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I sit here all alone on a friday night.....(fantasy, role playing)

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I sit here all alone on a Friday night. The house is quiet but I keep hearing something outside. At least I think I do. It could be my imagination. I do have a wild imagination that runs away from me when I am alone. I turn the TV up louder so I can?t hear the outside so well and go back to playing my game online. Drinking my drink slowly, wondering why I am drinking alone, I decide to take a shower. I get all my stuff together and lay it out on the bed. I turn on the water and get it right. Down comes my hair that has been in a bun all day long, I brush it out and climb into the shower.

?Fuck it,? I think to myself and shave everything in need of shaving, no one is going to see it but at least I will know it is done. After shaving myself thoroughly, I wash and rinse my hair and scrub my body well. I linger in the shower for a moment more letting the water run over my body caressing my nipples as it slides over my curves. I run my hands over my erect nipples leaving one hand there to pull on it and slide the other hand between my legs. Of course, I am horny as hell. I slowly flick my finger across my clit alternating between sliding my fingers deep inside me. My breathing quickens as I get more excited. I moan out loud, Hell there is no one home to hear me if I do I think as I start to move my fingers faster. Flicking and fucking myself. I am just about to cum when I hear a loud bang in the house. I freeze. I wonder to myself what I heard. I know I locked the door. That was the first thing I did when hunny left for work. I turn off the water and reach out for my towel. I wrap my hair in it and grab my robe not bothering to dry off. I walk carefully into the living room and see where my purse had feel from the table to the floor. Laughing at myself I walk back into the bathroom to dry my hair. I pull it back in a barrette when I am done and walk into the bedroom to put on my clothes. Still horny as hell I get dressed, dressing for him in the morning, for him to find me in bed all dressed and ready for him. I slip into the black satin nighty that I know he loves and put on the black lacy boy shorts that seem to set off the outfit. I spray some of my Jasmine body spray on my ankles, wrists, back of my knees and my neck. I crawl into bed and finish myself off before falling to sleep. At about 3 am I wake up, feeling fuzzy headed and not knowing why I woke up. I get up and walk into the kitchen to get me a glass of water. I notice the light is on in the den and don?t remember leaving it on. I walk towards the den not even going in I reach in a flick off the switch. Now walking by the light over the stove I head back to bed. I hear something behind me and start to turn when I feel hands wrap around me from behind. I scream and the hands instantly tighten on me. My assailant wasn?t saying a word. I struggled but he seemed to like it a lot. I could hear his breathing getting heavier as I tried to break free. I thought I had my chance when one hand released me only to come up to my hair. He wound his hand in my hair pulling my head back exposing my neck to his mouth. He bit me, not hard, just enough for me to realize my body was responding to him and his roughness. The arm that was wrapped around me found my nipple and twisted in through the nighty. I gasped loudly and a moan escaped before I could stop it. This encouraged him. I hadn?t made it out of the hallway before he grabbed me and he shoved me against the wall. His hand never leaving my hair He pulled my gown off my shoulder and tugged it down my body. He was holding my face against the wall as the satin slipped over my hips and to the floor. I felt his hand on my panties and I winced when he yanked them down, I heard the lace rip. Next thing I know he was against me holding me against the wall with his body as his hands traveled over my nakedness. One hand always lingered on my nipples while the other found my slit. Not saying a word he nudged my legs apart and slipped a finger inside my wetness. Gasping for air from the attack I moaned loudly when his finger slipped inside me first one then two keeping on until he had four fingers inside me. Twisting and pulling on my nipple as he started to finger my wet pussy. I begged him to stop as my body begged for more. He never said a word he just kept assaulting my cunt with his fingers until I couldn?t stand it anymore I felt the pressure building and I knew he felt it too. With a final twist of my nipple and a bite on the neck he got what he wanted I came all over his fingers. Waves of pleasure rocked my body as he slowly removed his fingers. His hand in my hair again he turned my face to the side and pushed his fingers into my mouth, I sucked them greedily. When I had sucked all of my stickiness off of his fingers he turned me around roughly and pushed me back against the wall. He kicked my feet apart and his mouth found mine, his hand in my hair pushing my mouth against his. With his free hand he unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. I felt his cock rubbing against my belly when he leaned in to kiss me harder. The hand in my hair grabbed one of my wrists and his other hand grabbed the other. He pulled my arms above my head and held both hands in one of his. With his other hand he grabbed my leg at the knee and pulled it off of the floor. I was so wet it didn?t take much for him to slide his hard cock inside of me. After a few deep thrusts he released my wrists and grabbed the other leg propping me against the wall as he thrust harder and harder into me. My legs wrapped around him wanting to draw him as deep as I could inside me. My hands found his back and my nails tore at his skin. With each thrust he drove me closer to the edge. With each thrust he crushed me against the wall. His mouth found my nipples and alternated between them sucking hard on my erect nubs. He slowed down and shifted his arms so that my knees were resting over his elbows. This spread me so far open that he was able to thrust deeper inside of my twitching pussy. By now I am beyond begging him to stop now I am begging him to fuck me harder, goading him on, telling him to fuck it good. He never lets up, thrusts after thrust he goes deeper inside of me until I feel like I am going to split apart. Through it all he has never made a sound. His breathing is heavy and I can feel him swell inside me. Picking up the speed on each thrust I am pushed over the edge a second time by him and I scream out that I am cumming. My cunt tightens around his tool and my body starts to shake. Three more deep thrusts and he holds me hard against the wall as he spills himself inside of me. Moving slowly he slides in and out of me a few more times before slipping his cock out of me. Slowly he lowers me to the floor. I sit there in a daze trying to catch my breath when I hear him pull up his pants and he walks away. Before I can get up he is out the door and gone. I numbly retrieve my nighty and put it back on. Searching for my panties and not finding them I give up and go back to bed. Thinking to myself that hunny sure planned that well??.or did he?

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