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Husband Loves Leftovers

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I love my husband Marc dearly. He's sexy, intelligent, selfless, funny, and truly cares about my happiness.....and part of my happiness includes experiencing strange cock. He has always known what a little cum slut I am and not only does he put up with it, he is a big advocate of my cock hunting adventures.

I am a professional woman and my job includes coming into contact with several new clients on a daily basis. It all started about 5 months ago...... He came into my building surrounded with an air of confidence, about 5'10", bright red hair, blue eyes, killer smile and built like a professional football player. His dark green jumpsuit was unzipped down to his waist, his massive chest exposed under a thin white tee. There was just SOMETHING about him. I'm not sure if it was the Navy uniform or the raw, lustful, animalistic look we gave eachother when we first locked eyes but whatever it was, the reaction was immediate. My clit began to tingle and I began squirming in my chair....I knew I had to have him. I don't usually mix work and pleasure but in his case I didn't care.

He was my next client. He took his seat across from me. He stared intently at my new "enhancements" which were displayed quite nicely in a form-fitting, low cut eggplant colored tank top. The longer he stared, the thicker the sexual tension became. My curly reddish brown hair was loosely pinned back with a few tendrils surrounding my face. I was wearing a tight black skirt that accentuated my curvaceous bottom and some platform heels that ride the fine line between daytime professional and nighttime call-girl. I finally managed to sputter a few words.

"Good afternoon Mr.Sutterly."

"Oh please, don't be so formal. I?m Luke.", he said, as he offered me his hand for a shake.

During the course of our 30 minute interaction I refrained from becoming too casual or flirtatious. I simply handed him my business card, wrote my personal cell phone number on the back, and clearly expressed my desire for him to call me with "any questions you might have or ANYTHING at all you might need.". He responded with, "I sure will. Thank you for your time." I wasn't sure if it was intentional or just habit but he winked as he walked out of my office.

I had been chasing dick for long enough to become worried at the length of time it was before he finally took me up on my offer to help him with "ANYTHING he might need". It was a whole 2 days before I heard anything from him. In the meantime I had already told Marc about my meeting Luke. I explained how my pussy was throbbing at the thought of him (Luke) sprawling me across my desk and fucking me at work that day. The bulge in Marc's pants began to grow as I described my naughty thoughts in detail.

"Mrs. Davis? This is Luke Sutterly.", was the first text message I received. My heart began to beat with excitement....

"I thought we agreed not to be so formal ; ) ", I typed in response. Before he had a chance to respond I sent another:

"Luke, if you have a question about work I'll be happy to answer it later but for now let's talk about the real reason you contacted me. I'd like you to come over tonight. Are you interested in fucking me?" Marc had taught me well. He always told me that there is no harm in asking for exactly what you want.

"Is this a trick question?"

"Absolutely not."

"What about your husband?"

"He will be fully aware."

Instead of responding with another text he called me and I reassured him that Marc was okay with it. After a little coaxing, he agreed to meet me at the house at 7pm.

It is a ritual for Marc and I to get me ready for my "dates" together. He picks my outfit as I shower and do my hair. That night he chose a short, red, backless dress with some red pumps to match. It was already 6:45. My date would be there soon. I kissed my husband deeply, told him I loved him, rubbed the front of his jeans and as I grasped his cock through the material I said, "baby, feel this." I grabbed his hand and placed it beneath my dress and forced him to feel just how wet I was. He licked his fingers clean, kissed me again and asked me to call him when my "friend" went home. I heard his car pull away as I poured myself a glass of wine to ease my nerves. No matter how many men I sleep with I still get first date jitters. Not more than 5 minutes later the doorbell rang.

"Fuck, you look amazing." Luke stared me up and down as he greeted me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a soft kiss on the neck. He smelled wonderful and his scent was completely intoxicating. I breathed him in and in the same moment he grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply. His hands made their way into the inner part of my thigh and then disappeared under my dress. He managed to slip his fingers between my slit for only a second before I stopped him, forced his hand away from my body and led him into our bedroom.

We barely made it into the bedroom before he lifted me off the floor and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He was so strong. He carried me to the bed, threw me down, and almost tore my dress as he yanked it down so he could get to my very hard, aroused nipples. He repeated a pattern of biting, licking, and blowing on them?..It drove me wild! I thrusted my hips upward to try and feel his cock but he pushed me down and said, ?NO. Not until I make you cum.? He made his way down my body, kissing and licking my very soft, milky white skin, not missing an inch. His head was between my legs and he started very slowly, sticking his tongue in my warm, wet hole and telling me how good my juices tasted. God, does that man know how to eat pussy! I came rather quickly and as my body trembled he licked my clit ever so softly?.

When I came out of my orgasm coma I ordered him to take off all of his clothes. I couldn?t wait to return the favor. I love to suck cock. And when I say love, I mean LOVE. I can almost get off just at the thought of taking a fat cock down my throat. He stood there naked at the side of the bed. I was pleased. He had a very thick, veiny rod?.just what I like. I sank to my knees, grabbed his ass cheeks, and pulled him toward me. I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He groaned with every thrust. He seemed to be surprised at how capable I was of taking him all the way in. I laid him down and continued to please him, stroking his shaft while tugging on shaved balls with my lips. I licked him from the underside of his sack to the tip of his dick. As my tongue dipped beneath his scrotum, I noticed his legs spread just a little further apart, as if telling me he wanted me to go lower?..and that?s exactly what I did. I began by teasing him, putting pressure on his asshole with my knuckle?..then I sank my tongue down and let it slip into his butt just a little. ?Fuck baby, you are such a good little slut?. I just smiled and continued to eat his ass. His groans were beginning to get louder and louder. I knew he was about to explode. I stopped immediately and said ?Don?t you dare think about cumming before I feel you slide that cock deep into my dirty little cunt.?

I stayed on my hands and knees and he positioned himself behind me. He twisted his hips from side to side, slapping my ass with his thick pipe. My pussy was dripping in anticipation of what it knew it was about to receive. In one quick motion, without warning, he grabbed me by my waist and slammed his cock up my sweet little fuck hole. I screamed. He apologized for being so rough. He started over, this time pumping slowly, rhythmically. Our bodies were in sync. Every time he pushed forward ,I pushed back. It was perfect. He narrated as he looked down at our bodies connecting, ?Stacy, you are so fucking wet. My cock is just covered in your juices. Do you like cumming on this cock? Do you, you little skank??

?Fuck yes Luke. I want you to fill my cunt up. Fill me up with your cum!? He began to work faster?.his grunts became louder?.his tool was getting even harder?..


As he shot his huge load of cum in me, I came yet again. We both laid down on the bed and savored the moment. He let out a little giggle and I asked him what he was laughing about. He said that he never would have imagined I was such a little freak. I kissed his cheek and said, ?there?s a lot more where that came from.? He got dressed and left for the evening. I texted Marc to let him know that he could make his way back home.

Not more than 10 minutes later I heard Marc?s car pull into the driveway. I quickly shut off all of the lights in the house with the exception of a few dim lamps. I laid back down on our bed. The bed I had just been fucked in by another man. I spread my legs. I heard the front door and called to Marc, asking him to come into our room.

He stood in the doorway. He just stared at me and told me how sexy I looked. My face gets really flushed after cumming. He loves that post-fucked face of mine. I signaled him over. He joined me on the bed and began to kiss me. His cock was already hard. As a matter of fact, it probably hadn?t gone limp since he left the house. I removed his clothes and straddled him. I leaned over and whispered in his ear. ?How would you feel about licking my pussy clean, Love?He left you a little gift.? I didn?t have to wait for a response. He lifted my thighs and pulled me toward his face?..

Not only did my husband lick me clean that night. We made passionate love. I love him for sharing me. I love him for loving me enough to want that for me. I love him for letting me be me. I love him for so many reasons. No matter how many other men I spread my legs and lips to, I feel comfort in my husband?s arms. A comfort and a love that I have never felt with any other man.

Since then, Luke has become one of my regular play partners. Marc and Luke have even become good friends. I?m secretly waiting for the day when I can see them together! Hehe ! Never say never!

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