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Janes Sister

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When Janes sister retired from teaching, Jane suggested to her to move in with us and cut down on her cost of living. I always got long well with Betty, so it did not bother me when Jane made the suggestion.Betty is 8 years older then Jane, but she still looked good for her age.

Betty moved in and things went well.Jane and I would go about our normal live and on the weekends we usually went out to a club or to meet friends.Betty had made some new friends and seemed tobe getting along well. One day while Jane was at work Betty and I were home alone. Betty came into my home office and asked if I had some spare time to chat with her about somethings that had been bothering her.

I said sure and we went out to the kitchen and both grapped some coffee and went to the living room to chat.Betty started off by saying she found it easier to talk to me, rather then to her sister. Then Betty asked me if I thought she was a nice looking lady, of course I said "Yes" but to be honest with you I would not date you as you are just not my stlye.Betty asked "what is your style" I said I liked my ladys to wear sexy clothes, that shows to the world what they have,again Betty asked is that what I liked about Jane, I answered that is 1 of the things. Betty asked me then "how could she make herself more sexy, I told her to 1st start dressing more sexy, short skirts no panties thigh highs and low cut top. She just nodded her head and did not say anything else.

After afew days I got home from work, and when I entered the house was I surprised, there was Betty sitting on the sofa, in a very short skirt and very low cut top, looking like she had just come from the ladys spa down the road. She asded well what do you think, all I could say was WOW you look HOT. She smiled at me then she got up and give me a big hug and kiss and said Thank You for all your help. I offered Betty something to drink. she said that would be nice so I made us a couple of drinks and we sat and chatted again. Everytime Betty leaned forward to get her drink I got a great view of her tits, after doing this to me for awhile I noticed that Betty was opening her legs just alittle bit more then usually. I felt my dick starting to get hard and it was alittle uncomfortable as I had no way to hide the fact that Betty was getting me turned on.Betty asked if I had a problem and I said no, she again opened her legs wider this time> I was ready to either jump up and leave the room or jump Betty. Betty looked at me a smiles and said do you like what you see and proceeded to open her legs as far as she could, that was all I could take, I started rubbing my dick thru my pants, when Betty got up and came over to where I was sitting and said let me do that for you.She reached out and undid my pants and took my dick out, she starting playing with it and then asked if I would like her to suck it, I of course said Hell yea, she got on her knees and proceeded to get me one great blow job, she stopped before I came and said to me " now its your turn to show me what you can do." I took Betty by the hand and we went to her room, I laid her down and starting kissing her tits and playing with her pussy,all of a sudden Betty turned into a mad woman,she starting yelling and screaming for me to bite her tits suck her nipples, so me being the gentleman that I am I did just what the lady asked. I continued to finger Betty's pussy which had gotten super wet. I had 3 fingers in her pussy and she just came like she would never cum again.After she cum we both undressed, I put Betty on her hands and knees and ate her pussy from behind, I want ed to do that way I had access to her asshole. Itook and out a finger into her very wet pussy and then started playing with her asshole as I continues to eat her. It did not take long for her to cum and cum, she must have cum 2 to 3 times from my eating her and from fingering her asshole. I asked Betty had she ever been fucked in the ass and she said no, but she would like to try it.I told her to suck my dick and get it good and wetshe sucked my dick for what seemed like forever as I wenjoying it so much, have to say here that Betty is one exceelent cocksucker. I had all I could do not to jst shoot my load in Bettys mouth but I really wanted to fuck that virgin ass. I got some KY from the bathroom and rubbed it all over my dick and put some on Betty ass,after doing that I slowly inched my dick in her waiting ass. At 1st she said it hurt too much and to take it out, I said to just relax and we can take it even slower. I stoped putting it in but I did not take any of my dick out either.After being that way for awhile Betty started moving back toward me, I asked her was she ready to get really fucked in the ass she said oh yes!!!! I started slowing putting more of my dick in when she sadi to me "put in all in in just one push, so I did and when I did she started moaning and saying how good it felt and she wished she would have tried it years ago. I was pumping for all I was worth and knew I could not hole out too mush longer, Betty must have senced that I was ready to cum as she said she wanted me to cum on her tits and tummy.I pulled my dick out and rolled her over but instead of cumming on her tits and tummy and came on her face, to my surprise she opened her mouth trying to catch some of my load.

After we both rested and cleaned up I looked at the clock and seen it was almost time for Jane to get home. Betty and I went out to the living room and was watching the evening news when Jane got home. Janr asked us both how was your day we both smiled and gave each other a shy wink.

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