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Humpday Adventure

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Last week, a local Black man with whom I've played many times before called with the news that he had a free day and was aching to hook up. This is a man that I truly adore fucking and who never fails to send me home without at least 3 or 4 loads in my pussy and/or ass. It'd been a few weeks since we had last been able to get together and I knew he must be ready to burst. I eagerly made plans to see him first thing the following day.

As the first rays of dawn broke the early morning darkness, Ralph pulled our van up to my lover's apartment. He kissed me deeply and then sent me off by saying "Go be with him, baby. Don't call for a ride home til you've had all you need... and please come home nice and full for me." I exited the van, and thought about how truly special our relationship is as I made my way up the walk and into my lover's waiting arms. After seeing I was in good hands, Ralph drove away and I was led into the apartment and straight into bed.

We fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace and then lay together quietly, letting our hands slowly roam all over each others bodies while we exchanged tender kisses. It felt so perfectly natural to be in his arms, in his bed. It was still very early... barely 5AM and neither of us was quite ready to be awake yet. No worries, there would be no rushing today as we had the whole day ahead of us. Wordlessly, we snuggled up and drifted off to sleep.

We awoke a few hours later. Daylight filled the room and the sound of rain outside provided a perfect excuse to spend the rest of the morning in bed. We kissed and as our hunger grew, so did his manhood. He rolled me onto my back, parted my legs and without interrupting our kiss, slid his morning wood into my salivating pussy. We fucked slowly, passionately at first, only breaking our kiss long enough for him to bite at my neck or nipples. We continued this way until he was ready to cum. He picked up the pace, fucking me with vigour, his hands now cupping my ass. He pulled my pelvis up to meet his every stroke, burying his cock into me as deeply as he could before almost completely pulling out and slamming back into me. The room echoed with my cries of pleasure and the slap of our thighs and then I felt him start to tense up. Our tongues swirled together, madly. We groaned into each other's mouths as his first potent load flooded my womb. I felt his spasms deep within me as jet after jet of his hot cum warmed my belly from the inside. He collapsed on top of me, his throbbing dick still held captive within me. A pool of our mixed juices had formed on the bed under me and continued to grow as my pussy convulsed and juiced around his dick. He never softened or withdrew, instead letting my orgasms subside before continuing to fuck me. His strokes were less urgent now, almost loving. We fucked tenderly this way for another hour before I felt the familiar warmth of another load spilling into me.

With our sexual hunger temporarily satisfied, we opted to take care of our physical hunger. He dressed while I pulled a short sundress over my naked form, leaving my bra and panties crumpled on the floor. I stood in front of the mirror to straighten my disheveled hair and noticed his love bites had turned to purplish hickeys on my neck and chest. "No way I can hide those, so I won't even bother trying. I'll wear them as a badge if honour", I thought smugly to myself as I put on my shoes. We abandoned our love nest and headed out for some Chinese food. I always find it incredibly exhilarating, almost wicked, to be out in public with a lover. I didn't care who saw us.. a part of me even wanted to be noticed, marks and all. My nipples betrayed my thoughts as they strained against the thin material of my dress throughout our lunch. Afterwards, we decided to take a walk before going back to his apartment.

We drove to a local conservation area. It had been raining on and off all day and the parking lot was empty. Looked like we had the place all to ourselves. Hand in hand, we walked along the trail, enjoying the scenery and the refreshing breeze. Some sections of the trail seemed to be alive with thousands of tiny frogs, no bigger than my fingernail. We also saw countless birds and even a deer in the brush. We had been walking for about half an hour when we came to clearing with a lone park bench. After quickly scanning the area for other hikers, I knelt with one knee on the bench, my ass swaying lewdly in the air. My lover didn't hesitate. He stepped up behind me, pulled up my dress and removed his thick Black dick from his shorts. His hardness easily split my dripping folds and he was soon pounding and grinding into me like a man possessed. Fucking outdoors was so thrilling and hot that my juices were literally pouring out of me, splashing onto the bench below. As I ground my pussy back to meet his thrusts, my animalistic passions took over and soon I was grunting and growling loudly like a bitch in heat. Normally, my lover gets off hearing me reach this plateau but we were completely exposed with absolutely no trees to conceal us from view. "Shhhhh!", he urged as his dick pistoned in and out of me. He was asking the impossible; anyone that has ever fucked me knows I am loud, but I did my best to keep quiet. Unfortunately, the scenario was too much for me and I couldn't stay quiet. He reluctantly pulled his dick out of me and led me in search of someplace slightly more secluded.

A few minutes later, we were back in a more heavily wooded area. I was led off the path and made to stand with my legs spread, facing a large tree. I joked that this would give a whole new meaning to the term "tree-hugger" as he lifted my dress. Once again, he urged me to remain silent while his wonderful Black dick reclaimed it's rightful place in my sopping pussy. Somehow, I managed to keep my noise level down to a whimper while he continued his assault on my sex. It didn't take long before I was cumming again, squirting my hot juices all over his dick, the tree and our shoes. When my orgasms subsided, he withdrew and admired the sight of my trembling body splayed against the tree, the final few beads of cum dripping from my quivering, open lips. He denied me his seed at the park but I knew that once we returned to his apartment, I would get my reward. He let my dress fall back down, adjusted his shorts and we hurriedly raced back to the car.

The rest of the day was spent back at his apartment where we luxuriated in each other's company, fucking and sucking each other to one glorious orgasm after another whenever the urge struck. It had gotten late. My pussy was well used and oozing my lover's cum. He was spent. I had done what I had come to do and now it was time to leave...

At 1AM, Ralph finally got the call he had been waiting for... "Honey, I think I'm ready to come home now."

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