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Its Fall

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It?s Fall The leafs are turning the wonderful colors you can smell the winter in the air, the morning fog over the meadows. How I love to take a morning drive to see where I end up. It was about 6 am I just got in my car and started out down the back roads from Freeport to Brunswick. I like to stop and watch them clam in the bay. I know that there is a farmers market going on down the road so I pull out to head to it they have fresh veggies and very good cucumbers there so I stop pick a few out and thinking that I read in the Down east book that some of the roads around here had nice places to take pictures so off I went and they were right I had just topped a hill and out to my right the fog was just lifting off a meadow were a man was riding his horse. I got out and went to the fence and started snapping pictures I wanted to get higher so I climbed on top of the wood fence to see better. There was a piece of wood I did not see it snagged my shirt ripping it open I fell over the fence My head was buzzing and I was light headed all I remember was hearing hoofs ponding the ground. Someone was yelling ?LADY LADY? you ok I looked up into the deepest green eyes ever I could not hear or say a word. He said I am going to call 911. NO NO I said He looked at me and said then u are coming with me and the next thing I knew I was in his arms going to my car He placed me and the passenger sit and ran around to the other side. I said wait a minute were do u think we are going, Hearing him say to my house up the road in tell I think you are ok.

He said listen you hurt yourself on my land I can get sued over it, so in till I know u are ok I am going to cook us some breakfast and then see how you are feeling. It is a good thing he just lived up the road I was feeling very light headed He helped me out and laid me on the couch. I said what is your name smiling down at me he said Seth and yours I said Isabel, looking into his eyes as he looked into mine it was like little electric shocks going off all over. Seth kind of shook his head and turned his face away and said are you hungry and walked away before I answered. Looking around his house it was all open then I see that it was an old barn turned into a wonderful house I hear pans and pots looking over watching him smiles as I see he has a nice rounded ass for a man, long legs he must be 6? tight jeans I seen he had taking his boots off not sure when not that I cared moving my eyes up his back seeing he had strong wide shoulders his hair was dark almost a midnight color. He turn and seen me watching our eyes locked for a minute. Clear his throat his ask toast with your eggs nodding yes was all I could do.

Laying back and watching him move with smooth glide around places plates on the table and again he seen me watching him it was almost like a whisper, breakfast is ready do you think you can make it to the table I said yes. We ate and I helped with the dishes my head was still in a fog He could tell I was having to hold on to things, He looked at me with them green cat eyes and told me to go back and lay down now what the hell is this man doing telling me what to do and what was I doing letting him. He told me he needed to go get buck. Frowning at him I said buck. Seth grinned ?the horse?. All I could say was O. Isabel Please lay here tell I get back, I must have dosed off because I felt someone shaking me.

When I opened my eyes Seth was only inches from my face we looked at each other I am not sure who moved first but our lips rubbed lightly then harder I felt his tongue move between my lips it was ice cold I just had to run my tongue around his tasting it. Slowly we move back looking at each other Seth said sorry, I am not that was the best kiss I ever had he leaned back and gave me along deep kiss as I move my arm up and around his neck letting him pull me up into his arms. I feel him kissing me on the neck as I lean it back I arch my back into him and I felt his manhood. A look of surprise hits my face he shyly said he could not help it with a rock ass body like yours anyone would be hard .I grin and reach down and start rubbing it then unzip his jeans I told him the poor thing could not breathe in there. I drop to my knees and start to pull his jeans down then his underwear goes down and a nice fat cock pops right in my face I could not help but to start licking it I could feel his hands in my hair pulling it I go deep down on his cock sucking popping the head out then slowly pushing it deep back in .we go on like this for a few minute and he pulls me up and picks me up and takes me to his queen bed lays me down and undresses me. I am so hot and wet by now I was wanting him so bad, no needing him. He must have read my mind because he moved my legs open ran his finger over my clit pulling it he whispered I am going to suck your clit like you did my cock. I thought I was going to cum right there and believe me he did I was grabbing the sheet and moaning and begging him for his cock, He said are you sure only nodding yes he moved and I felt leather go around my ankles opening my eyes wide he said lay back I watched him tie my legs wide to the tops of each bed post I could see he had eye hooks on each one as he snapped them.

I was a little scared but hot to, he moved back to my pussy and opened my lips up wide moving between them he slide his long hard dick in it was tight ,he held it there waiting for my body to adjust to it and then started moving slow then faster and faster I begged for it hard. I could feel how deep he was going with my legs wide he could go all the way in his balls was banging my ass I was yelling harder yes hard I was so wet be now you could hear it the smell of sweat and sex was everywhere my head back I was pushing into him as he was hitting my pussy with everything he had I could tell he was about to unload deep in me and that made me scream I can?t hold it please cum with me. I did not think he would ever stop I could feel it his cock throbbing deep in me. He collapsed on me and rolled over breathing hard, he took deep breathe to come down from his high and undid my legs they were already sore I could feel it when I lowered them. We smiled at each other and kissed now I knew I needed to clean up so I ask were the bathroom was he showed me. and as I walked back out to see him fixing the bed again in a way I have not seen before he had the leather on the other bed post and a wedge in the middle of the bed now just the thought of what he might do had me wet and horny all over again I do not think I have ever been horny so soon after before. I walk over to him and seeing he is half hard I run one finger down it and said what do u think you are doing now he grabs me and said Let me show you . Now he is a strong man he picks me up I wrap my legs around him and push myself up and down over his cock feeling it getting harder and harder I go a little faster and before I know it he has me face down over the wedge he is putting my hands in the leather loops and tighten them up with my ass up in the air I feel him come up behind me and start rubbing his cock up and down me saying so you like this huh you want me to keep doing it then I feel him push something deep in my hot wet pussy and it start going now knowing what it is I grin and feel him playing with my clit he slides deep in my ass I moan it hurts but I cannot stop trying to hump back at him this only last a few mins and we both have the best orgasm of our lives . He let me loose and we showered and fell asleep .Mfaye

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