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KAYLA (not her real name)

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Several years ago, my wife and I were technically separated, meaning that we stopped having sex and knew that a divorce was an inevitable reality. I was a rarity -  a cop who didn't cheat on his wife. We had different problems.

   With that unpleasantness out of the way . . .


  I took my wife and kid to Amarillo, Texas so that my wife could visit her folks, and my daughter could see her grandparents.

   One afternoon, I was in desperate need of a massage. I searched the phone book and came upon a place called ... well I promised not to name it. You'll soon see why.

   the woman on the phone sounded pleasant. She told me that she had to drop her son at the sitter's before going to work and then she would be free all afternoon. The prices were incredible. They had 1/2 hour, 45 minutes, an hour and 90 minutes. The 90 minute massage was only 70 dollars... so you know my choice.

   When I arrived, I was met by a young woman whom ushered me into the massage area. She told me to disrobe to my comfort level and then cover myself with the thin sheet.

   I took off all of my clothing and then covered myself lying face down. Soon I was joined by Kathy - not her real name. Kathy was a very cute tall blonde woman in her early thirties. She was heavy, but carried her weight well and the fact that she had a great smile didn't hurt.

   "Would you like oil or powder?" she asked.

   I asked, "Do  you do soft touch massage?"

   "I can do that."

   "Then, I would prefer neither. I just would like to feel your bare hand."

    She gave me a strange look. At that point I thought that I was getting thrown out of there.

   "Ok, " she aid.

   Kathy had an incredibly soft touch;  and to be quite honest with you, I had an erection in less than a minute.

   "How's that?" she asked, as she massaged my back.

   "Mmmmm," was my answer.

   She continued to massage me under the sheet. My shoulders; my back; my ass. When she softly touched my ass, I could hardly believe it.

And then, after about half an hour, I heard these words: "Would you like to turn over?"

   You can only imagine why I was self-conscious. But I did.

   When I turned over, there was no hiding the fact that I had a very impressive erection. My cock is small, when it's flaccid. But, when hard, it is four times bigger. I had a girlfriend who once sucked it so long that it grew to 9 1/4 inches. But, amazingly, it is an average 8 to 8 1/2/ when fully erect.

   Katy continued to massage me until eventually the sheet fell away; and there it was- my cock standing straight up!

   I said, "Sorry about that."

   "That’s Ok. It's perfectly natural."

   The soft, sensual massage continued until she softly touched my cock - just for a second or two. She looked straight into my eyes to see my reaction. When I stared back she did it again. When neither of us spoke, she began to softly stroke me - and this time, it was deliberate and she didn't move her hand away.

   After about a minute, I sat straight up. I put my arms around her and softly kissed her on the lips. And then she asked a question I'll never forget: "Who are you?"

   I didn't know what to say, so I waited until something cool came to mind. A few seconds later  all I could think of was- "I'm just a guy."

   We continued to caress and kiss for a long time. And then I began to unbutton her blouse.  When she looked away from me, in apparent embarrassment, I misread her. "I'll pay you extra for all of this."

   "I don't want  your money," she said. "I'm not a hooker."

   "Then what?"

   She looked at me and said, "You don't want to look at this fat body."

   I said, "What fat? You are beautiful!"

   I expected her to say, "Really?" She said, "Who are you?"

   This time I didn't answer. I simply removed her shirt. And then her sweat pants.

   I looked at her standing there, nude before me. "You're beautiful, " I said.

   She blushed.

     "Who are you," she asked for the third time.

    I  didn't answer.

    "Lie down," I said. And she did.

   I have learned from past mistakes to always---always--- have condoms with me. I did this time..

   I Went to my jeans and grabbed a condom, hiding it in my hand.

   I lay  on top of her and continued to caress and kiss her. She put her arms around my waste and pushed her clit against the base of my cock. She pushed harder.

   After a long while - because neither of us was in a rush- I raised up an showed her that I was holding a condom. I was getting the sense that it didn't matter, but we didn't know each other and I chose to air on the side of caution.

  I put on the condom and then slowly slid inside of her. "Oh, I'm going to cum already," she said.

   And then,  she did. She came for all she was worth. She held onto me and thrusted her tongue deep inside my mouth.

   "I'm sorry, " she said.

   "That's ok, " I said.

   "No. I'm gonna cum again."

   And she did. Again, and again...I think that I counted four times.

   When she realized that I hadn't cum yet, she didn't say a word. She drew me into her and wouldn't let go. After a few minutes I felt it cumming.

   She asked one final time: "Who are you."

   And it came. It came hard. I came hard.

   We lay there for a long time. She kissed me passionately and said, "I haven't had it like that in years." Talk about food for my ego...

   When I got up, I went to my wallet and saw that I had several hundreds-for vacation- and three twenties and a ten. I handed her seventy dollars and she said, "I am not a hooker. I did that because I wanted to."

   I said, "I know. But you have a son. Put this in his piggy  bank or buy him a toy. You just made my vacation. It took me ten minutes to talk her into taking that money.

   I wanted to give her more but I knew that she wouldn't have taken it. She reluctantly took it, and gave me one final kiss.

And- I never saw her again.

   I wonder if she thinks about me from time to time

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