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I Have a Date with My Golfing Buddy’s Wife

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As you will recall from our previous story; Rick, my golfing partner, had a hot date with my wife. My wife was more than happy to arrange a date for me with Rick?s wife Lisa. Lisa is five years older than her husband, but doesn?t look it. She is an attractive brunette with a short hair style. She is 5?8? and about 130 lbs. She has smaller tits than my wife, but her legs are as good. In fact, in a short dress the best way to describe her is ?LEGS?. I did find out from my wife that Lisa was totally shaved which I love. By day she is a conservative and reserved third grade teacher. By night she is a hot and sluttish wife.

My date with Lisa was scheduled for Friday night after my regular golf match with Rick. (We moved the tee off time to the morning, because I was taking Lisa to a quaint and historic city on the Wabash River and it was about a one hundred mile drive.) A different golf course (look for the smile face water tower), but the same result; me ?beating him like a drum?. I felt bad beating him at golf knowing that for the next twenty-four hours I would be romancing and fucking his wife while he had to ?beat his meat?. Hopefully, giving him another date with my wife would lift his spirits.

After picking Lisa up at her house, we headed up the highway. Lisa was dressed in tight black jeans, melon colored camisole, melon plaid shirt, and coordinating dress sandals. More than casual, but very hot. I decided against the interstate route and opted for a more scenic journey. While we were driving, Lisa and I discussed a whole array of subjects including her career, her kids, her long term goals, her marriage (which was as strong as mine), Rick, sports and leisure activities, and even current affairs. I was amazed at how intelligent and balanced a person she was.

As we drove the last ten miles, Lisa began to discuss the date plans. Smiling Lisa said, ?I know that the restaurant we?re eating at tonight has been advertised on television and it is named after a flowering plant. But can you tell me about what its specialty dishes are?? With a tone of authority, I said, ?Well, several items; but what I like best is the duck in plum sauce with cranberries. Also, the pecan breaded chicken with apples and a caramel sauce is excellent. They even have chateaubriand for two, which was so popular about forty years ago. I thought may be we could order the duck and pecan chicken and share.? With a giggle Lisa said, ?Sounds good to me. I guess that we will be sharing many things before getting home tomorrow.? Agreeing I said, ?In the summer we need to come here as a foursome for their dinner theater. In fact, if we take a few extra days; we can drive across the state to another nice bed and breakfast on the Ohio River.? ?That sounds great! What the heck is this?? Lisa quizzingly said. Laughing I said, ?It?s just an old and narrow toll bridge. Our destination is on the other side.?

As we rolled off the bridge and into the town, Lisa exclaimed, ?I love the charm of this place. Look at those old homes. They?re neat!? In response I said, ?Let?s go and check into the inn. Then we can walk to town and go through the antiques shops and gift stores.? With a sly grin, Lisa responded, ?First, let?s have a little fun and then we can shop.?

Once we were in the room, Lisa remarked, ?I like the rustic décor and the fireplace is nice. Did you notice how the wooden plank floors squeak?? Nodding, I explained, ?Yes and since the floors are not carpeted, so I packed a foam mattress and sheet for in front of the fireplace. Also, that?s why I got the first floor; so that we don?t keep the neighbors up a night.? With a smile Lisa said, ?So your plans are to have wild sex all night?? Smiling back, I said, ?Yes and I am hoping to go home tomorrow with a sexual hang over! Now what kind of fun did you want to have before we go shopping??

As Lisa kicked off her sandals and began removing her jeans, she said, ?All day the anticipation of this date has caused me an increased arousal and sexual tension. I need to have an orgasm to relax and stop my clitoral itch. The whole drive I could feel my clit and was aware of my vaginal area.? With the last word she stepped out of jean and laid on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs and requested of me, ?Remove my panties and eat my pussy.?

As I knelt down, I remembered why I liked the added height of older beds. My head was at the perfect height to view and eat Lisa?s pussy. Slowly I slid her thong down and over her knees and feet. My eyes feasted upon a beautiful shaved and smooth treasure. I noticed that she had a labia piercing and a tattoo. With a big grin, I said, ?What?s with the bee hive tattoo?? Impatiently Lisa said, ?I?ll tell you the story later tonight. For now just get eating on my pussy, big boy.?

I wasn?t going to argue. I dove between her legs and started to lick her clit. As she moaned, I softly bite her clit and sucked her labia. I liked the feel of her gold ring in my mouth. Of course, I liked the feel of her pussy better. I licked and sucked every part of her pussy. I tongue fucked her pussy and licked her ass hole. I even tongue fucked her anus. I replaced my mouth with my finger and inserted it up her ass hole. She moaned and begged me to lick her clit faster and harder. After about five minutes, I could feel waves of orgasmic contractions in her vagina and ass hole. As I stood up and began to unzip my pants to fuck her, she said, ?Hold on there Mr. Wonderful, save that for later. We need to stroll the town before it gets too late.? All that I could say was, ?What.? Lisa said consolingly, ?Don?t worry; your tool will get a work out tonight and tomorrow morning. I guarantee it, or I?ll refund all of your expenses times two. Let me quickly clean up and we can go.?

As we walked the quiet streets, I enjoyed holding Lisa?s hand and occasionally kissing her. As we browsed the gift shops and antiques stores, I was amazed at how knowledgeable Lisa was about the value of items and how to tell fakes and reproductions. We purchased a Toby mug for Rick and a copper garden frog for my wife. I discovered that Lisa collected glazed corn pieces. Oh, the city girl with the country flare.

Upon returning to the inn and our room, Lisa and I got naked and stepped into the shower. Lisa mentioned, ?Let?s shower together, but I want to get dressed without you present. I want the outfit that I am wearing tonight to be a surprise.? I said, ?No problem, after I get dressed I?ll walk the grounds outside. You come and find me.? Once in the shower, Lisa began to wash my back and ass with soap. I turned around and she washed my chest and cock. Almost, instantaneously, I had an erection as I played with her tits and fingered her pussy. Lisa continued to stroke my erection with the sudsy washcloth. I moved around her and pressed my hard cock into her ass crack. As she bent forward, the water from the shower flowed down over her back and ass crack. I slowly entered her pussy with my cock. Grapping her hips, I began to powerfully pull her back and forth on my erection. Lisa fingered her clit as my cock pounded her pussy. Before long, I ejaculated inside her wet pussy. Lisa said, ?Came already and the evening is still young. I hope that you have enough energy to finish the night, because I haven?t had enough orgasms yet.? ?I wouldn?t worry about that, I took a Cialis.? I responded back. Lisa laughed and said, ?You know that one of the side effects is an erection that can last over four hours. And you should seek medical attention.? Jokingly I said, ?If that happens, the only attention I am seeking is YOU!?

After dressing, I walked outdoor and along several paths. I ended at the indoor pool. As I was testing the water?s temperature I heard a voice calling my name. I yelled out, ?Lisa, I am here by the indoor pool. Come through the rose garden and down the path. Be careful of the sandstone steps, they?re slippery.? Just as I was opening the sliding door, Lisa appeared. She looked fabulous. She was dressed in a short, sleeveless, and clinging cream colored dress with a hem that was gathered in the center almost to her crotch. Her hose and heels matched the dress. It was apparent that she was not wearing a bra. However, I inquired, ?I bet that you don?t have anything on under that dress?? Lisa said, ?That?s for me to know and for you to find out later. This is a nice pool, may be we can take a swim after dinner.? I responded back, ?No, I don?t think that we will have the time. After dinner we?re going to take a horse-drawn carriage ride. May be we can take a dip in the tomorrow.?

As the hostess seated us in the dining room, Lisa was the center of attention. Not only did the guys stare, but the gals looked also. Instead of sitting across from Lisa, I purposely sat next to her. In addition to sharing our dinners of duck and pecan breaded chicken, we shared each other?s bodies. I was constantly stroking her thighs and knees and she was feeling the front of my pants. After dinner as we left the dining room, I hoped no one saw the tent in my pants. As was planned, the carriage was in front of the restaurant. As Lisa stepped up into the carriage, I was able to tell that she was not wearing panties.

There was a slight chill in the night air and I gave Lisa my sport coat to wear. In addition, the driver handed us a wool blanket to cover our laps and legs. During the ride I fingered her pussy and stroked her clit. She unzipped my pants and stroked my cock and grabbed my balls. In addition, we passionately French kissed. Lisa whispered as the ride was ending, ?I was envious of our spouse?s date and couldn?t imagine anything as good. But, I was wrong.? In response I said, ?This date is only half over. It?s just going to get better.?

Back in the room, Lisa said, ?Start the fireplace and make up your little bed. I am going to change into something more comfortable.? As Lisa disappeared into the bathroom, I laid out the foam mattress and sheets. I turned off all the lights and by the glow of the fire poured two glasses of white wine. For background music I choose ?Love Songs? by Chicago.

As the second song began, Lisa appeared and said, ?Can I have that glass of wine?? I turned and my jaw dropped three feet. She was dressed in black bra with rhinestone accents, black garter belt with rhinestones, bra panties with (yes) rhinestones, black hose, and black heels. Around her neck was a rhinestone choker necklace and she had matching earrings. I got an instant erection.

I motioned for her to come closer. Lisa said jokingly, ?No, bring that sausage here for me to eat.? ?No, let?s do 69 with you on top!? I remarked. As I licked and sucked her pussy, she gave me a great blow job. We must have eaten each other for nearly twenty minutes. At that point Lisa became so hot and her pussy itched so badly for my cock. She mounted my erection and rode it like a wild cowgirl. As she was bouncing on my cock, I was squeezing her tits and sucking her hard nipples. I could feel her clit as she rubbed against my pelvic area. As she had an orgasm, I ejaculated inside of her pussy. She climbed off and snuggled up against me. I could feel my semen dripping from her pussy.

After cuddling for about thirty minutes I felt Lisa holding my new erection. I told her, ?Turn around is only fair. What do you want me to do for you?? Without hesitating Lisa replied, ?Please fuck me doggy style, let me get on all fours.? Grabbing her hips, I plowed my cock into her pussy. I pounded her with an extremely fast rhythm. Lisa was moaning and enjoying every thrust. I could feel that she was fingering her clit as I rammed her pussy. I couldn?t believe it, we had another orgasm together. Lisa collapsed to the floor and in a short time was fast asleep. Smiling I remove her shoes, put a pillow under her head, and covered her with a blanket. I crawled in next to her and held her in my arms.

The next morning I wanted a quickie before going to the breakfast buffet. Lisa agreed and let me fuck her from behind while she was lying on her side. While fingering her aroused clit, my cock rocked her pussy. She moaned with enjoyment as I slammed my cock into her slit and my balls into the crack of her sweet ass. I didn?t take long and unloaded another flow of warm cum into her pussy.

As we were eating breakfast, I remarked, ?You look fabulous even with less make up. Thanks for a hot night.? With a smile Lisa said, ?Let?s take a swim in the pool before we leave.? As we walked back to our room, we held hands and seemed to skip instead of walk. Just like two kids on a first date. It felt so good, that we continued to walk the grounds and take in the sights. Everywhere there were flowers, roses, birds singing, and the smells of spring.

Upon entering the room, I grabbed Lisa and began to passionately kiss her. She seemed surprised, but enjoyed it. I slowly backed her to the bed and forced her down. As I grabbed her wrists, I pinned her to the bed. With a moan she said, ?I just love to be restrained and have no control.? That?s all the encouragement that I needed. After removing my shoes, socks, and pants; I ripped Lisa?s shorts and panties off. I threw her legs on the bed and again pinned her hands to the bed. My cock entered her waiting pussy and I rammed her harder and harder. She moaned with delight as my lips kissed her neck and ears. I could feel her body tense up as she had another orgasm. I continued to fuck her, even after she went limp. As I was about to ejaculate, I pulled out and came over her shaved pussy and stomach. I collapsed onto her and rolled off to her side.

In no time Lisa recovered and said, ?Look at the time. We better get down to the pool for a swim. Remember we need to be home early enough for your date night with your wife. Also, I need time to tell Rick ALL the details of our date.? Still feeling weak, I said, ?Well okay, let?s put on our suits and walk down. There are huge beach towels at the pool.? With a grin, Lisa said, ?Speaking of suits, wait until you see the new one I purchased for this trip.? Opening her suitcase she pulled out a bag and went into the bathroom to change.

Before coming out she said, ?Close your eyes and don?t peek until I tell you to look.? ?Okay.? was all that I could say. When she said, ?Okay look.? my mouth fell over and my eyes bugged out. It was the smallest bikini that I had ever seen. In fact it was only three small triangles of materials. Two barely covering her nipples and a third over her pussy. As she turned around, I was pleasantly surprised to only small cords of string. Her ass was totally visible and her firm cheeks looked tremendous. I cautioned her by saying, ?On second thought you better cover up with a towel from the room. This is a very conservative area and I don?t want you to be arrested for indecent exposure.? She said, ?Do you think it?s too small?? I remarked back, ?Not for me or Rick. I can tell that the summers are going to have a nice view around the pool.? Reluctantly, Lisa wrapped a towel around her waist as we walked to the pool.

Luckily we were the only ones in the pool area. As we entered the water, it felt just right. The sun was shining and so was Lisa. I had to comment, ?Lisa, you just radiate a confidence. Rick must be a great husband who builds you up both emotionally and verbally.? She remarked, ?Yes, but he has been much better since you have been his friend. He has confided in me that you challenge him not only on the golf course; but as a man and husband. Besides, he has read every book that you have given him on becoming a better husband and father.? Blushing I said, ?You?re too kind. It?s easier for Rick, because he has a good heart and is sensitive to the needs of others.?

Lisa and I kissed in the pool as we sat on the underwater stairs. I couldn?t believe it, but I had another erection. Lisa could feel it also. She pulled off my trunks and pulled her bottoms to the side and guided my cock into her pussy. As we passionately kissed, my cock stroked her pussy. I came in no time. As I put my trunks on, I hated to think of our date ending. As she walked up the stair and out of the pool, I got a final glimpse of her beautiful ass. However, I knew that I would get to see it a lot of it during the summer at their pool parties and cook outs.

For the drive home, Lisa wore a short white skirt, sandals, an unbuttoned powder blue cotton shirt tied in a knot just below her boobs, and no panties or bra. Lisa was exhausted and took a nap on the drive home. As we drove the interstate, I noticed that many of the truck drivers were giving her the once over. With her seated partly reclined, her skirt had ridden up her thighs and her pussy was clearly visible. In addition, one of tits was almost falling out of the shirt. I purposely slowed down next to some of them and drove for miles side by side. With one particularly good looking driver, I played longer. If I had to move out of the passing lane for traffic, I would slow down to allow him to pass. He would then slow down so I could pass and get along side. This went on for about 30 miles, until I turned off south and he went north.

Fifteen before home, Lisa awoke and said, ?Oh, my pussy is exposed. Did you like the view?? I said, ?I loved it and so did several truck drivers. Now tell me about the tattoo.? With a smile Lisa remarked, ?I did promise to tell you that story. I have a female friend who owns a tattoo parlor and body piercing shop. She did the bee hive over my pussy with me being the queen bee over my clit. The other bees are males that I add as I have new sexual partners. I guess that I?ll be going to see her this week to add you. How about if I put you on my left tit?? I responded back, ?No, I would prefer to be on an ass cheek.? Lisa laughed and said, ?Fine, left or right?? I said, ?I doesn?t matter, but give me a big stinger.?

As I dropped Lisa off at her house, she said with a big smile, ?Let?s go as a foursome this summer to the same place. I noticed that one of the summer dinner theatre musicals was ?Pump Boys and Dinettes? in six weeks. I know that Rick and you are boys who can pump.? I said, ?Sounds great, I?ll talk to Rick during our next golf match. Besides, we have talked before about how hot it would be to watch you and my wife together in lovemaking.? As Lisa gave me a kiss on the cheek, she whispered, ?Have a romantic date night with your wife.?

Needless to say, my wife and I spent our date night in bed reliving every detail and having truly hot sex. She?s looking forward to our foursome in the future. That?s another story for another time.

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