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I owe you

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TJ and I have been great friends since we first met in College. TJ was a ladies man in those days. He had a date every day of the week, where I had to study just to past the time. One evening Tim came over and said man its Saturday night come on and lets go out and have some fun. I met this girl she is gorgeous. Blonde, blue eys, nice breast, gorgeous butt, But she wont go out with me if I dont find a date for her friend. He said if you do this for me I will owe you.

I said TJ you will owe me big time. So, we went out. His date was gorgeous, mine date was beautiful as well. She was a brunette. TJ knew I only dated blondes. Its something about there beautiful skin, long legs that jst turn me on.

So, anyway I went out anyways. We went to a club and we drank alot. I dont know how in the we got home the next morning. But when I woke up Tracy my date was laying there next to me. TJ was in the spare bedroom with his girl Tara. All I remember he had her moaning and screaming all thru the night.

I stayed in contact with TJ thru out the years. We both got married. We are both on our second wife now. I was the best man for his first marrage but we just stopped after the second. I moved to the east coast and TJ stayed in San Diego. I called TJ Thursday afternoon and told him, I was going to be in town and wanted to see if he wanted to get together for a drink. He said James its good to hear from you, sure I will pick you up at the airport. I also told TJ I was having some problems at home and I wanted to get together so we can have a good time like we did back in the old days.

I said TJ you owe me big time. He said I know, You are cashing in that chip huh.

He still remembered how much I loved tall blondes in high heels. I arrived at the airport, I called TJ and he said he was not going to be able to pick me up but would catch up with me Saturday. He told me that there was someone there to pick me up and show me a great time. As I walked thru the airport I saw a beautiful lady. A blonde about 6'-0" tall. She was wearing a short mini black skirt, stiletto shoes and a white blouse that was barely holding on to two of the most beautiful breast I had ever seen in my life.

As I was looking at her, she smiled and said are you James. I said I am. TJ send me to pick you up.

I said how did he manage to do that. Well, Connie said lets just say I owe him one.

She said, I have limo waiting for us. We are going to go have dinner and then we can go dancing. TJ told me you love to dance. I do. We headed for the restaurant and we sat down. Our menu was already prepared for us.

Wow, how did you manage to know what I was going to have. Lets just say TJ has told me everything about you.

Everything. She said everything. The champain came, Steak and Lobster. I told her that she looked gorgeous. Wow could not describe how beautiful you look. She said thank you. We started talking about my best friend TJ. We started to have a great time. We had more champain and After dinner She said come on.

Where are we going. There is a club I want to go to, its in downtown. We walked outside and got in to the limo. The champain was hitting me.

I said you have very beautiful blue eyes. Connie looked at me and said thank you and kissed me. I just caved in.

We kissed and touched each other until we got to the Club. We walked out and the there was a long line stretching a few blocks away. She said come on. We walked straight in. Connie said that TJ took care of everything. We went in. The place was packed.

The music was going. We headed right to the dance floor and we started to dance. Connie and I were having such a great time that I had forgotten my past for at least one evening. I was happy for a change.

We sat down and ordered drinks at a VIP table that was waiting for us. We sat for a few minutes just in time for me to catch my breath and then Connie said are you ready lets go dance. We went out again. We danced Hip Hop and then they changed it to a slow song.

I grabbed her hand and we held each other close. I could smell her perfume. It was obsession, I think. I was so turned on. I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing her. When she felt me cock. She said lets go. She grabbed my hand and I followed her. She sqeezed my hand.

We got in the limo and then she jumped me and started to kiss me. I could not take it anymore.

I kissed her and felt every inch of her body. She unzipped my pants and took my cock in her hand and guided in her mouth. I said wow. I was in heaven.

She sucked my cock hard and really deep. After a few a minutes I unloaded a load of cum.

She swallowed every drop. I could not take it anymore. I wanted to fuck her right there and then.

We got to her house. As we walked in, we peeled our clothes and scattered them all over the place.

We went to the Guest Bedroom which was righ off the main entrance of the door. She was standing there with nothing on except for her stilettos. I said you look beautiful. She pushed me into the bed and got on top of me and kissed me. She started to lick every inch of my body. going down on my chest, stomack, and finally she arrived. My cock was waiting for her beautiful mouth. She dove in and then she went further down.

She was in total control. She got my legs and pushed them up and held them there with her hands.

She then started to lick and kiss me where no woman had ever gone. She kissed my cock, sack and then she went a little further showing close attention to the area near my ass. I had never had anyone lick me in that area before. She went wild. She continued to circle around my ass and then she finally took the leap. She started to suck my ass, kissing it sucking it. She held my cock in her hand and felt ever move I was making. She then came up for air and she started to ride me hard, taking all of my cock in her. She was truely amazing.

As I shot another load of cum in her. I could feel she was enjoying ever minute. I then rolled her over and placed her legs over my shoulders and fucked her really hard. As I was fucking her, I was remembering how much I used to enjoy fucking my wife this way.

So, I just put all my energy into it as she layed. We fucked for several hours that morning. We fell asleep.

The next morning, I heard voices coming from the Kitchen.

I woke up and headed to the Kithcen and saw TJ and Connie there together. She smiled and said good morning James. Good morning. TJ looked at me and said.

James I like for you to meet Connie, my wife.

I started to say something, when they both said You dont have to say anything James. Just say thank you. I said THANK YOU and smiled. May I have some coffee. She hugged me and kissed me. You were great James. We spend the morning together catching up and then TJ had to take me to the airport.

When we go to the airport TJ said You Owe Me now.

I sure do dont I.

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