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House cleaning surprise, teens first anal

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first time teen anal

I will start out by saying that this story is true. I have changed the names to respect her privacy. I have known Angel for about 3 yrs and have not been able to keep from getting a hard on when she has been around. She has just turned 18 about 6 mths ago and damned if she didn’t go and get married. Anyway this is an account of what happened out of the blue in august of 08.

First I must say that after Angel got married we , the wife and I; didn’t here from her much anymore. Till one day she called and said that she was cleaning houses for a living and wanted to know if we new anyone that would be interested in hiring her. I told the wife about it and she said to see what she would charge to clean our house and I did. She came by and looked and gave me a price and then its like she didn’t want leave. We sat and talked for hours. Now this is hard to do when you have a hard on for 3 hrs and she is sitting 3 ft from you in skimpy shorts and a tight shirt. She has the blondest of hair and medium round breast and a tan that is just golden. I know she had to have seen my hard on in my pants but I didn’t care, hell I am 34 and at that point I was about to cum in my pants. But she finally got up to leave and she started out the door and turned back and gave me a long hug in which I know she could feel my dick pounding at my pants. She has offered up long views of her breast in the past if the wife wasn’t around and once she was kneeling down to pick up something and in a mini skirt opened up to show me her panties that where tucked nicely into the folds of her well shaven cunt.

Today she came to clean the house for the 3rd week in a row. She was in a tight pair of denim shorts and a very low cut t-shirt. She asked a few questions about what to do and then went about her business. Later I was coming around the corner and ran into her and she just giggled and stepped aside letting her hand brush across the crotch of my pants. Instantly I got hard . I sat down at the comp and began to check emails and I could hear her moving about the house cleaning. I couldn’t help but begin to rub my dick through my pants and think what it would be like to have her on it. I was still rubbing when I realized that she had come up behind me dropped something. I turned around in the chair an all I could see was her breast as she bent over to pick up what she had dropped. As she stood up I was caught and she was a little embarrassed because she spotted my hard on since it was only about a foot from her head as she was standing up. I ask her why she was turning red and she just licked her lips and said “you know why” and I said well I know you are married and so am I but we could help each other in this situation. She shrugged her shoulders and went on into my bedroom with the clothes she was toting and put them up. I turned back around and continued to work and rub on my dick which seemed to have gotten bigger since she knew about it. It was just a few minutes I heard the bedroom door open again and I just thought she was coming back out from putting up the clothes, but much to my surprise she stopped in the door way and asked “are you coming or what”. All I could do was look at her and nod.

I went into the bedroom where she was and started toward her and she stopped me. I thought this would be the end of it and I was going to have to find another maid. She surprised me when she said to get undressed and get on the bed, so of course I did. She dropped her clothes in the floor and came to the bed with her hands covering her tits and her cunt like a little girl would do. I told her that we were both adults and not to be scared. She said that she had only been with her husband and that was it. And they had only had sex 4 times since they got married and he was her first. I told her that I would be very gentle with her and I would not do anything she didn’t want to.

As she got on the bed I got undressed. As I took off my boxers my cock sprang free and she gasp. She said that her husband didn’t have one that big and I said that she was going to enjoy this. She started slowly to touch and stroke my cock , it was already lubed up from the precum seaping out of it. I got her to spin around on top of me and I began to lick lightly at her wonderful tan and freshly shaven cunt. She was so warm and already wet to the point of dripping on my chin as soon as she rolled over onto my face. It didn’t take long before I knew I was going to cum and she sensed it when I began to swell in her mouth. She turned and asked me if I wanted her to stop and I said hell no keep going. She then began to suck harder and stroke faster. It was all I could stand and I had to cum, so I filled her mouth full and she kind of gagged a little trying to swallow it all but she did and was proud of it. I could feel her trying to squeeze my head tighter as I licked her clit till it was swollen like a bee sting. She had the prettiest clit I had ever seen it stuck out a good inch and a half once you rolled its hood back, it was the pinkest pink I had ever seen and she could not be still once I latched on to it. I sucked at her clit for another 5 minutes or so and she began to really squirm about the whole time she was sucking my cock back to attention. I then felt her tense up and I grabbed her clit lightly between my teeth and clamped down ever so lightly and flicked her clit till she came all over y face. I easily slid my middle finger in her ass and my first finger in her cunt and started to pump her as she continued to cum. This made her come two more times.

With my cock hard again she turned around and sat down on my pole like it was a toothpick. She said she was surprised that she was able to take all 9 inches of it but I did have her good and wet at this point. As she was riding me she leaned over to the night stand and opened the drawer. This is where all the toys are that me and the wife play with and she new this because she cleaned my house. She pulled out my wifes dildo that is kinda slim and about 5 inches in length. She asked if it was ok to use it and I said yes. I told her that it had been used last night on the wife and that she might want to go wash it but instead she licked it and said she always wondered what another woman tasted like. She then ask me to tease her ass with it and I of course did and then I pressed it in her ass as far as it would go. I think it may have hurt a little bit because she let out a little whimper when it first entered but then went straight into a moan. It wasn’t long before she was cumming again and she was about to rip my cock off it felt like. When her orgasm was over she got up and I thought to myself oh hell no your not but she turned and said would you like to fuck my ass?? Of course I did just that and she was cumming violently in about 3 minutes or so, she just couldn’t get enough and I was happy to give it to her. Then she said she wanted me to come in her pussy and I was reluctant to until sh told me she had been on the pill for a year now. So I turned her over and started to fuck her long and slow. This was driving her crazy and she pleaded for me to fuck her harder, harder, harder so I started to really get into motion when she began to cum again and then I felt my pressure rise and I let a load go in her that she said felt like liquid fire it was so hot. We then both just lay there for about an hour petting and fondling each other till she needed to go and we cleaned up and she got ready to leave.

She stopped as she headed to the door and gave me a little kiss and said she would be thinking about my cock in her as she lay there tonight and let her husband eat what he would think was her juices from her hot pussy. And knowing what it really was, was sure to make her cum for him.

Cant wait till the house gets cleaned again……….

To be continued I hope

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