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How I met and fucked Jamie.

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Hi I am Tammy and this is my second true story.

You may recall in the last story I caught my husband Larry sucking and getting fucked by my boy friend Jamie. You see I was having an affair with the boy down the street Jamie. Jamie is 18 an absolute hunk 6?, 180, a nice Jewish boy with an amazing 8? thick cock. Larry my husband is great also but I need more. So I was fucking Jamie and Larry found out. So instead of getting all mad he decided to also have an affair with Jamie. I caught them in my bed one day and was so pissed. Well pissed at first then turned on.

Now the three of us are a regular thing. We get together every chance we get. Jamie (J) is in Community College. He tells his parents he is going to the Library to study or write a report, but he comes over and we fuck. I love to watch Larry (L) and J 69 or fuck each other. I suck them both or they fuck me in the ass and cunt or I suck one and the other fucks me. I really like J?s big thick cock in my pussy the best. L fucks my ass and I also suck him off.

But today I want to tell you how I came to meet J.

I was at the library getting a book. I love mystery books. I noticed this cute man, well boy really, at one of the computers. J was just 17 when we met. I know what you are thinking but 16 is the legal age in our state. Anyway I went up behind him to see what he was doing. He was at a porn site. I walked around a bit then had the courage and walked up behind him again and whispered in his ear, would you like to see the real thing?

He hit the delete key and whipped around and with his eyes buggig out said I didn?t do anything wrong. I giggled and said no you didn?t, would you like too? I said quietly, look I am offering you a chance to see the real thing. But I understand if I am too old for you. He said Mrs. Tammy you are not old if fact you are beautiful. I have dreamed about you and me for a long time.

He knows my name! I recovered and asked him his name. He told me and said he lives right up the street from our home. He also said he has seen me at the store, movies, bank and even in my own pool. I was a little shocked. I said well if you know so much about me then I would ask again, want to go over my house and see the real thing? He jumped up and out we went.

I drove home. He parked up the street and walked back. I opened the door and he almost attacked me. He is a very good kisser. His hands were all over me. Wrinkling my silk blouse as he grabbed my tits and squeezed them oh so hard.

I said hold on. Let?s go upstairs and get undressed. L was at a business mtg. In Tucson so I had all week to fuck this boys brains out.

I watched as this sweet young boy stripped off his clothes. Last were his boxers. There was a huge bulge. Then he slid them down and out popped the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. His cock was at least 8? and very thick. I measured later. His balls are huge. His sack was hanging down with the weight of those amazing balls. He doesn?t have much hair, which was a real plus. No hair on his cock or balls and just a small patch above. I later shaved it all off. I really like no hair. I am shaved and so is L. Now my new lover is also.

I quickly removed my clothes. J just watched. He said over and over, you are so beautiful. I am so lucky. I can?t believe this is happing. I have dreamed this for 2 years. Damn I said why did I not know this.

I knelt in front of J?s manhood. I caressed his balls and stroked his hard cock. I put the tip to my lips and kissed the head. I licked off the large drop of pre-cum that had formed. It was so sweet. Like honey. I then slipped his cock head into my mouth. I sucked like it was candy. And it was as sweet. I squeezed his balls as they pulled up close to his shaft. I put my right hand around his cock shaft. My fingers would not go all the way around. I then began to stroke that wonderful cock up and down as I sucked for all I was worth. I wanted his seed in my mouth. J was moaning and squirming all around. His whole body tensed up. Here it comes I thought. I was ready. I held the cock head just inside my mouth. His cock swelled up getting even bigger and thicker. Then he screamed! AHHHHH. OH GOD. YES. OH FUCK. I?M COMING. And cum he did. He shot 7 long ropes of hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed drinking his hot thick sperm filled cum down. It tasted very sweet with a hint of salt.

When he was finished coming I released his still hard dick from my mouth. I stood up and kissed him giving him a little taste of his love juice.

He them asked me to lie down and he entered me for the first time. I was wet with anticipation and open for him. He put the tip to my cunt lips as I guided him into my pussy. He was much bigger then my husband. L is 6? and somewhat thin. It felt wonderful as he pushed in. The head of his cock popped in and he then waited a second before he pushed again. Now I had 4? in and wanted more. Shove it in, fuck me with your big cock. Jamie pushed again and he was in all the way. God it was a super feeling. I was so full. I told him to please fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. J started to pound his big cock in me very fast and with long powerful strokes. He fucked me for about 20 minutes giving me two wonderful orgasms. When he was about to come he pulled out. I screamed no, I wanted to feel his load deep in my cunt but he was out and shot on my pussy lips and ass hole. Later he said he was afraid he would knock me up. Can?t I?m fixed.

Jamie them really surprised me. He went down on me. He ate his come from my cunt and licked it from my ass hole. He kept on licking till I had my third orgasm.

I said what then hell and went down on him also and cleaned all the juices from his cock. He was soft but it still was wonderful. We kissed and played. I kissed his chest, arms, stomach, ass and ass hole. I then mounted him as he lay back. I fucked him long and slow. Enjoying every second. He then came deep in my pussy. I actually felt his strong shot of come blast in the bottom of my love tunnel.

Jamie went down on me again and brought me to another and final orgasm of the day. He explained later he really enjoyed eating me out after he fucked me. He said his come was very intoxicating. I guess that explains why Larry was able to seduce him also. OR did Jamie seduce us? Doesn?t matter because we both love to fuck this beautiful young man.

Let me know what you think of my adventure. spluv

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