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Into the Night

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I lit another cigarette then motioned to the bartender for a refill. He sauntered over, snatched the glass from its resting place and strolled to the taps at the far end of the bar; pausing to have a word or two with every barfly he passed. He returned, after again speaking to my loyal patrons, but in reverse order this time, and disinterestedly sat the foam-laden brew on its soggy cardboard coaster. My attention turned halfheartedly to burly, weary waitress waiting impatiently for her drink order to be filled. She bitched at him. He cursed her. A regular seated at the bar next to the waitresses? station, whispered something to the Surly One. She laughed uproariously. The bartender continued yelling at her.

I think this is what they mean by ?ambience?.

The beer went down easily and so quickly that one gulp nearly drained the chipped glass. Spinning the glass and its meager contents slowly, absentmindedly on its coaster, I stared at the haggard man looking back looking back at me from behind the bar. I couldn?t make out most of the lines and furrows that now defined my face (gives one character you know) because the grime obliterated any true reflection that the mirror may have once provided.

Her reflection entering through the door situated at my back was clearly visible. It was as if the mirror itself had rubbed away a spot in the smoke and grease just for her. I stared straight ahead, watching her pass through knots of revelers. Men and women alike temporarily suspended their arm-flailing, finger-wagging and boisterous philosophizing to observe her.

She disappeared momentarily from my sight before suddenly reappearing standing right behind me. She searched for a vacant barstool. I, too, looked up and down the long bar but saw no empty seats.

?Here, take my seat,? I said.

?No. I couldn?t do that. Where will you sit?? she asked.

?I?ll stand up. I?m tired of sitting anyway.?


Sliding off the stool, the old-fashioned type that one could make spin furiously if one were of a drunken mind to do so, I insisted she take my spot. Realizing that I would not buy a refusal, she accepted the invitation.

After settling onto the reddish (it was impossible at this point in its life to determine the true, original color), torn vinyl seat cushion, I was able to take her measure.

Brunette waves cascading over wide, inviting shoulders. Chestnut eyes twinkling mischievously beneath thin, arched brows. Straight, pert nose. High cheekbones. Full lips colored in tasteful, alluring mauve lip gloss. Coy smile.

The round neckline of her pale blue striped crew shirt dipped low enough to entice with the beginnings of the cleavage formed by full, firm breasts; themselves subtly showcased in white, lacey bra visible under the tight-fitted shirt. A thin, white gold necklace adorned the bare chest below her neck and above the upper curve of her tits.

A well-tailored Navy blue skirt, cut perhaps two inches above the knee, rode back slightly to expose a full thigh sheathed in textured, dark blue stockings. Her defined calves descended into thin ankles which joined demure feet shod in expensive Italian loafers.

She crossed her legs, hesitating just long enough for anyone who cared to, to take in the unexpected sight of sheer black panties and the shaven, smooth pussy they could not conceal.

I tried to attract the barkeep?s attention, but he was engrossed in another argument with the Surly One. I leaned against the bar.

?Do you come here often?? she asked.

?Not often?a few times a month maybe,? I muttered. ?Do you??

?No. My first time. Are you looking for a good time?? she questioned.

?Yeah, I guess so,? I answered sheepishly.

?Are you married??

Surprised by her interest and by my uncalculating, unhesitating reply, I simply blurted out that I was.

?So am I,? she responded.

My expression must have said to her that I was surprised to learn that.

?I need to get out of the house once in awhile. I?m an explorer. I like to see what?s on the other side of the mountain. Meet who may be out here.?

I nodded in agreement as I finished the beer then asked if I could buy her a drink. She said no.

?It?s so noisy here. Too crowded. Let?s go someplace else,? she requested.

Without hesitation, I agreed.

A thousand pinpricks of excitement ran along my arm as I touched her hand in a fumbling attempt to help her down from her stool. The tiny shocks traveled with lightening speed directly to my manhood which was beginning to stir. I watched her tits bounce seductively when she hopped onto the floor. The brassiere barely held her fulsome mounds.

I didn?t know how much money I had lying on the bar, but I left it all. Perhaps it was too much to cover my tab, perhaps it was too little. I didn?t care.

We made our way toward the door. I placed my hand in the small of her back and gently pushed her through the crowd. Like ice before an icebreaker, the mass split apart and with minimal interference, we found ourselves in the refreshing night air.

We walked a short way before she asked me where my car was. I told her it was in the far corner of the lot. We walked deliberately to it. I opened the door for her and as she sat down, I was rewarded with another glimpse of the luscious folds of her cunt smothered between her firm thighs.

I slammed the car door shut and stepped briskly around to the driver?s side. I opened the door and plopped down behind the steering wheel.

?Where do you want to go?? I asked.

She paused before answering. ?Let?s just stay here. We can have fun right here?in the car.?

I clicked off the engine I had already started.

It was my turn to pause. ?Uh, I guess we could. I mean, what would we do??

Without replying, she leaned over toward me and deftly unbuckled my belt. In a near-continuous motion, she unzipped my khakis and began to pull them down. I sat up slightly above the car seat to allow for more free movement of the pants from around my hips and ass.

She worked the trousers down to my knees then turned her attention to me cock.

She stroked my growing manhood. Slowly moving up and down the shaft, first, with the delicate palm of her hand, followed by the light touch of her fingernails over the hardening dick. She pulled my rod up then wrapped her long fingers around the briefs-encased hard-on. Grabbing it tight, she slowly pulled it. It grew harder and thicker with each upward tug.

On her downward thrust her fisted hand pressed fiercely against my balls, as if the cum building in my dick was being squeezed down into the tightening sacs. A sharp, distinct pain was starting to build in my scrotum. Sensing it, probably feeling it through the cotton and deep into her sensitive fingertips and palm, she relaxed her grip.

A small pool of cum forming on the head of my dick was soaked up by my briefs. She touched it with her slender forefinger then pressed it to her lips. She looked at me with her soft chestnut eyes. Her face asked rhetorically, ?What do you think of this??

I simply stared at her in awe at her audacity and with delight in her devilishness.

My short respite was over. She had again leaned her head down, but this time she buried her exquisitely, expertly made-up face in my crotch. She licked the cum spot on my briefs then placed the engorged head of my dick into her wet, waiting mouth. She sucked softly, carefully on the head and a portion of the shaft just below it. Her saliva mixed with the cum she was able to suck through the cloth, saturating that area of my underwear. Once I glimpsed her glimpsing me. She immediately averted her eyes and turned her concentration back to my stiffening dick. I watched the top of her head as it moved in tandem with each vacuum-like suck of her well-trained mouth.

She moved away from my pole, hooked her fingers inside the elastic of my briefs

and in one, swift, continuous motion, yanked them until they joined my trousers at my knees. The flesh of my steely prick burned bright red to mirror the fire raging inside it. The pole bobbed to and fro as it was released from its cotton cage while the molten cum built unceasingly; held back only by the invisible dam of my sheer force of will. One second?s waver and the dam would burst now. I did not want that.

She wasted no time. Her hand encircled my raging manhood. Each upward and downward stroke was noticeably harder this time. And more rapid. The intensity and ferocity of her jacking made it difficult to tell if she was trying to squeeze the white hot milky jizz out of my cock or trying to force even more painful pleasure into it. One downward thrust, her sensitive, knowing hand slipped forward to my testicles, now pulled up tighter to my body. She fingered them like Queeg rolling his handful of metal ball bearings. An errant finger made its under my balls onto the easily aroused patch of skin between the scrotum and my asshole. Gently she moved her exploratory finger over the hairy flesh into the puckered opening. My head fell back in a vain attempt to absorb the myriad of pleasures he was experiencing. The most intense feelings made the nerves in my balls and ass electrify and sent my mind reeling. Thought would not form itself. He was lost in the throes of total carnal debauchery.

As she played with my testicles and asshole, her mouth clamped hard over my dick; consuming its entire mass. Precum seeped from the slit in my dickhead then dribbled down the length of my shaft. Her tongue expertly lapped it off the pole. She would suck soft. She sucked hard. She kissed, first, the precum-slathered head of my dick before covering the rest of my swollen manhood with the sweetness of her lips. The concentrated her affection on the base of my cock; smothering it with kisses then licking it then tickling it with the tips of her fingernails. Her nails performed their magic up then down my prick.

She grabbed the base of my cock in earnest, squeezed it firmly and pulled up on it while simultaneously drawing the enflamed, smoldering dick deep into her wet mouth. I felt the tip of my dickhead touching the uvula dangling in the back of her throat. Her grasp became vise-like and her mouth a vacuum pump. The pressure of the river of cum rising inside me grew steadily unbearable with each stroke and inhale of precum and spit she took into her hot, wet orifice.

She, too, felt the milky cum through her sensitive, aroused lips. She felt as if her tongue, wrapped around my hot prick, could easily be burned.

The force of her hand and mouth intensified and the rapidity of the strokes and sucks increased. Harder. Faster.

I was near passing out with pleasure that mimicked pain. Her lovely brunette waves were now wrapped around my hands. I pulled on the makeshift reins with each bolt of sensual lightening that struck my body. My mental dam was cracking. . The semen filled the entirety of my spear. It wouldn?t be long until the dam broke.

And it wasn?t?

Hot, sticky cum burst from the head of my cock like a rampaging river. Its sheer volume surprised her and caused her to gag. She recovered quickly however and soon the torrent of jizz was flowing over her tongue and down her throat like Victoria Falls.

When combined with her forceful sucking, the force of my ejaculation allowed her to consume greater quantities of my cum.

Greedily she drew it in. My second blast filled her gaping mouth. White rivulets of semen snaked down the corners of her mouth, alongside her chin, onto her chest, finally reaching the end on the exposed mounds of her breasts.

She drank my manly potion. She swallowed it for everlasting life. She wasted not a drop of the heated elixir.

My third and last salvo came with less determination and volume. She nevertheless sucked it in with relish until there was no more to be drunk.

She raised her head. She ran her highly flexible tongue over her lips to lap up the few drops of cum that remained there. Her fingertips carried the semen from her tits to her tongue then down her slender neck.

She settled back into her car seat.

I rested my head against the headrest, exhausted; spent. Finally, I summoned enough strength to look at her. She turned toward him and smiled broadly. I did likewise. I then retrieved my clothing and pulled them into their proper places. I turned the car key in the ignition.

?I don?t know what to say,? I said with a touch of apprehension and more than a sprinkling of appreciation in my voice.

?You don?t have to say anything,? she replied reassuringly. ?Perhaps we can do this again sometime.?


?I?m parked over there,? she said pointing to the corner furthest from where they were now parked.

?OK. I?ll drive you to your car and we can settle up there. Alright??

She nodded agreement.

I pulled my car next to hers then went around to open her door. I assisted her again and was rewarded with another view of her bald pussy spread wide.

She beamed at me.

We walked the short distance to her convertible where I reached into my pocket, removed my wallet and handed my consort several fresh bills.

She said thank you then got into her vehicle.

I walked toward mine.

Before unlocking my door, I looked back at her sitting behind the wheel, the top now down.

?Now what?? I shouted to her.

?You?ll see when you get home, Michael!? Lisa replied as she sped away.


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