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I tickled Mum

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It was a lazy,ordinary day.

Mum was washing dishes in the kitchen sink.

I approached her quietly from the back.

All of a sudden I tickled her in the armpits

She giggled.

I continued.

I kissed her neck.

She squirmed.

I tickled her some more in her armpits.

I was expecting her to complain.

She simply said,"Son, stop it now, your dad is around!"

I whispered to her that I saw dad enter their bathroom.

Mum simply said,"Oh...”

I kissed her again in her neck.

She squirmed.

I kissed the tip of her left ear.

She had a soft moan.

I decided to tickle her again.

This time my hands were a lit bit lower, almost touching her bra.

Mum said,” son you are...tickling me so much!"

"You want me to stop?"

"Watch for your dad!"

"Mum, relax!"


I started unzipping her dress.

No complaints!

I stopped when I reached her bra at the back.

Then I heard dad's voice. From the living room, we heard dad’s voice...

"Honey, I’m going out. Will go to the gas station."

Mum replied,"Ah, ok, drive carefully!"

Then mum smiled at me and continued washing the dishes.

I whispered to her,” Can I tickle you again?"

No reply.

Instead of tickling her, I decided to continue unzipping her dress.

No complaints at all.

Her dress fell to the floor.

Mum was just in bra and panties.

"Listen carefully for dad's car!"

"No problem, mum!"

I asked mum,” Are you enjoying?"

She shyly nodded.

I whispered to her,” I am so aroused."

"Be careful, dad might arrive soon."

I kissed her neck again.

This time, I heard a load moan.

I decided to take a bolder move.

I unclasped her bra and then drew it down her arms.

I started to play with her soft breasts.

I tweaked mum's very erect nipples.

This time the moans were really very audible...

I gently cupped mum's breasts.

I couldn't help wondering if I was crazy for doing this.

But, at that moment, there was nowhere I would rather be than in her arms.

The delicate strains of mum's perfume and her arousal; it was a heady combination.

My body felt less tense, but my heart was racing.

I decided to be bolder.

I slowly slid mum's panties down passed her hips and off each leg!

Her silky panties were wet!

I asked mum to face me.

She was reluctant.

And then she faced me.

My mum naked, gloriously naked.

I looked upon her naked breasts so round and full.

Her dark nipples stood erect in contrast to her pale flesh.

I fondled each one lovingly rubbing my thumbs across mum's rigid nipples.

I decided to suck one of mum's nipples!

I run my tongue across the rough nub & continued to devour the luscious taste of mum's skin.

I then directed my attention to the other nipple

Mum entwined her fingers in my hair and held my head close to her.

When I had my fill again, I kissed mum so passionately.

I got carried away!

I lightly ran a finger between her legs.

I was almost sure that my touch in her wet pussy sent tremors rushing through mum's body!

I asked mum,” How do you feel?

"Ashamed, embarrassed!"

"Why mum???"

"I am completely naked in front of you! The only other man who has seen me naked is your dad!"

"Sorry mum. I got so carried away!"

"I should have asked you to stop tickling me!"

"No harm done, mum"

Mum's reply shocked me!

"But I feel sooooo horny!"


"Sorry son,I feel so aroused now!"

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