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Howdy Stranger - Couple fantasy

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Howdy Stranger

Sonny was leaning over the bathroom counter, putting the final touches to her make-up. Scott stood at the door admiring her incredible figure. She was dressed for success this evening. She was wearing a dress which perfectly accented her appetizing breasts. While showing great cleavage from the front, exposing the sides and allowing obvious easy access to the lucky hand that approached from behind, it still appeared quite tasteful on her. Her great legs and ass were also accented well, but Sonny has a perfectly shaped ass that could make a faded, oversized, denim wrap around scream ?classy and sexy?. So with that said, it would be a shame to give her dress too much credit for her beautiful appearance. The heels simply drew attention to the legs that always look great, but look their best parted.

?You look great? Scott stated as he walked up behind her reaching around her waist and pulling her ass tightly against his stiffening cock, trapped beneath his khakis. Sonny gave a slight rub against him with her ass as she continued her preparation. Scott dropped behind her and lifted her skirt. Gently he ran his tongue and finger tips over her ass before carefully pulling her thong to the side and tasting her well trimmed pussy, which always seemed to react well to Scott?s touch. Sonny stood up and turned around to offer Scott easier access. While holding up her dress and kissing her stomach, he slid his fingers under the sides of her thong and slid it down her legs. She stepped out of her thong and Scott sat them to the side as he raised her right leg and placed it over his shoulder, he then ran his wet tongue gently across the right lip?then the left. He pressed just a bit harder as he ran it over her clit before sinking it into her quickly moistening hole. He repositioned himself to achieve an angle which allowed him to slide his thumb inside of her. A favorite of his because he could fuck her with his thumb and still squeeze her ass with the exposed fingers, and in this instance lick her clit simultaneously. As she reacted to his touch he licked at her pussy as if he were starved and suffered from an appetite which could only be satisfied by her juices. When it became obvious to him that she was approaching an orgasm, him pulled his hand away, gave a gentle kiss to her heated and swollen pussy. Standing up, he told her he was stopping so she would still be thinking about how much she wanted more during the evening. He kissed her mouth passionately, patted and gave her ass a squeeze before walking out to allow her to finish getting ready to go out for the night.

A short time later, she emerged from the bedroom of the hotel suite they had on the beach for their weekend away. Scott was waiting in the den area, admiring her sensual manor hearing her ask if she looked O.K. ?Do you look O.K.? he thought to himself, ?You look stunning?as always.? He then leaned forward, kissed her, and said ?I love you?.

The couple walked out of the building, into the parking lot and as he opened her car door and she entered the vehicle, he asked if she was looking forward to their plans for the evening.

She responded, ?I am very excited. I am really looking forward to it. You??

?Of course? he replied, then admiring her legs as he closed the door.

The couple drove to ?Le Q?, an elegant upper-class nightclub, known as a popular meeting place for wealthy and fashionable singles on the lower end of middle age. The couple parked out of sight of the front entrance. The weather was warm and although the lighting was dim, the area was generally safe and there was little cause for concern related to safety.

?Are you ready?? Sonny asked.

?Yes. Are you??

?Very.?She replied in a low, but excited tone. ?Any last minute requests??

He thought for a moment, then looked in her eyes. ?Your panties?


?Your panties. Take off your panties and hand them to me??

She simply smiled and complied. He watched as she raised her already short dress and pulled her panties down and worked them past her high heels, then handed them to Scott with a kiss. ?Anything else??

Tucking her panties into the inside pocket of his jacket, ?Yes?Have fun and remember I love you more than any woman ever? he said with a smile.

?You have fun too. See you in a few minutes.? She exited the vehicle and walked toward the entrance of the bar. Scott studied her ass as it swayed feely as she walked across the parking lot. She was an incredible sight.

Scott waited fifteen minutes before entering the bar himself. The crowd was moderate and the music was a little loud, but not overbearing. The music was typical for the age group, mostly late 70?s, 80?s and 90?s, with a few popular artists and songs reaching before and after that era. The lighting was subtle and the design was elegant. There was a section of tables surrounding a large dance floor, and an open area around the bar which made moving around rather easy with the current crowd size. An area that looked built for comfort to be used by couples or groups planning to stay a while and perhaps wanting a bit of privacy. In the back was a small room with a few soft arm chairs, a cigarette machine and a couple of plants. The room also housed a stained glass door which went into a hallway separating the ladies room and the men?s room.

Scott quickly spotted Sonny from the crowd when he walked in. She was seated at the bar with those amazing legs crossed and exposed from beneath the short thin dress. Two men appeared to be engaging her in conversation as one handed her a glass of wine, which she accepted with a smile taking a sip before setting the glass in front of her on the bar. Scott walked to the opposite side of the bar where he had a good view of the happenings around Sonny. He ordered a drink, opened a tab and made some small talk with the bartender. As Scott scanned the room he soaked in the mood of the crowd. There were a few couples scattered around the room, but for the most part the room seemed to be filled with groupings of women and groupings of men. It was still early in bar terms, so the crowd was still developing the dynamics for the night. There was one group of five men that particularly stood out as being rather loud. They were undoubtedly going to demand some attention from the crowd this night. There was a couple in the back corner holding hands and kissing periodically. She was attractive and a bit younger than him. Yet they gave the impression that they were familiar and comfortable together, so it was not likely that they had just met there in the bar. However, just a few tables away there was a guy in his 50?s, acting like a high school kid in attempts to win the attention of the woman he was talking with. He was loud, and slightly obnoxious. He appeared to be drinking rather heavily based on the number of stops and exchange of glasses by the waitress. There was the comfortable, inviting area with several couches, arm chairs and coffee tables located next to the bar where Scott was sitting. Located in that area was a group of guys, who were pretty low key and could be heard talking sports and politics. A group of three women at a table near the dance floor appeared to be getting there first round of drinks and were just settling in. They apparently did not ride together because Scott saw one of them park and walk in alone just before he walked in after giving Sonny her head start. One of the women with her was particularly attractive and well dressed. She appeared quiet and sweet. Her light brown hair fell seductively across her face slightly which was probably even sexier than her above average cleavage. Scott guessed her to be in her late thirties to early forties. Her skin was tanned and smooth, and her smile was bright a sincere.

Scott stopped to look in on Sonny, who was finishing her glass of wine. She smiled as she engaged in conversation with the same two men, but she seemed to be looking for a better choice. These two did apparently not impress her. She was still being polite, but seemed to say ?no? to an offer of another glass of wine. The two men were obviously more eager to spend time with Sonny than she reciprocated.

Meanwhile the group of guys talking sports, seemed to have taken notice of her as well. One of the guys had walked past her when going to the restroom. When he returned he was heard making mention to one of the other guys with him, ?Would you look at those tits? Why is she hanging out with those two guys?? the response was reinforcing to the original comment.

The attractive woman in the group who Scott had noticed earlier now appeared bored with her friends. She was sitting back from the others who were leaned forward talking. She appeared to be texting someone and more involved in the text conversation than with her friends. The others spoke to her periodically, but she kept her answers short and her focus on the text. Then the other women in her group started to move toward the dance floor. They pulled at her hand in attempt to get her to join them, but she declined. As she sat there alone she was not texting at that time, rather she appeared bored. Scott saw that her glass was empty, so Scott ordered another drink for himself and asked the bartender to prepare another drink for the beautiful stranger and to place it on his tab.

Scott approached her and handed her the drink and introduced himself. She was slow to accept, not even offering her name in response to Scott?s introduction. Scott told her that he had seen her looking preoccupied, that the drink carried no commitment to talk any further, and that he simply thought she looked nice but detached from her friends. He pointed to the bar and told her that if she became bored enough and wanted to talk, he would be sitting there. She smiled and said ?thank you?, and Scott walked back to the bar.

When Scott sat back down he could hear the group behind him talking more directly about Sonny. The conversation had turned to her attributes and not knowing that Scott may be listening, much less that he might even so much as know Sonny, they discussed what they thought she would be like in bed. The first guy said he thought she would give good head. ?You can tell by the way she seems so reserved, she would give attention to detail and treat your cock like an old friend. She would lick your balls while stroking your cock, then she would take it all in and suck you dry?

The second guy was heard to say ?I think she would give good head, but she wouldn?t swallow.?

?What?? protested the first. ?She would take every drop.?

?No way. She is not the type. She would suck you until you get close then she would fuck you to a strong finish.? A third guy, previously quiet piped in.

?I would be happy with that? said the first with a smile.

Scott took out his cell phone and sent Sonny a test: The guys behind me are apparently fans of yours. They r debating how u would be at giving BJ?s ?

Scott continued listening in on the debate and was enthralled with their conversation, when he heard a sweet voice over his shoulder, ?Is your offer to talk still good??

Scott turned to see the tanned beauty standing next to him. ?Of course? answered Scott as he stood and pulled out a chair for her to sit down. ?Can I get you another drink??

?Thanks? she said nodding. ?My name is Karen? extending her hand to shake Scott?s.

?It is nice to meet you? he said with a smile.

As the bartender sat down her drink Scott glanced over in Sonny?s direction. She was looking at her phone and smiling, apparently reading the text from Scott.

Thx 4 the heads up. Sound like a fun group. ;-)?

Sonny was thinking that she needed to get free of these two who were boring her a bit. The bar was not big enough to excuse herself and get lost in the crowd; this pair was not in her plan for the night. She looked over and saw Scott talking with a sexy woman who seemed interested in him which sparked her interest??hmmm? she thought to herself, ?how am I going to make this work in my favor?? Just then she saw one of the guys from the group behind Scott stand up and move in her direction. Thanks to her seat being close to the restrooms, this unwitting hero was about to save her. As he passed her, she took a closer look. He was about 45 with wavy dark hair. He appeared in good shape and walked with confidence. His closely trimmed goatee was appealing to Sonny as she loved the feel of facial hair on her when she is being licked. She watched out of the corner of her eye as he disappeared into the back room to access the restrooms. She continued to pretend to listen to the two men carrying on about whatever it was they were saying that they seemed to think would impress her. When the stranger emerged from the restroom, Sonny thought to herself, ?Here is your chance?. She jumped up and told the two men talking to her ?excuse me one second? then she ran up to the stranger and said loudly ?Michael? she then hugged him and quickly whispered in his ear, ?please help me out and pretend you know me to help me shake these two guys that won?t leave. My name is Sonny.?

She released her hug and the stranger played along. ?Sonny, it has been forever. How have you been?? he smiled and went on to ask her if she wanted to join him at his table.

Sonny accepted and told the other two guys that she had just run into an old friend and wanted to catch up. She thanked them for the wine and told them that she hoped to see them again (NOT).

She walked with ?Michael? over to the table with his friends. He introduced himself as Eric and asked what made her so sure that he would go along with her story.

?I saw the way you and your friends were looking at me? she replied. ?I felt like it was a safe bet?, showing her bright smile.

He took her hand and walked her right past Scott and Karen, Sonny intentionally brushed her ass against Scott?s leg as she passed him, making it appear an accident, barely noticeable to those around.

This was working out better than either imagined. Sonny was introduced to the same group who minutes earlier were debating her projected cock sucking talents. Now they were behaving more maturely and appreciating her physical prowess. Sonny sat close to Eric with her legs crossed. He had his arm behind her and just slightly touched her shoulder inadvertently, or so he wanted it to appear as he gauged the level of space she was going to allow him. His friends chatted with Sonny and Eric, but they seemed to back off as Eric became more focused on Sonny and bladed his body to limit the conversation between the two of them. The waitress delivered more drinks to them as the conversation came to them with ease. Eric slowly gained courage as he drank more and Sonny did not reject his subtle advances. He now had his hand resting comfortably on her shoulder and was trying his luck at touching her exposed leg barely covered by her short dress more than a few inches below her uncovered pussy. Scott could see them laughing and their faces close as they conversed.

Karen was a very sweet, intelligent woman, as Scott was learning from their conversation. She was a corporate account representative for a large bank. She had come in with some friends from work, but they were mostly complaining about work and men. She said she liked both and really did not want to get caught up in the negative energy of the group. She had never married because she was too busy pursuing her career. She was still climbing the corporate ladder, but one day a relationship would become a priority. Sonny saw that Karen was touching Scott?s hand as they talked which further sparked the fire already burning beneath her short skirt. She in turn slipped a little closer to Eric as they talked. He told her about his newly opened business in the medical supply field. He also discussed his passion playing the guitar. Sonny was enjoying her conversation with Eric, but she enjoyed it even more as she carried on in the flirtatious touching while talking all in the view of Scott who was getting the attention of another beauty at the same time.

Scott ordered more drinks for Karen and himself, as she excused herself to go to the restroom. Scott was then able to take a moment to check in more closely on Sonny. As he looked over to see Eric kissing Sonny?s neck between snippets of conversation and now massaging her bare thigh just above her knee. Scott could not help but smile when he heard the song now coming across the speakers. Neil Diamond- Cherry Cherry. Knowing what a fan Sonny was he knew he would soon see her on the dance floor. He saw Sonny standing and taking Eric?s hand then moving toward the center as she was already moving in rhythm as they maneuvered around the chairs, tables and other patrons. Scott watched as she moved seductively to the beat of the music. Eric was dancing fairly well, but mostly he was seizing the opportunity to find out what Sonny?s body felt like through her thin silky dress. He managed to keep his hands on her hips and waist as she moved seductively throughout the song.

Karen returned to her seat and as much as Scott wanted to talk to her more, he was having trouble pulling his attention away from the couple on the dance floor. Now a new song was starting, a slow song calling for a slow close dance among the couples dancing. Scott asked if she would like to dance. She accepted and the two moved toward the floor. He led Karen within feet of Sonny and Eric. As he pulled her close, she pressed her head against his shoulder and the two began moving slowly and in sink to the music, As Scott looked over toward Sonny he saw Eric holding Sonny close, and his hand easing down from her lower back onto her sexy ass. He could be seen gently grasping at her sexy rounded backside pulling her closer to his grinding groin rubbing against her seductive body. A hint of Sonny?s lower ass cheeks appeared in brief flashes as Eric worked his hands eagerly at Sonny?s warm body. In response Scott pulled Karen even closer, and she responded by pulling her head from his shoulder, looking up into Scott?s eyes and then kissing his slightly parted lips. As Sonny looked on, she felt a drip of moisture between her legs remembering Scott?s mouth licking her before leaving, and now being tasted by Karen. The song ended and Scott suggested they return to their seat. Sonny and Eric also turned to move back to their seat, when Scott noticed that Eric was attempting to cover a sizable erection trapped in his pants. Sonny undoubtedly had gotten his attention.

Scott and Karen returned to the same seats they had held earlier at the bar, allowing Scott a good view of Sonny?s antics just on the other side of Karen. Eric was leading Sonny back to their seats where Eric?s friends were waiting. They told Eric that they just heard about a party at what was implied to be the home of a common friend of the men. Eric turned to Sonny and suggested that they go. Sonny told him that she was having a good time where they were and she would like to stay. Eric declined the offer from his friends and they said a few quick good byes before heading out of the door. Eric and Sonny moved back toward their seats when Eric caught her off guard spinning her onto his lap as he took his seat. Sonny appeared surprised, but not resistant to the maneuver. Sonny wrapped her arms around his neck in futile attempt to appear that she was simply bracing herself from falling from his lap. His mouth was a breath away from hers. He closed the small gap between them and touched his lips to hers. Scott watched over Karen?s shoulder, attempting not to let on that he was distracted, but drawn to the site of Sonny?s tongue entwined with Eric?s as the two kissed passionately. Shaw was pushing the limit of the agreement that she and Scott had made. How far would she push the window? The agreement was that neither could go more than one step further than the other. If Scott touched another woman?s hand, then Sonny could allow another man to touch her leg. If Sonny allowed another man to put his hand on her ass, Scott could touch another woman beneath her skirt. If Scott allowed another woman to suck his cock, Sonny could allow another man to fuck her. Neither could do anything physical with another person of the opposite sex unless they were in sight, or accessible site of the other. They had never pushed the limit of the game beyond Sonny allowing another man to kiss her exposed breasts. Scott had never gone beyond slipping his fingers into another woman?s pussy. This allowed each to control the other by the limits they put on themselves. Where would tonight go?

Eric made attempts to slide his hand beneath Sonny?s dress. Sonny denied him the opportunity, knowing well the rules of the exciting game. As Eric continued his efforts periodically, Sonny watched Scott?s every move waiting to receive her cue to the next possible move. She knew that she currently held the most advanced step having allowed Eric to grope her ass on the dance floor. Would Scott choose to stop it there? Would he match her with a lateral move which may include feeling Karen?s ass or kissing her breasts touching his tongue to skin, whether or not her breasts are exposed to surrounding eyes, allowing Sonny one step forward or would he leap frog her a level (within the rules) with an act such as sliding his hand beneath Karen?s skirt and testing her depths of passion, allowing Sonny the same opportunity to match or leap a level herself and really throwing the game into a fast paced advance into the depths of their limits?

Scott picked up Karen?s and his drink, then led her to a loveseat in the same secluded area where Sonny was seated with Eric, but while in sight of them, the area was large enough to allow this move without drawing any discomfort for anyone. Yet he was careful to choose a position which offered an unblocked view of Sonny?s every move. Scott kissed Karen?s neck while allowing himself to look unnoticed past her in the direction of Sonny. Sonny stared back with a naughty smile awaiting Scott?s move. Scott puckered his lips lightly in Sonny?s direction suggesting a blown kiss. Sonny smiled at Scott, as Eric kissed her neck and handily kneaded her ass, then returning the kissing gesture. Scott, without breaking eye contact with Sonny matched her by kissing down Karen?s chest and kissing her breast while looking toward Sonny. Karen responded to Scott?s action by placing her hand on the back of Scott?s head pulling him tighter into her chest. Sonny responded by opening her legs and allowing Eric?s hand to move upward and his eager fingers to break the plane of her long since wet opening. The entire incident was directly in Scott?s view, now back looking past Karen to the stretched vaginal opening that he himself would taste, fondle, and penetrate at some point that night. The only variable was ?how much attention would her treasure get before Scott again had it in his grasp?? The ball was again back in his court. The couple had already broken their own record for the extent the game was taken. How much more could they both take?

Scott stood up and excused himself to the restroom. He walked past Sonny removing his watch and rubbing his wrist. This was Scott?s offer of a silent preplanned cue to Sonny to follow and meet with him. Just as Scott walked thru the stain glass door leading to the bathrooms Sonny stood up and told Eric she would be right back. She walked toward the bathroom and looked over at Karen who offered a friendly smile to Sonny. Sonny smiled back and continued toward the bathroom she pulled the door open and walked into the hallway. She looked down the hallway past the bathrooms and thinking Scott would be further down the hall out of site of the doorway. She walked past the ladies room and the men?s room as she moved toward the back of the hallway. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her, and before she could scream, she had been pulled into the men?s room where Scott immediately pressed her against the wall and kissed her hard pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and reaching beneath her dress and grabbing her ass so tightly that the tips of his fingers pierced the opening of her already wet hole. He then knelt down in front of her, lifted her skirt and then her right leg exposing her open invitation. Scott ran his tongue over her clit and into her tasty hole. A few moments of licking Sonny left him wanting more, and wanting it right then. Scott looked toward the stall on the other side of two urinals. He grabbed Sonny?s hand and led her into the stall. Sonny was somehow not surprised by the sexy filth of a men?s room. Scott placed her against the wall as she helped fumble his belt and pants loose before freeing his hard cock. He lifted her up against the wall and in a quick familiar move, sank his cock into her wet hot pussy. Scott worked his hips against her as she met each blow of his cock sinking deep into her wetness. She had one hand around his neck and with her free hand she pulled her neckline down exposing her breast for Scott?s hungry mouth.

Suddenly they heard the bathroom door swing open and Eric?s voice ?Are you fucking kidding me?.

Both thought that this was going to be a difficult explanation. The they heard him say ?he did not go out with her. She is a pain in the ass?. He was on the phone and up to that point apparently unaware that Sonny was in the stall. Scott continued fucking her, now more excited more than before. With Scott?s cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy, she could hear Eric continuing his conversation with the sound of him pissing in the background. He went on to tell the person on the other end of the line that he was not going to make it somewhere that night because he had hooked up with a ?fine ass little blonde up at La Q, and was planning on getting laid before the end of the night.? He held nothing back as he discussed his intention. ?Yea, I can smell her pussy on my fingers right now while I am holding the phone.? The more Eric talked, doing something to his hair in front of the mirror, the harder she fucked Scott. Then suddenly the excitement overcame her and she reached an orgasm. She wanted to scream but knowing that her silence was a must, she buried her face in Scott?s shoulder and quivered as she pumped wave after wave over Scott?s hard cock still buried into her wetness. The door opened again and Eric?s voice faded as he exited the bathroom and back out of the hallway as the exterior door opening offered an increase in the volume of the music in the bar and fading to near silence as it closed back. Scott put Sonny down turned her toward the wall, bent her over and gave a few powerful blows from behind before spraying his load deep into her wetness. Scott pulled out of her, turned her back toward him and kissed her. He then buttoned his pants, buckled his belt and whispered for her to wait while he made sure the coast was clear for her to walk out. He went to the door opened it and stepped outside and looked around, then motioned for her to step outside. She kissed him quickly as she passed him in the doorway. She exited the men?s room and slid directly out of the hallway into the bar area. Scott pushed the door enough to peek out and he saw that Karen was not in the immediate area. He decided to use the furrier type room to hide his extended absence. Scott put his phone to his ear and slipped into that room. He then moved around pretending to be engaged in conversation as he moved in and out of the bar are until he caught Karen?s attention. He raised a finger as if to tell her one minute. A few moments later he hung up the phone and walked back over toward Karen. He realized that the crowd had all but deserted the bar by this time. Karens friend?s still sat near the dance floor, but were looking anxious to leave and one new couple that had paired up at some point in the evening danced to a slow playing song. Otherwise it was Karen, Sonny, Eric, Scott and the bartender.

Eric had gone to the bar for another round for he and Sonny, while Sonny thought of going another round in the men?s room with Scott. She sat there on the warm soft couch which seemed to wrap around her like the soft arms of a tender lover. She felt the mixture of her cum and Scott?s settling at the opening of her tingling hole. She glanced at her watch and realized that the hour was growing late. Not too late for her, but the bar would close in less than an hour. She needed to think if she wanted any last move before finding an excuse to exit without Eric. One of the strictest rule violations, thus signaling disrespect of the other would be for either to leave with someone else, so this was one of the trickiest parts of the game. Much like in baseball, you can hit ?em out of the park all night, but it can go to shit fast without a good closer. Sonny picked up her phone and began a text. Do you know what time it is? Then sent it.

Scott smiled as he read the message. Time to fuck you?if my watch is correct, sending his reply.

Then start wrapping her up, because I have one more thing for you and I am closing this puppy. When you are pleased with what you see, go out of site and give me an emergency call. Scott read, but did not respond electronically. Rather he watched on as Karen talked about not realizing how late it had gotten. Scott agreed as he continued glances toward Shaw. Karen excused herself to talk with her friends for a moment. Sonny turned to kiss Eric again, and he once again ran his hand up her leg toward a now cum filled hole. Sonny reached down to and began rubbing his again hardening cock through his pants. The wrapped her hand around his member noting its size realizing that its thickness was compounded by the material of his pants. Still she was impressed. She opened her legs just a bit wider giving Scott a great view of Eric, now pumping three fingers into her with such force, rhythm and depth that Scott almost expected to see Eric cum through his finger tips. The fact that some of the thick white mixture of Scott and Sonny?s cum was unbeknownst to Eric, clinging to his fingers and standing out like a neon light beneath the black lights of the bar. Sonny seemed to be further aroused by the sight of Scott watching the events unfold. Sonny looked as if she was about to explode, which was going to be quite an erotic sight here in the bar. But before she reached a point of no return, she pulled his hand away and regrouped herself.

Karen returned, and Scott could see her friend?s standing up to leave. They moved toward the door, and Karen explained that she would like to stay longer but she had to meet with a client in the morning and her friend?s did not feel comfortable leaving unless she left at the same time, even though they had driven separately. Karen handed him her card and told him that she would love to hear from him. She then asked if he would like to walk her to her car. This was a tricky question because Scott did not want to leave Sonny unattended for too long in the current heated conditions. Scott told Karen he would be happy to walk her out. He then typed a quick text GO DANCE! BE RT BCK.

Sonny received the text, took the cue, and pulled Eric toward the dance floor as Scott walked out with Karen. ?Come on, I want to dance a couple more before they close.? She told Eric. Who was now beyond any desire to dance, he was thinking of taking her back to his home and welcoming her into his bed. Yet he complied with her request in an attempt to humor her and not spoil his plans of feeling that wet hole around his cock in the very near future.

Scott walked Karen to her car and kissed her good night. Anything more would not be fun without Sonny?s watchful eye. He told her he would call the next time he came into town, and that he had really enjoyed meeting her. She kissed him once more and entered her vehicle. Scott walked back into the bar and past the dance floor to make sure that Sonny saw that he was back. She turned and gave him a wink as Eric continued to bath her with the heat of his hands. Scott continued to the darkened room outside of the restroom entrance which he had already used as a decoy once tonight. He watched as the song ended and Sonny followed Eric back to their seats.

?Let?s get out of here? said Eric rubbing Sonny?s inner thigh. ?We can go back to my hose and dance. It is not far from here and I can bring you back to your car in the morning.?

?In the morning?? she gasped. ?It is morning.? she continued with a smile.

?Late morning? he specified. ?Very late morning.?

?What are we going to do besides dance?? She inquired, Knowing his true answer, more interested in his choice of verbiage.

?Well let?s see. First I will turn on some soft music. Then I will pour you another drink. Maybe dance with you in my living room slowly. The I will kiss you like this (pressing his lips against her neck), and touch you like this (again sliding his hand beneath her skirt). Maybe kiss you here before carrying you into my bedroom where I will?Suddenly there was the breaking noise of her cell phone ring tone. She reached and picked up the phone.

?I am sorry, I have to take this call.? Eric smiled and nodded. ?Hello? she answered as if surprised by the call.

?Do you know what time it is?? Scott asked. Sonny looked into the doorway of the darkened room across the bar to see Scott standing, watching, and talking into his cell phone.

?Yes I do? she replied as if being serious or official.

?I can?t wait to fuck you again.?

?Oh really? When?? again using a voice tone that suggested a serious conversation.

?Let him walk you to the car, leave and when the coast is clear, I will text you to pick me up out front? Scott directed.

? I am on my way? she said sharply. Yes, right now.?

She turned to Eric and told him how sorry she was but she had to leave. She gave him a story about her friend who had just caught her husband cheating on her and her friend was devastated and needed to be consoled.

Eric said to call her back and have her join them. It would be a great way to get back at her husband.

?What a pig? Sonny thought, even though the story was totally fabricated. She verbalized, ?I don?t think that is what she needs. But thanks for the offer.? Sonny grabbed her purse and asked if Eric wanted to walk her out. He complied and the two walked out. A couple of moments later, Scott walked to the front door where he could see out into the parking lot without being seen himself. He saw Sonny kiss Eric one last time before getting into the car that she and Scott had arrived in together and she drove away. Eric appeared very disappointed as he walked to a quite fancy BMW. He sat behind the wheel for a couple of minutes as if to wander, ?what the fuck just happened?? Scott then saw the headlight of the little sports car speed out throught the parking lot.

Come get me and fuck me was his text.

There was no reply, just the sudden stop of the couple?s car in front of the door a minute later. Scott walked out of the front door and stepped into the passenger side of the vehicle. The pair kissed passionately. Sonny?s lips were pleasantly soar from the heavy kissing over the course of the evening, and she could still taste Karen?s lipstick on Scott?s lips as she ran her tongue deep into his mouth. Scott placed his hand under Sonny?s dress and felt that she was still wet as she began the drive back to the hotel.

When the pair arrived back at the hotel they were both eager to get back to the room after the short longest short drive in history, filled with touching, kissing, and verbalized recounts of the evening and what each had experienced. Sonny parked the car and with a quick kiss and provocative touch the exited the vehicle and moved into toward their suite. Once inside Sonny said she needed to make a quick stop into the restroom.

?Hurry? Scott replied with a smile a soft slap on her ass. Scott walked out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean. The warm breeze was blowing in directly from the ocean and the salty air was invigorating. Sonny soon walked out to join him. She immediately walked to him where they embraced and kissed passionately. Scott placed his hands on her hips and turned her toward the ocean and pressed her against the balcony railing. ?I have a surprise he whispered in her ear.?

?You do?? She replied with a hint of excitement in her voice. ?What is it??

With one hand and arm around her waist he held up a pair of handcuffs with the other.

?OOOHH!!? she responded.

He placed one cuff on her left hand and put it over the railing and her right hand between the bars of the balcony railing and cuffed it, leaving her unable to back away from the railing. The railing was rather tall further limiting her mobility in any direction. Scott then walked inside the door and picked up a soft seated shair drom the breakfast table in the room. He brought it onto the balcony and placed it behind Sonny. She said, ?Babe I can?t sit down if I am handcuffed to this high railing.?

?It is not for you? he replied. ?It is for me.? He then placed a hand over her abdomen and anther on her shoulder, bending her forward over the rail. He then took a seat behind her. He placed a hand outside of each thigh just above her knees and slowly slid them simultaneously up her legs until he had her dress raised over her waist. He placed to small kisses on her ass cheeks, and then she felt the wet touch of his tongue on the outside off her again wet pussy. The next thing she felt was the thrust of his tongue entering her waiting pussy. HE began licking and sucking her from behind like a wild dog raving a piece of fresh meat. The intensity of his attention to her sensitive opening combined with the visible setting, thoughts of the night?s events, the cold steel of the handcuffs, and the warm ocean breeze, she quickly neared orgasm. When Scott sat on the ground beneath her wet opening, worked his tong over her clit and rammed his fingers repeatedly into her depths?she exploded into a quivering orgasm, soaking Scott, and the patio beneath him. Scott stood behind her as she nearly hung from the handcuffs binding her to the railing as her legs quivered and fell weak. Scott stood up be hind her and p held her around her waist supporting her until she was again able to rgain her footing. Scott kissed the back of her neck. She turned her head and kissed his mouth. As he again began to run his hands over her bidy feeling that both were ready for more. Wayn dropped his pants and with little warning pressed the head of his hard cock into her soaked pussy from behind. He fucked her gently at first but soon it was as if he were trying to drive his cock through her rather than into he. She moaned louder than she intended as he continued the pleasing blows to her insatiable hole. Then suddenly he pulled out of her wet pussy as she begged for him not to stop. ?I am so close? she protested. He then dipped his fingers in her wet hole and dragged the moisture up over her ass cheeks and even dipping briefly into her less used back hole. Scott placed his fingers in his mouth and ran the wet tips over his cock. He then pressed the head aginst her tight asshole until she felt the tip brak past the tight outside ring stretching her open. He slowly worked his cock in and out of her tight ass until she had relaxed and moaned with pleasure. ?Harder? she demanded. ?Fuck me hard? Her ass was so tight around his cock that it would have been a little painful if not for the erotic pleasure overtaking their thoughts. She pushed back as hard as she could, increasing the force of each blow and setting a pace that she wanted. Moments later he could feel her body begin to tremble. She was approaching another orgasm and he could feel her body tighten and she gasped out an unmistakable moan. He could resist no longer and erupted in repeated waves into her tight ass. He could feel the splatter of Sonny?s orgasm against his testicles, and then running down his legs as it was running down hers. He fell breathless over her back as he inserted a key into the cuffs to release her. She turned and the couple kissed passionately. Scott sat down on the chair, pulling Sonny onto his lap and wrapping his arms around her from behind her. He kissed her neck as he told her again ?I love you baby. More than you could ever comprehend. I love you?.

The two stayed enjoying the others presence there for some time before moving into the suite. Perhaps the night was still young.

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