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Jessica's mind wanders at work

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14 February 2005


Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a Bi-sexual sex addict. What does that mean? More than just merely "loving sex" with men. It is obsessing over sex with men and women and being horny almost all day long. I thought that a good way to take care of this problem would be to work in a porn shop. I heard from plenty of people that working in an adult store and being exposed to it all day long makes them become desensitized to it and then they don?t want it as much. So I decided to try it. However, it seems that working there only encourages the urges I have and I am usually wet through my entire shift and sometimes my mind wanders.

I LOVE helping customers find gifts for their significant others because I get to describe to them what this vibrator feels like or what that outfit would look like on their wife, or what ever. That usually gets me even more horny as I talk to them with a gleam in my eye and my pussy just pulsating wanting my boyfriend, Chris, to be right there. I continue to talk to them and imagine what it would be like when they rushed home to try the new product behind closed doors. Sometimes I get so wet and horny that I go into the bathroom the first chance I get and imagine that there are cameras in the bathroom as I rub my throbbing clit until I cum really hard and the aching finally stops.

When it gets really slow at the shop I sort of doze off at times if I haven?t had enough sleep the night before. One night while I was working second shift I dozed off when no one was in the store except me and another employee. As I slipped into my dream world the aching in my pussy started up again. I was aware of this even though I was basically asleep and I wanted to reach under my skirt that I was wearing without panties and get off a couple of times right in front of my coworker.

In my daydream, I was in the shop and there were customers everywhere. Chris makes a surprise visit to me and comes up behind me at the counter and pushes his hands between my legs making the skirt get stuck in my slit. He can feel my pussy soaking through the thin material and immediately knows what to do. Right there in front of everyone he starts to push his hips against me and his hand rubbing in circular motions through the skirt and massaging my clit which is already getting hard. His Circles get smaller and smaller increasing in pressure and speed the heavier my breathing gets. I can feel his cock behind me getting rock hard through both of our clothes and I arched my back so that I was pressing into his cock.

I turned around quickly before I came and grabbed his arm running for the back. We went through one doorway past one of the theaters, through another doorway that is a little room with almost nothing in it and then through yet another door that leads to the bathroom. This bathroom is kind of run down like your stereo-typical porn shop bathroom with dripping dirty sink, doors falling off the hinges, and I think you know what the toilets look like without me saying anything. Quite a contrast from the rest of the store which is actually very clean and well-lit. As soon as we got back there he pushed me towards the wall just inside the door and my face was flat against the cold brick. He continued playing through my clothes because he knew that this is the biggest turn-on for me.

Just as he felt me shaking like I was about to cum he turned me around to face him, got on his knees and had me put my left leg over his shoulder. He saw that my knees were kind of weak so he stopped long enough to move me over to where the sink was for support and we were in the same position again. He immediately started licking my clit and felt how soaked I was. He did it slow, just barely touching because he wanted to tease me (another turn-on). He sucked on the outside lips cleaning up all the cum that was dripping there already. Then he moved into the clit. He increased pressure on it as he sucked and bit it making me ride his face and moan. My hips were thrusting at him making his head snap back sometimes from the force but his mouth never lost it?s grip on my pussy. I came really hard twice before he stopped and I pushed him back towards the wall I had been facing. I quickly yanked down his jeans and boxers and wrapped my lips around his hard cock. There was some precum at the tip so I decided to tease him too. I lightly licked the precum off and slooooooowly and lightly let my lips go further and further down his cock while looking up into his eyes.

His cock was so hard I didn?t think he?d be able to hold out much longer but he was determined. I saw by the look on his face that he had had enough teasing and that I should relieve his pain. So I started sucking harder and faster feeling his cock go deeper and deeper into my throat. He started fucking my mouth hard and grabbing my hair and shoving me towards him. His thrusts were coming faster and harder so that I eventually stopped moving on my own and let him set the pace. Once I felt his cock get harder (didn?t think it was possible that it could get any harder than it already was) I knew he was ready to cum. I sucked hard and moved my tongue around as much as I could and he rewarded me. I felt a sea of hot liquid shoot down my throat and drip out of the corners of my mouth. His thrusting stopped and he slid down the wall to the floor. We both sat there with his jeans and boxers around his ankles and my skirt still pulled up with no panties.

We were close enough to each other that when he could sense that I was ready for more he pulled his shoes, socks, jeans, and boxers completely off and started to rub my pussy with the bottom of his foot. Every now and then a toe would slip in and bump up against my clit and send shudders through me. When his big toe slipped in there he started to increase pressure and rubbing my clit harder and harder. I began to ride his foot holding it against me like my life depended on it. I came harder and faster than before the sensation from my orgasm flooding my body.

While I was still recovering from that, he got to his knees and using the heal of his hand was rubbing my pussy really fast. I was so wet that he slid four fingers inside of me all at once. He had them angled just enough that I could feel it in my stomach. My pussy was like a clamp around his hand and my breathing was so heavy I thought I would faint.

I had been stifling moans and screams so that we wouldn?t get caught but it was too late to worry about that. As I was cumming I arched my back and looked towards the door and there was my coworker. He was watching and his cock was so hard that it was practically sticking through his pants. I didn?t stop cumming. In fact it made me ride Chris?s hand even harder as I watched my coworker rub his cock through his pants and a wet spot appear on them.

After I came again, Chris lowered himself on me and slid his cock in nice and slow while he held himself up on his fists. He increased his thrusts and speed at the same time pushing my legs back with his shoulders. He was pushing them so far that my knees felt like they were going to brush against my ears. He fucked me HARD and FAST because he knows I like it rough and he was there to please. The whole time I had been watching my coworker in the doorway. At first when he caught me looking at him and smiling, he looked embarrassed but he got over that quickly and continued to watch. He pulled his cock completely out of his pants and grabbed it with his powerful fist jerking it up and down with quick short strokes. Chris and I came around the same time and my coworker finished within a few seconds of us, holding onto the threshold of the door for support. As soon as he finished he quickly disappeared into the darkness and was back in the main part of the store before Chris and I got ourselves together enough to come out and pretend nothing happened.

Just as we were approaching the counter I woke up and my coworker was looking at me and grinning. I asked him what he was smiling about and he said, "You were having a hot dream, weren?t you?" I asked him what made him think that and he pointed to the glistening little stream on my inner thigh. I was so embarrassed when he asked if I wanted to act it out. I just laughed and said: "You have no idea!" lol.

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