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Hubby gives me a business trip surprise

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My husband and I have been into the swinger?s life style for a little over three years now, and since we began we have has several threesomes. However, with each new experience over the past few years I have also learned that my husband is a very kinky man. He enjoys chatting and watching individuals have sex both online and in person, and he also enjoys sitting in his recliner watching and taking pictures, and videos of me being pleased by other man and women before he final joins in to assist these generous individuals with making me cum. However, through the years no matter how many fantasy?s we have fulfilled and talked about; I was never prepared for my business trip surprise from him.

You see, on 1-9-2012 I was sent on a business trip by my job, which would have me staying in Denver, CO for a week. My husband took me to the airport gave me a kiss good bye, and wished me a safe journey. The flight was great and I was excited about my trip and that I had been given an opportunity gain more experience dealing with my new job. However, I had not been on many business trips and I felt a little sad about leaving my family and home. Between my flight and my first night in Colorado my trip was going pretty smooth. I had already talk to my husband several time and told him that I was fine, but was missing him and the kids, and being home with them. My husband then insured me that everything at home was fine and told me that he wanted me to have fun and enjoy my trip.

My next day began with me calling my husband before I went work, and our conversation was just the same normal conversation between an everyday husband and Wife, and told me that he and the kids loved me, and missed me. But this call was not just you normal same call. During this call as my husband began to hang up the phone he told me that I would be getting a special phone call later after work. I asked him what special phone call and he just said I love you and, said trust me. As soon as I got off of work and made it my hotel I received a phone call as I was going up to my room. When I answered my phone a strange voice on the other end said hi my name is Tom.

Then as I made my way around the corner going to my hotel room I saw a man standing at my room door with a phone in his hand. The man then waived at me and said hi my name is Tom, and said that my husband had talk with him and thought I would enjoy his company for a little bit of fun. I was completely shocked and immediately called my husband and asked him if he knew a man named Tom, which was standing at my door. My husband then began to laugh and told me to turn my webcam on and have fun. Therefore, I invited Tom in and told him to watch a little TV while I took a shower. Then after my shower I called my husband and ask him if he was ready to watch, and I turned my webcam on so he could enjoy the view.

I position my webcam where my husband could enjoy the show, and then I walked over to Tom where he began to rub on my tits and ass. While Tom began to rub on my body I began to return the favor and I took his shirt off and began to rub down his firm and muscular body. After rubbing each other?s bodies for a few minutes I got down on my knees and began to rub on his cock from the outside of his pants. As his cock got began to get hard I could tell that he had almost the same size cock as my husband and it quickly began running through my mind how good it would feel to be inside of my pussy. I then took his 7 ½ inch cock out of his pants and began to suck it, so it would get completely hard, because I wanted all of it.

As I began sucking his cock I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. I place my mouth on his cock and tried to take it as far down my throat as I could. After doing this for a bit I then ran my tongue down the sides of his cock all the way to his balls. While I was doing this I could hear Tom saying ?O yea baby that feels so good.? I then again placed it in my mouth and took as much as I could down my throat, and then pulled it out and immediately lick down the sides again to his balls where I began licking and sucking his balls. At this point I was enjoying him telling me how good it was feeling so I would keep switching until he could not take me sucking on his cock anymore.

After sucking his cock for a few minutes Tom grabbed me by the shoulders told me to stand up and laid me down onto the bed. He spread my legs, and began looking at my pussy, and told me that he thought it was awesome that I had a clitoris piecing. He then began to rub my pussy with his fingers and gave my clitoris piecing and pussy lips a good message. I immediately began to moan became very wet and horny. He then began stick his finger in my pussy and began licking on it with his tongue while he was rubbing my breast. As he was fingering, and licking on my pussy and rubbing on my breast he would change the number of fingers, the speed, and motion of his tongue and fingers it began to feel so good, and I could tell he knew what he was doing. I could not hold back my feelings and began telling him how good it felt, and told him that I wanted him to fuck me. Then after he got done licking on my pussy for a few more minutes he came up to my breast and we began taking turns licking on each other?s nipples as I was rubbing on the muscles down his back. At this point I was so hot and wanted his cock in me so bad.

As Tom got up to put the condom on his hard throbbing cock, I looked over and could see that my husband was enjoying the view from the messages he was typing in huge letters. After Tom got the condom on he came back over and began to slide his hard throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy, and it felt very good as it entered my wet pussy. Then as he began work his cock in and out of my pussy I began to moan and saying ?oh yeah?, and I could tell that he was really enjoying my pussy from how he was rubbing and my 36c cup breast. Then Tom told me o yeah baby that is a nice pussy and it feels so good, as he continued to rub and squeeze by breast as I was enjoying his touch and cock.

As we continued to get deeper into the full motion of the moment as we were both enjoying the fucking Tom began to make his way from licking and taking good care of my breast to licking on my ears and then began to kiss my lips. I was a little shy at first because I have never kissed know one other than my husband, but then quickly fell into the moment as we began to kiss passionately. The kiss was so hot and wet, as he slid his tongue down into the back of my throat. I was so horny as we were kissing and I was feeling his hard throbbing cock going in and out of my so wet pussy.

After we fucked for a few minutes on the bed with him on top of me he asked me what my favorite positions was. I then told him I love doing it doggie style. Tom immediately told me to turn over and get on my knees and turn to turn my ass around baby. Tom then got up behind me and again slid his cock inside of my wet pussy. It felt so good sliding into my hot wet pussy allowing me to feel every inch of his throbbing cock. He began pumping so hard and it the motion of his body and throbbing cock began to feel so good. Tom then said ?do you like that baby?, as he continued to pump his throbbing cock deep inside of my pussy. At this point I was moaning so hard, and told him ?o yeah baby I like it, fuck that little wet pussy baby, fuck it so hard and as deep as you can.? Tom then said ?I love that little wet pussy, it feels so fucking good on my cock? as he continued to pound his hard throbbing cock all deep in my pussy as he began to smack my ass.

Then as I could feel the veins in Tom?s cock feeling like they were going to pop, I knew he was getting ready to cum. Then I heard Tom state to me ?where would you like for me to shot my hot cum, and I replied ?anywhere you would like baby.? Tom then smacked my ass again as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and told me to lie down on my back on the bed. As I turned around I could see Tom removing the condom from his cock, and I began to get excited knowing he was fixing to cum. Then Tom brought his hard throbbing to my face and I began to lick his balls and sucking his cock trying to take it as deep as I could down my throat. Tom began to let me know how good it was feeling as he began saying ?o yeah baby.? Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke his cock with his hand. I then knew it was pay day time, and after a few strokes he began to shoot his hot cum all over my face, as he was saying ?oh yeah, baby.?

In conclusion, what a great trip and wonderful surprise I received from my hubby, and when I got home I should him the video and pictures from this session and told him how much I love his surprise and then I took care of him for giving me such a great surprise. I am looking forward to my next business trip and can?t wait to see if and what other surprises my hubby will have in store for me.

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