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I have a confession to make

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while I was at the Gym today I was kind of naughty...I guess I should come clean. I was working out with the weights today, there were several guys up there working out as well. While I was doing my Lat Pull, I noticed a couple of guys looking my way, I didn't really think anything of it, they were much younger than me, so I didn't really pay much attention to their stares. I continued my working out, eventually, I realized they both moved directly in front of the machine I was on. It was completely obvious now that he was making eye contact. Now that I noticed it, I started to check him out. He was tall, maybe 6ft, looked liked he worked out often, very fit, packing the guns. He had on a muscle shirt so the arms were noticeable. Not only big arms but covered in Celtic style dark tattoos. he wasn't much to look at above the shoulders, but not sure that really matters. If I'm being honest, I worked out just a little longer than I meant too, I guess to see if he'd talk to me....right before I decided he wasn't really into older woman, he made contact with some small talk. I never really intended for things to go any further, baby, I think I was just flattered that any guy would be attracted to me. He asked where my workout partner was....I told him I workout alone, I didn't really lie, you don't workout with me. He must of got the idea I was single from that....I moved on to free weight curls and he asked if I'd like a spot. I mean, what's wrong with a little flirting, so I said....great, thanks. He moved in pretty close, just the weight bar between us. He spotted me a couple of reps, but then suggested my form was lacking, to my surprise, he moved in behind me...and assisted me by placing his hands on the bar and moved it up and down with my movement. He was pressed up against my back, ass, and I could feel his breath on my neck. I thought I would drop the bar..I wished you were there to witness...I was getting turned on having that hard bod touching mine. He must have been too....I felt his cock just slightly above my ass...I could tell he was hard. He asked how much working out I had to do, I told him I was about finished, but was going to wind down in the hot tub...he asked if he could join me. I said what the hell....

I went to the locker room, I thought I should better call you, but then decided, asking permission would be much harder than asking for forgiveness in this situation. And, honestly, I was thinking if it panned out, I might could introduce you two in a later meeting. I put on my bathing suit, which just happened to be a two piece, with a low cut top. I went out to the hot tub and he was waiting in the corner of the tub...he got up and helped me in. We talked about his tats and he turned me around to look at mine. He began touching the tat between my shoulder blades...he asked if I had any others, I told him I had one on my lower back, he asked to see it, I stood up and he out both hands on my hips and slipped his finger in the top of my bathing suit bottoms to expose the lower tat. he went far enough to lightly grace the top of my ass. It was hot to be in the tub with little on...and his chest and abs now exposed as well. He was very touchy under the water, touching my legs and arms, I could tell he was wondering how far he could go. I sort of lost my mind a little, I'd seen his chest, his 6 pack, and his guns, I wondered if the rest of the goods measured up. I just, without thinking, put my hand on his trunks, he was hard and from what I could tell, it wasn't too shabby. I asked him if that was okay...he grinned and said it was more than okay..and could he explore a little too. I agreed, I felt things really couldn't get out of hand in a public hot tub, I was somewhat wrong about that. He said he had first noticed the girls today and was at the moment dying to touch them, he placed his hands on the outside of my swim top and seemed pleasantly surprised at how they filled his hands. I'm not sure how you really know that you are wet in the water, but believe me I was. He was kind in that he was nice enough to pull his trunks down just enough for me to get my hand on his rock hard cock. There was no real way for me to get my top down, so he went for my bottoms....I lifted one leg for easier access, and he slipped a finger in was really hard to keep my composure. He must of gotten worried about how it all looked, so he asked me to hold on and allow him to get himself together, he had a better idea, if I was game. I mean I'd already crossed the line, so I said OK....he grab his towel, and left the hot tub. He was gone for about a min, he came back and reached for my hand...I didn't ask any questions, just let him pull me up out of the hot tub and I followed...right into the sauna. It was empty...and there was a lock on the door. He moved quickly, as if he was worried someone would try and get in. He sat me up on the first level, and untied my top .... it dropped and out fell the girls, he immediately covered my breasts with his hands and then his mouth..I could finally express my pleasure since we were alone. He moved down to my bottoms and pulled them from me. He fingered me until I was dripping wet, and then moved in with his was hot, in more ways than one....we were sweating and getting hotter and hotter. I was able to stop him for a brief moment and was able to reach his trunks and I pulled them down, and I invited him inside...we fucked for a matter of mins and came hard and quick. I thanked him and got myself together, as did he and we went our separate ways. I went to the ladies locker room to get my things....on the way out, I ran into him leaving too. I sweetly asked what kind of car he had.....a truck. so, I you have somewhere to be? to which he replied..."No, need a "ride" somewhere?" I said...yes.....

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