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In the heat of the desert

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The desert air seemed so still the heat was in the 100’s again the week had been a long one and he wasn’t looking forward to that long drive home but at least he would have the air-conditioning in the car to make things more comfortable..

The radio seem to know just what he wanted to hear and the music lulled his soul naturally… He hated being on the road but his job demanded that he keep moving in order to make the kind of money he needed to have his dreams come true.. Now when it was quiet he could daydream about the dude ranch and bed and breakfast, he wanted to buy.. It’s the perfect place he thought and if I can make that dead line the place will be mine… His mind wondered to the river that ran through the middle of the place and how good the fly-fishing would be. Just that alone was enough to make his heart pound out of his chest … trying to stay fixed on his goals wasn’t always easy after all he was a young man… Alone wasn’t how he saw him self.. No time he thought and thinking about it won’t fix my hard dick..

He couldn’t even remember the last time he had tasted a woman.. Smelled her perfume.. Little lone got close enough.. Aw, hell stop this he thought.. It isn’t going to do you any good

The road became long at time and the need for sleep always an issue… I’m sure I remember a motel along here soon he thought…. The desert highway was flat and endless it seemed the fatigue was beginning to get to him…..

At least there is a rest area… I’ll stop and gets something to keep my eyes open… As he pulled the car off the road… He spotted.. Her Oh my God he thought… She was beautiful… It was about sunset .. The final golden hues from the sun danced through her long hair. As she leaned forward to put some thing in her car he could see the roundness of her breasts leaning against the neckline of her blouse.. A little taller, than most women.. Round and curvy… yummy he thought as he pulled his car in to the stall next to her.. As he got out of the car he glanced again at her curves.. Shaking his head … think wow. He headed for the bathroom… he looked back again just to make sure she was real and not an aberration from the heat… Oh was she real… In the restroom he washed his hands and put water on his face.. Feeling much more refreshed he thought… Maybe she would still be there… as he opened the door his heart sank… her car was gone… going to the machines.. For that coffee!! Reaching in his pocket for change.. As he pulled his hand free from his pocket the change went in every direction.. This day just keeps getting better he thought.. Bending down to pick up his change unaware that she was right behind him…backing as he picked up the coins he pushed right in to her.. Startled he stood up and as he did cracked his head on the corner of the concrete… Oh god, I’m so sorry she said.. I didn’t mean awwwww he said ..damn it.. Here let me see if you’re ok.. She gently look around his head for blood there was none just the nice little egg from the corner.. I think you’ll live she said as a chuckle rose from her… Oh fine he said now your laughing at an injured man… then he winked.. She was even more beautiful to him up close and she was at that moment close enough to kiss….. Dare I he thought and with out thinking.. did so.. He was unprepared for the result… because instead of pulling away she just pushed harder against him… they stayed there for what seemed like hours maybe days… He kissed her deeply then delicately biting and nibbling her full lips. as she did his… Finely she pulled back.. clearing her throat… his head looking down at his feet now like a schoolboy.. Ummmm I guess I should apologize!!! But I really wanted to do that from the moment I saw you!! Did you see me running.. ahhh No!… I was looking at you while you were going into the restroom.. especially your .. well if you must know your ass… A smile came to his strong but gentle face… I was going to get back on the road.. but decided to pull my car around to the rest area as she pointed to the back of the building.. There see.. yes he said.. Then you came looking for me?.. She blushed !! well I hope to meet you but got far more than I bargained for…now laughing … are you from around here she said… No just on the road… and you?? I have a ranch not far from here.. Stopped because my car was over heating after seeing you it wasn’t the only thing with a thermostat problem… She was bold and assertive… I was wondering!! If you’d mind dropping at my place.. it is about 5 miles up the road… Ahhh it would be my pleasure the least I could do for my nurse… His smile light up his whole face…

On the road in his car.. she was quiet…he looked over at her full legs her denim skirt cut short… she was brown from the desert sun.. he glance down to her feet… she wore sandals… she was well manicured right down to her perfect pink polish on her toes… He had always loved the soft roundness of full figured girls there large breasts.. full hips.. she was a dream to him… her lips moist to the touch.. he still felt them on his own.. He could still feel how her face fit in to his hands as he kissed her… She turned to look at him.. looking right in to his eyes… You’ll need to slow here or you’ll miss the drive way she managed… yes this is it and he pulled off on a dirt road the seemed to go deeper and deeper in to the desert night…curving it’s way around a few hills till they came to a clearing the in the middle of the desert …it was the most amazing oasis.. He was aw struck… palm trees lined the drive down to the house.. flowering cactus bloomed everwhere… The house made from red brick with arched windows and doorways… The dark teal trim was contrasted against the warm red ness of the brick… Cobble paths lead to the front door of the house .. What a beautiful place you have here he finely said while taking a deep breath… the stars in the sky were so bright and big that you could almost touch them .. He pulled the car to a stop at the front door.. She swung the door open… and sat there for a minute.. As she glanced over her shoulder her eyes looked again right at him.. aren’t you going to come in she said.. holding his gaze.. It made him nerves.. excited.. yeah a sure… She got up out of the car and as she did he watched her hips moving as she sundered away to the front door…unlocking it and going in.. As he stood stretched his legs. he looked at her moving from room to room turning on lights.. putting her things down she turned looking again right in his eyes through the screen door.. as she did she placed her hands behind her.. he watched her watching him.. He knew at that moment he wanted her so bad it made him weak… I have a bottle of Kendall Jackson chilled care to join me… Well it is getting late I’m not sure how far to the next motel and I’m kind of beat…he didn’t dare move or it would be a dead give away .. The bulged in his pants .. Damn he said!! Look I have a spear room in the bunkhouse out by the horses.. It is clean…

He stood looking at her so hard he felt transfixed.. Well are you coming in or not… sweat on his brow… ok.. She turned back to the breakfast bar.. opening a small refrigerator pulled out the bottle… where is your rest room.. down the hall second door right. thanks.. He walked down the hall noticing the tasteful artwork… Once safely in the bathroom he looked him self in the face… Just give Mr. Puffy a minute and maybe he would behave….running the cold water on his face…he felt more in control of him self. flushed the toilet even though he hadn’t used it and returned to the living room where he had left her.. There on the counter sat the bottle with two glass poured.. He wondered were she was… Hello!! He said no answer… hellllllo!! Picking up one of the glasses then the other maybe she went out side.. carrying the glass he managed to get the door open.. out in the courtyard he saw her.. lighting lanterns… I thought we could sit out here it is so beautiful tonight she said… you sit here and I’ll be back in a minute..

she move again to the house where she turned on Sade,, smooth operator sang out in the first note of the music… he though yikes… that be me… he hadn’t a clue!!! She had been in control from the minute he walked in to the restroom at the rest area… She wanted him… she was going to have him.. He sipped his wine while being simply amazed by the beauty around him… This place nuzzled the desert…

After half a glass of wine she returned he was facing away from her looming at the stars.. her soft humming gave her away… I see you decided…. His words dropped off as he turned to face her.. She took his breath away… as he looked at the black see through lace that silhouetted her large breast he watched the light dance through the lace as she move to him… looking in to his eyes the light reflecting from them. he could hardly speak… he was weak and trusty and she was the drink he wanted to take… Standing in front of one of the lanterns she began to move with the music…he watch the light between her legs as she moved. With each beat of the music she moved closer and close the rhythm of the music brought her to him.. the closer she got the hard it was to control his breathing not believing what was happening … She wanted him he was sure now .. he knew he would taste ever inch of her body before this night was over…

when close enough, he moved his hand around her waste one fluid movement his hand was under the lace and rested on the bareness of her hips.. then sliding his hand down the full curve of her ass.. his fingers tracing the crack till his middle finger rested at the base of it. Lightly stroking the fine hairs… As he did she melded right in to him.. her breath moving quickly from her mouth.. Arms encircling him.. Still holding his gaze.. Kissing him deeply.. Her kisses were different from their afternoon getting to know each other. She now knew her hunger would be feed..

Standing there holding him tightly she said.. Want to go in side? Is there anyone else around? Well ah no just the horses..

With that he picked her up in his arms kissed her again.. As he did he placed her gently on the table.. She was so lovely with the light dancing off her eyes.

What he loved most about her was her directness.. She seemed to look right inside of him to that very deep place, the one that kept him single all this time. It was a window to her and she had the ability to get through all his excuses. Hell, she didn’t even give him the opportunity to make an excuse. At that moment he realized, she had been in control the whole time.. Any other time that would have pissed him off but right now he was delighted. With everything in front of him, especially with what he saw in her. He was now in control and he knew this night, there would be no rest till, he drank every last drop she would offer him. She was eager, her movement told him so, and where he would explore..

She sat so easy on the edge of the table with her legs dangling.

Once again taking her face in his hands he kissed her biting and nibbling her mouth, then her forehead, then each of her checks. Moving to her ear, speaking softy I want to make love to you.. Right here. moving his mouth to her neck,, breathing deeply, and her perfume imbues his senses.. a moan from deep in his throat. Ummm again softly in her ear I’m going to taste every inch of you before this night ends. Do you know that? Can you feel that? Placing those thoughts in her mind made her juices flow. She began moving to the music as she did she leaned back on to her elbows pulling her legs up .

Exposing her self fully to his gaze. The lace laid there just on top of her pubic hairs, not touching with his hands but with his nose he pushed the nightgown up circling his nose around in the lace feeling the moistness that laid just below. She took a deep breath and as he began to move with her.. Little shrills came from her.. She laid back looking at the stars in the sky. The moon was making its way up the skyline , it was big as a house, and it filled the moment with magic. The music made her want to find their rhythm, she swayed her hips back and forth until his mouth rest fully on her. He stayed with her sucking and licking for what seemed minutes. He was lost in the thrill of her. The first wave came and went.. he was still with her.. his cock so hard he thought he would exploded with out being touched.. the second wave she is moving holding his head his face his ears pulling him deeper to her, the third wave washing over her now, she was a wild creature grabbing at him pulling her mouth to his, kissing him tasting her own juices from his mouth .. now his hands found her wetness he wasn’t done.. His fingers finding the wetness as pleasurable as his mouth did touching every place she would allow him to go.. For her there were no limits to her desire or the pleasure she allowed her self. So he found him self in full reign of this beautiful woman.

Only thing holding him back was his own mind and intentions. She now pulled at his clothing. He gave it up willingly. One piece at a time. First his shirt to reveal his full shoulders, his arms muscular.. his body full.. It matched her fullness. Then slowly she took hold of his belt. moving her sweet hand softly down the front of his trousers, rubbing lightly stroking just the tip of his cock. Pushing against her he felt weakness in his knees , It took everything inside him to keep control of him self.. It had been so long and this amazing woman was here ready, willing, He wanted it to last as long as possible. He pulled away.. The look on her face showed her shock. No baby girl it isn’t you, it has been a while. Then with out notice she was on her knees in front of him his pant around his knees she had him in her hands. Looking up at him right in his eyes she pulled him inside her mouth, Her hands moving up and down his legs. Nails digging softly in to the flesh on his ass.. he was so crazy with excitement. Wild with this woman.. She was going to drink from him as he stood there. Teasing him.. her tongue running the front of his cock.. As he watched her play with the head of he’s cock, he could see his juices in her mouth as she played with him teasing and releasing him.. he started to relax and enjoyed the pleasure she gave him watching the moon moving in to the sky. His leg ridged his ass tight he was going to cummmmming and she wasn’t releasing him until he did, the slightest movement she made brought the greatest pleasure but I’m going to cumm. she murmured, cumm baby cumm to me!! She reached up taking his nipple between her fingers rubbed them at that moment it was like the sky had come down to kiss him.. He had never in his life experienced such release.. right there under the stars with a woman he hardly knew.. Pulling at him.. as the jerking of his release subsided.. He felt weak. And lightheaded. She ran her hands up his body until they were around him. Stepping out of his pants and leaving them where they laid. They walked arm in arm in to the house. Down the hall past the tasteful art that hung on the wall to her room.. He knew this night had just begun and that there would never be another like it…

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