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Jack and Erica, Part I

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Jack just had an awful day. You name it and it most likely happened to him. Besides the wind howling the night before preventing him from sleeping, and the despair he felt while waiting in traffic for an hour on his way to work, he had just found out his company was relocating to Florida and in a few short months, he’d be seeking employment elsewhere. The thought of that night hadn’t been able to creep into his mind yet, although the anticipation of meeting the woman of his dreams couldn’t escape his consciousness.

Erica had contacted him only two months beforehand, interesting in making a new friend, perhaps having a friend to see once in a while, looking for just a little purity in her life, someone that would just make her toes curl at the thought of him. Their initial conversation was excited and without talking about the obvious lust that was occupying their minds, they found they had a great deal in common, from their love of cooking to their affection for sports, notably baseball. He didn’t hold it against her that she was a NY fan and she didn’t ridicule him too much for being a PA fan. He found her sense of humor to be amazing and yet she was so docile, so reserved, he wondered if he actually found her on a lifestyle site and not a dating site. She was smitten from their first online chat, and couldn’t help but feel the moisture between her legs, her nipples slowly becoming taut. He found himself daydreaming, his cock crawling down his thighs at the very thought of her.

Jack is what you would call an over-analyzer, so when he had to cancel their first expected meeting for a personal emergency, he was faced with Erica obsessing over whether or not she was good enough for Jack. Little did she know that she was exactly what Jack was looking for. He’s not exactly a “Type-A” personality, but then again, he was never very good with the alphabet either. In fact, his favorite trait about himself was his confidence in himself. It was only years earlier that he was so awkward with women, he could barely sit still in his chair at work the day of their first meeting.

When that day arrived, a Friday, a very warm September evening, Jack was so beside himself, he couldn’t concentrate at work. Erica was so nervous she almost had to call off from work for fear of an anticipatory orgasm at her desk. She is and has always been a very affectionate woman. Her soft, tender side can be turned upside down in an instant with the right touch from another. Jack has these eyes that just look completely through you, and makes it difficult to concentrate. And his touch is so intensely complete, almost as if he knows exactly where you want to be touched, at the exact same moment he’s touching you.

He usually gets finished with work around 3pm but that Friday, he decided to work a little bit later in the day, to alleviate some nervousness and just go to the meeting with Erica after work. He found himself in his office at his Real Estate Firm obviously nervous all day, unable to concentrate, but also unable for his cock to remain soft. He stood up to go the restroom and received obvious wanton stares from several women walking down the hall toward him. If they only knew, he thought, what he was hoping for later in the evening.

As usual, Jack arrived at the hotel/bar where he was to meet Erica an hour early. He found himself stroking himself in the car on the highway, unable to yield to his desire for this woman that he had yet to meet, and was due to meet in just under an hour. He’s always early for appointments and has never forgotten an appointment.

Erika, who is normally “CCC”, calm, cool, and collected, was nervously getting dressed for her date with Jack when she found that she was already wet with anticipation. Her right hand found her right breast, and her nipple was already hard. She slid her hand down her body while standing in front of the mirror and just slid her index finger inside herself, moaning at the thought of Jack being inside her that evening. This led her to sit on the side of the bed and fully masturbate, stripping all of her clothes off, pulling her rabbit out of the nightstand drawer, and fully satisfying herself for what seemed like an hour, but was only a few short moments.

She calmly pulled her denim skirt, white tank top, and denim jacket on, slid on her sandals, kissed her husband good-bye, and was out the door in a matter of moments. Cruising down the highway doing Mach II, she couldn’t contain her excitement or her lust, with her left hand constantly massaging her inner thigh, checking herself in her rear-view mirror, trying to stave off the nervousness that plagued her at work all day.

Jack was so early, he had no clue what to do with himself. So, he walked in and out of the bar 4 times, from his car to the bar, back and forth until he finally got back in his car and just drove around the area for a little while. When he returned to the hotel parking lot the last time, and drove around to the side of the parking lot designated for meeting, he noticed Erica’s car in front of him, she noticed him behind her, and each let out not only a sigh but a forced silly wave in their mirrors to each other. Jack could see Erica’s unmistakable beautiful smile and was somewhat put at ease. He had no idea what would happen next.

He pulled aside her truck, noticed her instantly looking at him, and his knees were just chattering together under the steering wheel. This was no ordinary meeting he thought to himself, as he was never this nervous meeting anyone before. Erica paused a moment looking at Jack as he got out of his car and her smile became much bigger, much brighter, as she clicked the door handle and stepped out of her truck. Jack couldn’t take his eyes of her Erica, nor she him, and in a moment, they were finally face to face.

They stood in the parking lot facing each other, Erica visibly nervous, Jack visibly hard and nervous, lol, and they both paused to just stare..staring at each other, after all of their online conversations together, were poised to change both of their lives with one simple touch. Jack touched Erica’s hand as to “ask” for a hug, and she willfully obliged him with an embrace that could have lasted the entire evening if they wouldn’t have looked so silly standing in the parking lot the entire time. He took her face into her hands, looked into her eyes, and knew he had been thinking the same things Erica was thinking for the past two months.

To be continued……..

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