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Hubby Spies on Wifes Interracial Fuck

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My wife, Anna, and I had been swinging for a couple of years already when we found a really well-hung black guy on SLS named Roger that caught our attention. I knew she had been with a big dicked black man years before we met and could tell by how hot and wet it made her that she would love to repeat the experience. We chatted with him online several times, but no matter how we tried, we simply could not make our schedules match up for us all to get together and play (which had been the only way my wife and I had ever swung with anyone else). There was a bit of guilt laid at my feet because it was often my busy work schedule that kept us all from getting together. Finally, my wife pleaded with me to make an exception in this case because she had talked to Roger so often and felt she could trust him. She told me that she was aching to have his big, black cock up inside her and I could tell she was wet as she told me how she wanted to suck and fuck him, stroking me through my shorts in case I needed extra convincing. I was still wary since neither of us had actually met him?for all I knew he could be some psycho rapist or something, so I insisted on a couple of safety precautions. She was to call me when he got there, so she could see if he looked threatening prior to letting him in and let me know, and call me again when he left so I knew she was ok (and if things were slow at work I might get a few of the details from her and promise of things to cum). She eagerly agreed to the conditions and, after she had made the arrangements with her new lover, we had a great fuck in anticipation of her first solo swinging experience.

At this point it needs to be mentioned that Anna can be a bit forgetful?especially when she is highly focused on something else. When she is really excited about something, it is pretty common for her to forget to eat or to lose track of time. So it was not too surprising when noon had well passed, which was past the time Roger was supposed to show up to fuck my wife and I had yet to receive a call from her. Even though I figured it was probably her well-known forgetfulness at work, I was still worried enough to go check on her. I thought about calling but figured that no matter what was happening, the phone probably wouldn?t get answered. As it turned out, we had been extremely busy at work and I?d had to take my lunch break far later than usual. Now, with an extra person there to help cover and customer flow down to a trickle, I was free to take a little extra time and go check on her.

I was filled with anticipation as I drove home concentrating on a wide array of horny images to keep worry from edging in. As I drove up to my house, I saw an unfamiliar car parked out front and figured it must be Roger. I considered going around to a window, but finally opted for a more direct approach. I slipped off my shoes, carefully unlocked and opened the door to our office (which is on the opposite end of the house from our bedroom) and started making my way through the house as silently as I could in my sock-covered feet. Luckily, there?s a room that connects our dining room with the hallway near our bedroom door and both connecting doors were open, so I was able to get quite close to our bedroom where I could hear everything clearly and even sneak glimpses of what was going on.

From the easy conversation and my wife?s sexy laughter, it was obvious that, as I?d suspected, she had gotten so excited about Roger finally making it over that she?d forgotten all about calling me and probably had broken a few speed records getting him to the bedroom! She was sitting spread-eagle at the head of the bed clad only in a white, satin robe which was undone, exposing her large tits, hard eraser-sized nipples and hairy, wet pussy to the fit, black man in front of her. Roger was naked and upright on his knees in front of her as she caressed and gazed admiringly at over 9 inches of black cock dangling massively between her face and the tits he was fondling. ?Mmmm?now that?s a cock!?, she purred appreciatively. ?Puts everything in my toy drawer to shame.? She began to stroke his large shaft and smiled up at him, ?and you?re already nice and hard?. Her hands began to move more insistently, moving the shaft closer to her mouth with every stroke. ?You?ve been thinking about this all day haven?t you?, she smiled wickedly as she parted her lips and sucked him into her mouth. ?Mmmmm.?, she moaned as she sucked him as deeply into her mouth as she could again and again, only causing a small portion of his swelling cock to disappear between her lips. What she couldn?t fit into her mouth, she licked and sucked at up and down his shaft more and more eagerly the bigger and harder it got.

Soon her mouth could take no more and she had to back off, which allowed him to lay her back and begin sucking her tits and huge, hard nipples while reaching down to finger her pussy. She willingly spread wider to give him better access. He made an appreciative noise as her juices flowed over his fingers and he slid one, then two, fingers deep inside her obviously wet hole and she laughed, ?I told you that I was all hot and bothered!? Her hands caressed every rise and fall of the muscles on his arms and back as if she wanted to burn every aspect of the moment into her memory.

After a bit more playing, she laid back and moved pillows out of the way so that she could spread her legs wide and offer her drenched pussy to this huge, black cock. It was such a turn-on to watch her offer herself up so willingly to this stranger. I think that not having me there and knowing she could do anything she wanted with this stud without reservation, and vice versa, really turned her on. He moved up between her spread legs and his slender frame hovered over her as he rubbed the head of his big dick into her slit and then began to work it in. Her mouth opened in a small gasp as he pushed the head in and then a soft moan escaped her as he began to slide the shaft inside, stretching her with his size. She was so horny and wet that he was able to slide all the way deep inside her with just a couple of slow pumps of his hips as she held and caressed his strong arms. He finished pushing every inch inside her and began to move slowly in and out of her, getting her used to his size. He softly asked, ?So how do you want me to fuck you?? When she laughed and moaned sexily, ?MMMmmmm?just GO for it!?, I knew that she was giving herself completely to this near-stranger and that, for however long he was there, my naughty housewife?s body and all the pleasures of her lustful body was his.

She caressed and admired the muscles of his arms as he continued sliding his cock back and forth inside her. The movement of his hips and her answering gasps and moans let me know he was pumping into her with slow, powerful thrusts and I imagined her juices coating and lubing his mighty piston. As resistance lessened, he began to fuck her with longer strokes, getting faster and stronger as they found their rhythm. He fucked her like that for a few minutes and then moved his arms up underneath her knees and then leaned forward, rotating her pussy up as he forced her legs back almost to either side of her breasts. She opened herself up wide for her dark lover, eagerly offering herself to him and even grabbing her knees and pulling her legs as wide as they would go in order to take him inside her as deeply as possible.

He wasted no time slamming his cock into her now upturned pussy. He drove it in right to the hilt and kept slamming it in, making her take every thick inch of his massive tool, making her moan louder as he sped up the pace. ?Uhh?uhh..uhh..uhh?, she moaned in lusty breaths. Then he shifted forward again and slowed, making her feel every inch. You could tell the orgasm was building inside her as he moved forward and back, slowly but forcefully, like a series of waves. She moaned and gyrated her pussy against his thrusts, trying to get over that peak that would send her into a wild orgasm, but he had control of her and wasn?t about to let her off that easy. As she moaned to him, ?Ohhh yeahhh?.Oohhh Yeah!?, he leaned in close and said ?Do you want to cum? Tell me how you want to cum?? She pleaded ?Ohhh, I love to cum!?uunnh!?I?ll cum any way you...ahhhh!?want!?

?How about you ride on top of me then?, he said.

?Uuunnnnnhh?, she moaned in disappointment that he wouldn?t let her cum yet, but could only answer, ?ohhh yeah!? as he shoved his dick all the way in her again. ?Oohhhhh!?.YEAAAhhhh!??and then he was pulling out of her, his cock shiny with the juices from her well-fucked pussy.

Anna barely waited for Roger to lay flat before slinging her leg over him and guiding his fuckpole into her gaping cunt. She slid down all the way to the base of his shaft with a moan and paused there a moment to feel how completely he stretched and filled her pussy. Then she leaned forward and began riding back and forth on him. He reached up and grabbed my wife?s tits as they dangled in front of him. He squeezed one while he sucked hard on the other?s swollen rock-hard nipple. She slowed her movements to better enjoy the sensations of him expertly working her tits and nipples. When he let go of them, she began to slam herself back onto his dick, making sure she got every bit of it shoved inside her. She told him in a breathless voice, ?Anything you want?you want it harder?faster?just tell me.?, letting him know she was his and offering her pussy?s new master anything he wanted in return for the ecstasy he was giving her.

He spanked her round ass with a loud ?smack? and I thought everything would be over right there. She?d always hated it when I spanked her and had once threatened to stop in the middle of sex if I did it again, so I prepared to beat a hasty retreat as everything came crashing down and she chewed the poor guy out, but what happened next showed me just how completely she?d given herself to her wicked lust and this stranger that was fucking her so well. She moaned at the swat and actually began fucking him harder, slamming her pussy down onto his shaft, impaling herself on it deeper and harder. Her hair was tossing as she slung her head about, her tits slapping wildly back and forth and moaning with animal passion as he continued to spank her. She got wilder and moaned louder with every smack. I stroked my cock hard as I watched her lose herself to her lust and eagerly offer this man things I practically had to beg for. I found myself silently urging him to take my slutty, white wife?s cunt in every way possible. He grabbed her hands and pushed her upright, her tits sticking out proudly and her thimble-sized nipples looking as if they could pop off her chest any second. He held her immobile and then furiously pumped up into her from beneath. This brought her right to the edge of orgasm and he took her there and back two more times as he told her, ?You ready to cum?? As she moaned ?Yesss?, he told her to climb off because he was going to cum inside her while fucking her from behind.

Within seconds, she got on her hands and knees and was obediently offering up her already well-fucked pussy as she eagerly awaited his massive dick back inside her. Once he made sure the head was in, he slammed forward hard. Far from complaining, she moaned ?OOOHHH Yeahhh!!? and eagerly took it all. He started steady and then grabbed her hips as he fucked her hard and fast, making his horny, white slut moan with every pounding thrust. He paused and her pleading moan begged him to start pounding her again. He began slamming inside again. Her moans grew louder and as he fucked her harder?deeper?spanking her ass between thrusts, riding her hard like a prize racehorse as she raced into a mind-blowing orgasm, screaming, ?Uunnhh?Unnhh?.Ohhh Yeahh!?Ohh Yeahhh! Uunnnhh!! OooooOoohhhh!! ..OhhhYyeeaaahHHHh!!!? She continued to scream and moan in ecstacy as he came?pumping his hot seed deep inside her! Oohhhhh!! OhhhMyGooddd!! UnnhhhAAAHHHHhhhh!!??pushing back against his pumping cock until she?d milked the last of his load from him and she fell forward onto the bed, spent but happy.

That was my cue to leave as I knew she would be up in a few minutes to go to the bathroom. I slipped out the same way I got in and wondered if she?d finally remember to call me when he left and what she?s have to tell me about her first solo swing experience. Needless to say, this was not her last hot fuck with Roger.

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