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Intense Invasion

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The darkness of the room engulfed him as he awakened to find his arms, legs and torso securely bound, tied naked to the bed. He struggled for a moment until he realized there was no escape. Swirling in his mind were unanswered questions - how did he get here, who did this to him? His legs were tied so that his knees were up and apart, and his butt was nearly to the edge of the mattress. Suddenly, the door opened and she walked into the room. He gasped when he saw her, scantily clad in crotchless panties and an open bra that pushed her nipples out. She walked slowly toward him . . "I see my patient is awake. It's time for your examination. I am Doctor Lori, and I will be observing your responses to unusual stimuli!" she said. His heart skipped a beat, feeling part fear and part intense excitement. She threw him a wicked smile to further enhance the suspense, and slowly walked closer as his breathing became rapid. Her fingers reached out and traced soft lines along his most private areas, and when she looked into his eyes and licked her lips he felt his member begin to swell quickly. Her smile grew bigger as she watched his fullness grow. "I'm going to do things to you, and you have no say in it. You like that idea, now don't you?" she said. His throbbing shaft and mushrooming head gave her the answer she wanted.

She walked over to the dresser. Then she lifted up a towel and he could see an array of shiny implements, bottles, tubing and wires. He tried to conceal his gasping but she giggled and said "What do you think of my toys?" She picked up a bottle of massage oil and walked up to him, grinning. "I need to make you comfortable and relaxed before I begin probing you", she teased. He felt the small stream of oil slowly dripping along his skin, along his inner thighs and all over his crotch. "Oooo, you like that, don't you...?" The oil felt cool, yet not cold. Suddenly, his skin came alive as her warm hands began rubbing the oil all over him. He gasped with pleasure as her fingers ran along his body and tenderly massaged his thighs and his balls. She teased him by pretending to reach for his pole, then turning away from it. He swelled even more, aching to be touched. Then her fingers ran down and found his anus. "I will begin by exploring this opening", she said. Slowly, he felt her oily finger slide just inside the opening and begin swirling around. He gasped and squirmed as much as his restraints allowed, then he noticed her nipples growing hard at her obvious enjoyment. "Describe what you are feeling.", she told him. He said "You are incredibly sexy, Doctor! I like what you are doing to me." She said "Good. This examination will take a long time."

Then the sexy Doctor slipped her finger out, bent down, and lightly tickled his anus with her moist tongue. He moaned in delight and she walked away just a quickly. She returned with some objects and a bottle of lubricant, which she applied to his anal area. "Relax now, while I get a better look" she said. His breathing increased as he felt the cool metal forcing his hole open. "Very good, hon" she said. Deeper and deeper it went. Suddenly, he felt himself being opened up by a speculum, and she locked it wide open. "Now, to test your cavity" she said. He began panting as he watched her lube a long bead toy. Deeper and deeper she pushed as the bead toy disappeared into him, wriggling through every turn. His cock throbbed wildly as he began to sense her moisture in his nostrils. "Very good!" she said, and began pulling the toy out again. "Now to check your prostate for semen content." His eyes grew wide wondering how she would do that, and before he knew it she had removed the speculum. She lubed her fingers again and slipped two of them in his anus. He gasped, then he felt her warm breath on his balls. Lightly, she slid her tongue up and down along his ballsack while massaging his prostate, one finger on each side. "I'm going to milk you now" she said. He gasped in wonder as he felt his cum being pumped out of his gland and up his cock. His legs trembled as the fluid emerged from his pee hole, his cock throbbing wildly. "Very very nice!" she said, and her tongue deftly licked the treasure from the tip. His cock ached to be touched but she just breathed on it and grinned.

"Now, to check other parts of you. "I'll need a urine sample", she teased. He wondered how he could pee in a cup in this position. When she returned from the dresser with a bottle and a tube, he knew what she meant. He gasped to think of her exploring in there! "Relax, hon. I will go slow. This is a very wide catheter." she said. Before he caught her meaning, he felt her warm hand grasp his hard shaft. What heaven her touch was! His cum-lined pee hole was already slippery, and the KY was on the catheter as she playfully poked it barely inside the hole. "You want me to make this long journey, don't you?" she asked. He caught his breath enough to say "YES", as her crotch-scent became more intense. She began adding pressure until the tube opened his hole wide and slipped in. He cried out from the stretching, his legs quivering. Then, she began to lick his hard shaft, from the head to the base and back again. He could hardly stand the ecstasy! Slowly, lightly, she ran her tongue up and down, each time pushing the tube a little deeper inside. "We have a long way to go yet. You can smell my juices, can't you?", she teased. His cock pulsated wildly in her hand as the long tube probed deeper and deeper. He ached to explode. As the hose passed alongside his prostate he gasped in ecstasy. Then she stopped at the opening to his bladder. "Now to get that sample", she grinned. She placed the bottle alongside his stomach on the bed and held the end of the tube inside it. "Push like you're peeing" she said, and with some extra pressure the hose slipped inside him. The bottle filled up quickly with such a fat catheter and she capped it. Then, she began the slow voyage out of him. His cock ached to explode. After an eternity, the end finally popped back out.

He layed there panting. What a wonderful experience! Then she said, "Now to test your nerve function". He paused to wonder what THAT might mean. She returned with several complex-looking items. "Relax now", she said. Then he felt his ass being invaded by a smooth, cool metal object. "This is a prostate stimulator", she said. The sweat formed on his forehead. Next, she picked up what looked like a tube with a ring and wires. He looked into the Doctor's eyes for a word of reassurance, but she only smiled. "This will stimulate the nerves in your penis", she said. His breathing became deeper as he squirmed against his bonds. She said "I'm really horny, and I need you to get me off". Then he felt the tube slowly sliding down his throbbing peehole, and she fastened the ring around the base of his cock head. Next, she connected a power unit to the wires on both stimulators. His mind was swimming! She walked around the bed, climbed up, and straddled his face. He almost exploded upon taking in her wonderful scents. "I want you to lick me, but you must do as I command. If I increase the electrical current through your body, you must lick faster and harder. If I reduce the current, you must slow down", she said. He opened his mouth to say that he understood, but before he could utter a word she turned on the power unit. The prickly sensation rushed through his body, from his ass to his cock head! His peehole was quivering. He cried out in ecstasy, and the clear, sticky, sweet juices dripped from her swollen pussy down his throat. He was in heaven. "Lick me NOW!", she commanded. His tongue swirled in her warm hole, and began rising up to flick her rock hard clit. She turned up the power and his tongue went crazy on her as his cock rippled with sensations. She turned it down, and lightly touched his pounding shaft. His licking slowed down, and she turned it up again. His hips strained against his bonds to rise up, sparkling sensations rushing all through him as he licked her feverishly. Up and down went the power until she could no longer stand it. She pressed her crotch down on his face, grinding her pussy lips into him, and turned the power up as high as it would go. Louder and louder she moaned, her pussy juice gushing down his throat as he eagerly tongue-lashed her swollen clit. Then he felt his prostate spasm and his cock explode with intense sensations, and he cried out with her full lips around his mouth. She watched his cock spasm and jerk wildly, and as his white cum came shooting out of his hole, a deep intense orgasm engulfed her body. She screamed and rubbed her slit on his tongue. He used his teeth to lightly bite her clit, sending her into a second wave of ecstasy, and another! She lost control of her body and his mind swam with joy as he tasted her hot pee dribbling out. He gulped down every drop, savored every taste from her!

Then, she turned off the power unit and collapsed on the bed alongside him. They both lay there panting, in absolute awe of what had just happened. After a while, the Doctor stood up again, walked to the door, and said "Your nerve function seems to be just fine. I will return shortly to run some more tests." And she grinned and left....

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