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Job Opening

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It was a beautiful summer’s morning and as usual on a Tuesday I had driven up to town To meet my stock broker then would go on to the office, I always stopped to have coffee at my favourite bar, chose a pavement table and sat down to read the Times and enjoy the morning before starting another hectic day.

At the table opposite there was a very attractive brunette, very smartly dressed in a powder blue suit even if the skirt was a little short, reading a book, thinking no more of her other than a middle aged man in his 50s should not be ogling young girls I resumed reading my paper.

For some reason a few minutes later my eyes returned to her and as they did she uncrossed her legs giving me a view of her lovely long pins, I tried hard not to look or at least let it be obvious that I was but had seen enough to know that she was wearing stockings not tights, which I hated.

I was now trying very hard not to impose on her privacy but it seemed that every time I looked up she was changing her legs position and giving me a view of her inner thighs and stocking tops, this was becoming difficult, suppose she was to catch me looking up her skirt it would be so embarrassing but I just could not take my eyes of her, just then she looked straight at me and for one moment I froze and waited for the look or even worse some cutting words but to my surprise she gave me the sweetest smile, she must have seen the relief in my face and gave a little giggle’ I manage a weak smile back and intimated that I would like to join her, again to my astonishment she pointed to the seat next to her.

I sat down and introduced myself Hi I’m David, Helen she answered, we easily fell into conversation and it transpired that she was in town for job interviews, one of which she had been to earlier that morning, the other wasn’t till late afternoon, now that I was closer to her I saw that she had flawless creamy silky skin, beautiful blue eyes and a figure that any Model or actress could only dream of.

I suggested that as she had a long wait till her next interview she might like to go for lunch at a little pub I frequented, to my surprise she agreed as long as she could make her meeting, we walked the short distance to my car and I opened the passenger door, as she got in, those beautiful long legs parted and now I could see that she was wearing very pale blue lacy panties, there was now a definite stirring and ache in my lower body which I just managed to control.

We pulled into the pub car park, again on opening the car door for her heaven was again staring me in the face. We got a table in a quiet corner, ordered our meal and I chose a fruity red shiraz wine, she seemed to have a good appetite and I could not help wondering if her sexual appetite was as good.

Our conversation started of as general chit chat but gradually as the wine started to take effect, changed to more intimate subjects and I found the courage to tell her that she was very beautiful and that if I were younger I would be trying to seduce her, she wasn’t fazed by this and responded that she found older men attractive, at this I could restrain myself no longer and reached under the table and put my hand on her knee then slid it up further to stroke her inner thigh she smiled and said that’s very naughty. I suggested we go back to the car and while I paid the bill she made her way to ladies room as she walked across the room I could see the cheeks of her very tight but rounded bottom moving beneath that very tight skirt and again I felt my penis stiffen, god this was to much, here I was a middle age man acting like a teenager.

When we got to the car that I had parked in a quiet part of the car park she asked if she could sit in the back and my heart sank, I thought you have blown it David, touching her under the table must have frightened her of,

I reluctantly opened the door and as she got in her skirt seemed to ride up even further and I could now see everything her stocking tops her lacy panties which I could now see were see through and showed the outline of her swollen pussy, all this made my disappointment even worse, then to my surprise she reached out and felt between my legs and said ‘ aren’t you coming in, then pulled me into the car, my cock stiffened like it had not done for a long time, my hands frantically undid her jacket revealing a pretty matching blue lacy bra that only just covered her nipples, this undid at the front which made it very easy to remove, her breasts were firm and above average in size her nipples were large and hard with excitement, our mouths met and our tongues took it in turns to fill the others mouth.

I felt her excited hands frantically undoing my pants and as her hand took hold of my now erect cock I nearly let everything go but managed to hold myself in check, she removed my pants and was now caressing me around my balls and along the shaft of my pulsating penis, this was to much, I pushed her right down onto the seat pushed her skirt up to her waist and let my hands do what they had wanted to do since I first saw her in the bar earlier.

My hands explored the top of her silk stockings and that space between the stockings and her panties teasing her slightly by only letting my fingers run up to the lacy edges, then pulling her panty leg to one side I could now see the swollen lips of her cunt and it was wet with the her juice , as I squeezed her creamy wet pussy my finger slipped between her lips so easily, her eyes were pleading with me to me to give her pleasure, ‘ Fuck me David Fuck me pleas’, I slipped her panties down over her tight little arse and slipped them down off her legs, pulling her legs wide apart I could see everything her pussy was well shaped and shaven apart from a little tuft that led to her slit, I took my cock from hand and entered it into the mouth of her cunt, she moaned as it slid into that wet hole, my mouth engulfed her nipple, my hands went round to her bottom gripped her tight and I started to slowly at first push in and out of that heavenly creamy cunt, as our tempo increased her moans got louder and louder till after about 10mins of pumping I felt her body spasm her mouth sought mine and I could feel that she was having the most glorious orgasm, I could hold back no longer and my cum exploded from the end of my cock filling the whole of her cavern .

On the way back to town she implored me to hurry, as she had to be at her appointment by 5pm And it was now 4.30, we exchanged telephone numbers then I dropped her of at the nearest tube station, made my way to my office where I also had and appointment but first I had to phone My stockbroker with my apologies.

On returning to the office my secretary was in a panic as she thought I had forgotten my 5.oclock appointment, I assured her that I had not and that she should show the person in on arrival.

At 5.20 I began to think they were not going to turn up when there was a knock on the door and my secretary informed me that my 5.oclock appointment had arrived.

I was ready to berate the young lady who had come for an interview for the soon to be vacant secretaries job for being late, when to my astonishment standing before me was Helen the girl I had spent all afternoon with.

We both stood for several seconds and waited for my secretary to leave the room then burst out laughing, she spoke first and said did I pass the first part of the interview, at that I pulled out of my pocket the pair of lacy blue see through panties which in her haste she had left in the car.

Her hands automatically went down to her thighs, as she realised she had no panties on. Come here I commanded holding out the panties for her to take, as she went to grab them I caught her around the waist still holding those silky panties in my hand.

Is this the second part of my interview she whispered as I manoeuvred her to my desk, this is your oral test I replied, I quickly stripped off her jacket and bra then sat her on the desk and for the second time that day pushed her skirt up to her waist.

Christ you’re very horny for a middle aged man David, ‘ will this be part of my every day duties’ she managed to blurt out as I opened those beautiful long legs, undo my pants I pleaded and let me feel your soft hands caressing my cock, her hands were just as I remembered so smooth and soft as she expertly started to rub me up an down.

Her legs encircled my waist as my mouth explored her breasts, her neck, her mouth, I was now entranced by the beauty of her entire body and wanted to kiss every tiny part of her. I could feel the excitement rise in her as she rubbed my cock faster and faster till at last she could wait no longer and pushed my cock into the heavenly creamy wet hole that was her cunt, with the cheeks of her arse just on the desk and me standing in front of her with her legs tight around my waist, our mouths kissing and sucking each other for what seemed an age totally lost in passion and sheer uninhibited lust until we both erupted into an almighty orgasm with my sperm filling up her pussy and her cum running over my cock. At that moment we both knew she had got the job.

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