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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "I Traded Sex For Cable (part 1)".


I traded Sex for cable (Part 1)

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I traded Sex for cable. Chapter 1: Sounds odd but true. It was 1999, my husband was still in the military and we had two kids in school and we lived outside of Baltimore. Say what you want military pay isn?t that great. We had played the cable switch game for several years you know dropping one for a better deal for 6 months than dropping it for another. We had just switched again and the cable guy was to come in the morning. My husband made sure I understood no premium cables unless we could get them for free. We joked around and he said something like you know, if you want, you could trade him something and maybe get us HBO. I knew what he meant and realized he was really joking but the thought did have merit. We had visited a swing club probably four times and he was open to me playing around but I don?t think he thought I would do it. I must admit the thought crossed my mind. Not for the cable but for the adventure. The next morning came, we sent the kids off to the bus, My husband was ready for work and I was still in a night shirt not yet ready for the day. As he started the leave Mike grabbed my ass check and squeezed real tight and said something about, don?t forget, free HBO, give him what he wants. He laughed and left for work. I think it was here that I decided that if the cable guy was half way decent, I?d flirt and maybe fuck him. I put on a T-shirt with no bra (I am a 38D) and a pair of short work out shorts that were really two sizes too big for me. I knew if I sat in front of someone and opened my legs they would get a good view of my pussy. Around lunch time the door bell rang and there stood Sonny. He was a tall good looking black man in his early thirty?s. I had only been with one black man before. I had nothing against it but it just wasn?t my thing. But still I was kind of interested in how far I could go. Sonny worked on the cable and I sat on the couch causally letting him look up my shorts. I know from experience it only takes about 15 minutes to swap a cable box and check the line. He had been in the house nearly 30. I nervously brought up the subject of how expensive HBO and premium channels were. He agreed and made small talk. While he made one last adjustment to the back of the TV, I pulled my shorts to the side spread my legs wide and somehow found the courage to say ?Is there any way you can give us the pay channels for free?? He walked over to me stood with his crotch in my face and immediately put his fingers in my dripping pussy. I unbuckled his pants and started sucking his cock without saying a word. This was something out of porn movie is all I could think about, other than how hot I was. At this point I wasn?t sure I?d get free cable but I know he was going to get a good fuck. It took him no time to get hard and sucked his cock for all it was worth taking it balls deep down my throat. After a few minutes he pushed me back on the couch, slide my shorts off and pulled my shirt up over my head trapping my arms. With no hesitation he thrust his cock in my pussy. I came at once. I have always been known for multiple orgasms and this time was no exception. He fucked me long and hard for what seemed like forever. When he finally cam he yelled something about take it all bitch and emptied his load deep inside of me. I looked at the clock on top of the TV and it was 12:35 He had been fucking me hard for a good 30 minutes. As he pulled out of dripping pussy I could feel cum not dripping like my husband?s but pouring out of me. I took his cock and licked it clean then with residue cum on my lips asked if that meant we could have the good channels free. He laughed and said of course, he swapped out the box he had just installed with a ?Special one? that gave us every channel the company offered including the adult ones. I was actually excited for whoring myself out for cable. Sonny started to leave be said he would have to come back once in a while to make sure everything was okay. Before he left we set up a time for him to come back next Thursday during his lunch break. I walked him to the door still naked and dripping and told him I would be waiting. He told me to answer the door dressed like that, sexy naked, and wet. I smiled and he said good bye. I was so wet the rest of the day I masturbated 4 times before my husband came home. I took him straight to the bed room and fucked his brains out. After finishing up he asked what was going on? I told him we had all the pay channels. He knew then I had fucked the cable guy. We talked about it and being swingers he was okay with it. I told him I would probably do the guy again. He was still okay with it so long as promised to fuck him like this every time.

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