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Joining the Mile High Club - Part 1

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I had just settled into my seat for the trans-Atlantic flight to Munich when I heared the flight attendant make an announcement. She spoke both flawless English and German like a native, at least to my ear. Since this was a business trip, I was flying in Business Class so my seat was in the first row right in front of the galley. There were two jump seats just to the left of the galley where the flight attendants sit during takeoff. That is were I first saw her. She was seated in the jump seat next to the galley holding a microphone in her hand and announcing that the departure of the plane would be delayed due to problems with ATC in the New York corridor. The flight to Munich was going to be ten hours, and now there was a departure delay. Since there was nothing that I could do about it, I decided to just make the best of it. I turned on the reading light and reached for the flight magazine and amused myself reading to pass the time until we were cleared for departure.

?Can I offer you a drink before departure?? I heard a familiar voice say. When I looked up, it was her right in front of my face. ?My name is Ute and I?m going to be taking care of you on our flight today -- would you like a Mimosa or something else to drink?? Her appearance startled me for a moment so I was hunting for words. All I could manage to get out was, ?Water with lime, please.? ?Very well,? she said, ?and here is the menu for our meal service today -- I?ll be back in a few minutes to take your entrée selection.? I simply nodded in response, since I was still startled by the beauty of this woman from close range. Ute repeated the same litany for the woman sitting next to me and then retreated to the galley to prepare the drinks.

The airline had just redesigned its flight attendant uniforms and Ute was wearing one that I had not seen before. It was a bright red and was made from a material that I can only describe as parachute material -- it was thin and clingy. As I watched Ute working in the galley, I noticed that her dress clung to her like a wet T-shirt and revealed every curve of her body. And, she had the body of a woman with soft flowing curves from her full breasts to her waist to her round hips. When she bent over, I noticed that her butt was as tight as a drum. She was obviously in good physical shape and probably worked out with Pilates or yoga. As I continued to watch her bending and turning and reaching, I was suddenly surprised by some unexpected movement in my pant. I was getting turned on by just watching this woman prepare a drink for me and the growing desire in my boxers was testament to the fact. I tried not to stare at her body, but I could not keep my eyes off of her. The small brain in my pants was starting to take over control of my body and I could not resist as I soaked in every nuance of her shape. When I saw her glance back at me, I quickly raised my magazine and pretended to read while I waited for my drink.

?Water with lime, sir.? When I looked up, she had my drink carefully balanced on a small tray. She extended the tray toward me as my hand reached for the drink. In my nervousness, I grabbed the drink too fast from the tray and spilled some of the water in my lap. ?Sorry, sir. Let me get you a towel,? she said and then quickly disappeared. She was back in a flash with the towel and before I knew what was happening she was rubbing the towel in my lap trying to soak up the drops of water that had landed there. As she meticulously dabbed up each drop, I could see a smile slowly appear on her face. And then, I realized what was going on. As she dabbed the water off of my pants, she was tracing the outline of the bulge of my now fully erect penis. The feeling of her running the towel up and down the length on my engorged dick was intoxicating. I had been on the plane for only thirty minutes now and this gorgeous flight attendant was giving me a hand job though my pants. ?I am going to have to fly Business Class more often!? I thought to myself. In my embarrassment that this gorgeous woman had caught me with a boner in my pants, I quickly snapped back to reality and grabbed the towel from her hand and said, ?Thanks, I can handle this. I mean, I can do it by myself. I mean?? I figured I had better stop before I made a complete fool out of myself. ?Are you sure you don?t want me to give you a hand with that, sir?? she said with a glisten in her eye. ?No, I am fine, now? I stammered. ?Alright, sir, just let me know if there is anything else you need? she said with a wink of her eye. ?I am her to take care of your every need,? she said and then returned to her duties to the other passengers. "Was she coming on to me?" I asked myself.

As I sat contemplating what had just happened, the PA system came on again and I heard her announce, ?Ladies and gentlemen, we have now been cleared for departure. Please fasten your seat belts, place your trays in the upright and locked position and return all glasses to the flight attendants.? As Ute approached, I held out my hand and gave her the now empty glass from my drink. As she took the glass from me, I noticed that she was staring intently at my crotch. Was she looking at my dick bulging in my pants, again? ?Please fasten your seat belt, sir.? "Oh, yes. Right!? I muttered as she walked briskly past me down the aisle. Was I hallucinating about what had just happened?

As I heard the sound of the engines roaring to life, I saw Ute take her seat in the jump seat next to the galley. She fasten herself in the seat with the shoulder harness which pulled her shoulders back agains the seat back and made her breasts strain against the clingy material of her dress. In her seat, she was facing directly toward me now with her feet flat on the floor and her legs slightly parted. I tried to look elswhere, but my eyes always ended up on her. She was giving the usual takeoff instructions to the passenger over the PA. My eyes traveled up the length of her shapely legs, up her torso over her breasts to her face. When our eyes met, I noticed that she was staring right back at me while she delivered the takeoff instructions. As I stared into her eyes, I would swear that her legs parted slightly further because I caught a glimpse of white under her dress between her legs. She had just flashed me while I was looking right at her, I thought to myself. As the plane accelerated down the runway, I thought, ?This is going to be a good flight after all.?

Part 2 will follow soon -- stay tuned.

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