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Hotel Hottie!!!

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Well it is another cold, snowy and ice covered winter in Michigan. As always we had become quite bored and tired of being trapped in the house. We decided to pack the kids up and go to some hotel somewhere and just be away from the house and home for a weekend. We searched for some deals on the web and finally settled on the Ramada Inn along Lake Michigan just a few hours from home. The hotel was only $60.00 a night and had a pool and hot tub. We figured we could soak in the hot tub while the kids swam to their hearts content. Friday night we jumped in the car and headed west.

We finally arrived at the hotel late after a harrowing drive in white out conditions all the way to the hotel. We did stop for dinner which only aloud the highway to become even more snow covered. We checked in late and after the instructional pool rules and continental breakfast speech from the desk clerk we headed up to the room. We watched a couple of movies befor everyone finally passed out asleep.

I woke up around 5:30 as I always do for work and laid there in bed for a few minutes. I finally decided to get up and take a shower. After a quick shower my wife lifted her head long enough to tell me not to wake the kids and to let everyone sleep. I got dressed and slipped out the door to check out the breakfast.

I arrived in the lobby to find it still dark but smelling of coffee. I walked over and made a cup of coffee and settled into the couch. The TV was on the national news and I was watching intently the sports update. I could hear someone bustling about behind me in the kitchen area but really was too focused on the TV. Suddenly a womans voice startled me as she asked if I would like waffles. After catching the coffee before it spilled on me I thanked her and said no.

I was hungry but I guess her startling me drew a quick auto-response of no. I decided to check out what was there and got up to take a peek. There were all the usuals, cereal, etc. The woman was filling a carafe of coffee and I immediately noticed her hair. She had long flowing auburn colored hair that swept her back. It was very pretty. She wore a black suit that fit her well and she had what appeared to be a very taught figure. I grabbed a spoon and a yogurt and went back to the couch. I ate the yogurt and drank my coffee as I watched the TV. The woman leaned over the back of the couch and asked if I wanted more coffee.

I turned to find a very pretty face within a few inched of mine. She was not a kid, probably early to mid 40's but very pretty. I quickly said yes and she said good I will get it for you. I watched over my shoulder as she filled two cups and came over and sat beside me on the couch. She made alot of small talk about the weather and we checked in and such. I explained that the wife and kids were in bed and that I had to stay away so they could sleep in. She laughed and got up to get us more coffee. She drank hers black and I usually use cream but I didn't ask for it. I just drank it black.

She was explaining to me that there had been only twelve reservations but only 6 were filled probably due to the weather. She said the hotel was almost empty and was glad I was there. I thought I was glad to. She got up and went back into the supply room. I was thinking to myself very glad to be next to her body, when she popped her head out and asked if I could give her a hand for a moment. I sat my coffee down and went into thesupply room as she held open the door. There was a large bowl on top of the refrigerator and she asked if I could get it down for her. I reached up and thought she could have done this why was she asking but when I turned I figured it out quickly. She took the bowl from me and set it on the counter but was holding my arm. She pulled me to her and pressed her lips against mine. She felt very good. She slid her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply. She stopped and asked if it was okay and I quickly pulled her back and kissed her deeply.

As I kissed her I slid my hand up to find her breasts and she let out a huge sigh when I reached them I felt inside her coat and pulled her blouse up so I could reach under top. She Pulled her blouse from her pants and reached up under her shirt and popped open her bra. She had fantastic tits. Firm and solid feeling not like many older women who become soft and flacid. I started kissing her neck and worked my way down to her nipples. They were pale in color but as erect as the icicles outside. I sucked and pulled on her nipples working my way back and forth as she moaned and pressed them into my face. I was holding her ass cheeks and decided to see how far this was going to go. I stood up and spun behind her kissing her neck but squeezing her breasts tightly all the while pressing my cock against her ass. She responded as I had hoped and slid her hand down my stomach and grabbed ahold of my cock through me jeans.

I could have cum right then if I wanted to. She then took charge and turned to me and immediately dropped to her knees. I reached down and began to unbutton my jeans but she pushed my hands aside and took care of it for me. Instead of just trying to pull my cock out she pulled my pants down to my knees along with my boxers. My cock jumped right up in the air and she swallowed him whole. She was working her red lips up and down the shaft of my cock as smoothly and as comfortably as could be. She was good very good and definitely done this before. She was rubbing my balls and I could feel myself starting to tense up. She must have fely it to because she stopped instantly saying not yet. She stood up and reached for the side of her slacks and unzipped them. They dropped down to the floor and I found no underwear. She had just a small patch of red hair over her pussy and the rest was nicely shaven. I reached for her pussy and she fell against me as I sunk two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She was gushing wet, oily and strong smelling. I could smell her musk as I kissed her and wanted to taste her pussy. I pulled my fingers from her and brought them to my mouth. She quickly sucked my fingers and I said whoah thats mine. She looked me right in the eyes and said no this is yours pointing to her pussy. She backed up to the counter and jumped up setiing her ass on the cold top. I dropped down and started licking and sucking like I was a kid with his first ice cream cone. I was wet from ear to ear and was not going to stop. She tasted so good so wet that strong musk was sweet and salty at the same time.

She started pulling me by the shoulders and I knew she was about to cum. I wanted her to cum in my mouth but she was saying no she wanted my cock in her. I stood up with a raging hard on and she dropped from the counter and turned with her ass to me. I reached down and grabbed my cock and guided into her pussy. It was amazing, she was vibrating and hot and wet and I was ready to cum. She reached back with one hand and grabbed my ass. She was clenching my ass and said ok you can cum now and I let loose with everything I had. I could feel myself pump into her again and again and again. She was cumming at the same time. I finally fell back away from her and she turned to me. She started to kiss me and said let me clean this up for you dropping down and grabbing my cock with her lips. I could have exploded right the and there. I let out a yelp and she stopped and told me someone was going to hear me. She started sucking me harder and longer than she had before. I was dancing trying to stay still and then suddenly came again and she was gulping cum down as fast as I was cumming.

She stood up and started to step into her pants when I grabbed her saying I wanted to fuck again and she said she had to get back to the desk. I argued and she just kept getting dressed. I finally figured we were done and started to dress myself. She started to kiss me again and as she stopped said she was going to have my cum in her all day, she said thank you and opened the door. I had one leg in my jeans and stood there watching as she walked out.

I finished dressing and opened the door to find another couple and their two kids eating breakfast. I walked out of the room and toward the front desk where she was waiting on an elderly man. I stopped long enough for her to wink. I went back to the room to find my wife and kids still asleep, I started making noise and getting everyone up and at em'. All day long and all weekend long I have been thinking about how hot the sex was and wishing I could be back there again tomorrow.

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