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How I got into swinging

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My husband and I have just opened the door to a whole new world of sexual fulfillment and we have been having some of the best sex of our lives!

It all started a couple of years ago when Steve made a comment about a fantasy to have another woman join us. It told him in no uncertain terms that I was not interested. For a few days, I’ll admit, I was angry and upset. He promised he would never bring it us again. And, he really is a loving husband and very attentive to my needs. In a very short time, we returned to having our usual great sex.

“Our usual great sex…” That is the phrase that kept going over and over in my mind. Steve is a great lover and I wondered if he somehow felt the same way I did. I brought up that night when he suggested a threesome. He got defensive and told me that he would not suggest it again. I told him that was not why I brought it up. I asked him if he felt there was anything missing from our sex life. He said, “no,” but I could tell there was more. I kept pushing and finally he told me he would like to make things more exciting… different… to have experiences that took us to new places.

We decided that we would start adding some extra spice to our sex by planning fantasies and acting them out. The rules were simple... we’d take turns making the plans and we’d keep it between just us. I was still not ready to concede any other partners in our relationship.

Over the next several months, we had some of the most exciting and sensual experiences ever. We acted like we were strangers in a bar and he picked me up for a one night stand. We went for a trip in the countryside and made love in the back seat of our car. One night, I suggested we go to a strip club. I had never been to one, but I thought it would be a good way to turn him on. Of course, it did turn him on. But it also turned me on. I bought him a lap dance with one of the girls and she led him off to the VIP lounge. It really was nothing more than a sectioned off area with a couple of overstuffed leather couches. I watched as she pushed him down on the couch and began her dance. She looked as if she was in another world as she rubbed her body all up and down Steve. And then, she turned her eyes toward mine and locked her gaze onto me as she completely undressed and ran her hands and breasts and beautiful ass all over Steve. I was so hot and wet and when we got home that evening, I just exploded in some of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced.

Steve knew how excited I had been, but he did not say anything. Instead, he cooked up a fantasy that would turn my whole world upside down.

A few days later, I was sitting in my office when I received a package at my desk. It had our home address on it. I opened the box and inside, there was another smaller package with a note attached that said, “Open this in private.”

I closed the office door and opened the smaller package and found a remote controlled butterfly vibrator. The control was not with the vibrator. A note with the vibrator said, “Put this on and meet me tonight at Laseter’s.” Laseter’s is a great little bar we go to occasionally. I knew the evening was going to be really special.

I got to the bar at 6:30 and expected to see Steve there waiting for me. He was not there and so I took a booth near the back where I could see him come it. I ordered a drink and was waiting for Steve when all of a sudden, the butterfly sprang to life. It startled me so much, I let out a little yelp that got the attention of a few people nearby. I composed myself and began to look around for Steve. The vibration on my clitoris was almost too intense. I was already turned on by the expectation of the moment and now I was beginning to feel superheated.

I frantically looked around to find Steve… I wanted him to be with me right now! But he was not there. I tried to fight back the sensation that was welling up inside of me, but I knew that would be no use. I shifted to bring the greatest effect of the little vibrator on my clitoris and in a rush, I let myself go. I wanted to scream out but restrained myself. I buried my face in my hands and rocked to the rhythm of my private orgasm. It felt like my body would go on and on. I’m not sure how long it lasted, but as I began to come down, I became acutely aware of a woman at the bar staring intently at me. I was horrified. Had she been able to tell what was happening? I looked away and then looked back. She was still staring at me. Only now she had a little wry smile that told me she knew.

Just then, Steve walked in. I’m sure I was flushed in my face and his presence gave me a sense of relief. But to my amazement, rather than walking up to the table, he walked over to the woman who was smiling at me! They whispered a few words and she handed him a small remote control. She got up and with one more smile in my direction, she walked out the door.

I could not believe what had just happened! Steve walked over and sat down across from me and simply said, “Are you having a good evening?” I told him to pay for my drink and let’s get out of here… We went to a nice hotel just a few blocks away and before the door could close to our room, I was tearing his clothes off of him… We fucked like animals… I only thought Hollywood could stage two people knocking over lamps and chairs in their passion, but Steve literally had to throw his shirt and pants away later on because I ripped his buttons and zipper!

Later that night, he explained the whole scenario. It seems he had been less than discreet when he bought the vibrator on the internet. It arrived at his office and a co-worker named Laura had seen it arrive. She brought it up in a conversation and he told her his plan. It was Laura’s idea to be the one who ran the show. Steve laughed and apologized if it felt like I had sex with another woman. I laughed too, but in a flash, the thought of Laura being even more intimate with me overwhelmed me.

I told Steve to thank her for me and then with a little wink, I said, “Why don’t you let Laura be on the receiving end next time.”

There is another story that goes with that…

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