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I Cheated (Bad Girl)

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My name is Diane I am 23 years old 5'2 105 lbs 34 B boobs with dark hair and married to the best man in the world his name is James we have been married for 6 months and our sex life is explosive he turns me on in every way that you can imagine that's why it is hard to believe that last week I cheated on him with a friend.

It was Saturday and James was going to play golf with the guys from his work and I was planning to do the laundry all day and just relax, James left at 9:30 to play golf and I started a load of whites when the phone rang, it was Ken he said he was on his way over to drop off some computer software for James and wanted to know if he was there, I said no but I would be here all day so come on by, he said he would be here in about 20 minutes I said great I would be waiting. I was not dressed up or anything I just had some Nike shorts and a tee shirt on no bra just lounging clothes, my boobs aren't big enough to need a bra all the time, I was just dressed comfortable. After about a half an hour the door bell rang it was Ken he looked real hot I have never seen him look this good before, I asked him where he was headed looking so hot, he said that he had a lunch date with a new girl he met last week, I said I was happy for him he smiled and headed for the computer to install the software he said it would take about 30 minutes so I went back to the front room to watch some TV, then Ken's cell phone rang it was his date saying that she had to cancel until tomorrow he was bummed, so when he was done loading everything we sat in the kitchen and talked for awhile and had some beer to mellow out, I never thought much about Ken sexually but after about 3 beers he was looking real good, then the subject turned to sex he was saying that he hasn't had any for about 2 months and he was getting real horny, I said that was a bummer for him he said that he had some pot and asked if I wanted to smoke a little, I said sure I would love to get high but he might have to watch out because it makes me real horny, I just laughed and said he would be safe we headed for the living room. We sat there getting high and I was getting horny, Ken started looking so good to me then he started saying how hot I looked in my tee shirt & shorts, then he leaned over to me and started to kiss me I didn't stop him I just let it happen his tongue was driving down my throat for what seemed to be forever, I was loving it then his hand was up under my tee shirt rubbing my boobs my nipples were hard as pebbles, I was getting real wet between my legs I was telling myself to stop but my body was saying fuck me, I didn't know what to do then he slid his hand under my shorts I had no underwear on so his finger slid right into my pussy, that was it I reached for his cock and started rubbing it through his pants it was getting nice and hard and big, his fingers were working my pussy good there was juice running down my leg, I started to undo his belt and unzip his pants he stood up and his pants fell to the floor, he took off his boxers and there it was what a nice cock, it was about 8 inches and fairly fat I just grabbed it and started sucking, it tasted good the pre cum was oozing out the end of it, he was so hard it was like he was made of cement I have never been with someone that hard before I was sucking and stroking him hard and fast his cock was so wet from my mouth, then he said lets get naked so I stopped for a second to strip off what little I had on, I took off my top first then my shorts he said wow what a nice body and he loved my nicely trimmed pussy he pushed me back on the sofa and started to lick my pussy saying how good I tasted, It felt so good, he said that he thought I was the type that would shave her pussy clean , I told him I didn't like it bald he said that he liked hair to, and just dove in deeper with his tongue I could feel myself starting to cum so I said slow down a little, but he just slid in a finger and went faster I tried to hold back but it was to intense, I just started cumming and cumming my pussy started squirting everywhere it was like a waterfall, Ken was loving it he just kept licking and licking until I came again he was like a sex starved monster he just kept eating me and eating me, I could see where this was going we were going to fuck all day, I finally said lets go to the bedroom he pulled his head away from my pussy long enough to say lets go, we headed for the bedroom soon as we got there bent me over the bed and slid his rock hard cock in me, he started fucking me so hard I could feel the bed move, he felt so good in me he I could feel another orgasm building up in me as he rammed me hard from behind, then there it was I started cumming again and again he was so good he just kept pounding me, I don't know how he can last so long James can't go this long but Ken sure can, his cock is still like a metal rod what a stud. He finally started to slow down then he laid on the bed and said let's do each-other, I jumped on top and swallowed his cock while he was eating me again, Ken can really eat pussy he is the best I have ever had, we must have been eating each-other for about 10 minute's when I could feel him starting to cum, I started to suck him hard and deep I wanted his cum so bad I could hardly wait, then I started to cum myself the juice was running down Ken's face I could feel it on both my legs as he was slurping away, then he started to cum he was screaming oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, it was like a hose squirting cum down my throat all warm and sticky it tasted good, I love the taste of cum and his was good I just kept swallowing and swallowing, his cum was dripping out from the sides of my mouth, he was still eating me like there was no tomorrow the thought of all that cum made me squirt more and more, this was getting out of control the bed was getting soaked but that didn't stop us, I had to have his cock in me again so I sat up turned around and sat down on his nice hard cock, it slid in perfect he pulled me down and started kissing me hard, he had cum all around his mouth it was awesome, I could taste my juices all over his face too, I started to ride him like a pony his cock was still hard as a rock, I couldn't believe it he was super human, I started cumming again the sweat was pouring off my head as I just kept riding and cumming it was so intense, I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure when Ken said he was getting close to cumming, I said I was on the pill and I wanted him to cum inside me, the thought of his cum inside me was all I could take I started cumming, then I could feel him cumming in me it was great, it felt like he had a hose up in me it was so strong, I just kept slamming my pussy up and down harder and harder on that 8 inch shaft it was going in and out of my now sloppy pussy, I couldn't take it any longer so I hopped off and licked his cock clean, then he said he wanted to lick me clean I have never had anyone do that before but the thought of it was a turn on, I said sure he put his head between my legs and was licking all of his cum from around my pussy, there were gobs of it stuck in the my pussy hair but he got it all, what a day we must have fucked for 3 hours my pussy was all wore out and his cock was finally getting soft, what a rush I looked at the bed it was a mess it looked like there was a flood, I told Ken that he had to go because James was going to be home soon and I had to clean this mess up, he got dressed layed a big old sloppy kiss on me, I could still taste his cum on his lips and said we would talk later and he took off, I started ripping off the sheets from the bed to get them in the washer, I was feeling bad like a whore I love my husband so much I don't know how I ever let this happen, but it sure was fun I can't wait until I can be with Ken again and just be a cum slut again.

The End

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