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Just because its Tuesday

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Just because it?s Tuesday

I woke in the morning as usual the sound of the irritating yell of the alarm screaming through my head. I roll over and kissed my lovely wife good morning.

The look on her face was aglow. She is beautiful; she looks like an angel to me. Her auburn hair falling around her face, the covers pulled up tight. With a soft whisper I love you, and now I hit the shower and make ready for the day ahead. After the shower and shave I grab a cup of coffee and a smoke, while I get dressed. I grab the keys and my coat and a cup of coffee to go, kiss my baby good bye and she hugs me with passion and love as only she does. She stands in the door way as I drive off. I tap my brakes three times as to say I love you, we do this every day.

On my way to work I listen to the radio and with an endless barrage of commercials I reach over and turn it off. I can?t get my baby off my mind. Hoping she knows how much I love her. I wish it was the weekend so I could lay in bed with her arms wrapped around me. As I make it to work I punch the ol time clock and start the day. Still not shaking the thought of my baby, I start thinking of how to show my wife just how much I love her. I start devising a plan of attack. I make up a list of things I am going to need. Finally noon rolls around and I tell my boss I have things to take care of and need the rest of the day off.

Time to put my plan in to action, I stop at the candle shop and buy about twenty long tapered candles and holders, ok I can see this is going to get expensive real quick , oh well damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. I laugh out loud and the people in the store start to stare, I motioned at my blue tooth to save face. I head to the local adult toy store and by my favorite massage oil. While there I spied a dark red silk rob. Kind of short and I thought how damn sexy my baby was going to look in that. So I looked and found one her size then I went and found a bright shiny blue one for myself to fit the mood.

Off to the next stop, I stop at the grocery store picked up some seedless gr*pes and melon tray. Then I went to the flower shop picked up a single red rose. Stopped at the hobby store and pick up a bunch of fake rose petals, now my shopping is done. On my way home went over my list making sure I hadn?t forgotten anything. It?s already three O?clock by now. I rush into the house, with all my bags in tow. I place the candles in the house trailing to the bed room. Placed the rose petals on the floor, I took a two small plates and the serving fork in the bed room and placed them on the night stand. Laid the massage oil on the bed and put the rose on her pillow. I got undressed and showered for freshness. As time grew near I put on my robe, I am rushing with excitement thinking about my baby coming home and what lay in store. I looked down and my robe looked like tent city. I was defiantly aroused. My wife called and we talked on the phone as we usually do as she drives home at the same time I know I have twenty minutes till she arrives watching the clock I figure it?s time to light the candles, turn off all the lights and put in a cd in the stereo and at a moderate volume for listening and talking. She arrives; I run and lay on the bed in my new blue silk robe. As she enters the house I could hear her lay her coat and purse down. I could her sigh as I know after standing all day long and dealing with customers she is tired and her feet hurt. She acknowledges the candles and petals on the floor and starts her way to the bed room. She opens the door and with a little grin she asks what all this. I grin and say just because it?s Tuesday.

She bends over the bed and kisses me. I kiss her hard and passionately, while looking down her shirt peering at that lovely cleavage. I rise from the bed and come up behind her grabbing her around the waist. I give her a hug. While hugging her I start to nibble on her neck and ears. I know she loves this. I pull her shirt up and over her head. And undo her bra. I grab the girls and tell them to run you?re free. As I caress them tent city arises. I finish undressing her with gentle caresses and kisses. I pull the dark red silk robe out of the bag and place it on her. She says humm what?s this, and even the right size. I tell her to lie on the bed face down. I grab the massage oil rubbing her back. The oil makes her tattoo on her shoulder shine out, we have matching tats. I work my way down her butt and then her legs. I start to rub her feet and she melts like butter. I massage her for about thirty minutes. Then we set up and I bring over the tray of fruit that I had bought at the store. We set and talked about the day. Again she asked me what this was all about, and I responded that it was Tuesday. She says oh, and I left it at that after talking and snaking on fruit I start sliding my hand in to her robe and reached one of her breast. So soft and wonderful, as my hand brushed against her nipple she sighed. I loosened the tie on her robe and made her delicious body more available to me. I started kissing her deep and hard. I could feel her starting to get heated. I laid her on her back and lay myself on top of her. My hands finding her breast and I started kissing her neck. I worked my way down and start sucking on her tits and slightly biting her nipples. With one hand I slid it down between her thighs and could feel the wetness of her. She was getting so hot. I slid down further and with my breath teased her. I placed my lips my and kissed you wetness and felt the tickle of her pubs on my face. She gasped and grabbed my head. I took my tongue and gently slid it down her slit. And as I drug it up I dove it deep into the folds of her pussy, her body tensed with pleasure. I slid my tongue up and down opening up the folds of her hot wet pussy. I found her clit and started sucking on it and biting it gently. As I sucked her clit again she grabbed my head and shoved it hard deep between her legs. In an instant she started Cumming I reached up and pinched her nipples hard, for I know that heightens it for her. She kept Cumming and start squirting all over my chin. I gently lick her down from her hot orgasm. Then I get on my knees grabbing her legs and raising them up high I slide my hard throbbing cock deep with one single thrust. I started out real slow pulling almost all the way out. Then driving it deep with a single thrust, I am getting to close to Cumming myself so I drop back down to punish the clit some more. She wraps her fingers in my hair and shoves my face back deep in to her pussy. I grab that clit with my teeth and suck at the same time. She cums again quickly. Then throwing her legs in the air I shove my cock deep in to her pussy I start shoving it deep as I can with slow thrust. I feel myself getting close again so back down to the hot wet pussy, I shove my tongue deep between her legs and find her ass, as I start licking her ass she yells out oh God. Then I move back up and attack that clit. One more time she grabs my head this time I stop before she cums as she gets close I flip her over and tell her to get on her knees and I mount her doggy style shoving my cock deep and fast this time I can feel my passion and cum getting close to the point of no return. As I thrust deep in to pussy with my cock my balls slap her clit and I start shoving it as hard as I can. She screams she is Cumming. I feel her squirt on my cock shaft and I start Cumming deep into that hot wet pussy. At that moment we both collapse in to each other arms. And all of this was just because it was Tuesday.

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