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I Wish You Were Here Tonight

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I wish you were here tonight. I would love to have you in my bed. I would have the stereo on low with saxophone music playing. The wall is flickering with the sight of candles. The room is dancing with anticipation. You walk in and your senses are flooded with the smell of flowers filling the air. The room is filled with obsession. The excitement in the room has you so stimulated. I touch your shoulders and you feel the excitement of my desires to have you. I pull you into my body and you feel my warmth and my stiffness at the same time. I let your press your body into mine. We start kissing passionately. I communicate with my actions that I have the full intent to have all of you.

My thoughts are being focused on pleasing you and slowly I start to take your blouse off. And I unsnap your skirt and let it fall to the floor and create a flower around your feet. My hands slip behind your back and unleash your beautiful twins. My eyes see them I immediately want them in my mouth and I suck your nipples and with my hands I cup them and gently squeeze them, bringing them up and filling my mouth with such succulent pleasure. I slip my hands down your ribs and you feel my strength in my hands as they move to your panties. My fingers run the rim of them as see your excitement build. I slowly bend down with my mouth in front of your wet pussy and I smell your wetness... and you start to feel my breath warming your panties. My fingers are still running the rim of your panties and the anticipation of me touching your pussy is now driving you to begin to push your pussy into my face. I feel your hips moving and I now know that is the signal I can take your panties off. You are long on your way in desires for me and I read your body telling me how much you want me.

Slowly I start to lick the rim of your panties and sticking my tongue in inside the elastic band and you feel my tongue trying to get deeper in your panties.... and as my tongue begins to struggle to work its way to your sweet spot it seems like the tongue is making such slow progress as my hands very slowly pull them down, making you think its it’s my tongue doing all the work. All of sudden I smell your sweetness... my tongue runs flat and starts licking just above your pussy. Your hair is feeling the warmth of my breath. Your panties fall and become the flowering touch to the pile of clothes that surround your step out of the clothes so you can spread your legs... I read your body and its desires of my tongue to press your wetness. I am down on my knees... and I start to lick your pussy with the wideness of my tongue, I feel your body begin to tighten... and I know your orgasism have started to flood begin to bend your knees trying to make more room for me to lick your honey, then you grab the wall to brace yourself and place your leg on my shoulder so I have your pussy open to feel my tenderness on your click as I tease it and telling it I want your body.

You are moaning and I know now is the time to pick you up and lay you into bed.... I place you on your back.... and start to lick your legs... kissing the back of the knees... Then down your calf to your ankle... then slowly and passionate licking and kissing your feet..... Your hips are moving back and forth and I watch them to see when it is time to give you my hardness. I move to the other foot.. and start the process back up your other leg... I see your hips moving and you're moaning... telling me you want me .... I get back to your pussy and its now very wet.. There are fluids dripping toward your ass... I lick you and I know I have been ready for some time... but I have been waiting for the honey to be hot before I start... and now I know you are hot and ready to take me.... I start to move up your torso... licking your belly and then your ribs....with long strokes of my tongue starting low and moving up to your breast... you feel my cock against your legs touching your inner thighs as I reach the upper part of your chest.. I hear you whispering to me, telling me you want me now! I take a hold of my cock and rub it across your pussy, you move up trying to get it to penetrate your I just rub it up and down touching your clit and then down and feeling your wetness that is flowing... you are calling out for me... and I cant control my hunger to have you... I take both of my arms and hook them under your legs and move them up to your chest area... your legs are up in the air and your pussy is wide open... waiting for my big cock.. I push it in a little and my eyes watch your delight... and see the hunger in your eyes that only you and I can fill in each other... your eyes open wide and I know now is the time to push it all in.... I fuck you slowly and tenderly... kissing you deeply and our passions have taken over and we are no longer thinking but just acting on instinct. I lick your lips... and slowly keep passionately working your pussy.... I now move my legs up tight under you and you feel me in deeper.... and you begin moaning... talking to me as you have before in our passion...I begin telling you my deepest thoughts of how I want you and how your fill my hunger. I feel your pussy contracting regularly as your climaxes are flowing one after another... soon the heat of our bodies are soon seems to melt then together and we seem like we are one... then you hear me begin to make sounds and you know I am gong to be soon cum cock gets real hot and larger.. its seems like its on fire... then you feel the first burst of my manhood in your intense pussy... it shoots over and over as if its pumping out and I feel every contraction of your body is going wild and you feel my hot cum. It’s all like a fever that is ending and our bodies are spent..... We lay there quietly enjoying the afterglow of our bodies touching and making love to each other.... soon I feel you stir... you whisper something to me.... I am in another world and don’t hear it all.... I don't want to spoil the moment by saying what?... so I just squeeze you and soon my cock has shrunk up and its is now contracting itself coming out of your sensitive pussy... every little shrinkage seems so real.. Soon you feel it pass your lips and now it hangs touching your body...... I look you into your eyes and you feel my passion.... you know I loved the way you have given yourself to me... and I move down your body... your body twitches... I begin to lick your breast... the wetness of your chest... and down your ribs... and then your thighs... I lick your wetness dripping out of your pussy.... I lick your pussy cleaning it up.... I feel your body twitching more and more your hips are moving into me... I then stick my tongue deep into your pussy grabbing as much of love potion we both just made together and bring it back to you to share.... the passions ignite as we share what we have made together...

The man that can tame you...

Your lover

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