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Husband Deployed

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I had to write this letter and tell someone what happened the other night (weekend). I have been trying to get Kim to make a video and take pictures of herself while I have been deployed. As you know we have already had a three way with another guy and it was awesome. I don?t think you understand that yet but someday you will. Well, anyways this all started years ago when I was trying to get Kim to have her best friend take some pictures of her while using her new vibrator. I know her friend would have been up for it but I don?t think Kim wanted to ask. Well for the past couple of years I have also been trying to get Kim to fuck another girl and I think she is warming up to the idea, but I don?t think she is there yet. I think with just a little bit more work, I will have her eating pussy shortly and getting her pussy eaten by another girl..oh how she loves her pussy eaten and licked and fingered, well I would say she like anything done to her pussy.

Well, back to why I am writing. She has been taking pictures of your pussy and her vibrator in her pussy but they are to close and not real good so I came up with this brilliant idea. I suggested she get someone to take the pictures for her. I thought she would try and use her best friend again now in Utah and then hopefully this might lead up to some pussy eating. I don?t think Kim really would mind sucking and licking some shaved pussy. She loves the taste of her own cum when it is on my dick after I fuck her and loves to lick her fingers after she masturbates. She also likes to kiss me after I have eaten her to orgasm and all her cum is all over my lips. Anyways, I am thinking she is going to get her friend to take the video. Boy am I surprised by this cougar.

Let?s get back to the story; she comes up with this elaborate plan how she is going to get her best friend?s husbands? best friend to the take the pictures. I had no idea this was going to happen. Always, that night I start getting pictures from all of them in the Hot Tub we bought before I left. When I left I thought it might start something between her and friend. Didn?t really think my slutty wife was going to seduce another man and let him finger her and fuck her. She didn?t think it was a fuck but his dick was in her pussy, I would say that is a fuck. So she has this plan how she is going to flirt with this guy all night and get her pussy all wet for the show. Later in the night I get a picture from her sitting in the HT giving me an AWESOME sexy smile and showing me her tit and it was great. Well I text back ?So who is taking the pictures? and she says Sally her best friend did, so at this point I am thinking things are going according to my plan but little did I know, they were going by her plan. I didn?t know but when she took the picture topless, she had already been fingered and toe fucked by the other guy. Here she was partying and drinking having a good time and another man is finger my wife?s shaved wet pussy. Well she keeps teasing him and the night eventually winds down and her plan really goes into action. At this point I am at work and cant text anymore to see how the party is going. I am thinking when I get off scope there might be some texts that she had been a little flirty and telling me good night. OH NO?.I get off work and sit down to check my email and see four text messages in there and two with an attachment. As I open up the first email it says ?This is what you asked for.? At this point I don?t know what to think. I had no clue she had been setting this guy up all night to do this. So even before I open the pictures my mind is racing like a kid on Christmas morning. Now I didn?t know what to think. The previous week when I had been asking for a picture she had jokingly said Jason friend was coming in town and she ought to get him to do it but didn?t think anything of it. She said maybe I will send you a picture as it is happening. I had told her to go ahead and fuck him to get her juices flowing. I think I may have turned her into a slut. Well, I don?t know what to expect. I am going to see her and her best friend, am I going to see her taking her own shoots or am I going to see another man?s cock splitting my wife?s wet gashing pussy wide open. I open the first picture and it is kind of dark but it looks like her fingers in her pussy (she loves to play with herself) and it looked like a picture she had shot herself. So I am thinking okay?.The next picture my wife is laid out buck naked on the bed with three fingers jammed in her pussy and her head thrown back. I am like score; she got her girl friend to take a picture before she went home. I am thinking this could lead to some interesting HT get together with her girl friend. And the next email it is her telling to call her. I know at this point it is late and something is wrong so now I am thinking her girl friend didn?t take the pictures but someone else, but who.

As I call her, I am like a kid on Christmas. Can?t wait to open ?the package? and see what is inside and I immediately find out. She tells me that she was a slut and went to bed with guy who took the picture. She started by telling me she told him to go down to the basement and she had to go get something. She goes into our bedroom and gets her lotion to put all over her pussy and clit. This will make her wet for the picture she has in mind but something else is going to make her wet. As she goes into the bedroom she also remembers to gets a condom so she is fully prepared for what was about to happen. AS she goes back down stairs her victim is standing in the doorway waiting for her. I don?t know if he knows what he is in for but I know he is hoping he is going to fuck the shit out of my wife. As she goes into the bedroom and throws the condom on the bed, thoughts race through the guys mind. He immediately grabs my wife around the waist and draws her to him and starts to kiss her. He removes her towel and shoves his hand into bathing suit again as he did earlier in the hot tub. He loves the way her shaved pussy feels and splits her pussy with his fingers and is deep inside her box as they are kissing. She is completely wet now from her lotion and his fingers in her cunt. He maneuvers her to bed and pushes her on to the bed. As she falls to the bed her legs separate and he sees his goal. He reached for each of her suit and rips it from her hips and throws it to the floor. Instinctively she spreads her legs to allow him full access to eat her pussy. She is complete heaven as he shoves his tongue between her lips and slurps her juices that are in full flow now. He shoves his fingers into her box as his mouth works her clit. As she is about to cum all over this man?s mouth but holds back. At this point she remembers the real reason she came down stairs and allows him to take few pictures and this where the story turns. She wants to feel his dick in her mouth so she grabs him and spins him around into a 69. She loves sitting on your face while you eat her. As she is sucking his dick they are flopping all over the bed as he is trying to get her in the right position to move up. He finally gets himself on top of her and starts kissing her with his dick right at the entrance of her swollen pussy. She is ready to fuck and have his dick fill her pussy and tells him to put on the condom. He easily slips the condom on and slides his dick into my wife?s pussy. AS he hits bottom he pulls back and starts to really pound her pussy as his balls slap her ass. After a little bit she turns into a tease and tells him to stop. To convince him, she tells him she will suck him off. My wife just volunteered to suck this guy?s cock and swallow all his cum. AS she is sucking him he can?t cum because he wants to the pussy but she finally convinces him to rub it out. As this man jacks off in front of my wife she is fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. As he is about to blow she wraps her lips around his cock and takes his full length down her throat as he blows his wad. She swallows every single drop. As she lies back, this guy continues his attack on her pussy. He quietly talks to her and rubs her hoping she will change her mind but not tonight.

Dude?.I had a plan but I think my slut wife had her own plan. This was just the first night of three. I will have to let you know what happened the other two nights later.

Well she has since called and told me most of what happened the night before. I won?t rehash this but I can tell you I didn?t get the full story. When I told you that she let him poked her a little bit. Well that t is not exactly right. She told him to put the rubber on and she had to actually blow him to get it wet. I think at this point she laid back or he pushed her back and started to pound the shit out of my wife?s pussy. He was banging her pretty good and she had her legs wrapped around him digging his ass deeper into herself. She at this point thinks she is losing control o f the situation and may go too far and doesn?t know if she can continue. This cock tease tells him to stop. How do you let someone start banging your pussy and getting your balls all tight and then tell them to stop. I don?t know but he was cool about it and stopped. I think it was the convincing that my horny wife would blow him. Anyway I found this out later. I wonder what things are still to come. Anyways the next night this man comes to my house with thoughts of fucking my wife again. They get into our hot tub and start messing around. I am texting her throughout the night to see how things are going. I know at this point they are fooling around but never thought that all kinds of things were happening. As I am texting my wife this man has his fingers in her pussy and sucking her tits. This woman is texting her husband as another man is finger fucking her right there in front of another couple. She actually let him stick his dick in her pussy again. AS she is texting me back about something she has a dick stuffed in her pussy and rocking on it. Now she is riding this guys dick with another couple in the Hot Tube while she is texting me. This will not be last time this sort of things happens and you will see later. So at this point it is getting late and she is getting tired of her boy toy but thinks she wants to cum again. She convinces the other couple to go home and leave her boy toy. As they close up the Hot Tube he has his hand on her ass and fingering her pussy. They are making out outside and he finally gets them to go inside. He is trying his hardest to get her to go down stairs but she realizes if she goes down stairs again she may not be able to stop herself. She thanks him and leads him to the back door but again he has other thoughts. He is thinking if he can get her hot and bothered he will be able to stick his dick in her and shoot his cum in her shaved pussy. They starting saying goodbye and he pushes her against the door and starts to kiss her. As he sticks his tongue in her mouth her pussy becomes instantly wet. His fingers find her box and separate her pussy lips and shove his fingers in her dripping pussy. This is not enough for her and pushes his head to her crotch. She opens her legs for him and pulls her bathing suit to the side to allow full access to her pussy. She is leaning against the door grabbing this guy?s head pulling him further into her pussy. She decides she can?t cum while standing and slumps to the floor. He grabs her bathing suit and rips it off again. Sounds like a theme going here and her bathing suit. My wife is a slut when she prances around in her two piece suit. Anyways, she is completey exposed and spreads her legs as far as they go to give him full access to her pussy. He is sucking my wife?s pussy right at the back door and is shoving his fingers into her cunt while he eats her out. My wife is a sucker to getting her pussy eaten and would pretty much let any guy eat her as long as she can cum all over his mouth and let him taste her juices. His plan is working as she is moaning and about ready to cum but he doesn?t want that to happen. At this point he is still trying to get her to go down stairs, but since she likes her pussy eaten so well, and I imagine he was eating her well. She cums all over face. This is twice this she has cum on this guys face in so many nights. She feels guilty again that he hasn?t been able to fuck her and she has worked him all up that she starts sucking his cock right there on the floor. Has she is sucking him with her ass in the air and his fingers buried in her pussy as she has this guys cock in her mouth. He is about to cum in her mouth and asks if she wants it sprayed all over face or swallow all of it. Well since she like to suck cock and swallow cum about as much, she continues to suck him off and he blows his load again in my wife?s mouth. I think he should have blown his wad over her face and then take a picture as to what he had just done to my wife. But, she licks her lips and gets all his cum and kisses him goodnight. At this point she wants to fuck SO bad she goes to her room and grabs her favorite dildo and buries it in her cunt. She lays back, with the taste of this guy scum still her mouth and the smell of her wet pussy filling the room shoves it in her pussy as far as it will go. A she fucks this dildo, she imagines his cock thrusting into her pussy and can?t control herself as she uncontrollably cums again and again. She takes the vibrator from her pussy and licks it clean of all her juices. As she ends the night in bliss she wonders what is in store for tomorrow. She knows he will be around and thinks to herself ?how far do I go?.

The next day starts out pretty slow but quickly gets exciting. AS she goes over her girlfriend?s house she is wearing her sexiest and shortest shorts she owns. If you look at her ass, especially while sitting down and she walks by, you can see her ass cheeks hanging out of the bottom of the shorts. So, here is this cock tease teasing this guy again for her own amusement. I bet her best friends husband probably got a good view also. As she is over their house it starts to get cold and returns home to change. As she is changing into something warmer she is still wondering how far she wants to go but knows she is going to torture this guy all night. She knows she wants to tease him so she puts her hottest thongs on with the lowest jeans she owns. She knows he will see her thong and drive him crazy. Things are pretty mellow all night but she is accomplishing what she wants. Being the tease she is, she sits next to this guy and lets him play with her thing. He is pulling the back of the thing deeper into her as and pussy all night. At this point she is soaking wet and I am not surprised if everyone can see the wet spot in her jeans. They start to play a sexually based game and things get better from there. I don?t know what was discussed but after the game the neighbors go upstairs to their room to fuck and leave the two of them down stairs. Well, at this point she is thinking she wants to fuck him tonight and have his way with him. They start making out on the couch and feeling each other up. He stands up and leads her to the spare bedroom. AS they continue to make out he pulls her down to the bed and starts to fuck her through her cloths. She asks if he has a condom because she knows now she is going to fuck the shit out of this guy and cum all over his dick. But luck would have it for her he doesn?t and she thinks she won?t fuck without one. With that out of her mind he knows the rules and she can focus on herself. She comes up with crazy rule that they won?t be naked at the same time but that doesn?t last. She decides it might be a good idea for a picture so she bends over as he shoves three fingers into dripping pussy. I will send the picture at the bottom so you can see but it looks like he could put his whole hand in her pussy because she is so wet. The interesting thing about this is, I start to text her right after the picture and she sends it to me but doesn?t tell me as she is sending the picture he is eating her out. I would have loved to see a picture of that one. Anyways she gets back to taking care of herself and rides this dude?s face leaving her juices all over his face. She gets off him and being the slut she is spreads her legs and tells him to eat her again. AS he is eating her again he is finger fucking her for all he is worth and cums alls over his face. He crawls back up body and starts to kiss her as his dick his trying to get inside her pussy. She rolls over and allows him to shove his cock up her ass. It sounded like this was night all about her. She doesn?t do this long but I think it blew his mind. Since she is on top she moves her pussy again to his mouth and tells him to eat her again. He doesn?t mind thinking he is going to get to fuck her as it is his last night but she makes him eat her pussy all night because she doesn?t know when she is going to find anyone else. At this point this guy needs to find a hole to cum in and asks to fuck her ass again. I can say one thing; she loves to get her pussy eaten but also loves to be fucked in the ass. Thinking, she is in control she mounts his dick again and starts to ride it hard. She is grinding his dick into her ass as far as she can get in and is on the verge of cumming but won?t let herself get off. I think she won?t cum with him in her ass because if she cums while he is in her ass she will want his dick in her pussy. She roils off him and gets into a 69 to let him eat her again and she starts to suck his dick. Like I said, he wanted to fuck a hole and found one. He starts to fuck my wife?s mouth for all he is worth. She has his cock deep in her throat and doesn?t gag as he shoves it even deeper into her mouth. He is imagining he is pounding her pussy and not her mouth. AS this thought races through his head, he unloads his massive load of jism down her throat which she gladly access into her stomach.

This is where this story ends and the saga continues. Ever since these three faithful nights my wife has been looking and thinking of her next victim. I don?t think it will be long till she is naked in front of a stranger with his head buried between her legs as she sucks his cock down her throat waiting for his jism to fill her mouth. Here are the pics I told you about: This is all I have?I thought I was getting one with his dick splitting her pussy but I guess that one didn?t come out. I love her and cant wait for her next plan....

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