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Hotel Date Night With a little heavy metal

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I wrote this for a friend who gave it to her boyfriend. She was a heavy metal lady. Hope you like.

You take my body, I give you heat, You say your hungry????.

The work week had been hectic for both of them, and finding time to get together again had been tough. The end of the work day could not come fast enough for him that Friday. All day at work the only thing he could think about was being with her that evening. They had been together a few times since the bed and breakfast experience and he still could not get that out of his mind. He could still feel his hand gliding along the back of her thighs and hoped she still could as well.

Since they both had to work late that evening, he told her to meet him at the hotel lounge at 8:30 Friday night. He told her to bring an overnight bag, her ipod, and a blindfold. She told him that it was an unusual request but he assured her she would enjoy it and to trust him with the evening they were about to share.

He arrived at the hotel about 8:20 a little later than he had wanted and hoped she was not already there. He walked into the lounge looked around and was relieved she was not early. He walked over to the bar and ordered 2 glasses of chardonnay and found a seat in the corner so he could see her as she walked in. The lounge was relatively empty for a Friday night and there were a few guys standing around the bar socializing with the bartender. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her walk into the lounge. He was mesmerized at what she was wearing, and a couple of the guys at the bar noticed as well. She looked so sexy in the short black jacket that was covering up a white corset, a nice skirt with black nylons and black heels. To say she looked hot was an understatement, the black nylons with the seam up the back sent his mind racing of what was to come for the evening. She noticed him in the corner of the lounge and gave him a tight hug and kiss on the cheek when she arrived at the table.

He stammered a few incoherent words to her as he tried to convey how great she looked that night. They both sat down and discussed how work was and how hard it was to concentrate earlier in the day. As they touched hands and drank a few sips of wine they both seemed to relax again and the hectic work day disappeared. Both of their legs soon found each other under the table. She told him she was a little nervous about the night and he reassured her to relax and enjoy herself. What he didn?t know was she was already slowly drenching her panties. They finished their glass of wine and walked over to the check in counter and received their key.

On the way up the elevator he kissed the nape of her neck and told her she was in for some fun this evening. He opened the door to the room for her and they both walked in, hand in hand balancing their luggage with the other. They faced each other and locked in a long wet kiss as his hand went to the back of her hair and neck. After the intense kiss the front of his pants was getting a little tighter. She took off her jacket and he just stared at how great she looked in the white corset. Her breasts were bound in and it took all the strength he had not to reach out and slowly take them into his mouth. They kissed again, still standing there making out like a couple of high school kids. The feelings were intense and heated as they felt their bodies against each other. He was sure she could feel his hardness against her as he could no longer hide it. Unknown to him was her panties were now soaked through and they had not even started with the fun part yet.

He told her to make herself comfortable on the bed as he went and took a shower, mainly to calm himself down and take his time. He showered alone even though it would have been great to have her with him. As he dried off he was still hard thinking about what was just outside the shower waiting for him. He put on deodorant and a little dash of Curve cologne and hoped she liked the scent of both. He walked out in his black silk boxers and was still semi erect as he walked over to her on the bed. She was still wearing the corset, nylons and heels. He finally noticed she had garters on as well, the whole package he said to himself. No one had ever worn that for him before, his mind flushed with excitement. He leaned over the bed and gave her a deep kiss as his hand moved from her thighs all the way up to her breasts slowly cupping each one.

As he released from the kiss he told her to get her ipod as well as the blindfold. She went to her night bag and pulled out each one and handed it to him. His hands were shaking and so were hers as the anticipation was starting to build. He kissed her on the forehead and told her to trust him. As she lay down on the bed he went to his luggage and pulled out 4 velcro straps with 3 feet of soft white cotton rope on each one. Reaching into his bag again he pulled out earphones for the ipod and showed them to her. He hoped she was beginning to get the idea and the way she looked back at him with lust in her eyes said yes. He tied each one to the corner of the bed and plugged in the ipod ear phones as well. No words were exchanged as he tied each rope and strap to each corner of the bed frame. All he could hear was the pounding of his heart and his heavy breathing. She leaned up and kissed him softly as she put on the blindfold and lay down on the bed with her arms and legs spread out an in x formation. He gently took each hand and attached the Velcro strap to each wrist, not too tight as he did not want to hurt her in any way. He left both legs unstrapped for now as he had other plans for her.

Since she was blindfolded he took her Ipod and unplugged the ear buds and attached the ear buds to one he had brought. Unknown to her he had preprogrammed the Ipod he had brought with some of her favorite bands songs. There was Motley Crue, Anthrax, Poison and a few other 80?s metal bands. It turned out they shared some of the same taste in music which they had never talked about before. One other song was a little special from the others which she would learn about at some point this evening. As he attached the ear buds to her ears and turned on the Ipod he gently gave her a slow wet kiss and whispered in her ear to enjoy herself and relax. At this point he knew she could no longer hear what he was doing or see him as well. The slow erotic tease was about to start and he hoped she would enjoy it.

He walked over to the luggage bag he had brought and pulled out a few items. He could hardly control himself as he laid them on the bed. He slowly started to lick his way down her right arm from just below the strap on down to her biceps. He could see a chill along with goosebumps go down her arm and could tell she was already getting turned on. She whispered that the feeling was intense and begged him not to stop. The left arm had not been touched yet and soon he worked his way up from her bicep to her middle finger slowly licking and taking his time. Her fingers lay limp as he slowly started to suck her middle finger as if it were his cock in her mouth. Teasing, flicking and slowly taking his time with her finger as his tongue moved all over. Moving to her neck he gently licked and nuzzled her with his mouth opening and closing softly and seductively. To say he himself was getting turned on was an understatement and he could sense she was in a whole new erotic zone. He could hear Motley Crue cranking out ?Kick Start My Heart? through the ear phones he was so close to her.

Over her bare shoulders he continued licking and gently kissing her above the corset. As he looked down he could her beautiful breasts heaving up and down with each hurried breath. He slowly unclasped each hook of the corset as her breasts spilled out of their constraints. Her nipples were now exposed, rock hard and a little moist from the tightness of the corset. As he slowly tweaked the left nipple he sucked on the right one with his lips rigid. Switching sides to the other breast he gently sucked from the bottom base of her breast up to the nipple as her lower body raised up off the bed. She whispered not to stop but he ignored her, prolonging the experience. Slowly and as seductively as he could he unbuttoned the garters from the stockings as he had never done this before. His hands were shaking and he wondered if she could feel them shake as well. The garters were soon removed from her body and slowly he rolled her nylons down her legs wondering if this was turning her on as much as it was him.

At this point he stood up next to the bed and removed all his clothes. He leaned over her and could hear Poison playing, ?Sexual Thing? the words going through the ear buds saying ?there you lay all by yourself, so please allow me to introduce myself, ?? open your mind and let the games begin.? The sight of her lying there naked with nothing but her soaked through red lace panties was really turning him on. He reached over and grabbed the small pocket rocket vibrator he had brought and turned it on. She could not hear it as he put it to the edge of her panties and worked them all the way down to her knees using just the vibrator. He heard her say, ?oh my god? as she raised her lower body off the bed as he slid them all the way off over each foot. It was at this point that he took each ankle and attached the straps to each leg. There she was all spread out and looking unbelievably sexy. He had to grab the base of his cock just so he wouldn?t come. The vibrator was still buzzing as he slowly went up the inside of her thighs moving toward her soaked bald pussy. Her lips were engorged and appeared to be more like petals on a flower than part of her body. Once he worked his way up to her pussy he gave her a long slow lick up her slit and stopped again.

Reaching over he grabbed a small feather teaser and turned off the vibrator. He was now running the teaser all over her breasts delicately making sure not to tickle her only wanting her to feel the pleasure he was giving her. Inch by inch he ran the feather down her tummy and around her belly button in a circular motion, stopping, restarting, till he reached her pussy again. Starting with the teaser on her outer lips he went up and down on each side and she began to moan with increasing intensity. It was still too early for her to come and it seemed she was enjoying the prolonged foreplay. Pulling away the teaser and using his mouth he started to lick and suck the inside of her thighs, she could not pull away from him and began to grind her thighs toward his head but she could not reach him with the restraints in place.

He grabbed the vibrator again and slid it up and down her slit from top to bottom over and over again. He could see her clit was becoming more visible as he spread her pussy with his fingers. He placed the vibrator at her clit and began to slide the length of it across her pussy as well. She told him she was close to coming and he started to go faster and faster as she was starting to lose control. The moans were getting louder and more intense and he gazed down and saw her toes curl in the most intense orgasm he had ever witnessed. It took her awhile to regain her composure and he reached down and undid the straps around her ankles.

Slipping between her legs he rested his head on her chest and pulled an ear bud out and whispered to her there is more to come. He put the ear bud to his and listened for a bit and heard a certain Bon Jovi song which was his signal to start up again. Slowly moving his hand between her legs she moaned as he slid a finger into her soaked pussy. Once his middle finger was inside he found his way to her G Spot and stopped. Her pussy started to grind on his hand to increase the pressure as well as her own pleasure. He could tell she was getting close again as the grinding intensified against his hand. He started up again putting more pressure on her G spot as he moved his head slowly up next to hers and he could begin to hear his cue.

Slowly he removed his finger from her pussy and replaced it with his cock, gliding in on the first stroke. The wetness of her pussy making a slight sucking sound as he slid all the way up to his balls. Moving his head up next to hers he could hear her song, ?you take my body, I give you heat, you say your hungry, I give you meat, I suck your mind, you blow my head, make love,

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