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How I set my wife up with a friend of mine

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My wife and I were a young couple who hired a contractor to do some work at our first house. We liked his work so much that we hired him multiple times. During our renovation he was short handed and saw that i had plenty of time off so he offered for me to work for him to help pay for the addition. We got along great and became great friends. Any time he was working for us he always paid attention to my wife and flirted with her. He also had dated one of her friends back in high school. When he used to kid around with me he told me that he fucked my wifes friend and wondered if my wife was just as good. Just man talk I thought.

He would always walk around shirtless, and he was taller and much more muscular than I. On more than a few ocassions I would catch my wife watching him. I always teased her about fucking him but she would blush and tell me I was crazy.

Quite a few years passed my wife and I separated for a few months and went to therapy. One of the things we learned in therapy was it was ok to fantasize about other people and share that with each other. Well i was not surprised when my wife told me she had fantasized aout having sex with him.

My friend was very verbal about being interested in her but also talked negatively about customers who had flirted with him while their husbands we not arround.

I always wanted to see if given he chance would either of them act on their flirting.

I used to get cofee with my friend about once a month and we would guy talk.So I thought maybe if I put it out there, who knows. He knew about our separation a few years ago and was asking questions about therapy, so I told him what the therapist said about fantasy's . He asked about my fantasies, and then about my wifes. I told him I would only tell him if he promised not to tell my wife. He said ok. So i told him how she had fantasized about him. He was starteled and said that I was making it up. He thinks that my wife is a very innocent girl. So I told him that we also did some swinging. He turned beat red said that he still did not believe me but asked about details. So I procedded to tell him how she prefered mfm. He asked if I was ok with that. My answer was sure its only fair as I had had a girlfriend when we split and she did not fool around at all. He thought for a minute and still said that he did not believe me. I told him I had proof that I took pictures of her and her lover. Well he got very excited and would not leave me alone until I promised to show him some of them. We went to my house and i showed him some of them on the computer. He loved them, I thought he was going to beat off right there. He said that he wished that my wife still had the fantasy and that he was the guy in the pictures. I told him I would make him a deal. That I bet if he made an attempt to seduce my wife she would offer little to no resistance and if he promised not to tell her about our conversation, I would help him set it up.

He was thrilled. So we planned to have him do some work on our house and I would help him. He could send me to the lumber yard and try to seduce her. We made the plans for the following monda for him to come over and work on our floors.

He showed up very early as usual. My wife and I had just gotten up she was in a nightgown. We always made him coffee our ritual for him. she had a bathrobe over her night gown.While she was making coffee he was watching her and flirting with her, I noticed her robed open, she was so into their converstaion she did not notice she was sort of flashing him. I went to check on the tools on the outside and heard her giggling so went to the window to find him standing next to her at the stove, right up against her brushing her hair back from her face. Next they went into the room we were flooring and he had her holding a piece of wood for him. It started to fall and when he went to grab it he grabbed her by the breast. He appologized but she said it was ok she di not mind. They were definatly looking at each other in a sexual way. He called me over privately and said that now would be a good time to go to the lumber yard and take my time. I came into the room and told her that i was going to the lumber yard and would be back later. She said ok and that she was going to take a quick shower. My friends eyes lit up. So, I got the keys from him , he high fived me and I left.

SHe went into the shower just before I left. While I was gone, my friend kept remembering my wife in the pictures. He said that he had to make his move now so he took off his clothes, and entered the shower with her. SHe screamed and asked him what was he doing. He said that he was hot for her and that I was gone for a while, he said that he saw the way she looked at him. She told him he was mistaken, she tried to push him away and kept saying no. His fingers found their target and started rubbing her pussy. Within minutes she surrendered to him. He shut off the shower and brought her out to our bed, pulled down the covers and started sucking on her pussy, she lost it and told him to fuck her hard. She grabbed his dick which was as large as mine but thicker. and out it at the entrance to her pussy. He started slow but within a few minutes was fucking her so hard he almost broke the bed. By now I just arrived home, so he jumped up he got dressed and she went into the shower. He told me all about it but she did not mention a thing. More later!!! let me know if you like this Funwithme122000 sls

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