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Just beneath the Surface

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Different day. Same game. She came in here each day at the end of her classes hoping to see him. Hoping to gain a little fodder for her fantasies. There was nothing terribly attention-grabbing about the young woman sitting in the back of the coffee shop. Her pixie-cut raven hair framed a warm face with intense green eyes and soft, full lips. Much of her average height was graced in long shapely legs. Legs that, much of the time, remained hidden in sensible khaki pants finished off with even more sensible shoes. Like the killer set of legs, her full, taut breasts were not showcased by her standard-issue uniform shirt. The school’s emblem blazened across the right side of her chest added to the dowdy look. As a teacher, comfort, and not fashion, was her main goal.

Sipping her coffee, her eyes darted about the room taking in all that was around her. Many of the people in the coffee shop were familiar to her. She taught their sons and daughters or worked on local charities with them. He was different, though. She didn’t know him. Hadn’t even spoken to him, not in reality, anyway. None of that stopped her from aching for his touch or imagining all that he could do to her. This dowdy little school teacher had a secret. Just below the surface lay a sexual siren. Lust and want filled her mind and body. Her fantasies flowed through her mind as a sedate look graced her face.

He knew, though. She didn’t know how, but he knew. Each day when his eyes met hers, they probed deeper than any other had. He saw what she artfully kept hidden just as well as if he could see the naughty lingerie resting against her smooth skin. Her one true splurge in life, her lingerie could not be more at odds with her outward appearance. Today she wore an emerald green thong with delicate lace gracing her shapely hips. The matching bra barely concealed the tight nipples of her full, heavy breasts. She knew instinctively that he would like them. She had thought that as she’d picked them out last week. Not that he would ever see them. A fantasy is a fantasy for a reason, after all.

Just as she prepared to gather her things and leave the door opened. She caught her breath as his broad shoulders filled the opening. Damn. That was all her mind could conjure as her lust kicked into over drive. No man had a right to be so overwhemingly sexy. Not that he was traditionally handsome. His appeal came from a rugged strength she’d never before encountered in a man. The broad shoulders she so admired tapered into narrower hips and a firm ass that had her itching to test its feel. Chestnut hair set off golden brown eyes and a square, stubborn jaw. He was attractive enough, but what drew her the most was the command and control that he seemed to have of himself and everything around him. It was as if the world knew he was going to get his way and wouldn’t dare get in his way.

This is what had earned him a place in her fantasies. This control that emanated from him is exactly what she wanted. Oh, she didn’t want to be in control. She wanted to lose it. Her measured life was exactly what she had orchestrated, exactly what it should be, but for once she wanted nothing more than to just give in and let go. She was to totally give herself over to a lover’s control. To allow the hidden siren resting beneath the surface to escape. She wanted. Oh how she wanted!

Just as her thoughts began to race he turned those golden eyes on her. She braced herself for the feelings she knew would zing through her straight to her center. Ohhhhhh how close to cumming she was just with his look. With a cocky grin he winked at her, turned to retrieve his coffee and walked out the front door. After a moment or two of bated breath she let out a heavy sigh and resigned herself to another evening of a trashy romance novel and relieving her own tension with fingers well-accustomed to the task.

She was nearly home before the strange feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. She slowed to look around but saw nothing unusual and continued on to her front door. It was not until she had stepped inside her unlocked door that he made his move. His hips crushed against her as his hand coverd her mouth. A deep, smooth voice whispered in her ear, “ Shhhhh, just relax. I just want to give you what you’ve asked for.” Her heart beat heavily as her struggles died away. She recognized that voice. Not knowing his name did not change the fact that she knew the man. Knew the playful gleam in his eye and the shape of those strong shoulders.

Feeling her struggles stop, he removed his hand and allowed her to face him with a quick twist of her hips. “How…..Why…..Where….” her words didn’t even really make sense to her own ears. She knew they wouldn’t make sense to him, but, surprisingly, he seemed to understand. “I’ve been watching you,” he said with a low rumble,” and lusting without relief.” Her mouth dropped in surprise. He’d been watching her? She had thought he’d only been playing with her for kicks. This man who’d starred in so many of her fantasies as she’d cum from her own touch had been lusting for her. “I won’t do it any more, “ he said. “ I want relief. I want you.”

As the full weight of his words sank in, a mixture of fear and lust pooled in her core. “What do you mean?” she asked on a shaky whisper even as she knew the answer. A deep chuckle parted his sexy lips as he firmly gripped her hips and pushed her into the house. Closing the door with his foot he said “I’m here to take what those damned eyes have been promising for so long. You can’t tell me that you don’t want this. Your every thought shows on your face.” She blushed even as flames fired and her pussy began to moisten. Gripping her wrists in one hand he spun her until she was pressed against the door. Her arms stretched above her she was vulnerable to him in every way and it excited her. This was, after all, exactly what she wanted. She had no choice in this situation.

His mouth came down hard on hers. Demanding. Taking exactly what he wanted. This man she had lusted over wanted her with the same passion. That thought created in her a boldness and she began to kiss back. Snaking her tongue out to dance with his. Abruptly, his lips left hers. “Huh-uh. Not yet, my pet. I am in control. You are not to take such liberties just yet.” The confusion in her eyes gave way to understanding and then to an even greater lust. His lips came back to her slightly parted ones, teasing, nipping while she ached to respond in kind. His free hand slipped to her hip, grasping and pulling her against. While his other hand held her wrists captive she was helpless to do anything but moan as his erection ground into her abdomen just above her pussy. She pushed herself on tiptoe trying to get closer to his hardness.

Just as she was gaining some relief from her grinding she felt a firm slap on her khaki-clad ass cheek. With a yelp she looked into his mischevious eyes. “You don’t understand, do you?” he asked. “I am in control. You have no choice but to give yourself over to me. “ With that, he swooped her into his arms and turned toward the hall. “Bedroom?” he half grunted, half asked. “Oh, wouldn’t you be more comfortable in a cave, sir Igor?” His low chuckle was her only response as he decided to find the bedroom on his own. It took very little time considering her house was small and there were only three doors to choose from.

Once in the bedroom he allowed her to slide to the floor. The shock of the situation having worn off, she began to regain her composure. “I don’t even know you,” she said, “We can’t do this.” “We can, and we will,” was his gruff reply. His hands reached to the hem of her horribly sensible shirt and pulled it swiftly over her head. His control wavered as he caught sight of her erotic bra and the taught nipples pushing at the silk. “My god….” Was the only outward sign of how captivated he was with what he saw before he moved on to shuck the khakis from her feminine hips. Yet another utterance as he saw the emerald thongs for the first time. She did not cover herself but stood silently shaking for his appraisal.

Looking down she noticed his firm erection growing and could not keep herself from reaching out to touch him. Instead of pushing her away this time, he place his hands on her shoulders and urged her to her knees. Without speaking, he quickly undid the fly of his jeans causing his cock to spring free. It was of average length but full and thick enough to give her pause. Her thoughts did not keep her for long, though, as he pushed the tip toward her luscious lips. Without making a concious choice she took it in her small hand and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. His responding groan encouraged her as, in one swift movement, she took him to the hilt. His knees nearly gave way at the sensation.

Instead of allowing him to slip from her lips as he expected, she allowed the tip of him to slip in even further as she worked her throat. She milked him much like a hot pussy cumming around his cock. When it was nearly too much, she pulled back and looked into his eyes. He had never seen anything more erotic than this vixen on her knees in front of him. Her big eyes filled with lust as her lips encircled just his tip. He had little time for these thoughts, though, as she once again plunged her moist mouth down his cock. This erotic suckling continued until he could take it no more. Grabbing her hair in his hands he pulled her away from his cock with a slight pop. The look of disappoint in her eyes almost undid him. She wanted nothing more than to fill him cum beneath her tongue. Later, he promised himself. He wasn’t done with her yet.

Taking her hands, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the bed. Once he had shucked the rest of his clothing, he took in the sight of her sprawled across the bed in the lacy lingerie. “Take it off,” he demanded. Without a moment of hesitation she slowly slipped the straps of her bra from her shoulders. Reaching around to the front clasp she teasingly brushed her nipples through the silky material. Once the bra was removed and her full breasts were exposed to the cool air she reached for the lacy thongs. She very carefully slipped just her thumbs beneath the lace on the band. Lifting her hips slightly in a way that pushed her pussy forward for display, she inched them down her thighs.

“Slut!” he growled in a combination of amusement and frustration, “ you are loving every minutes of this.” Yes, she thought, with a cheshire grin, she was and she had no plans to end it any time soon. With her panties and bra tossed to the floor, she lay naked before him. “Touch yourself,” was his next order, “I want to know what you look like when you are alone in your bed fantasizing about me.” Her moment of embarassment at his words quickly passed. Slipping her hands across her stomach she allowed her thighs to fall apart. Just knowing his eyes were upon her caused her to tremble with lust.

She’d fantasized about this moment countless times and there was no way she was going to waste it now. After its slow decsent her hand reached its destination finding the smooth, bare folds of her pussy. Soaked with the evidence of her lust, the slickness allowed her fingers to glide easily over each of her sensitive spots. In moments she was panting with pleasure. Her hips writhing, fingers moving faster, and eyes drifting closed. “No!” His stern demand surprised her and she jerked her hands from her pussy as her eyes flew open. The look on his face was a mixture of lust and concentration. “No,” he said in a softer tone,” don’t close your eyes. I want to see you when you cum. Don’t hide from me.” A little unnerved by his abrupt interruption she hesitantly resumed her exploration of the wet folds. It took very little time for her to again reach the edge. All the while, she watched his face. Made sure to let him see every movement. Every thought.

“Do it,” he whispered,” Let go.” With his urging she did just that. With one last slick glide of her practice fingers the world exploded around her. The sexy gasps she released and the consuming fire in her eyes undid him. Before she had even completely come down from her pleasure, he was there between her thighs. His lips came down insistently on her sensitive clit. There was nothing subtle about this man. Despite her teasing and play, he was still very much in control of the situation.

Though the sensation was almost too much and she tried to push his head from where he was assaulting her still-tender folds, he would not be stopped and continued his onslaught. With each flick of his tongue, she grew closer to the edge of another, even more overwhelming orgasm. It all fell apart for her the moment she felt his strong fingers begin to thrust into her pussy in tandem with his tongue. She came so completely and violently that he had to struggle to maintain contact. Her cries filled the room combined with the erotic, naughty sounds of his mouth on her wetness.

As she came back to earth, limp and breathless from her pleasure, she focused on his strong face above her. As he moved in to kiss her, she the the musky scent of her pussy juices on his lips. The taste was even more captivating than the scent. He plundered her mouth with his tongue and pulled her over his as he rolled to his back. Telling that he was very close to losing it, she surprised him by giving him a sexy grin and pulling away slightly. At that moment he knew that she’d been in control all along and she was going to do this at her pace.

Stradling his hard cock she firmly gripped him in her small hand. She slid the head along the slickness he’d created earlier. He was awed at the sexiness she exuded as she used him to pleasure herself. Without warning, she plunged him suddenly into her depths. It was all he could do not to explode at that moment, but he couldn’t give in just yet. He was enjoying it all too much for it to be over. Her hips began to move over his, taking him and and then out to the very tip. Her rhythm was varied enough that he hung just on the edge of cumming but couldn’t quite go over.

She rode him for her pleasure enjoying every move and thrust. He watched her play with her tight nipples, pinching and tugging. All at once her rhythm changed and became more insistent. He felt her desire build in her movements and heard it in her labored breathing. She was close. Knowing this he allowed himself to drive toward his release. Gripping her hips he set a frantic pace that they could not maintain for long. There was no need, though. As his cock pushed relentlessly into her soaked pussy she exploded around him. The sensation was too much for even the strongest man and he followed right behind her. Even in his pleasure, he was amazed at the fire he saw in her face. He’d never seen a woman cum so uninhibitedly.

As they both lay completely worn and sated from the passion, he looked at the woman laying next to him. He wasn’t quite prepared to tell her that he was the father of her newest student. She’d met only his ex-wife, but he planned to become very well-acquainted with this steamy little vixen.

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