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Karma- Part1

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My name is Denise, twenty-nine years old, 5'4", 118lbs. 36c perky breast light brown hair with a lower body that seems to harden cocks everywhere I go. This is my way of getting alot of baggage of my chest. My recent transformation if you will.

I am recently divorced,(8 months)and was inspired to document my situation by a high school friend, Sherri, that I ran into a couple months ago.

Halfway through the tenth grade was when Brad and I began our relationship that lasted thirteen years, 9 years of marriage. Brad was my first love and I was his. You know that young innocent first love is going to last forever, right?

After graduation we both enrolled into the local college where we obtained degrees in business and married at the age of 20.

Brad was a gorgeous man with a beautiful personality and a gorgeous 12" cock that I could barely wrap my hands or my lips around. Brad's big beautiful cock gave him a very sexy confidence that was kept sweet by his pleasant personality.

The first six years of our marriage was sexual bliss, it was as if our bodies were made for one another. The last two years of our marriage saw us having sex less and less. In the end it was down to about once a month, and usually, it was'nt worth the effort.

The company that Brad worked for had promoted Brad to CEO, giving him a nice income. This is when he asked me to quit my job so that I could take care of the home. I really didnt mind, in fact I rather enjoyed getting out of the rat race to make our beautiful house a home.

Early one mourning I dropped by the local video rental store to pick out a few movies to watch with Brad in the afternoon. While there I saw a young couple come from a door in the back of the store. I knew there was an adult section there but had never saw anyone actually come out of there. I dont know what it was exactly, but for some reason I could not take my mind off the porn area. Well, guess you could say curiousity got the best of me, and in I went. I picked out a video that looked pretty interesting and hurried home, almost running at times.

Arriving home, I was filled with a naughty girl excitement that I had'nt felt in years, and I was very horny, it has been about three weeks since Brad and I had sex. I quickly stripped, putting on some sexy lingerie and heels, and grabbing my favorite dildo-vibe that hasnt seen any action in ages. I practically tossed the dvd in like a frisby as I tested the batteries in the vibe. Cool, they still work. The very first scene started with some hot blonde walking into her husbands office, removing her overcoat to reveal her naked body. Lying across his desk and saying "honey, I brought you lunch, as her legs spread out before him.

I didnt even see where the dildo-vibe ended up, because I grabbed my overcoat on the way out the door. This was that spark that Brad and I have needed in our sex lives. Walking into Brads building like this was very exhilerating, no one but me knowing my plan, what I was wearing under the coat, this had my head spining. I could feel my juices starting to run down my inner thighs agonizingly slow, cause goosebumps to completely cover my body in one sudden wave that made me shiver slightly.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out that Brad had already left for lunch. What am I going to do now? Every bit of horny excitement and all that free flowing pussy juice, GONE! Just like that, my fantasy lost.

It was a nice warm early spring day and the flowers were just beginning to bloom, so I decided to walk back home through the park.

It seems taking the scenenic route home was a great decision. I could'nt believe my eyes, there walked, hand in hand, my husband Brad and his new blonde secretary. They did'nt see me, but I watched them sneak under a walk-bridge that was totally surrounded by shrubbery. My stomach started knotting, I began sweating profusely, and my entire body started shaking violently. I knew what was going on under there, but I had to see it for myself.

What happened next I was not prepared for in any way. As I quietely started to peek through the shrubs, I found myself getting really turned on watching my husband Brad bury that magnificant cock in his secretary. WOW! What was happening to me? Am I going crazy? I started on my way home, slow jogging at times. Why was I in such a rush? This really is crazy, I was so turned on right now I could'nt wait to get that dildo in me. I watched the rest of that video and fucked myself silly for the rest of the day.

I was showered and wearing only heels when Brad walked in from work. I had him a drink made and handed it to him as soon as he walked through the door. He grabbed his drink with such confusion on his face, wondering why I am standing before him naked. Before he could say a word I dropped to my knees and began the best oral session I have ever given. It did'nt take long for Brad to shoot a massive load down my throught. Before he could ask what was going on I began telling him about me seeing the two of them together and watching them fuck and how turned on it made me. Brad's response was not what I was expecting to hear.

Fast forward six months, Brad and I are divorced, he married his secretary.

Walking through the park enjoying the many colors of autumn when I see Brad's new wife sneaking under that same walk-bridge with three very well built, very handsome studs. As I quitely watched through the shrubs I heard her tell the studs to cum in her pussy, because she would make her asshole of a husband eat her pussy later. Of course he has no idea that she has been nutted in. I could'nt help but smile as I walked away saying, "Is'nt Karma A Bitch"

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