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Joining the Mile High Club -- Part II

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Part 2:

The meal service and the movie had finally ended. During the meal, Ute had acted nothing other than perfectly professional. There was no further flashing from her, no inappropriate touching and no double entendre in her conversation. Had I actually misinterpreted her previous actions? Was it just my imagination running wild? Was it just my fantasies of joining the Mile High Club -- at last?

The cabin lights had been dimmed and everyone was settling in to get a few hours of sleep. On trans-Atlantic flights the night passes so quickly you have only about fours hours from the time the cabin lights are dimmed until the sun comes up and breakfast is served. The passengers around me had leaned theirs seats back as far as they could go, they covered their eyes with the complimentary sleep masks and wrapped themselves with blanket. Sleeping on an airplane is never very comfortable, even in business class.

I was not sleepy, though. The thoughts of Ute kept running through my mind and kept me from the sleep I probably needed since I had a long day of meetings already schedule in Munich starting at 10:00 am. With the time change, that was only seven hours from now. It would be difficult to stay awake since I was not presenting, I would only be listening to engineers discussing the problems with the engine designs. Such meeting are difficult to stay awake through even on a full night?s sleep. Unless I got to sleep quickly, I might as well not have made the trip.

I usually don?t drink alcohol on trans-Atlantic flights because it dehydrates you and causes more jetlag. But, I decided that a brandy might be just the thing to put me to sleep. All the flight attendants had retired below deck, except for Ute. She was sitting in the jump seat reading a book. During the night, one flight attendant remains on duty in case a passenger needs something. Luckily for me, it was Ute.

I considered ringing the flight attendant call button to get Ute?s attention. But, it makes so much noise -- I hate it when I?m trying to sleep and someone rings the call button. So, I decided to just go to the galley and ask Ute to make me a drink. I unbuckled my seat belt and got up out of my seat as quietly as possible so as not to wake the passengers around me. I walked the few steps to the galley and stood next to where Ute was sitting. ?Can I get you something, sir?? Ute said. ?I have a busy day and I can?t get to sleep, so I thought a glass of brandy might put me to sleep,? I said. Ute rose from her seat, ?I?ll be glad to get that for you, sir.? Ute had to pass from the jump seat to the galley to fix my drink. In the tight quarters where she was seated, she had to pass by me to get to the galley. ?Excuse me, sir,? she said as she turned to face me and side stepped past lightly brushing her breasts on my arm and chest as she past.

?So, you have business in Munich?? Ute said as she retrieved a glass from the galley cupboard. ?Yes, I?m afraid I have a morning meeting that I have to go to directly from the airport? I replied. ?I can see why you want to get some sleep, then? she said. ?Brandy always makes me sleepy, but sex works better.? ?What did she just say?? I thought to myself. Searching for a reply, all I could think of was, ?Yes, well, unfortunately I am by myself on this flight.? What kind of an asshole comment was that? I am almost drooling over this beautiful flight attendant, the conversation turns to sex and what do I say? Yeah, that is really going to turn her on. So, I rack my brain for a way to redeem myself. ?I have always wanted to join the Mile High Club, but I have never had the chance,? I blurted out. ?Hummm, the Mile High Club, huh. I can?t tell you how many people we catch in the lavatory trying to join the Mile High Club,? she said with a tone of disgust in her voice. ?And, people even try to fuck in their seats. I can?t tell you how many times I have picked up a passenger?s blankets only to find cum stains all over it.? ?Sorry, I did not meant to bring up a sore subject? I said apologetically. ?I guess it all depends on what end of the fucking you are on? remarked Ute. ?It?s not that I mind fucking on airplanes, I love to fuck on airplanes. But, I do not like to clean up after other people -- I don?t mind getting sticky fingers if they are from cum of my own choosing, but having to touch some stranger?s spunk is not my idea of fun? she whispered with a shiver. I was slightly shocked by this conversation. Not the kind of talk I had expected from a flight attendant. I have had more timid conversations with hookers before. But, this woman was not afraid to talk about this subject -- and I graphic detail.

Ute handed me my drink and said ?Here, I hope this helps. But, if it doesn?t just remember what I said.? I returned to my seat and sipped slowly on my brandy. Ute had returned to her seat. As I drank my drink, I stared at Ute and pondered what she had meant when she said to remember what she had said. She had said so many things, her words kept running through my mind. I finished my and felt the urge to visit the restroom before trying to fall asleep. So, I stood up, grabbed my glass to return it to Ute and headed toward the restroom opposite the galley. When Ute saw me approaching she stood up and smiled. ?Did that help?? she said. ?We?ll see,? I replied. ?After I go to the restroom, I am going to try and go to sleep.? Ute smiled and reached to take the glass from me. ?Pleasant dreams, then.?

I turned and walked to the restroom, opened the door and when in. As I closed the door, the plane hit some mild turbulence and bumped me against the wall. ?Great!? I thought to myself, ?I hate turbulence. Now, I will never get to sleep.? As I unzipped my pants, the plane bumped a few more time, this time a little more violently. Peeing is always harder in turbulence -- it is like trying to hit a moving target. Just then I heard a bell ring and Ute?s voice on the PA system. ?Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has illuminated the fasten seat belt sign due to some turbulence in the area. Please remain seated.? As I shook the last drops of urine from my penis, I heard a soft knock on the door. ?Occupied,? I said as I zipped up my pants. I turned and washed my hands in the small sink and as I dried them on a paper towel, I heard another knock on the door. Slightly annoyed, I pushed the used towel into the trash bin, turned to the door and slid the lock on the door to the open position. Before, I could reach for the handle, someone opened the door. I was about to get really upset when I noticed it was Ute.

She pushed me back into the restroom, stepped in and closed the door. ?What are you doing?? I asked with a surprised tone in my voice. ?I figured you might need a little help in case the brandy doesn?t work. I told you sex always makes me sleepy.? With that she reached up and put her arm around my neck, pulled me toward her and kissed my deeply on the mouth. It all happened so fast that I couldn?t even get any words out of my mouth. But, the feeling of Ute?s soft lips on mine, her hand firmly gripping my neck and the intoxicating smell of her perfume quickly took the thought of words right out of my head. This was what I had been wanting from the first time I laid eyes on this woman. And, now my fantasy was about to come true -- at least I was hoping it would come true. Finally, I was going to have my chance to join the Mile High Club. I thought to myself, ?Be cool and don?t blow it.? However, the situation was not under my control right now -- Ute had taken charge and was not showing any signs of letting go. So, I decided to let her have her way -- for the moment anyway.

As Ute?s tongue darted in and out of my mouth, I felt her hand on my crotch. Her hand gently massaged my dick through my pants as we continued to kiss. With Ute?s breasts now pressed firmly against my chest, it didn?t take long for my dick to get the message. As an erection started to grow in my shorts, I started to think about what was going to happen next. Airplane restrooms are small enough when occupied by just one person. With two people in it, there was barely any room to move. Ute said people frequently have sex in airplane restrooms -- but how?

As I continued to consider the situation, I felt Ute pull the zipper on my pants and quickly reach inside. My dick was now starting to get hard and Ute?s touch was working its magic. Ute then released her grip on my neck, pushed my away slightly and reached for my belt with both hands. She quickly undid the belt buckle and pushed my pants to the floor. ?I have been wanting to see that dick of your since I felt it through your pants when you spilled your drink. I hope I won?t be disappointed.? I hoped she wouldn?t be, either. Women have never been disappointed with my dick -- at least none of them had ever said anything. Now, she had got me a little worried -- if she is disappointed, will my fantasy quickly come to a screeching halt? Ute put her hand on either side of the waistband of my boxers and deftly slid them to my knees. Holding my dick in one hand, she put the lid down on the toilet with her other hand and shoved me down on toilet seat, never releasing her grip on my dick. She then spread my legs apart and knelt between them in the small space in front of me. ?Now, let me get a good look at that dick of yours.? Her eyes were transfixed on my now full erect dick as her hand slid up and down its length. ?Mmmm,? she said, ?I knew it was a nice one -- long and thick and hard -- just like I like them.? I couldn?t help but smile to myself. With that, I began to relax and just leaned back against the bulkhead to enjoy what was going to happen next.

?I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?? Ute said as she lowered her head toward my lap. She parted her lips and took just the head of my dick into her warm, wet mouth and gently swirled here tongue around and over my dick head. ?Ummm, it tastes good, too,? she said as she stared up into my eyes. I just love the sight of a woman kneeling in front of me, looking into my eyes with that ?I want you to fuck me? look. ?You don?t mind if I suck your cock, do you?? Ute said with an innocent tone in her voice. Mind? Of course I don?t mind! But how can I tell her without sounding like an idiot. I saw this as my opportunity to seize control of the situation. ?I want you to take my dick and shove it as far down your throat as you can. I want you to take me so deep that you gag? I said sternly. Without hesitation, Ute put my dick back in her mouth and slid her lips down the full length of my shaft. I could feel her straining to get every inch of my dick down her throat. ?That?s it, throat me, baby!? I said. When Ute could not get any more of my dick in her mouth, she pulled back and started to rhythmically bob her head up and down on my dick. From my vantage point, I could get a great view of her mouth sliding up and down the length of my shaft -- which is another sight I love to see. ?Oh, yea, suck my dick. Suck it good!? I wondered if anyone outside the lavatory could hear me. But at that moment I didn?t care. All I could think about was Ute and her mouth on my dick. ?Lick my balls to!? I commanded. And Ute responded instantaneously. She removed my cock from her mouth, but continued to stroke it with her left hand, while her right hand gently cupped my testicles. She gently ran her tongue over my balls, around and around licking up to the base of my shaft and then back down and around. She popped my left testicle into her mouth and sucked on it gently using her tongue to push it back and forth in her mouth. She gave the same tongue bath to my right testicle. Then, she ran her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft -- you know on that vein that runs up the shaft of your cock. ?Ummm, that feels good,? I moaned. After a few trips of Ute tongue up and down my shaft, she put my dick back in her mouth and resumed her rhythmic sucking occasionally breaking her rhythm to take me deep in her throat. ?You love to suck cock don?t you?? I asked. ?I love to suck cock almost as much as I like to eat pussy,? Ute replied. ?Whoa,? I thought to myself -- ?this babe is one hot bitch.? I knew I was going to have to take advantage of this somehow. ?So, you like to fuck women, too, huh?? I asked. ?Astrid in the back is my girlfriend. We share an apartment in Munich. Would you like to meet her? She love to suck cock, too.? I knew there was no way we were going to get another person in this lavatory -- it was tight enough with just Ute and me. ?That would be great, but not right now,? I replied. ?I meant when we get to Munich? Ute said with a laugh. ?If you have time, you can come to our apartment. I know Astrid would love to see your cock, too. You can fuck both of us.? That was an invitation I could not refuse. ?Give me your number and I will call you when my meeting is over,? I said trying to repress the excitement in my voice. Speaking of fucking, does a blow job qualify for joining the Mile High Club?? I asked. I did not want Ute?s blow job to end, but I was interested to see what other wonders this woman had to offer. Ute removed my dick from her mouth and stood up. ?Well, technically, you have to fuck to join the Mile High Club,? she replied and she turned around facing away from me. She reached down and pulled here skirt up wiggling her hips back and forth to slip the tight fitting garment over her hips.

Her ass was round and curvy. Her butt cheeks were tightly confined in a pair of pantyhose and she didn?t have any panties on underneath. I reached out and grabbed the waistband of her panty hose and with a firm tug, I pulled the pantyhose down to her knees revealing the soft supple skin of her shapely ass. I pulled her closer to me and gently kissed her ass -- first one cheek then the other. Then, Ute leaved over and rested her arms on the sink. This gave me easy access to her pussy which was already glistening with moisture. I leaned toward her and my tongue found its way to her the labia. As my tongue ran up and down the length of her soft pink labia, Ute reached between her legs and continued to stroke my dick. ?We don?t have much time,? Ute said. With a firm grip on my erect cock, she sat down on my lap guiding my dick into her pussy as she sat. She must have been really turned on because my dick slid into her pussy easily. So, there we were. Ute was sitting on my lap facing toward the door impaled on my dick. But, I couldn?t move -- I wanted to thrust in and out of Ute?s pussy, but there was no way. No worries -- Ute just started to rock her hips back and forth. Just then the plane hit some more turbulence. This time, instead of being afraid, I got a pleasurable sensation. The turbulence cause Ute to bounce up and down on my dick. And, the vibration of the airplane felt like a vibrator on my ass. This was a sensation I had never felt before -- and I liked it.

As the plane continued to be buffeted by the turbulence, I could tell that Ute was enjoying the ride as well. Her breathing was getting heavy and she was beginning to moan softly. She rocked her hips back and forth faster and faster until I felt her body shudder in orgasm. Ute let out a sigh of ecstasy as she slowed the rocking of her hips and ground her pussy down hard against my dick. With that Ute leaned back against my chest and turned her head toward me. She had that look in her eyes that women get after an orgasm -- it is a soft, dreamy look. I bent down and kissed her on the mouth. With her leaned back, my hand could reach her pussy and with my dick still in it my fingers softly stroked her clit. It only took a few strokes of her clit to get her breathing hard again. Ute sat up and started rocking her hips back and forth faster and faster. This time, I could feel my own orgasm building in my testicles. The pressure in my balls was building stronger and stronger as I strained to hold it back. Just then, the plane jolted violently and my dick drove deep and hard into Ute pussy. I couldn?t hold the pressure any longer. I could feel the semen pumping jet after jet into Ute?s hot cunt. Ute?s body shook again. I couldn?t tell whether it was her body shaking from another orgasm or the airplane from the turbulence. But, I really didn?t care which it was -- it was a wonderful feeling that I wanted to go on and on. Unfortunately, as our orgasms subsided and I leaned back against the bulkhead in exhaustion, I felt my dick pull out of Ute?s pussy as she stood up quickly. She reached over and grabbed a hand towel from the dispenser and ran some warm water on it. She wiped her pussy with the moist towel as she squeezed my semen out of her pussy. She pulled up her pantyhose, pulled her skirt back down, straightened her hair in the mirror and then leaned over and kissed me. ?Well, I guess you are now an official member of the Mile High Club,? she said. But, before I could reply, she turned, cracked the door to peer out and make sure no one was there. Then, she opened the door and was gone.

As I now sat there alone in the lavatory, it all seemed like a dream. But, as I felt my dick start to go limp I saw the light reflect off the wet coating on my dick. It was a mixture of Ute?s pussy juice and my semen that was covering my now limp member. I got a paper towel for myself, wet it from the sink and cleaned myself up. I pulled up my shorts and pants and straightened my own clothes. I was sure everyone was still sleeping, but I did not want to look like I had just fucked the flight attendant.

As I emerged from the lavatory, I saw Ute seated on the jump seat reading a book like nothing had happened. As I crossed in front of her to return to my seat, Ute looked up from her book and smiled. ?Can I get you anything else, sir?? she said. ?No, thank you,? I replied with a smile of my own. Ute reached out her hand and gave me a piece of paper. ?Call me after your meeting? she said, and then returned her eyes to her book. I took the piece of paper and returned to my seat. I sat down and in the dim light of the cabin I could barely make out what was written on the paper -- I recognized it as a local Munich telephone number. I folded the paper and tucked it into my shirt pocket. I leaned my seat back to the sleeping position, wrapped myself in a blanket, placed the sleeping mask over my eyes and went to sleep.

It seemed like I had been asleep for only a minute when I was awaked to someone touching my shoulder. I raised the mask from my eyes and saw Ute?s standing above me. ?We will be landing in about 30 minutes, sir. Would you like some breakfast?? she said with a professional tone in her voice. ?Yes, please,? I replied. I raised my chair up, threw the blanket to the floor and raised the tray table. Ute, retuned quickly and placed the breakfast tray in front to me. ?Would you like coffee or tea, sir?? she said. ?Uh, coffee please,? I said. As I watched Ute return to the galley for the coffee, I thought to myself there was no sign whatsoever of any familiarity in her voice or her actions. Had it all been just a dream after all? Then, I remembered the note. I reached in my shirt pocket and retrieved the note. I was holding the note in my hand when Ute returned with my coffee. ?Did you sleep well, sir?? Ute said inquisitively. ?Very well, thank you,? I replied. As Ute went about serving the other passengers, I returned the note to my pocket. I sipped on my coffee and thought to myself, ?I hope my meeting this morning would not last too long.?

The wheels hit the runway with gentle jolt and the plane taxied to the gate. I got up from my seat and gathered my briefcase from the bin above my seat. As I exited from the plane, Ute said ?I hope you have a nice stay in Munich, sir.? ?Thank you, I plan on it,? I replied with a smile.

Stay tuned to Part III of Joining the Mile High Club.

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