go to sleep.? ?Yes sir,? Kate mumbled automatically, her eyes already drifting closed, a soft smile curling the corner of her lips as well.

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