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How we got Together

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You IM me and tell me that you’re going to be in town. I insist that you stay with me. Your plane arrives but I’m busy that day so I send my sister to pick you up. You make your way back to my house. The nervous energy broken by the site of so many people, you wonder what our first meeting would actually be like. You sit and make yourself comfortable as my sister assures you I’m on the way. After about 20 minutes of schmoozing the phone rings…”Hey tell her I’ll be there in 5 minutes…” All those butterflies you though had gone away are now awake inside you. As I walk up the stairs my own nerves get the best of me. I put the key in the door and walk in. Yours, is the first face I see. “Hey Sexy.” I say nervously. I walk up and give you a big hug, you can’t help but feel my hard cock pressed against you. “Hi yourself” you reply. Knowing that no one there has any idea what our communications have been like, we kind of smile at each other knowingly.

The day goes on as we pretend to visit but, inside both of us knowing the second the last person leaves we are going to Ravage each other, so every once and a while we share a glance or little comments under our breaths. “I love your body” I say quietly. “You do?” you grin and grab my hand and put it to your tits. “My body wants you…it wants you deep inside…” I smile and say “ Mine wants yours as well”…. I take your hand a place it on my hard cock…you look up at me smile unzip my fly pull it out and quickly lick the head…”Mmmmmm, I love Chocolate”.. All the while friends are right in the next room. Not being able to take it anymore I push you up against the stove and start kissing you..” No, we’ll get caught” you say not really caring. I grab you by the hand a whisk you upstairs…”follow my lead” I whisper…”ok”. I walk into the room and say “Listen , I’m going to take her on a tour of the house, we’ll be back”I take you by the hand and we go upstairs.

We get to the top of the stairs and I push you up against the wall and start kissing you I lift you in my ars to the guest bedroom, where you are staying and close the door quietly behind me. I rip your blouse open and start kissing all over you. My tongue traces down your cleavage.Your hand reaches for my cock and firmly squeezes it. I unbuckle your pants and pull them down, pulling your thong down with them….you kick off your shoes at the same time and throw one of your legs over my shoulder, Your pussy is so fucking hot and wet just my tongue touching it gently makes you squirm. You plant your pussy dead on my mouth and I start licking it, sucking on you lips and sticking my tongue deep inside ”Your tongue feels so good”. I jerk my ROCK HARD COCK as you play with your tits, pinching those hard nipples as you watch me eat your pussy. You can only breathe heavy as to not alert anyone to what we are doing? You take off your top and pull down your bra, your body starts to tremble “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum..” u gasp. “CUM ALL OVER MY FUCKING TONGUE, SEXY!!!! I WANNA TASTE YOUR HOT PUSSY JUICE!!!” You start to cum and you can’t help but make noise but by this time neither one of us cares.

I stand up and kiss you as my fingers contnue fingers your pussy, “ I want your cock in my mouth!” You push me back onto the bed and pull my jeans off me. My cock stands straight up 10 inches of THICK,HARD COCK waiting for you. You strattle me and slowly kiss down my chest.

You grab my cock in your hand and smack the side of you face with it. “ God your cock is so fuckin big…U WANT ME TO SUCK THIS THING DO YOU?…MAKE ME!!!” I grab you by the back of your head and slide my cock into you mouth. You gag yourself trying to take the whole thing down your throat. “FUCK MY MOUTH, SHOW ME HOW YOUR GOING TO FUCK MY HOT CUNT “ …My hips start thrust into your hot mouth, You spit dribbles down the side of my cock, but its okay cause I like it Nasty. You spit on my cock and tease the head with your tongue before deep throating it again. “Huh, You like that You like when I gag on your HUGE COCK !?!”

“NOW I’M GONNA FUCK YOU !!!” You climb up and slide my cock inside you and sit all the way down “…I WANNA TAKE IT ALL …” . You put your hands on my chest and I begin pounding the dripping wet pussy, you spring back and forth back into my cock harder and harder..”FUCK ME!!!, FUCK ME GOOD!!! FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY GIRL I AM!!!” I arch my hip to burry it even deepr inside you… Your pussy is so wet your hot juices pour down my cock, “ I wanna taste my pussy on your cock, you jump off and suck my cock again before putting it back inside you. Your ass bounces up and down on my cock. Wanting more, wanting it harder and faster. I grab that fat ass and pull you into me, you are silent no more, your screams of passion are loud and clear “FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME!!!”

You lean down putting your hot sweaty body against mine, your moans fill my ears as you whisper “I love your cock, I love your cock, make me cum all over it” I pick up the pace and slap your ass , pull your hair back and look you dead in your eyes “YOU BETTER CUM ALL OVER MY COCK!!!” you lean in and kiss me and you begin to have an extremely intense orgasm. Your body shakes as I go balls deep and keep it there. You relax for a second as I get up. I flip you over violently onto your back. I spread your legs wide and slap my still throbbing hard rod on your glistening wet pussy. “You want more? Huh? You want more dick?” “Uh huh” you weakly reply.

I shove it in and take it out and tease your clit with the head of my cock,”DON’TYOU FUCKING TEASE ME! GIVE IT TO ME…PLEASE!” I shove it all the way in and lean over as I begin to pound you….You grab my ass and pull me into you hard “C’mon I’m not made of glass fuck me!!!” I grin as I start going balls deep and start fucking you harder and harder and harder. Your hair matted down from sweat and you makeup running you no longer are a sweet girl you are a SEX BEAST WHO ONLY WANTS COCK!I pound you harder and harder spreading your legs far apart so You can get every single inch of my HARD COCK! Your eyes well up with tears you can feel your body starting to cum again…it feels so good…you can’t stop yourself anymore. “ You gonna cum for me?” you say I start to tremble and go faster and faster. I grab your shoulders and pull you into me… ”Here it comes baby…” I pull out my cock and your slide to your knees so you can taste every drop of my hot sticky cum…I squeeze out every drop and then I pick you back up, turn you around, throw onto the bed… and then I stick it back in…doggy style. The look of shock on your face as you realize that my cock is still ROCK HARD….it’s disbelief followed by excitement.

you groan as I shove my huge COCK in your pussy. I start fucking you good and hard, I then sit you up, cowgirl style, on my lap so you can bounce up and down on my cock and I can play with your tits as we look intensely in each others eyes. Knowing that this is what both of us really wanted. I reach around and play with you pussy as you’re gettingFUCKED… you are about to cum and so am I “OMG!!! Its so fucking tight, I say” “I WANT YOU TO CUM ON MY FACE!!!”You exclaim…I start to cum and so do you, as I start to cum all over your face and tits.your pussy squirts its hot juices down your ass”AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” You fall down into me. We slowly get back to our senses and start getting dressed. “I wonder if anyone heard us?” u ask. “I dunno” We walk out into the hallway where your friends and my friends are standing on the staircase and they applaud. We laugh and take a bow.

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