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Hot Night

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In a crowded club a woman with long, curly, ruby colored hair dances. She is dressed in a short black dress with a very deep v neck and slits up both sides. She has black boots with silver accents and all her jewelry is silver. She moves very seductively and sexually. A man dances up next to her. He is very tall, he has jet black hair and the most amazing and hyponizing green eyes that seem to sparkle in the flashing lights. The woman dances around so that she is facing him and gives him a smile. He dances closer to her and they seem to match each other?s moves without even trying. The DJ announces they are going to slow it down for awhile. The man smiles at the beautiful woman and leans in whispering ?Care to dance beautiful?? The woman simply nods and he pulls her into his arms. Within moments the woman relaxes and rests her head against his chest. They dances for a few songs and then he whispers to her ?Would you like to get out of here?? Again the woman nods and he takes her by the hand and leads her out of the crowded club. They walk a few blocks until they come to the local park. The man leads her into the park. He finds a nice spot with a big old tree. She removes her hand from his and leans against the tree biting her bottom lip just looking at him. He steps in front of her and drinks in her beauty. He smiles and she smiles. He moves closer placing a hand against the tree then slowly and very tenderly kisses the woman. She returns the kiss and deepens it just a bit. He breaks the kiss and smiles at her once more then leans in and kisses her neck. She purrs softly and tilts her head to the side letting him have full access to her neck. He trails tiny kisses up and down her warm flesh. As he kisses her neck he reaches a hand to her stomach caressing it softly and slowly. She purrs a bit louder and she reaches an arm around him caressing his firm well rounded ass. With the caresses he begins to nibble on her neck. She grips a handful of his ass and moans softly. Sensing that she is extremely sensitive in the neck area he begins to bite her neck tenderly. The woman melts and moans louder. He bites a trail up to her ear and kisses it before whispering ?You are amazingly gorgeous and I would like nothing more than to make love to you.? The woman shivers hearing his words since she had been thinking the very same thing. She whispers in a moaning purr ?I would like that very much. There is something about you that just drives me wild.? With her words the hand that was on her stomach lowers and caresses against her leg. The man moves his other hand down to her other leg and he caresses both her legs slowly. The silky softness makes his manhood rock hard. She reaches her right hand down and caresses his manhood through his tight black jeans feeling his excitement. She reaches around with her other hand and both hands make short work of the button and zipper on his pants freeing his hard manhood. His hands trail up her legs and he realizes she is not wearing any panties. He lifts her skirt and rubs his manhood against her shaven mound. The woman rests her head back against the tree with her eyes closed. He lifts her and she wraps her legs around him as he enters her slowly. She kisses him deeply as he does. He returns the kiss and backs her against the tree. His hips begin to move slowly and his strokes are even. He works his manhood in and out of her over and over. Suddenly he holds still and carries the woman to a nearby picnic table. He places her on it and the shimmy back a little. He rests his weight against his hands and begins drilling into the woman. She moans loudly in extreme pleasure. She wraps her legs around his weight pulling him deeper and harder into her. As she does this the man thrusts into her over and over. He in a moaning whisper say ?Yeah baby wrap those soft silky legs around my body I love it.? Hearing his words she shivers and climaxes quickly just from the sound of his sexy voice. He drills her deeper and harder as she cums all over him. The feeling of her flowing over him makes his cock throb inside her. Her inner walls squeeze his cock. He grunts as he grows closer to orgasm. His hips rock faster and faster. She bucks her hips to meet his moves and within a matter of a few more moment and with a few more deep hard thrusts the man orgasms with the woman. Both shake and moan loudly until the grips of orgasm have released and the man leans a bit more forward breathing heavy. The woman pants and tries to find her breath. He looks her in the eyes and smiles softly at her. She gets her breath and whispers ?That was simply amazing? He nods breathing hard ?Mmmhmmm I agree it was wow.? He stands up and tucks in his manhood after it has gone soft. He zips up and the woman sits on the edge of the table. He pulls a card from his wallet and slips it into her bra. He smiles and kisses her. His last words to her ?Here?s my card. Call me very very soon.? She smiles and nods then returns his kiss before he turns to walk into the darkness. The woman watches him go then gets up pulling her dress back down and heading back to get her car from the club.

This story was written by the female half of bigpolycouple. Please leave your comments. We love to hear from you

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