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Chapter 1 Inheritance Growing up as a little girl I never knew my father and my mother had her issues. By 16 I was pregnant and in serious need of help. That's when Jen stepped in. I always referred to her as my aunt but she was just a good woman who wanted to help. She raised me and my baby as her own. I went to college and started a good career and raised a wonderful daughter. Jen was an amazing woman. That is why when the phone rang and the news came that she had passed I was devastated.

My new husband understood what I was going through and helped me settle Jen's affairs. She had no one else and she left me everything including the beach house in Florida where she raised me. Marc wanted me to sell the house, and being a realtor I knew I should have as well. Living on the west coast and having a house in Florida was foolish but I had fond memories and I decided to fix it up and keep it as a getaway and vacation home.

The house was built in the 60's and needed a lot of work but the yard was large and very private with a canal in back that led out to the gulf. Monday morning the crew was in to demolish the kitchen and baths and rip out the carpeting. I would be roughing it for the next few weeks living on a blow up bed and brushing my teeth in the make shift kitchen sink. As demo progressed more trouble arose there was termite damage in the walls and some mold from a leaky roof. The whole house was gutted and I was at the end of my rope. I needed a break and something to lift my spirits. Instead the sky's opened up and the Florida rains came down as I had to drag the latest building materials into the garage.

Just then an angle appeared... Darryl. Darryl was the next door neighbor. He had bought the house next door a year earlier and had just finished renovating his place. He stood in the rain staring at me and asked can I help? I stood there soaked through to my skin and began to sob. Darryl came over and hugged me and said we got this and proceeded to help me load in the supplies. In no time everything was in the garage. As I watched Darryl bring in the last big I saw him look at me. I hadn't even thought about how I was dressed. My long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail; I had not a stich of makeup on. The white wife beater I wore was soaked and clung to my heavy chest. The little yoga shorts clung to my tight ass. I saw him smiling at me and I knew there was nothing left to the imagination for him. At 38 I was a confident woman. Blonde, 5'5, 115lbs, I worked out religiously and my body showed the hard work. A few years earlier I treated myself to something I desired since I was a younger woman, larger breasts, 36 DD to be exact. And now, all of that was on display.

Darryl was a gentleman trying hard not to stare at my hard nipples. The fact is since I had my boobs done my nipples were always hard. I loved the attention. Darryl wasn't too shabby either. Although younger than me by more than 10 years he was very mature for his age. He was 27 with light brown hair and built like an athlete with a few sexy tribal tattoos that accented his muscles. His tanned body seemed hairless and his washboard abs shown through is clinging wet shirt.

I offered him to come in for a towel and a beer. He said, sure I want to see what you are doing to the place. I showed him the shell of the house and the plans as we had a beer. He told me about himself, where he was from what he did and he had a new girlfriend. My heart sank at that one and then I had to laugh. Here I was like a school girl with a crush on the football guy. But I was not a school girl I was a 38 yr. old woman with a new husband and a daughter almost as old as him. Just then his phone rang and it was his girlfriend. He told her he was over at the new neighbor's house helping out Mrs. H.

I felt so old.

A few days went by and it was Saturday morning. I was in the garage when a car pulled up in Darryl's driveway and out stepped a long legged model type. I knew this must be his girlfriend so I proceeded to come out of the garage and say hello. She took one look at me from her car, you know that look caddy girls give when they see another girl who is competition and just blew me off and went into the house. I thought, you bitch.

After I cooled off and went back to work I took some things around to the back yard and I heard music in Darryl's yard coming from the pool area. The oleanders were pretty over grown on my side of the yard but at one spot I could see his entire pool area. I saw Darryl down by the dock working on his boat, he was just in his swim trunks and his body glistened with sweat, my heart skipped a beat. Then I looked over near the pool and I saw the bitch coming out of the house in a very skimpy bikini headed to a lounge chair. While she was a bitch she was beautiful. Her raven black hair shined in the mid-day sun, her breasts were naturally perky. Her legs were to die for, at the least a mile long, and her body void of any fat was a perfect golden tan. I started to watch them. Darryl was puttering with his boat, the true love of his life, the bitch just kept trying to distract him. When he wouldn't respond to her conversation she did what all girls do when they want attention she used her assets. First she removed her top and her perky tan breasts came into view. This girl had definitely laid out back here naked before. Next she slowly untied her string bikini bottoms exposing her beautiful hairless pussy. This girl took very good care of herself. As she lay there she started to rub oil all over her body. Darryl being all man noticed this and sat and watched as she put on a show. First she oiled up one leg, stopping just shy of her pussy, then the other taking her time and extending her leg high into the air giving him and I a beautiful view of her shaved pussy. Then she proceeded to each arm and her again extending high in the air pushing her breasts out as she did so. Then she poured the oil on her breasts I watched as she let the oil slowly run down her breasts. The oil glistened al droplets licked off her nipples. Darryl left his boat and came over to her where she was laying out and grabbed at her long elegant legs. She half-heartedly tried to fight him off. But he was too strong for her or she just played the game. He parted her legs and proceeded to go down on her. No foreplay no kissing just straight to his prize and she loved every bit of it. Within seconds his talented tongue had hit the mark and her back was arching as her hands grabbed at the hair on his head. He knew how to tame this bitch and he quickly had her in the throes of orgasm. She succumbed to him and shortly thereafter lay spent in front of him. Darryl wasn't through though, he stood up and dropped his swim trunks and I got to see for the first time his manhood. It took my breath away. It was a long thick shaft and not yet at full erection. He pulled on it a few times jerking it to hardness. He rubbed the head against her wet opening and slowly pushed inwards. She moaned what almost seemed to be in pain but I knew that feeling it was passion not pain. As he pushed harder the deeper he sank into her. I bit down on my lip trying to hold my breath and not make a noise and with a final thrust he was all the way in. I felt it deep inside my belly as I saw her legs come up and circle his back as they lay coupled in sexual bliss in the noon day sun.

As he thrust into her, her shriek of passion awoke me front my frozen trance and I realized I was not just watching. Unconsciously my own sexual needs had taken over and I had pulled my bikini top to the side and was rolling my nipples between my thumb and finger. My other had had slid into my bikini bottom and my well trained fingers had splayed my wet pussy lips and were gently toying with my erect clit. I was on fire. With each of his thrusts I matched the stroke with my finger. I watched as his ass muscles flexed each time he hit bottom. She was making incoherent noises which stopped me for a moment thinking you bitch you don't deserve him. In the next second she confirmed it. As his orgasm approached he pulled out and stroked his massive thick veiny cock. Just as the first massive rope of cum blasted from his beautiful cock head she squirmed out of the way leaving his hot load to fall on the towel on the lounge chair. As he finished jerking his cock with the last of his massive load dripping from his beautiful cock I heard her say, done? With his head hung and sweat dripping from his face he just nodded. She popped up grabbed another towel and wiped her pussy and said I am going in to shower. Off she trotted to the house shaking her tight little stuck up ass the whole way.

Darryl pulled up his shorts and dove in the pool to cool off. I wanted to run through the bushes and kiss him and hold him and enjoy the afterglow with him but I didn't dare. Instead I headed into the house and straight to the shower and relived the scene I just saw but instead I was the girl on the lounger and I came with each thrust.

The rest of the afternoon flew by and I decided I had put in a full week or work on the house I deserved a night out. I took my time getting ready to go out I did my hair and makeup I picked out a sexy little dress I had brought with me and a very sexy pair of sandals I had picked up a couple of days earlier. I felt really good. I loved the feel of the lightweight silk material of the dress. It hugged my body and the top gave enough support I didn't need a bra. As long as I was going without a bra I decided on no g string either. The afternoons escapades had me all hyped up still I was a little afraid of what I might do that night. I giggled to myself I may have to jump the first guy I see. I took one last look in the mirror and headed out to the driveway to the car. As I got to the car Darryl and his bitch came out of the house. Darryl look amazing in a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt with the top few buttons open and his sexy chest exposed. Then I noticed her, she was in a black bodice with her boobs pushed up a very short matching black skirt that looked more like a belt finished off with thigh high stockings and 5 inch heels. Darryl noticed me and was like wow you clean up well. He said, you are pretty dressed up for working on the house. I said I deserved a night off so I am going out. He then realized he hadn't introduced me to his girlfriend. Her name was Simone and she was headed to work at a high end night club. We exchanged pleasantries and she eyed me and then she was gone. He and I watched her drive off and we looked at each other...pregnant pause... where are you headed he asked? I said I don't know but I sure could use a drink and he said me to. Come on, my treat, let me show you around.

More to follow ...

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