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Just a Dream?

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Its late, the office is empty except for Red working quietly on more materials for his "teaching" tomorrow. His cup empty, he stands in search of a refill.

As he leaves the office a familar smell tickles his sences. Instantly his mind is filled with thoughts of her~warm, wet memories. How odd he thinks to himself, grinning he shakes it off and resumes his search for coffee.

When he returns, at nearly the same spot, he stops. Something sets all his sences in overdrive. A tingle that travels from his head, thru his loins, to his toes.

Completely distracted, he is nearly to his desk before he sees her....

Leaning at the far end of his desk, almost hidden in the shawdows cast by the lamp.

One of her stocking legs peeks out of her coat, at the end of it sexy black heels. Her smile is amazing, and that delightful twinkle in her eyes. He is thinking he is dreaming, but when he gets closer, he can smell her intoxicating scent and she reaches out to him.

"How did you ge.." He begins to question. But she does not let him finish, stopping his words with the softest of kisses. Wrapping her arms and one of her legs about him. As she moves her coat opens revealing her lovely breast, held by her new sexy open bra ~nipples already pert, hard and seeking his attention.

His hands travel the lenght of her and she quivers in reply. As their tongues dance he reaches down to grab her thighs, gently lifting her and slids her back onto the desk.

Sitting again he quietly takes her all in...Stroking her neck as her back arches and her eyes flutter, she begins to softly moan. With her eyes, her hands and her mouth she pleads with him to touch her more. He slowly moves her legs, placing her feet on the arms of his chair. Soon he is using his tongue to stroke her legs, carass her thighs. Her musky scent is already penetrating his focus, creating a ravenous hunger for her.

Placing one hand at her middle her pushes her back, angleing her body back and her hips up.

Lowering his head, soft kisses barely brushing her skin. Teasing licks on her sensitive lips. She is already dripping her lushious juices to the desk top. Cooing and pleading for more thorough attention her hips are bucking attempting to force more contact with his lips and tongue.

Finally he relents and focuses full attention on her swollen clit. In moments he is rewarded with her screams of delight and a splash of her sweet cum. He is lost in her sweet smell and taste and the erotic sounds of her orgasms. Soon she is out of control, begging in earnest for him to enter her..."Please baby.." " Please...I NEED you IN me!"

Standing once again, carassing the coat off her body. Kissing up her neck to her soft, open, giving mouth his desire has grown to meet hers. Gentle but firm he turns her over on her belly...and a gasp excapes him as he looks down taking in the vision her ..leaning over HIS desk..her firm ass, full hips, smooth pussy lips..and clit so aroused he can see it from here. Releasing his rock hard member, he teases her with rubs across her ass...rubbing her clit with the head of it. She is so wet he is soon covered in her juices without ever entering her.

She reaches back to guide him into her.

Her warmth and wetness amazes him everytime. Both of them moaning in the pleasure of the moment he slowly enters her. He can feel her desire for him as her cunt flexes and pulls ferociously at his cock.

Soon he is pumping her so hard that each stroke lifts her hips from the desk. Writhing in complete pleasure she cums again, screaming his name and asking for more. too loud? Who might hear?? but he does not care, he can not ignore the warmth of her pussy wrapped about him. He reaches up to her hair and gets his hand full of her sexy red locks. Turning her head so he can watch the pleasure on her face. She cries out again and he feels her pussy squeezing so tightly around his dick. All other thought is lost. All of his scences are enveloped by her~ the smells of her cum and perfume fill the air~ her animalistic sounds assult the quiet of the night~the sweet taste of her cum lingers on his lips~and the unbelieveable feeling of her softness around him~ the very site of her spread across his desk...all of this overwhelms him...suddenly he stops, and turns her over to her back.

Beads of sweet make her body glisten, her cheeks flushed.

"What baby?...What do you want.." Again he is teasing her w/out entering her...only this time it is just as teasing for him he is so near the edge.

Again she whispers..."what do you want baby.."

Leaning down to her, he enters her again in one long Deep stroke, causing her entire body to shiver and start cumming again..As he replies "I want to look in your eyes as we cum" Holding her head his thrust are as intense as his gaze down on her. In moments he is joining her in an orgasm so intense and hot, the moment lingering.

Startled awake, Red glances about. He is alone in the quiet office. MAN what a dream...Now, how will he ever sit there with out thinking of her??:)

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