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THIS IS CONTINUATION OF "MY CRAZE FOR OLDER WOMEN"...Karishma was waiting for me that evening after we had spoken to each other on the phone and had two orgasms after I told her how much I wanted to fuck her and how much I wanted to empty my cum in her mouth and her pussy.

Just to remind you that Karishma in her erly 50's and I am in my early 30's.

I get to Karishma's place around 7pm..she opens the door for me smilingly..wearing a peach colour knee length dress covering her knees but low cut showing her distinct clevage...her hair let loose.The shape of her curvey ass is distinct through this tight fitting dress and showing also her panty liner.I am all charged up looking at her.She comes forward and greets me by kissing on my cheeks.

I bottle of champagne is already kept for chilling with two glasses on the corner table....bouquet of roses and lillies spreading a lovely fragrance,with soft instrumental music creating a romantic atmosphere...just 3 lights lit up on in the corner behind a big plant and two candles on a silver candle stand.I stop near the corner table and gather courage to hold Karishma's hand...take her forward and kiss her on her cheeks...'How romantic and sexy Karishma'...she smiles back at me and places her lips on mine and takes me into a long passionate kissing session which lasts 3-4 minutes and we both end up on the sofa sucking each others tongues...'Oh Sam.I am so happy that I discovered you even if so late and I hope to have the best time which I only have imagined in my fantasies,dreams and thoughts'....I was also thinking that after my aunt Julie had taught me the first lesson of sex,I am again with an older woman which always has been my all time fantasy and I am going to make the best of this oppurtunity..'Karishma I am delighted too being with you and I assure you that every moment spent with me will be a great delight for you'..

As a gentleman,I pour the champagne in two glasses and offer one to Karishma...we both sip on it talking about each others private life...she sits right next to me..her dress pulled little upwards shwoing a little part of her thighs..full grown thighs and perfectly shaped knees at that age was wondeful to watch.We finished the first glass and Karishma did the honours to pour the second one...

Karishma and me exchanged views on likings and dislikes while having sex and I discovered from her talk that at times she would prefer to dominate me.I found that very sexy and reminded me of my aunt she had made me her sex slave and how she used to make me do things for her.

Karishma,while during the course of conversation told me how she was jealous of my wife Kathleen and always imagined me to be next to her whenever she went on the bed every night.This really aroused me and I found it really sexy...

I was smiling at waiting for Karishma to make her first move...and she did...we engaged ourselves into a long embrace and passionate kiss...her hands fondling my bulge and she placing my hand on her boobs...I took liberty in inserting my hand through her dress and caress her boobs...she realised that it was difficult for me...she stopped and signalled me to release the bra from top of her dress..I did it promptly..I could see her pink bra slip down and her 38 boobs jump out...I instantly put my hand on them and reached her nipples which were stiff by now..'Sam get up and undress and then undress me..slowly and gently and do as I say then on'...I nodded my head and got up and removed my pants and shirt and was standing in front of Karishma with my striped black undies..I put my hands to push them down and she stopped me...I wet forward to remove her dress...the bra dropped down automatically now karishma was standing in front of me in her burgundy lacey panties..the front portion was with transparent net and I could see a little hairy area...Next moment I had karishma's hand on my bulge and with another hand she was offering me her one boob...I put my mouth on the nipple holdin in my hand...and started to suck like a small child.A marvellous big boob of that size with a perfect pointed hardened nipple-hadn't seen anything for real.Karishma took charge of my cock by pushing my underwear down as I was busy sucking her one boob and caressing the other..I was taking turns from one boob to another...On her orders we entered her bed room....'Sam pull my panties down and drive me crazy'... I understood the first part of pulling Karishma's panties down but driving her crazy was now upto my expertise..I gathered my thoughts as I was pulling her panties down..I touched her pussy as well I caressed her ass cheeks,the crack etc while the panties were going down...she sighed...and I knew I was doing something right...

I lay her on the bed...and spread her legs...'Sam, I want you to dirty things with me which I always imagine about us'..'Yes I will'...I went forward and sniffed her pussy..inhaled in and put my mouth all around her pussy lips covering it...and squeezed in my mouth..'Lovely Sam' was my tongue entering her pussy licking the already wet clits..little sticky but hands were moving on her ass cheeks as I was licking her lovely pussy...her moaning and her pulling my hair slowly was the my inspiration and sign of assurance that she was enjoying every bit of it.My fingers reached her ass crack as I got my tongue deep inside her wet pussy,she raised he bums to let me get my finger to rub the area around her arse hole...I took liberty to insert my finger in the hole gently and kept licking Karishma's pussy like a crazy maniac..'Oh Sam,you are awsome'..I knew what to do next...I licked almost every drop of her juice from her pussy wherever my tongue could reach..My lips and mouth were smelling of Karishma's pussy and the love smell,this was a big turn on for me..I stopped and went kiss Karishma..She pulled me towards her hastiley and started licking my lips and mouth like a crazy child...I whispered in her ears....'Lovely princess..I want to explore your back hole'... she smiled..'yes Sam go for it'...Before even I could get up and go for my next move she had turned herself and she was diggin her face in the pillow and spreading he legs...Her buxom ass of probably 37 or 38 size was inviting me.I opened her arse cheeks.I could see a little darkened area around her hole..whci was very distinct on her fair iranian skin...I opened her hole with two fingers and put my nose to smell it....'Wow,lovely smell.' Inhale in Sam'..I did as she said...I put my lips circling her arse hole..squeezing in my mouth...I was touching the tip of the hole with my tongue and finding it difficult to get my tongue in I spread open and suddenly Karishma was helping me open the hole..'Sam lick my hole..get more dirty..go inside as much as you can...I want you to fuck me from front and back both Sam'...She was expecting and asking me to do exactly what I was looking for..exactly what I imagined in my fantasies.

I let my tongue in her arse hole and started licking it..though I could not reach much deeper,but I made the best of it as much I could and I enjoyed it...Karishma was on top of the she was moaning louldy and making me rub her clits...moments later my fingers were full of her juices...which i licked cleaned up...This must have been her third orgasm...I turned her around..My cock was rock hard..I did not want to wait for her orders now..I was desperate to fuck Karishma now...My passion was reaching the highest peak...I leaned forward and kissed Karishma on her lips...'Sam fuck me now and slap me as you enter and go up and down'...I shoved my big 8 and a half inches thick headed cock in karishma's pussy...little loose with her age but warm and deep...lovely feeling...I reached the bottom of her if the hole was made for my cock only...I slapped her as I entered fully...took full liberty to slap her other cheek as I started to fuck her going up and down...she was screaming with pleasure and I was pumping her as I have done never before...Fucking an older woman was driving me absolutely insane as my cock was swelling up more and more with thoughts of karishma's age...This went on for more that 7-8 minutes and I got to the verge of cumming..I slapped her left and right and screamed on top of my voice..'You bitch! you deserve me,this cock deserves a woman like you,and bitch..make me your slave..oooh...oooh..My cum was shooting in her and she was biting on my shoulders ,digging her nails in me,scratching me...'you fucker,you slave..I am all for you from now on till I fuck me day and night and clean my pussy with your tongue and I will eat your cum and my pussy will be fed on your cum'....We were holding each other and lying like two crazy souls....Karishma was my dream come true...

Later we had shower together and we did some nasty things together which is not right to describe here..I also conquered her ass before we slept around 1 am...and later in the morning she gave me an awsome blow job....

The life has been so good with Karishma walking into my life..Neither my wife knows nor Karishma's husband and we both hope this remains like this and we continue our affair.


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