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Janies Night Out1

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Ever since she began swinging Janie had always wanted to spend an entire night with one of her lovers. It seemed like her fantasy would never be realized until her husband Gene decided to go away with his friends to a nearby casino for a couple nights and her favorite lover was available. She confirmed with her lover that he would be able to spend the entire night and he arranged for a hotel room for them to be together. She was nervously excited all day long about her session that night and couldn?t wait for Gene to depart. Gene had sucked her nipples for an extra long time that morning knowing he was going to be away and had gotten her off a couple times as well. He finally left for the casino and she packed her overnight bag with some sexy lingerie just in case her lover wanted it, a camera and some of her favorite toys including BOB (battery operated boyfriend). She stood out on her new deck just to make sure no one was nearby and slowly removed all her clothes feeling the nice breeze blow over her now naked body. She rubbed her nipples making them hard once again and was dreaming about her night yet to come. She picked up her clothes and walked inside to take a shower and get ready for her night away. The warm shower only heightened her sensations as her soapy hands roamed her naked body and then she used her razor to make sure not only her legs were smooth but also her pussy. Satisfied she was clean and very smooth all over she got out of the shower and dried off and began to get dressed. She was so nervous with anticipation she could barely keep from touching herself and cumming. She held back and knew he would take care of that later. She dried her hair and put on her makeup and sprayed perfume on and then pulled her boycut black lace panties on and then her lowcut black pushup bra that barely contained her 40D breasts. Her long hard nipples protruded nicely through the bra and as she walked they bounced nicely as well. She then pulled on her new black thigh high stockings and heels. She left her dress hanging and would put it on just before she left. She admired herself in the mirror and was amazed how her breasts poured over her bra and nicely her panties hugged the curve of her ass. This was definitely going to be a night they would remember. She put on her long black dress that showed off her cleavage and then found a nice scarf to put around her neck that he had requested her to bring. She picked up her overnight bag and headed out the door to her car for the hour long drive to the hotel. As she drove she kept rubbing her nipples keeping them hard and aching for me. Couldn?t wait to get there. After what seemed like hours she arrived at the hotel and went to Room 115 and knocked on the door. He opened it with a smile and pulled her in by wrapping one arm around her waist. The door closed behind them as he kissed her deeply pulling her tighter to him. He finally released her and they did some small talk as he let her put her things away. He already had some snacky food for them because neither wanted to go out to eat and offered her a glass of champagne with which they toasted their night out. He reached out and gently caressed her face and pulled her close to him again. She wrapped her arms around him as well as they both explored each other?s mouths. He slowly removed the scarf and ran it over her neck and then covered her eyes with it and tied it snuggly so she could no longer see. He kissed her again and his hands roamed her wanting body. He then knelt in front of her and put his hands on her ankles and felt her black stockings as his hands caressed her legs slowly higher and higher sliding under her dress. Reaching the tops of her stockings he paused slightly and caressed her bare thighs and then finally reached her sexy panties. Sliding his hands over her panties and the curve of her ass he slowly began removing them. He could here her moans. He asked her if she wanted more and she told him not to stop that tonight she was all his to do with as he pleased. He pulled her panties over her hips and they finally slid down her legs to her ankles. He helped her step out of them since she couldn?t see. He smelled her panties and laid them on the bed next to them. He stood up once more and caressed her face with one hands and couldn?t resist rubbing her aching nipples with the other. She moaned slightly louder. He kissed her again and she held him tight as his hands roamed her body. The feel of his hands on her dress caressing here ass was incredible. He slowly unfastened her dress and let it fall to the floor also. He picked it up and left her standing there blindfolded wearing only her bra, stockings and heels. He hung up her dress and took her camera and began taking some pictures. Her breasts were about to explode out of that bra and he couldn?t resist any longer. His warm fingers began to slowly caress her cleavage above the bra. So warm and smooth as he followed the curve of her incredible tits. He slowly pushed her bra straps off her shoulders and then caressed the back of her neck and shoulders and finally unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor on its own. He was still fully clothed and in no hurry since they had all night. He led her to the bed and sat her down and then pushed her on her back on the cool white sheets. He took nylon stockings and tied her hands to the bedposts. He kissed her and continued to caress her bare skin but not yet touch her special spots. He also tied stockings to her ankles and spread her wide apart. She heard the camera again as he continued to photograph their special night. He came back to her and kissed her lips. She was finally all his to have his way with. He took her black lace panties and caressed her naked body with him. She was already so wet and ready to cum for him she couldn?t stand it but had to let him have his way. His tongue probed her mouth as the panties were all over her body. He laid them on top of her aching smooth pussy and began to roam her body with his hand. His kisses moved down her chest and she felt his tongue licking her breasts and then circling her hard sore nipples. He pulled her right nipple between his lips and began sucking gently on it as his hand slid between her soft warm thighs getting closer to her special spot. As he sucked her nipple harder and deeper in his mouth she felt his finger slide between her pussy lips. She knew she was wet and told him keep going. He took his wet middle finger and rubbed it over her lips and then began rubbing her black panties over her smooth pussy. She felt his middle finger begin pushing them inside her a little at a time until finally they were completely inside her. He moved down her stomach and let his tongue taste her sweet pussy finally. He got up and was gone for a minute and returned between her wide spread legs. He slid his hands slowly up her black nylons finally reaching the tops and then she felt his breath on her aching cunt. He slowly began licking her pussy lips. Black panties were completely inside as his tongue went lower and lower sliding between the cheeks of her ass. He circled her asshole with his tongue and probed it gently as her moans became louder yet. He spread her cheeks even more and inserted a vibrator deep in her ass. She squirmed on the bed and had her first orgasm with him even touching her special spot. He then began to lick and suck her pussy. Slowly at first then spreading her pussy lips licked and sucked her clit until she came again. He loved making her cum, hearing her moans and watching her body convulse from the pleasure he was giving her. He let her relax for a few minutes while he removed his clothes. More pictures. He slid his hands up her legs and caressed her smooth wet pussy which was still vibrating and moved higher to her tits. He sucked on both of them for quite some time while fingering her clit until she exploded once more. She couldn?t believe he was doing this to her and not letting her play too. The vibrator in her ass was still going and her sexy black panties must be soaked by now. She felt his hand on her face and then the tip of his cock on her lips. She licked the tip of his cock and then slowly pulled it in her mouth. He was already hard and she was making him harder as he played with her tits and then moved back down her body. She took him deeper and deeper. She had been wanting to suck him for so long. His fingers were between her wet pussy lips and now ever so slowly pulling her panties out. Once they were out he then removed the vibrator from her ass while she continued on his cock. He slide 2 fingers inside her and pulled his cock from her mouth and began to finger fuck her hard, fast and deep. She was so wet and was close to cumming for him again. He held her stomach and slid first 2, then 3 and finally 4 fingers deep inside her until she couldn?t take it any more and exploded all over his hand. She had lost count on the number of time she had cum so far but still was wanting to feel his hard cock fucking her. He kissed her again and removed the blindfold and asked if she was having a good time. He untied her and laid next to her on the bed holding her and stroking her naked body. She was finally able to use her hands and began to return the favor by sliding her hands over his naked body and then squeezing his balls and stroking his cock. She was wild now and going to get what she wanted. She pushed him on his back and took his cock in her mouth and got him hard as a rock. She straddled him and lowered her wet pussy on his cock and began to fuck him like she had never fucked before. Totally focused on the sensation of his cock inside her. Tightening her pussy lips as she rode him up and down. His hands were on her tits holding her nipples tightly and bouncing her breasts as she fucked him. She wanted this feeling to last forever. She came finally and he felt her pussy juices flow over his cock and balls but he still hadn?t cum yet and she was bound and determined to feel his hot cum explode inside her pussy. After resting for a couple seconds his cock buried deep inside her she began to move again. She wanted him to feel as good as he had made her feel. He grabbed her ass as she fucked him and sucked her tits as she leaned forward. She was getting close again and wanted them to cum together. She leaned back and reached between his legs and found his balls and squeezed them tightly and began pulling on them as she picked up the pace. She knew he was getting close too when he began to thrust his cock up to meet her pussy in rhythm with each other. He was telling her how fucking good she was making him feel and to not stop. Faster and faster she fucked his cock. Feeling it go deeper and harder in her. She lowered her fingers below his balls and fingered his ass and he screamed he was cumming as she came in the same instant. She felt waves of his hot cum inside her and kept riding him until she finally collapsed on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He told her how incredible that was. They both snoozed a bit while still in each others arms. After sleeping for an hour or so she gets up to go to the bathroom and returns to bed. She lies next to him her face near his cock and her pussy near his face. He is still asleep as she touches his soft cock and pulls it to her lips. She takes it fully in her mouth and begins to suck it back to life. She feels it fill her mouth and begins to stroke with her lips as her hands play with his balls. He is moaning now and awake. He pulls her on top of him and spreads her legs so he can taste her pussy again. He plays with her ass and eats her pussy as she devours his cock. She lowers her pussy even tighter to his mouth and his finger finds her asshole as he rubs it slowly and then penetrates. She grinds against his mouth and he thrusts his cock in her mouth as they continue in 69 until they cum once more. They turn around and kiss each other tasting each others juices and fall back asleep from sexual exhaustion. They awaken early and head to the shower together and she gives him yet another blow job and he fingers her pussy and sucks her nipples until she cums once more as well. After the shower they get dressed and kiss and hug each other good bye.

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