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Joy of a lovely son in law

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My name is Eunice, I am 59 years old, married and on the larger size with 42dd tits.

My husband sits in his chair and vegetates.

My daughter married a lovely chap 19 years ago and we have always got on well. A few weeks ago my daughter Sue and I went out for a few drinks and talked about many things.

The conversation turned to sex after a while (as most female conversations do!) and I told Sue that I had not had sex for about 4 years and had got used to it.

Sue told me that John, her husband, was wonderful in the bedroom and treated her like a lady and made sure she got pleasure from whatever they do.

That night I led in bed and played with myself as I thought of John doing things to me.

Later that week Sue and John popped round to our house to see us. I was in the bath as Sue shouted up the stairs that they were there.

John then shouted up "You had better remember to put a towel on before you come down!" With this thought in mind I finished washing and quickly trimmed my pubic hair then dried off and put a towel round me. I could feel my heart pumping hard as I walked down the stairs and saw John look at me. I could see him look me up and down and smile saying "nice towel!" Sue look round and said "glad you took his advice and wore something."

John asked if we would like a coffee and then made us all one. I said I would just pop up stairs and get dressed but Sue said that they would be going straight after the coffee and I should stay as I was. Sue and I went through to the living room and sat on the settee and John came through with the coffee sitting on the armchair opposite.

We were generally chatting about things but I sometimes caught John looking at my legs and the bottom of the towel. For some reason I slightly opened my legs so he could see a bit further up and I knew I had his attention. I could feel a sensation in my pussy that had not been there for a long time and I knew it was wrong but I wanted him to see my Pussy, somehow I resisited the urge but kept my legs slightly open.

We finished the coffee and they were going to leave so as normal we went to the door and gave each other a farewell hug, I am sure that the hug John gave me lasted longer than normal and as we broke apart I felt his hand slide over the towel and across my left tit. My nipples went rock hard as I shut the door and I started to rub pussy there and then til I came in a glorious climax.

I wanted him now and was sure I had done enough to raise his interest. My thoughts suddenly turned to how my daughter would react and I knew I could take it no further but decided I would flirt a bit with John when I could for my own benefit.

Two weeks later I phoned Sue and told her that I had found some material that she wanted and would she like to pop round and get it? "I can ask John to get it as he will be passing your house on his way home from work." "That would be great" I replied "I wont keep him too long!"

Sue laughed and said "Just remember to wear a towel!"

With that thought in my mind I ran a bath 5 minutes before John was due to arrive and I got in. I had picked out a slightly smaller towel and had it ready for when I got out!

About 10 minutes later I heard John call "hello" and I shouted down that I was just finishing my bath and would be down soon "don't forget the towel" he replied. I got out of the bath and dried off a bit and put the towel round me, I looked in the full length mirror and checked that I was covered. I was, the towel came a few inches above my knee but that was part of my plan.

I walked downstairs and John looked up and said "hey different towel!" "is it?" I replied. "Yes" he said "this one is a lot shorter!" I knew I had his attention then. I walked passed him and could feel his eyes watching me. "Fancy a coffee?" I asked "Yes please" was his reply. I had to reach up for the coffee from the cupboard and I knew John would almost see my arse. My pussy was getting wet just thinking of him watching me. I turned round and I swear I saw him adjusting his cock in his trousers. I carried on making the coffee and carried it through to the living room. I sat on the settee and because the other half of it had clothes on there John had to sit opposite me. I looked down at my legs and my towel was only just covering my pussy, I knew that if I opened them John would see everything. We chatted about things and then I noticed John's eyes wandering down my body and stopping at my legs. Looking down I saw that my towel had slightly opened and my trimmed pussy was on view. I looked at John who smiled and said "I love a trimmed pussy." With that he walked over to me dropped to his knees and opened my towel and my legs and he started to lick my wet pussy. I was in heaven and pulled his face into my cunt and I came so quickly moaning his name loudly as I did.

He carried on licking me a drinking my juices as I was writhing around on the settee. I had removed my towel totally and his hands came up and starting playing with my tits.

I could not remember the last time my nipples were that hard. I came again and again on his tongue and then he started to move up my body, his mouth was kissing my stomach and then he started to suck my nipples first on then the other, I felt like I was in heaven. He started to move further up and then I felt his hard cock against my pussy, he had pushed his trousers and boxers down and was looking me straight in the eye and said "Sue tells me you have not had a cock inside you for a few years! Well here is mine for you" With that my legs were open and he pushed his cock inside me, gently at first then the animal passion overcame us and we fucked hard. He was pumping in and out and all the time looking at me, smiling. I came again as my cunt was opened wide and after about 15 minutes I felt him tense up and then he shot his spunk up inside me.

"God that was fantastic" he said "I am so glad Sue told me to pop round and glad she told you to wear a towel" "You mean she set this up?" I said. John looked into my eyes and said that after I had told Sue that I had not had a man for a few years she felt that I ought to be having some fun and they had discussed it. John said he was more than happy to help out and would love to feel my pussy around his cock again. Not realising he meant there and then I was delighted to feel his hard cock again nudging my cunt lips. We fucked again and I came at least twice before he came inside me again.

Before he went home I made him promise to pop in again and he replied "Just wear a towel and I will be round again!"

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