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Hot Texting part 2

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So Carol arrived at Stan's apartment, and from this point on it will all be from her point of view.

Driving to Stan's apartment seemed to take forever. It was strange, this guy was one of Kyle's business friends, and I had met him before at a Halloween party. Though I told Kyle that he was cute and I'd have fucked him, I really hadn't given it that much thought. I did like his slight English accent and wondered if there was more to his story, but what really had me going was his text messages the last few days. I was not sure how much I was into this Stan guy, but his text messages really had me curious.

Arriving at his apartment, I soon was knocking on his door. He opened up the door only dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. This kind of surprised me because I had assumed him to be fussy about his wardrobe. I looked at him again for the first time though as a potential lover. He was about 6 feet, very tan, blond wavy hair, and blue eyes. He was also in fairly good shape, and his eyes seemed to sparkle. Intrigued I entered the apartment.

He led me to his living room, had me sit down on one of his plush couches. Then offered me a gin and tonic because the liquor store wasn't open the day before. I accepted the outstretched drink our hands briefly touching. I could feel the electricity in the air at this point. Soon he was sitting next to me on the couch, looking in my eyes, he then moved toward me. Not saying another word he began kissing me, his body pressing into mine on the couch. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my abdomen, and his hands were caressing my back, my shoulders, and my ass.

I admit I was taken back by his onslaught, but his passion excited me as well. I could feel the heat of my passion growing as well, and after a few minutes he pulled my hand and we went into his bedroom. Soon he had my lay back on the bed and he began trying to undress me. Some men are good at this process, others like Stan need a little help. I had to chuckle, but soon I was bare ass naked on his bed and he was stripping down to his bare skin as well.

I was impressed as well with the way he was put together as well. Not quite a six pack, but good definition, and tan all over. His cock was decent sized, much like her husbands but unique as most were. I love cock! And this was getting more exciting with each passing second.

Soon he was kissing me, starting from my neck and working down to my pussy. He then took his time as he parted my lips and slowly licked them one by one. Then he began earnestly working my clit. OMG!! It was incredible. He also performed a technique that I hadn't felt before. He's flick my clit, but then he'd pull my clit into his mouth and push down with his mouth and chin on my pussy. This pressure made me push back against his face and the resulting feeling was incredible.

At this point it was so on, and I pulled him into a 69 position. I was soon on top of his body eying his large cock. Soon I had my lips wrapped around his shaft, tasting the saltiness of his body and precum. I also could feel his face and tongue pressing again against my now HOT pussy.

We continued this for a few minutes, I felt myself several times getting close to cumming, and I noticed his cock would twitch in my mouth from time to time. Finally he had enough and wanted to be inside me. Quickly he slipped one of his condoms on, and pushed me back on the bed. Then he entered me, the feel of his cock sliding into me sent shock waves through my body. Soon we were both slamming against one another, and I could see him tensing as he shot his load. I'm sure he'd have filled me with his cum if he hadn't been wearing a condom, but my husband and I are careful about that issue.

Soon we were both resting next to one another, and just some mild chit chat. Surprising me actually he was hard again in only a few minutes. Reaching for a rubber he quickly mounted me again, and then the FUCKING really began. I rode him for a few minutes, then he wanted me from behind, the side, against the wall for a few minutes. This time he wasn't cumming so quickly, and I could feel my orgasm finally arriving. I could feel it course up and down my spine, and my pussy clenched down on his cock as control of all senses were overcome by a warm wave of the orgasm. It coursed through my body, and I could feel him still banging away as it continued to undulate through my body. Soon though the pounding was to much and I pushed him from my body.

At this point he went to the kitchen and brought back some water. We then talked about my husband (I know weird huh), and then a few other things. Again his cock was hard, though I need to take some blame on that account. He then began stroking my hips and found my pussy again with his fingers. Oh, this man new his trade. Very few men were able to get me off with their fingers, but like my husband this man new how to stroke my G-spot. I didn't think I was capable of another orgasm, but soon I was shaking out of control as he pulled one after another from my body. Finally I couldn't go anymore and I pushed him against the bed and began sucking his cock with urgency. At this point sweet revenge was mine, and I'd bring him close to an orgasm feeling his balls tighten, then I'd stop sucking as his cock began to twitch. After doing this 3 or 4 times he started really moaning, and finally he couldn't hold it anymore and his cock erupted in a spout of hot cum. His cock continued to jerk for several seconds. At this point we both collapsed on top of one another in exhaustion. My make up was all over, his sweat and mine was intermingled, and I was feeling so good!

After a few minutes of enjoying the moment, I soon was in the bathroom cleaning up. We both got dressed at this point and he wanted to show me some of his toys. We talked for over an hour and I finally told him that I needed to get home.

As I drove home I couldn't wait to relay the story to my husband Kyle. Kyle gets so damn horny when I tell him about fucking other guys, and this time was one of the few times where the sex was as good as advertised.

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