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Intimate Neighbors Ch. 02

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This is the second installment in a series detailing the blossoming sexual relationship between a recently-divorced wife and her college-grad neighbor. For some background on how these two first got together, please read Intimate Neighbors Ch. 1. I look forward to continuing the series on a regular basis and hope you enjoy this story as well. Comments and suggestions are both welcome and appreciated and I would especially like to hear from my female readers.


The rumble of a summer storm woke me from a sound sleep. Rubbing my eyes, I struggled to see through a darkness I did not immediately recognize. Suddenly, a bright flash revealed enough detail amid the shadows for me to realize I was in my bedroom. Though I had only been awake for a few seconds, the events of the previous evening remained as brilliant as the lightning that now filled the night sky. What began as a simple request for help from a neighbor had become an intimate encounter with a beautiful, older woman. As I replayed the evening in my mind, the rain continued to pound against the window.

Though morning was only a few hours away, the memories of my tryst with Deb had stirred my desires yet again. The heat of the day had carried into the night, and I had stripped down before falling asleep. As lightning flashed across the sky, the accompanying thunder was almost hypnotic as my hand slowly worked its way under the silk sheet that provided my only cover. I should have gone back to sleep, but the arousal I now felt was not going to go away.

I pulled the sheet back to reveal my rising cock, the driving rain providing an erotic cadence that seemed to keep time with the increasingly rapid pounding in my chest. As my hand slowly moved down my torso, the feather-like sensation of fingers on skin triggered an involuntary tightening of my stomach.

Growing up, I never had what you would call a ?rock-hard body?, but my new karate class had knocked a few pounds off and my abs were now firm, yet smooth, to the touch. As my hand continued downward I reached my pubic area, which was nearly as smooth as a baby?s bottom. I thought back to the ex-girlfriend who introduced me to the pleasure of shaving around my cock. We had been drinking late one night when she offered to trim my pubic area. Thoughts of John Bobbitt raced through my head until she explained how horny it made her to suck off a man with no pubic hair to get in the way. Though we broke up shortly thereafter, I continue to shave myself as the pleasurable effect it has on women far outweighs any discomfort I may experience.

I wrapped my hand around my cock and began masturbating toward another orgasm. Slowly stroking myself, I felt warm pre-cum begin to run down onto my hand. I rubbed the natural lubricant along the length of my shaft and quickened my pace, debating whether or not to get up and finish in the bathroom, but the darkness combined with the sound of the rain to create an ambiance of sensuality that kept me where I lay. Feeling the surging sensation in my cock that signaled I was going to come soon, I closed my eyes and reflected on the first time I saw Deb up close?

It was the summer following my freshman year in high school. With the afternoon sun approaching the horizon and the cicadas? nightly melody in the air, I had seen a small black dog in my yard and realized it was Deb?s new lab puppy. Figuring he must have gotten loose, I knelt down and he immediately came to me when called. My new friend gave me a few licks of appreciation as I picked him up and headed toward Deb?s house.

As I crossed the street, Deb opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch.

?There you are, you silly thing,? she said, an expression of relief spreading across her face as she made her way toward us.

We had always exchanged the usual neighborly pleasantries in the past and I knew she was a very attractive woman. But until this moment, I had no idea just how stunning she was. She stood five foot six and had a gorgeous body, weighing around 125 pounds and appearing as if she worked out every day. Her tanned arms and legs were firm, but not too muscular and her skin looked as smooth as that of a 20-year old girl.

She was wearing a white tank top and judging from the delicate beads of sweat that trailed toward her visible cleavage, I could tell she had been working in the late afternoon heat. Her chest was heaving as she approached and the half-dollar sized outline of her brown nipples was unmistakable through the thin material. Deb had no need for a bra as her full breasts sat high and firm in her tank top.

As I watched my beautiful neighbor cross the yard, the setting sun accented her long auburn hair, a series of strawberry gold blonde highlights now evident. Her slender hips swayed as she strolled through the grass. Her white tank top stopped a few inches above the light pink bikini bottom she was wearing, but it was not the sight of her toned midriff that immediately caught my attention. Instead, my eyes focused on an unmistakable outline clearly visible through the pink material. I?d watched a few porno movies growing up, but the sight of Deb?s shaved pussy peeking through her nearly-transparent bikini bottom was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. As I stood transfixed, unable to take my eyes off of her, it was obvious that though she was married, Deb had no problem with showing off her thirty-something figure.

?Thank you so much for finding Lucky,? Deb said excitedly. Her green eyes were gentle, but piercing and she had a smile that would melt even the most cantankerous old man.

As her words snapped me from my daze, I tried to regain my composure while a noticeable bulge was now visible through my shorts.

?Oh, no problem Mrs. Raymond,? I stammered. ?He just came over for a visit.?

?He?s been very mischievous lately, trying to sneak away when I?m not watching,? she explained, a devilish grin letting me know I had been caught staring at her luscious body. ?Anyway, thanks again for bringing him over.?

With that, Deb turned and gave me the final piece of my visual trilogy. If I thought her bikini barely covered her pussy, there were no words for what I was now seeing. A narrow strip of pink fabric rose from between her legs, the G-string stretched tightly up her firm ass. Her auburn hair flowed in the gentle wind as she walked away, her magnificent figure still the focus of my attention. As she reached the corner of her house, Deb looked back over her shoulder and smiled, showing her approval of my voyeuristic behavior with her seductive gaze?

A crash of thunder snapped me out of my daydream and I began to stroke my shaft in earnest. I could still smell the perfume Deb had been wearing, though it had been hours since we parted. My hard dick began to swell in my hand as I was only seconds from coming. As my entire body began to stiffen, I licked my lips and found the musky taste of her pussy still remained. I closed my eyes and angled my cock skyward as cum began to stream out. A warm sensation spread upward over my body, splashing on my firm stomach as if the warm summer rain had infiltrated my room. As the last bit of cum trickled down my now-softening shaft, I relaxed and realized this would be a summer like no other.

*** *** ***

Deb and I had spoken several times in the days following, but she had worked late the last few nights and we hadn?t seen each other since. I was beginning to wonder whether it really was just a one-night stand or if her words in the kitchen had been sincere. A few hours later, the answer arrived as my cell phone began to vibrate.


?Hey babe, I?ve really missed you,? Deb?s soft voice reassured me.

?You have??

?More than you know. Do you have any plans for tonight?? she inquired.

?Not at the moment.?

?Good, I have something special planned for you. I won?t get home until after seven, but you can let yourself in with the spare key I left for you,? she said, a hint of mystery in her voice.

?Do you want me to bring anything over??

?No,? she replied. ?But go to the kitchen when you first get there. I left a note for you on the bulletin board. I have to run now but I?ll see you later tonight.?

As the call ended, I envisioned the possibilities that awaited me and made my way to the bathroom to prepare for the evening surprise. As I stepped into the shower, the hot water flowing over my body, I wondered how anything could surpass our first encounter.

Dressing quickly after my shower, I left the house and stepped into the moonlit night, the summer breeze combining with a hint of Drakkar from my freshly-shaven face. Letting myself in with the spare key Deb had left for me, I quietly closed the door and made my way to the kitchen. A flick of the wall switch brought forth a soft fluorescent glow, revealing the message Deb had penned earlier this morning.


Go to my bedroom and get undressed. Put on only what I have left for you and wait on the bed with the lights off until I get home. I?ll see you soon.


I quickly went to her bedroom, turned on the light and saw a pair of black silk boxers at the foot of the bed. Following her instructions, I stripped, put on the boxers and turned off the light before stretching out on the bed. The shadows cast by the full moon were my only company as I anxiously waited for Deb to return. Lying there in complete silence, I had relaxed to the point of drowsiness and valiantly tried to stay awake until she arrived, but the tranquility of the room was overpowering and I drifted off to sleep.

A faint aroma of perfume stirred me from my restful state. Though the lights were still off, the moonlight shone brilliantly in the room and I saw Deb standing next to the bed, a sheer white teddy clinging to her body. Casting my glance downward, I noticed Deb?s hand as it grazed the tiny G-string she was wearing. An aroma of sexuality had spread throughout the room.

?Good evening, sleepyhead,? Deb purred. ?I hope you are well-rested because it?s going to be a late night.?

As she moved toward the bed, the silken teddy was stretched taut as her ample breasts filled out the lingerie, the outline of her erect nipples protruding through the material. The wetness of her shaved pussy had begun to seep through her G-string, the sexually charged atmosphere obviously affecting both of us now. Rubbing her clit through the sheer fabric, she closed her emerald green eyes as the anticipation began to stimulate her.

?Shhhh,? she whispered as I began to speak. ?Just lie there and relax. I?m going to take good care of you.?

Deb climbed onto the bed and straddled me, her toned legs positioned on either side of my hips. As she teased my raging erection by keeping her pussy just inches above me, I could see her G-string was now soaked from the stimulation. My stiff dick strained against the boxers I was wearing, pushing them outward until firmly pressed against her pussy.

?Now I told you just to lie still,? she teased, pushing my hands back as I reached out to hold her.

Deb slid herself toward the end of the bed, tugging at my boxers as she moved away. With a last pull, my cock sprang from the silk prison that had held it captive.

?Mmmm, is that for me?? she asked as my unrestrained erection pointed skyward. ?And you shaved yourself too? I think I?m going to enjoy this as much as you.?

As Deb enjoyed the view of my smooth pubic area, there seemed to be an aura of power and control radiating from her. Deb got up from the bed and strolled across the room, her angelic reflection looking smiling back at me as she retrieved something from her mirrored dresser.

Returning to the foot of the bed, she lifted my left leg and tied a silk scarf around my ankle. Pulling the scarf tight, she tied the loose end to the bedpost, my straightened leg now captive. The right leg was next, followed by one hand and then the other. Stretched to the four corners of the bed and unable to escape, I felt like a medieval prisoner about to be tortured into submission.

?I hope you are comfortable,? Deb whispered.

I could only nod as the anticipation flowed throughout my body. As she walked toward the head of the bed, I could see that she was holding one last scarf.

?Lift your head,? she commanded.

It was a bit difficult to move since I was tied down, but I managed to raise my head enough for Deb to tie the black scarf behind my head before pulling it down over my eyes.

?I?ve been thinking about you,? Deb confessed. ?How you made me feel that night. How I can make you feel like that.?

I felt a slight breeze as she moved alongside the bed, her perfume trailing behind. In complete darkness and being unable to move, I was a prisoner for whatever Deb had in mind. And I couldn?t wait.

My heart jumped at the touch of Deb?s hand. Her fingertips were like feathers as she drew them lightly along my shaft. A quick breath escaped me as her silky touch danced over my abdomen, up my chest and back down, stopping only to dab at the pre-cum now dripping from my cock, before caressing the smooth area where my pubic hair used to be.

I felt Deb?s hand wrap around my shaft, my heartbeat seemingly audible as she slowly began to stroke me. She rubbed her fingers over my tip, spreading the now-dripping pre-cum over the length my dick. Faster and faster she stroked until I felt like I was going to come right then. But as silently as she had taken hold of it, Deb released my cock and disappeared into the night, leaving my shortened breaths the only sound in the room.

?Did that feel good, baby?? she asked, her sensuous voice flowing from the opposite side of the room.

As I fought to relax and keep from coming I could only nod in approval, as if my words had also been restrained this night.

?Well then, you are going to love this,? she purred. The closeness of her voice startled me as Deb had silently returned to my bedside.

I felt something brush against my lips and as I opened my mouth, the unmistakable contour of an erect nipple pressed against my tongue. Wrapping my lips around her half-dollar sized nipple, I began to suck softly, my tongue flicking over its end. A low moan escaped my lover, breaking the silence as I continued to tease her breast. Then, as quietly she had offered it to me, her nipple pulled from my warm mouth as she got up from the bed.

Lying on my back, my arms and legs individually tied to posts, I had never felt so vulnerable yet so safe. The room was silent, except for faint footsteps as Deb moved around the room.

I felt the bed give near my bound hand and an unmistakable wetness brushed across my fingertips. Though my hand was tied, I was able to touch Deb?s pussy when she made a second pass, eliciting a whimper of desire from her. The night air felt cool on my wet fingers as I felt Deb move near my hand. I pulled at the silk scarf in the hope of gaining more movement, but this only tightened the bond around my wrist.

I stiffened my first two fingers, hoping she could see my attempt to finger her as I was eager to slide them inside her pussy. Deb acknowledged my offering by rubbing her wetness along my fingers, not yet allowing them to penetrate her shaved pussy.

Then, with no warning but the sound of her quickened breathing, I felt a warm tightness surround my fingers as Deb had lowered her pussy over them. As they plunged inside her, Deb slid herself down until my fingers were buried deep within.

?Oh, fuck,? she gasped. ?I want more.?

With that, Deb began to slowly slide her pussy up and down my fingers, using them as she would a dildo. Her wetness covered most of my hand as her pace quickened, fucking my fingers until I thought she was about to come. Unable to see anything, I listened carefully to the erotic sounds now coming from my aroused lover.

The damp, squishy sounds of two fingers being forced in and out a soaked pussy were incredibly arousing, as if she were repeatedly squeezing and releasing something very wet. Soft moans wafted through the bedroom, keeping time with each downward thrust of her pussy. As I wondered if these were the same sounds Deb made when she was alone in her bed, masturbating, she must have sensed that she was on the verge of orgasm and settled down on my hand.

With my fingers still inside her, Deb leaned back and grabbed my dick. This latest sexual experience had made me completely erect, a detail that hadn?t escaped her notice. She began to jerk me with more authority this time as the pre-cum began to stream from my cock once again. Her rapid pumping now had me on the brink of orgasm, until once again Deb released her grip, saving my load of cum for at least another few minutes.

Returning her focus to the fingers still inside her pussy, Deb took hold of my hand and began to rub her clit against it as she seemed intent on coming right away. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, her body shuddering in advance of a powerful orgasm. She continued to rub herself against my hand until a burst of ecstasy released itself from deep inside, her quivering pussy now fully constricted around my fingers. I felt Deb slump forward, the intense orgasm seemingly sapping the energy from her body. She lay there awhile, unable to move, before lifting her lips to my ear.

?Don?t go anywhere,? Deb whispered softly. ?I?ll be back in a few minutes.?

The lack of visual awareness from being blindfolded had become somewhat disorienting and I was grateful that I was tied down to the bed. As I lay there in darkened silence, alone and aroused, it seemed like an eternity had passed before I heard her sultry voice once again.

?Did you miss me, babe??

Knowing her question needed no answer, I remained silent as I felt Deb climb onto the end of the bed and move toward me. The caress of one hand on my face startled me as her other hand softly brushed my cheek. With the gentleness a rescuer would show her freed prisoner, she lifted my silken blindness and I saw her smiling at me, a look of satisfaction on her moonlit face. Yes, her surprise had been both well-planned and well-received and I eagerly anticipated her next move.

Moving back down the bed, Deb straddled my leg and I could feel her wet pussy on my skin as she sat down. She looked beautiful, sitting nude in the moonlight as she took hold of my cock and stroked it to attention once again. Thinking she was about to finish what she had started earlier, I eagerly anticipated watching her stroke me to orgasm, cum ready to flow over her soft hand.

Still facing me, Deb smiled and raised her hips, positioning my shaft directly underneath her soaked pussy. Silently, she released my cock and slowly lowered herself until the tip was pressing against her. With a quick downward movement from Deb, her wet slit opened and I pushed deep inside her. Spreading her knees wide as she began to ride my cock, she looked at me, our eyes meeting in a silent invitation to watch as she fucked me.

Raising my head, I gazed downward and saw this magnificent woman sitting there in the moonlit room, her shaved pussy concealing my cock from sight. Deb leaned forward and placed both hands on my chest, making my nipples harden from her touch. She quickened her thrusts and I pushed back as she slid her hot pussy along the length of my shaft. I wanted to come inside her as the night of ecstasy had me on the brink of orgasm for what I thought was the final time. But, in keeping with her modus operandi for the evening, Deb once again had something else in mind as she slid off my cock and got up from the bed.

?Do you know what I loved most about the other night?? she asked rhetorically. ?I loved the first feeling of your tongue in my pussy and I couldn?t help but watch as you were licking me, it felt so good. Seeing your face buried between my legs was so hot, I couldn?t control myself after that.?

With a grin the Cheshire cat would envy, Deb smiled at me, her next words nearly causing my heart to skip a beat.

?I want you to watch me suck your cock,? she commanded.

Deb climbed back onto the bed, leaned down and slid her soft, wet tongue over the tip of my cock, tasting the mixture of her own juices and my pre-cum for the first time. My cock stiffened with her touch, revealing just how well I had shaved earlier as Deb worked her way toward my smooth sack. With a gentleness usually reserved for fine crystal, Deb took both balls in her mouth and began to lightly suck on them. This incredible feeling was intensified as she repositioned her hand around my cock and began to stroke. My head was spinning from the dual sensations and I knew I was not going to last much longer. Sensing my oncoming orgasm, Deb gently released me from her mouth and smiled.

?I love feeling the skin of a freshly-shaved man,? Deb confessed. ?Especially down here.?

Refocusing her attention, Deb opened her mouth and slid her lips over my entire length. Knowing she was sucking me toward an eagerly-awaited cumshot, Deb?s intensity increased as her tongue danced around my throbbing shaft. Her hand and mouth now worked in unison as the downward strokes of her fingers matched those of her lips. The feeling of her warm tongue running along the underside of my shaft proved to be just what I needed as my hips began to shudder.

?I?m going to come,? I exclaimed. ?I?m coming.?

I fully expected Deb to release me from her warm, wet mouth but instead she sealed her lips tightly around my shaft as cum began to spurt. I watched this beautiful woman take the creamy load I had been holding back, swallowing every time as our eyes met once again. Though the only light in the room came from the full moon, I could see the animalistic hunger in her eyes as she swallowed every drop of cum my balls held, never once releasing her oral embrace.

As I began to soften, Deb released my cock from her mouth and lay on top of me. Leaning forward, her soft, auburn hair smelling of strawberry as it brushed across my eyes, she gazed at me with a look of satisfaction that spread across her face as if my orgasm had been felt by her as well. As Deb leaned down to kiss me, she paused and smiled, her lips hovering so close to mine I could feel the faintness of her soft breath. As if we were moving in slow motion, our lips met so tenderly that it reminded my of my first kiss so many years ago.

The piquant saltiness of my orgasm remained on her lips and though considered taboo to some, the passion of the moment created a curiosity on my part to experience this taste for the first time. My obvious willingness to kiss her even after coming in her mouth seemed to excite Deb, as our tongues passionately searched for each other, meeting in a warm, wet embrace. Though completely confident in my heterosexuality, I found the unique taste we were sharing not to be repulsive, but more of a tantalizing sexual bond between us. After a kiss that neither of us wanted to end, our lips gently parted as Deb got up from the bed and began to loosen the silken restraints.

After freeing her willing captive, she picked up her teddy from the floor and began to speak softly.

?You are the first man I truly wanted in this bed in a long time,? she confessed. ?After we separated, I told myself I wasn?t going to get involved with anyone for a while. I was afraid to let myself care for anyone, but the feelings I have for you seem so . . . right.?

?You bring out feelings in me I thought were gone,? Deb continued. ?Passion and excitement. I look forward to seeing you, even just hearing your voice. You make me feel special.?

?You are special,? I told her. ?You are a beautiful woman who is sensual and caring. After our first night together, I kept waiting for you to tell me it was a mistake. I thought I may have just been someone you needed at the time, and then you would move on.?

?Are you worried about what people might say?? Deb asked. ?About me robbing the cradle??

?No, I?m not,? I answered reassuringly. ?If this continues, which I hope it does, I?m sure people will talk. But whose business is it to tell us what is too old or too young? All I know is that when I?m with you, I?m happy. I enjoy being with you.?

?So do I,? Deb replied. ?So do I... with you...?

Deb got into bed and slipped under the covers. Rolling over to look at me, she gave me a gentle, loving smile as if we had been together for years.

?Would you stay the night with me? It?s been a while since I had someone to wake up with.?

Her cool skin was smooth to the touch as I smiled back and put my arm around her. I knew that the night would soon be over, so I snuggled up and kissed her gently on the cheek.

?Do you need to set an alarm for the morning?? I asked.

Deb turned her head and kissed me one last time.

?No,? she answered. ?I want this night to last as long as possible.?

With that, Deb tossed back the covers and began to caress her breasts as it became clear that her words had been deliberately phrased that way.

?Well, in that case I?ll buy breakfast,? I remarked understatedly.

Her eyes closed in anticipation as I gently pushed her legs apart to reveal a titillating sight that glistened in the soft moonlight. As my tongue began to trace its way up her wet pussy, Deb placed her hands on the back of my head, gently pressing me onward with an encouragement that assured me we would be seeing the sunrise together.

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