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I wonder how many respectable middle-aged women there are in the world who can honestly resist a scrumptious, hard cock that’s just a few feet away, as if begging to be taken. Now, it’s 2 a.m., so add the fact that this stiff cock is attached to a gorgeous, young stud houseguest who’s a friend of your son, and this middle-aged woman was about to learn the hard way that I was not one of ‘em.

Once you get to be my age, you start to feel as if you’re a dirty old woman for having impure thoughts about any man who is old enough to be one of your children. Believe me, you feel even worse when that young man just so happens to be a friend of one of your children. I mean honestly—can a mom stoop any lower than that? Before that night I didn’t think so…but turns out I was wrong.

Marco was his name. A nice looking twenty-two year old business major, who I considered lethal from the very first moment our eyes met and his strong hand embraced mine. He was very polite, and well-mannered, and the second he opened his mouth, his deep, manly voice took me by surprise when it pierced my conservative dress and touched me in the most arousing way. As I stood face length, listening to him and my oldest son ramble on about school, I prayed neither of them would catch my eyes wandering down to the cock imprint of Marco’s crotch. Although I told myself that these urges were innocent and were merely the result of a horny old lady who was long overdue, the degree of my panties’ moisture suggested otherwise. In all of my forty-six years in the world, I had never felt so turned on by a man that I needed to change my underwear, until the day I met Marco.

Forced to excuse myself, with a sense of urgency I hurried upstairs to my bedroom and eased the door shut behind me, making sure it was locked. As I sat on the end of my bed and removed my panties, I couldn’t believe how soaked they were. My excitement was practically running down my legs I was so aroused. Get a grip, Sue, I told myself. What kind of mother has the hots for her son’s friend? You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I couldn’t even begin to imagine what excuse I would have given my son and his friend had they caught my roaming eyes downstairs. I seriously did not know what had come over me. This wasn’t the first time my son had brought one of his good-looking college friends home either; however, none of them held a candle to Marco. He had this aura about him that told me he knew how to satisfy an older woman---more precisely, an older woman who hadn’t been laid in so long that she sometimes wondered if she even remembered how.

Barricaded upstairs in my bedroom, I knew there would be no rejoining my son and his friend unless I first relieved some pent-up frustration. It so happened that just a few weeks prior, while attending my first sex toy party, I had purchased my very first vibrator. A purchase of that kind was new for someone like me, seeing how I had always considered vibrator owners as being sexual freaks. For years, Greg’s father called me a prude for not wanting to try new things in our bedroom. On a couple occasions, he even tried persuading me to use vibrators that he’d ordered online, unknown to me of course, and on both occasions I said no. Ironic that now we’re divorced I’m reaching for the one thing he could never get me to try when we were married.

Horny beyond belief, I slid my skirt up around my waist and laid back on the bed with forbidden fantasies of Marco’s strong hands touching all over me. As I inserted the vibrator, I did so gently, so I could relish each of its seven inches, one by one, as they entered me. Each thrust had my legs quivering with uncontrolled excitement as I imagined Marco’s hard body pressing down against mine. I could almost feel his hot mouth sucking on my hard nipples as I pinched each one to heighten my pleasure while the vibrator buzzed against my clit. In mere seconds I was clenching my butt cheeks, with my back arched, and cumming so hard that I just knew I had broken something. After letting out an exhausted exhale, I immediately jumped up, put on another pair of panties and hurried back downstairs before my son wondered what was taking me so long.

Arriving downstairs, I found my son and his well-built friend sitting at the kitchen table playing dominos. Due to the intense summer heat, both the young men had now removed their shirts and were just wearing wife beaters. In the safe privacy of my mind I thanked God that Georgia was experiencing a heat wave. Georgia wasn’t the only place either. Watching Marco’s defined body as he unconsciously flexed had another heat wave brewing someplace else. Desperately looking for any excuse for this old mom to hang out with the younger generation, I offered to make the boys a light snack. If there’s one thing I had learned from raising three children, it was that two college boys couldn’t refuse free food. However, and idiotically I might add, while making their sandwiches my lack of self-control got the better of me and I blurted out, “So Marco, I know a handsome young man like yourself got a girlfriend back at school, right?” My goodness, I cringed. I couldn’t believe I had just said that. When I looked up, I did so halfway expecting to see perplexed looks on the boy’s faces, but what I saw was the exact opposite. Neither of the young men had so much as taken their eyes off the game Marco even satisfied my goof up with the response I was looking for.

“Not me. My girlfriend and I broke up a little over a year ago, Ms. Collins. Her and Greg’s ex are good friends and they use to accuse Greg and me of cheating on them. They swore we were messing around with some other girls because we were always hanging out late without them. Nadine broke up with Greg, too. But I’m sure you probably knew that already.”

Surprised, I looked over at my son, who was studying his dominos. “Greg, you didn’t tell me that you and Nadine stopped seeing one another.”

“Oh, it must’ve slipped my mind,” he responded nonchalantly.

“Well maybe it was all for the best,” I said trying to hide the delight in my voice about the newfound information about Marco. “Nice-looking young men like yourselves don’t need your minds all wrapped around serious relationships no way, especially with your studies and all.”

It was then that my son suddenly looked up with a puzzled look on his face. “But mom, I thought you always liked Nadine. Every time we talked, you would always ask how Nadine was doing and when we would be coming to visit. What changed?”

Now both Greg and Marco were waiting for an answer that I did not have. This was exactly why I knew I should have stayed locked in my bedroom. Worse, I had never believed in lying to my children…but this time I had no choice.

“Son, I always thought that you and Nadine were getting a little too serious. I just didn’t say anything. I knew how much you liked her and the last thing I ever wanted to do was come between the two of you. Although I’m your mother, I would never try to tell you who you should or shouldn’t date.” As each lie rolled off my tongue, a part of me couldn’t believe that I was capable of stooping so low. Had I really gotten so desperate that I now resorted to lying to my own son?

“Mom, I wish you would have told me all of this sooner,” my son said in a relieved tone. “The only reason I dated Nadine for as long as I did was because I thought that’s what you wanted. That’s why I never told you that we had split up. I thought you would give me one of your long lectures.”

“Well I’m sorry for giving you the wrong impression. When it comes to your happiness whatever makes you happy makes me happy, period.” The whole time I was talking, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Marco’s shapely biceps, which were now glistening with perspiration from the intense summer humidity. At that moment, I would have given just about anything to be able to walk over and run my tongue over every chiselled inch of his arm. “Anyway, that’s all behind you now. Boys....excuse me…young men your age should be keeping your options open anyhow.”

My son was now looking at me like, who are you and what the hell have you done with my mother? “Mom, are you feeling all right? I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I like it.”

“Well I’m glad.”

“Hey…after we eat I’ma take Marco out and show him around a bit. We’ll probably check out a movie while we’re out so don’t worry about making dinner.”

“Ok. I’ll change the sheets in the guest room and have it all ready for Marco when the two of you return. Marco, feel free to help yourself to anything you like while staying here. Make yourself at home.” My God, it seemed as if every word that left my mouth had some sexual reference to it.

“Thanks for making me feel so at home, Ms. Collins. You don’t know how that makes me feel.”

“Don’t mention it. And call me, Susan.” At the rate I was going I should have just came on out and told him that he could sleep in my bed with me.

My son and his friend just looked at one another, both in wide-eyed disbelief. I could tell from the look on Marco’s face that whatever Greg had told him about me prior to them arriving was nowhere near what he was getting.

After the two boys finished scarfing their sandwiches down they headed out. As they were leaving, I couldn’t help but smile when I overheard Marco telling my son how surprised he was that he had such a cool ass mom. My son, just as surprised, responded by saying, “Not as surprised as I am.”

Once the two were in the car and had driven away I rushed back upstairs to change my panties for the second time, and to have another go with my vibrator.

After pleasuring myself, I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I woke up several hours had passed and it was now a quarter to 2 a.m. Realizing I was still dressed, I slid out of bed and changed into one of my comfortable nightgowns. Still horny, I found it unbearable that even after the two fulfilling vibrator sessions, my son’s friend was still nowhere near exiting my mind. Frustrated, I stuffed my pillow between my thighs, clenching it tightly while tossing and turning for over half an hour, trying to drive myself to sleep. To no surprise, it seemed that the harder I fought my desire to feel this young, alluring houseguest inside me, the more determined my hormones were to make those urges a reality. Therefore, I knew it was a lie when I told myself that I was only getting up to fix a warm glass of milk so I could get to sleep.

Sliding out of bed, I threw on my bathrobe and house slippers with a quiet sense of urgency. It was as though this newly discovered, sexual Susan already knew what rational Susan was denying. As made way into the hallway both my nipples were protruding against my gown with a craving to be suckled, one by one.

Once in the hallway and I saw how dark and quiet the house was, I knew the boys were either sleeping or hadn’t come in yet. After making my milk and sitting down to the kitchen table, the ever-increasing wetness between my thighs told me it was going to take much more than milk to put me to sleep. I know it seems unlikely that after my nightcap I had every intention on going back to bed... I really did. But instead of going straight to bed, my maternal instincts kicked in and I went to make sure the door was locked. While there, I also happened to peer through the blinds and notice that Greg’s car was in the driveway. I know it sounds awful, but somehow just the thought of my son’s friend, asleep in the guest room, scantily dressed, overtook any and all of my logical thinking at that moment. Images of his hard dick, standing firm and erect began to race around in my head. There, in the kitchen I stood, swollen and wet, nipples perked while envisioning myself straddling and riding Marco’s young dick to Kingdom Come. My self-control level was way past the point of no return, thus at my moment of weakness I caved in and headed for the guest room.

Standing outside the bedroom door in the dimly lit hallway, my heart felt like it was beating a hole in my chest. Everything seemed as if it was happening in slow motion. Like a spectator in my own twisted dream, I watched my trembling hand reach out and grab the doorknob, each protruding vein steady reminding me of the forty-odd years of self-denial that I had allowed to tick off my life. Why the sudden change now? Why with a man so young that I could have very well given birth to him? Who was I fooling anyway? Why in the world would a gorgeous young stallion like Marco want an old worn down buzzard like me?

With all the self-doubt and unethical reminders gnawing away at me it’s a wonder that I found the courage to proceed. But I was finding my yearnings for this young man greater than ever. Nonetheless, terrified at the thought of being caught, I hesitated after turning the doorknob…my heart pounding even faster now that the door was ajar. Easing the door open a bit further, just enough to peek my head inside, I could now see the light from the television, which Marco must have muted. Now I was really having second thoughts. If I’m found out I’ll just say that I happened to be up fixing a glass of milk and wanted to see if the boys had made it home safely. My son knows that I often have a warm glass of milk so I can sleep better. Still, it was a likely story, I know…but I had come too far to turn back now; my libido would never forgive me if I did.

Armed with an excuse that had more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese, I fought my better mind to turn back as I stuck my head inside. Marco must’ve been awake because when he heard the door he whispered, “Greg,” while quickly covering himself with a blanket.

Thanks to the limited light from the television I could see that Marco’s chest was bare and every bit as shapely as his biceps. This young man was most definitely the total package. Feeling a bit embarrassed I said, “No, it’s just me…Susan.” I was flustered and my old hormones were running rampant throughout my body. I eased my way inside the bedroom, locking the door behind me and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I felt nervous and unsure of myself, like the time I lost my virginity to Greg’s father.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Collins…I-I-I thought you were Greg. We-we-we just got home not too long ago and I thought you were him messing around,” he said, stumbling over his words while tugging more cover over his lap.

I wasn’t born yesterday. You don’t raise three boys and not ever catch at least one of ‘em masturbating in their bedroom with some smut magazine they keep stashed in between their mattresses. His clutching the covers and stuttering were a dead giveaway of what he was trying so desperately to hide.

“I was just checking to see if you boys were in yet so I could make sure the door was locked,” I said using the best, although transparent excuse I could come up with at the time. The mere thought of him possibly being naked underneath the covers was raising my hormonal temperature by the second. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I did my best to pretend I was all into the soundless program playing on the television. Inwardly, I was really questioning the consequences of my actions if I gave in to my temptation. I was old enough and had been through enough in my life to know that everything had its consequences, and although I could think of a million and one reasons why what I was about to do was a terrible idea—the moisture of my swollen mound made it all seem worth the risk.

Channelling more courage, I boldly stood and walked around to the side of the bed—Marco’s eyes following me nervously—and leaned over and engaged him in a daring hesitation, no fear…and no more denial. As soon as our lips met it was as if a chemical reaction simultaneously exploded in the both of us. I just know he felt it…he had to. Pushing him back onto the bed, I took his silence as an ok and practically attacked him. Flinging my robe to the floor, I threw myself on top of him, drowning his face and neck with wet, wild and every bit as untamed kisses, as my fragile body pressed against his. The poor boy couldn’t get a word in edgewise, and when he did the only words that escaped were, “But Ms. Collins” right before my lips pressed back against his, finishing his sentence. I knew I would regret my actions in the morning, but at that moment I didn’t care. Deep down, I was tired of the constant juggling of right and wrong. If only I had this type of attitude with my husband, maybe he wouldn’t have run off with another woman.

It came as no surprise that Marco was somewhat hesitant at first in fully returning my unrestrained advances. He fought as best he could to keep me from sliding my hand underneath the covers. I knew it was his friendship with my son that was holding him back. After all, Greg’s room was only a few doors down, and how would we explain ourselves if we were caught? I still didn’t let that stop me. In my mind the damage was already done.

The sheer musky scent of Marco’s glorious body was so intoxicating that I knew there was no turning back even if I wanted to. Lustfully I ran my tongue down his neck and traced around his thick chest as if I was an animal in heat. By now, the pitch of his soft moans was a sure indicator that the sensation of it all was too much for even his bond with my son to impede. I’m ashamed to say it, but the fact that my son was just a few doors down only made me want to fuck his friend more.

Urge-driven, I reached underneath the bundle of covers, smiling to myself that he was naked, and wrapped my hand around his engorged dick. Impressed at its actual length and width, I could feel my pussy panting for a taste. I knew we would have to be fast and quiet if we were going to avoid being caught by my son. The whole sneakiness of it all must have been arousing to Marco as well, because his shaft was growing even more rigid in my hand.

“That’s it…don’t fight it,” I whispered. “Just let me sit on. I promise to be quick,” I persisted while massaging his shaft with my fingertips. As I felt the head of his cock, which was much larger than the shaft, I wondered how any girl in her right mind could leave such a blessed man.

By now, all the fight in Marco was totally depleted. After surrendering self-control so that I could uncover his lap he began to slowly nudge my head down in the direction of his crotch. Just like a man to always want a blowjob. As I came face to face with the intent of my late-night visit, I can only describe it as simply magnificent. Marco’s cock towered over me as I cupped his testicles in my hand and gently twirled them around in my mouth while stroking his erect shaft. While keeping strict eye contact, I licked up the shaft of his monstrosity as if it was an abnormally large lollypop, stopping midway before working my way back down to his sack.

Overcome with excitement, Marco covered his face with his hands and tried greatly to hold back his moans. As I reached the head of his cock and took it in my mouth, he couldn’t take it any more and signalled for me to climb on top of his eager joystick. My beaver twitched anxiously in anticipation as I crawled forward and then mounted his cock. As soon as its thick head parted the lips of my labia, my creamy waters were released.

“Take it easy on me. I’m not as flexible as the young girls you’re probably used to being with,” I murmured keeping still and trembling as so not to moan too loudly. Cum trickled down the sides of his long shaft as I sheepishly muttered, “It-it’s beeeen a while.”

Marco just squeezed and spread my ass cheeks apart while guiding the rest of his hard cock inside me. The sexual stink of our genital union was climbing up my nostrils and producing an effect equal to that of an aphrodisiac. Once his cock was all the way in, he then whispered, “Take your gown off so I can see your breasts, Ms. Collins. Then put ‘em in my mouth so I can suck on your nipples.”

Ok I was really feeling like a dirty old bird now, because for reasons unknown, just hearing this young man call me Ms. Collins had me getting even wetter.

“Yeah…don’t stop. Say my name. Say Ms. Collins.”

Quickly slipping my gown over my head and slinging it to the floor, I did so as if unfazed in the presence of my young freak, although deep within was another story. I couldn’t help but be a little self-conscious at what he might think of my body. I mean, my breasts were nowhere near the perfect looking breasts of girls his age. Each year mine seemed to sag lower and lower as another reminder that young men like the one I was straddling were out of my league.

Marco must’ve felt differently, though, and if he didn’t, he most certainly did a good job of shielding it. Judging by the increasing stiffness of his cock, he must have seen something on this aged body that he liked. Whatever it was, that aroused look in his eyes more than encouraged me to give him the ride of his young life. I was ever more determined to prove that experience outweighed age.

One thing I noticed about being with a younger man was his willingness to let me have my way with him. Unlike Greg’s dad, Marco didn’t struggle to control my movements while I was on top. When I pinned his hands on his stomach, he just laid there willingly and let me control the movements. The only task he had was to maintain a stiff erection, which, for him, wasn’t a task at all. That was another point for the young team, considering my ex-husband had issues in that department, and minus one for the old guys.

Marco felt so good inside me that I was dying to let loose and go buck wild on top of him, but I couldn’t risk the squeaking sound the bed would make. So to compensate I rubbed my clit for added stimulation while grinding my hips down on top of him. I must have cum several times in that position alone, and trying to keep all of those moans and groans from bursting out was the hardest part. Marco’s cock and balls were drenched with my fluids and it was now time for him to get his.

“Turn over on your stomach, Ms. Collins, so I can slide it in from the back. I won’t be but a few more minutes.”

As I eased off Marco’s soaked cock I thought to myself what it must be like to be young and full of so much sexual energy. His cock was still firm and erect as we quietly changed positions and he slid it back inside me.

“Ooh Ms. Collins, I swear you’re the best I ever had,” was all he kept mumbling as he laid on top grinding his hard beef inside me. If only my son’s room wasn’t so close, I would have told him to go ahead and drill me hard and fast like I knew a young buck like him was capable. But being that I couldn’t I did the next best thing and pushed my ass up against his pelvis, returning his deep grinding action equally hard.

Marco and I had now been at it for a little over twenty minutes and my back was soaked with sweat of his body. The raw stench of our forbidden passion had now enveloped the room air. Sexual funk never smelled so good.

My young pony’s grinding speed was steady increasing as I sensed him galloping toward his climatic finish. His broad chest was pressed tight against back with his hands tucked underneath my body, pinching my hard nipples as I whispered, “Say my name. Tell Ms. Collins how good it feels.”

“My God, Ms. Collins…your pussy is the best,” He exclaimed, grinding even harder and faster with each stroke.

“Say it again…” I murmured fuelling another gigantic climax that was building inside my smouldering loins. “Tell me what you’re doing to me.”

“I’m fucking you, Ms. Collins. I’m fucking the daylights out of Greg’s mom and oh God…I’m about to cum.”

“Then cum baby…cum baby cum,” I moaned. “Just let your wad go inside me. Don’t worry, I can’t have any kids.”

“Here it comes, Ms. Collins… Oh shit…I can’t hold it. Goddddddddd damn!” he yelled smothering his face down in the pillow beside me to drown some of the sound.

Marco’s orgasmic cries combined with his hard cock pumping me full of hot semen were all that I needed to summon my last orgasm for the night. I could feel every ripple of his climaxing dong as it pulsated and glazed the insides of my wet hole.

“Mmmm…that’s it. I had forgotten what real dick felt like,” I chuckled. “Alright, young man. You have to get up so I can get out of here before we both get in trouble. You were rather loud there at the end.”

Now that the naughty deed was done, both our nerves were visibly rattled, though Marco was practically hyperventilating. As I jumped up and put back on my gown and robe, Marco was busy hustling to straighten the bed. But it was when he noticed cum stains on the sheet he really started freaking out. Suddenly the whiff of our hot sex hit his nostrils and he just about had a heart attack.

“How could I have been so stupid?” He said with a frightened look. “Greg will be done with me for sure if he finds out.”

“Calm down. My son won’t find out if you just do what I tell you. And if he does, the last time I checked, you and I are consenting adults.”

“Ms. Collins, you just don’t understand.” Marco was extremely worried that my son would find out what we did, and nothing I seemed to say could calm him down. Not that I wasn’t worried. Just not as worried.

“Listen, son,” I said putting my thinking hat on. “There are clean sheets in the bottom dresser drawer over there that you can put on the bed. I’ll take the dirty one with me when I go. As for the smell in the room, go in your bathroom, light that potpourri candle and bring it back in here. That’ll take care of the smell in no time.” As I listened to myself instruct my young accomplice on covering our tracks, I scared even myself. It was almost as if I was a little too good at the art of lying.

After Marco finished doing everything I instructed, it was beginning to look as if we were going to make it out of this mess unscathed—until there was a light rap at the door and a twist of the doorknob.

“We’re dead.” Marco gasped while searching hysterically for his shorts and putting them on. “What are we going to do?!”

At the time I didn’t have an answer. My pulse rate was running a hundred miles an hour and neither of us had a good explanation for me being in Marco’s room at that time of night. Worried, I quickly glanced around the room, searching for a good hiding place. Nothing.

It wasn’t until Greg knocked a second time and turned the doorknob that I looked at the bed and knew I would have to crawl underneath. I took the stained evidence and hid while Marco let my son in.

As soon as Marco unlocked the door, I started praying silently that my son wouldn’t suspect anything.

When he opened the door the first words out of Greg’s mouth were, “Why was the door locked? I told you I was coming down after I took a shower.”

Seemingly tense, Marco said, “I guess I must’ve locked it by accident and drifted off to sleep. How long were you out there?”

“Long enough to think that you might have changed your mind about having sex in my mom’s house. Just knowing her room is overhead will make the sex all the better.”

Hearing those words, I can’t even describe the feeling that invaded me. I only prayed Greg somehow knew what had transpired between Marco and me and was now playing some sort of cruel joke as payback. The way I figured, my son knowing about what I had done was better than there being any truth to what I was witnessing with my own two eyes. But when he came inside, locked the door and then went to reach down Marco’s short’s I knew it was real.

From my hiding spot I could see that Marco tried as he had with me to pull away. But, like me, my son wasn’t taking no for an answer and just kept coming until Marco surrendered for the second time that night.

As if in some twisted nightmare of my own making, I was forced to stay hidden for the rest of the night while my son and his lover had sex right above me.

I knew what I did was wrong, but no way did I deserve that.

Or did I?

“The Chapters of Ecstasy” ©2008. Javon64. All rights reserved.

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