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Hot New Cougar In Town

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I noticed the man in the third floor apartment the first night that I was comfortably settled into my new home. I couldn’t help but notice him. His apartment was directly across the tiny complex pool garden from mine.

Needless to say, I liked what I saw. In so many words, he was a man after my own heart, and as I stood totally nude in front of my picture window, with my plump tits and cute pussy totally exposed, I watched him enjoying the privacy of his home in complete nudity.

Since I had all of my lights out, I knew my nudist neighbor couldn’t see me the way I could see him. Between the illumination of his television and a dim table lamp, I could see every move he made. I watched him stretch out on his sofa and play with his cock, and when he stood up and posed to jerk-off, I suddenly realized why the apartment I had taken had been available.

Where an exhibitionist neighbor might have been too much for other folks, the man was perfect for me. From everything that I could see, he had a very fuckable build for a man that I guessed was pushing fifty, and when he ran his fingers over his full head of hair, as he smoked a cigarette, I knew the man had a genuine easy manner.

When I was finally able to pull myself away from watching him and went to bed, my hornie pussy was juicie with my feminine cream, and I immediately reached for my trustie dildo. With my slender legs spread wide and high, I glided my trustie dildo deep into my creamie twat.

Oh, did it ever feel good, and as I purred my pleasure, I worked my trustie dildo in and out of my saucie cunt. Then, as I pinched my trigger clit, my cupcake ass came off my bed, and I creamed my orgasm.

Naturally, the entire time I whacked-off, I fantasized of getting laid by my exhibitionist neighbor, and as I drifted off to dreamland, I knew I was going to throw myself at him the first chance I got. If the truth be told, I had not enjoyed a good fucking in nearly two months.

Being relocated by the thoughtless corporate big-shots had killed my sex life, but now that I was resettled, I was going to be all about making up for lost time. I was in a new city, and there was no better excuse than that for being forward about making new friends. I planned to milk that for all I could, but it’s not as if I am any kind of pity case.

As a piece-of-ass fifty-five year old cougar, I know how to turn heads and catch eyes. My sexy wardrobe shows off all of my busty but slender shape, and behind closed door, a man is not disappointed when he seduces me down to my high-heels, jewelry and perfume. Both of my tittie-nipples on my nice rack are pierced, and my tight cupcake ass is the attention-getter of my toned figured. When I spread my legs, though, my oh-so sexy and diamond-shaped pussyhairs tell my lovers, in no uncertain terms, that I am a mature woman who enjoys giving a man all the fucking he can handle.

When I woke up from a lovely sleep, the Saturday morning sunshine played right into my hands. I put a touch-up trim and scissoring to my diamond of pussyhairs, and I took the razor to my cuntlips and underarms so that they were skin-smooth. Then, when I finished doing my make-up and hair-do, I slipped into my show-all slingshot thong swimsuit, and I took my coffee down to the pool garden to sip while I sunbathed.

My sexy tanlines had faded during the two months of relocating hell that I had endured, but as I relaxed on a poolside chaise and daydreamed, the hot sun baked my flesh from the get-go. I was all by my lonesome, but before an hour was up, the man of my wet-dreams had come down to check me out.

“Good morning,” I welcomed.

“Good morning,” he greeted.

“I’m Pamela Jenkins. I just moved into town. Join me, please.”

As he settled onto the chaise beside me, he introduced himself as Ralph Simpson. Unfortunately, his swimsuit was nothing special, but I liked that he shaved his almost flat tummie. At first blush, I figured that I had about seven years on him in the age and experience department, so I not-so-innocently stepped over to dip my toes in the pool. I gave him a nice long look at my nude ass-cheeks, and when I turned around, his eyes went right for the deep V of my cunt. Naturally, I was showing my sexy camel-toe, and since I was a naughty girl, the top hairs of my diamond trim peeked out of my swimsuit.

“Wow, Pam, you’re quite the sexy . . . lady,” Ralph complimented.

I smiled a sultry smile. You were going to say sexy cougar, weren’t you?”

Ralph chuckled and smiled a warm smile. “Well, yes. I was going to say that.”

“As I sat down beside him, on the foot of his chaise, my swimsuit gave Ralph a good look at my plump titties, and as his boner cock stood up in his swimtrunks, I knew Ralph liked my e-z style.

“Since you’re new in town, we should go out, tonite,” he suggested.

“That’s very nice of you. I’ll have to break a date,” I lied.

“Me, too,”

As we exchanged consenting adult smiles, I put my hand on his nude thigh. I had thrown myself at him perfectly, but I was only just beginning my fun.

“I’ll have cocktails for us around eight. Apartment 322.”

“I know. I own this little love-nest,” Ralph said. “It’s all I’ve got, but it’s enough. I designed it and built it.”

I did the math. Eighty apartments at probably 800 per a month. Yeah, he was doing okay.

“I should be so lucky,” I commented.

“You’re lucky. Look at you. You’re hot, confident, and very, very attractive.”

As he spoke, Ralph spread his legs to the sides of the chaise as he sat up. All I had to do was slide my hand four inches up his thigh to give him a friendly get-acquainted hand-job. He knew it and I knew it.

“I imagine you saw me, last night, in my apartment,” he remarked. “I’m something of a nudist, and a closet exhibitionist. I hope I didn’t upset you.”

As I smiled, I leaned forward. I slipped my hand into the leg of his trunks and gave his boner cock the get-aquainted hand-job I was dying to give him.

“Ah, baby-doll. I like your style,” Ralph complimented.

“You’ll like me even more, tonite, dreamboat,” I flirted.

Before I pulled my hand out of his trunks, Ralph hit on me with a romantic lip kiss. I didn’t quite cream my panties, but I wasn’t far from it.

After a morning of flirtatious small-talk with Ralph, I ran errands in the afternoon, took a nap, and made my apartment nice for when my guest arrived. Ralph was right on time, with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bubblie. He wore a business suit with a golf shirt. I wore a green minidress that clung to my feminine figure, matching heels, and a black choker around my dainty neck. Since it was our first date, I did not put my nipple rings in, but I did go braless to show-off my perky tittie-nipples. Unfortunately, it was too warm a nite for me to wear my trademark suspender hose, so I ended up slipping into a cute pair of satin panties for Ralph to peel off after our nite out on the town.

At the restaurant bar, Ralph introduced me around to his pals, and their wives or girl-friends As the new girl in town, I made sure that I hit it off with just about all of them. Then, Ralph and I enjoyed an intimate and delicious dinner. We sat in a private booth, and throughout the evening, I allowed Ralph to cheap-feel my pussy beneath the table.

When we got back to his apartment, Ralph slipped off my dress the moment that we were behind closed doors, and as he kissed on my plump tits and perky tittie-nipples, I removed his suitcoat and unhitched his pants. As we made our way onto his turned down bed, Ralph was totally nude, but I was still in my heels and panties.

I had wanted to freshen my tits, ass and pussy with perfume for lovemaking, but Ralph was too much of an animal to let me out of his grasp, but I wasn’t complaining. I liked a man who took charge, and while he went to town on my tits, he squeezed my cupcake ass, beautifully, and I ran my fingers through his thick black hair.

“Oh, dreamboat, you wanna fuck me bad, don’t you?” I flirted.

“You know it, baby-doll,” Ralph declared.

As I felt my darling pussy cream my panties, I raised my sweet cupcake ass just-so off of the sheets. Ralph took the hint and seductively peeled my panties off. When he slipped them over my high heels, he held them up to his face, and he sniffed and licked them.

“Ah, baby-doll, I like a woman who perfumes her sweet cunt.”

“Why don’t you take a taste,” I cooed.

As I spread my slender legs invitingly, Ralph slide down the bed. When he was down in position to eat me out, I raised my legs high and wide into the air, and I vined my forearms around my calves.

“Oh, Pam! You’re a woman with style, aren’t you?” Ralph complimented.

In the dim light of his bedroom, Ralph flattered me by taking a moment to feast his eyes on my sexy shaven cunt and diamond-shaped pussyhairs. Then, as I felt him tongue-taste my womanly cream, I closed my eyes and gasped.

“Oh, lover! Eat my cream pie!” I gushed. “I love it!”

Once Ralph tongue-fucked my creamie twat enough for my hips, ass and pussy to pump with passion, he peeled back my clit-hood and went to town on my tender trigger clit. Needless to say, I began to moan my pleasure and I couldn’t hold back from dirty-talking.

Ralph knew I was a woman who enjoyed having her pussy eaten-out . Of course, the dead giveaway was that my thin cuntlips and clit-hood were totally shaven for lustful affection, and Ralph licked me to a sweet kitten orgasm.

“Oh, lover! I’m cumming a nice cum!” I squealed.

“Baby-doll, I can taste your cum,” Ralph remarked.

With my hips, ass and pussy squirming with orgasm, I was all set to treat Ralph to a sexy blow-job, but as he climbed up between my legs, I knew he needed to fuck my fox-hole.

“Baby-doll, I gotta stick my dick in you!” Ralph groaned.

“I’m spread for you, dreamboat.”

As I felt the crown-knob of his hard-on dick penetrate my hornie twat, I pulled on my calves to lift my cunt and ass, and Ralph glided the full length of his boner cock deep into my fuck-hole.

“Oh, cougar! That’s some nice pussy!” Ralph complimented.

“That’s good cock, too!” I gushed. “Thank you!”

As Ralph fucked my creamie twat with slow, but deep, strokes, I knew I was in for a long nite of romantic fucking and foxy lovemaking.

“Kiss me, dreamboat,” I insisted.

No sooner than I said it, Ralph hit on me with our first delicious tongue-kiss, and while we fucked with a slow tempo in our hips, his boner dick fucked my creamie cunt with long and deep thrusts.

“Oh, this is good fucking!” I flirted.

“You’re one foxy cougar, baby-doll! All my pals wanted to fuck you, tonight, too, ya know?”

“I’m flattered. But, tonite, I’m all yours, dreamboat.”

As the new hot cougar in town, I was glad to hear that I had made a good first-impression. After all, when mature men wanted to fuck a lady, they usually found a way to get around to it, and as Ralph and I fucked in slow gear, I got awfully hot-to-trot knowing that his pals had already penciled themselves in on my dance card.

Ralph was not shaven where it counted, but I had to admit that his cock-hairs brushed against my tender trigger clit, beautifully, and as sweat began to boil on my flesh, my pearl clittie began to sting with passion.

“Oh! Oh, lover! Fuck me! Fuck me just like that!” I squealed. “I’m gonna cum my second cum!”

I knew that the sound of a woman saying she was going to cum was music to a man’s ears, and as I squirmed and squealed to my second climax, I was anything but shy.

“Oh, what a good cock!” I screamed. “What a good boner dick!”

With a pair of orgasms under my belt, I was really ready to cut loose and party. As I mentioned before, two months had passed since I had enjoyed a good nite of romantic fucking and foxy lovemaking, and I wanted to show Ralph that my bedroom talents involved more than holding my legs spread wide and high.

“Oh, lover! I want to suck your cock! I want to take your hard-on cock deep in my mouth. Please, let me give you a sexy blow-job,” I begged.

As Ralph rolled off of me and onto his big bed beside me, I slithered down between his legs. While I kissed his almost firm tummie along the way, the man spread his legs across his big bed, and in the dim light of his bedroom, I got a great look at his thick boner dick and his huge balls. He was a little hairier than I liked a man, but I skipped the usual cock-teasing and wrapped my lipsticked lips around the crown-knob of his stiff pork.

“Mumm,” I moaned.

“Ah, baby-doll! I need a good blow-job!”

I had every intention of giving my pick-up man a blow-job that he couldn’t help from kissing-and-telling to his pals, and as I slid my lipsticked lips seductively down his tall fuck-shaft, the sensation of his boner cock going deeper and deeper into my mouth hot-wired the two of us.

“Oh, mother-fucker, you’re good!” Ralph complimented.

After about 40 years of practice, I had perfected the task of deep-throating a good-sized hard-on, and as tightened my lip-lock around the root of his pork, I danced my tongue along the tender trigger nerve of his boner cock.

Needless to say, Ralph loved every moment of my sucking on his sexy and virile fuck-rod, and as he thrashed around beneath me, he amazed me not to lose his wad.

“Ah, baby-doll! You are one fabulous cock-sucker!” Ralph sweet-talked. “I gotta sixty-nine you!”

In the intimate world of a bedroom, the words ‘sixty-nine’ perked a woman’s ears up when she was in heat, and I was definitely in heat. Gibing a man a sensational blow-job always got me in the mood to have my pussy fucked or kissed, and as I came up for air, Ralph and I locked eyes. Of course, neither one of us was focusing all that well. We were both delirious with passion, and as he took me into his arms, we kissed a very intense tongue-kiss.

“How would you like to sixty-nine, dreamboat, ” I flirted.

“I want you to ride me,” Ralph remarked. “Something tells me that’s your style.”

I smiled my naughty smile. “You’re right about that.”

“Let’s throw a drink back, first. Ya know, so we really smash ourselves in the back of the head,” Ralph joked.

As we laughed, Ralph led me out to the bar in his living room, and while he mixed up some vodka shooters for us to belt down, I cleared off his low and narrow cocktail table.

“Wha-cha doing, baby-doll? Besides showing me that great ass!”

“Were ya born yesterday?” I wise-assed. “I’m setting us up to sixty-nine.”

After I collected pillows from his bed, and padded the cocktail table with them, I joined Ralph at his bar. He had four shooters all lined up four shot glasses, and as I stepped into his arm, the man cheap-feeled my nude ass with affection and appreciation. I rubbed my plump tits against his chest, and I melted my eyes with his. I could tell that he was captivated with the sixty-nine set that I had made of his cocktail table.

“Ya having a nice time, dreamboat?”

“Your one helluva firecracker cougar, baby-doll,” he complimented.

We clinked our shot glasses and tossed back our first shooter. The burn of the booze gagged me a little, and Ralph looked genuinely concerned. I was okay, though, and I threw back the second shooter with him.

“This should hit us just about the time we get ready to fuck, again,” I cooed.

As I spoke, I looked around for a clock. I noticed that his dr*pes were opened, as usual, and as something of a nudist and exhibitionist, myself, it didn’t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, to be perfectly honest, the thought of somebody possibly watching Ralph and I sixty-nine triggered a nice little tingle of naughtiness in my tits, ass and cunt.

Whether that was the liquor talking or not didn’t matter. As Ralph hit on me with a boozie tongue-kiss, I wrapped my fingers around his boner cock and reignited his lust with a sexy hand-job.

“You ready to make a little more time, baby-doll?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Without saying another word, I took the liberty of leading Ralph over to the pillowed cocktail table that I had set up for our sexy sixty-nine. On the four step walk, I felt the booze hit me like an express train. It kicked in just enough to put me in a randi mood, and as I guided my lover down onto his back, atop the pillowed cocktail table, his boner pork twitched with excitement, and he gave me very sexy wink and smile.

“I presume this is a specialty of yours, baby-doll,” Ralph murmured.

“The call them cock-tail tables, don’t they?” I wise-assed.

“My cock and your tail.”

While he spoke, I was a little busy perfecting my position over him. The booze hitting me like a haymaker wasn’t helping my balance, any, but as I spread my high heels on the floor and straddled my splayed ass and cunt over his chest, I felt Ralph run his fingertips up my spread inner thighs, and I knew I was where I wanted to be. Thanks to the booze, my randi quim was on fire with my scalding cream. My tittie-nipples were tight with passion.

I could feel all of my nympho desires shooting through my tits, ass and cunt, and as I bent my knees and lowered my creamie twat and cupcake ass down to my lover’s face, he tongue-tasted my delicious pussylips, beautifully.

“Ah, dreamboat! Oh! Oh!” I squealed.

The touch of his hands cheap-feeling my nude and splayed ass-cheeks felt totally delightful, and as I braced my hands on the edges of the cocktail table, below his hips, I levitated myself over. Then, with my skill as an experienced sex-kitten, I wrapped my lipsticked lips around the arrow-point crown of his stiff boner cock.

We were totally engaged in our sexy sixty-nine, and as I cock-teased the pointie tip of virile hard-on, Ralph cunt-teased my pussylips, splendidly, with his talented tongue.

“Man, baby-doll, you are the foxiest lover ever to make time in my place. You’re showing me something. You’re showing me what lovemaking is all about,” Ralph complimented.

As we played the game of pleasing cock-teasing and cunt-teasing, together, my hips, ass and pussy began to dance in the air, and Ralph’s hips, ass and boner dick began to writhe with pleasure. The shooters that we had thrown back, willie-nillie, were intoxicating our mutual desires with carnal romanticism. We sixty-nined in lockstep rhythm, and as I thought of the dr*pes being opened so that somebody might just be watching us, I felt totally hot-to-trot.

Ralph knew how to eat a woman’s pussy, and as he got to tongue-fucking my creamie fox-hole, I lowered my lipsticked lips down to the tender trigger nerve of his manly boner pork. Our mutual cock-teasing and cunt-teasing had worked us up into a satisfying and sweet lather, and as we moaned and groaned our randi pleasure, together, we went over the cliff, into the hot and heavy territory of serious cock-sucking and cunt-eating.

It was not at all hard to tell how much Ralph enjoyed my sexy style of sixty-nining, and as he zeroed-in on my pearl-trigger clit, I engulfed his full length of seven inches deep into my mouth.

I knew the moment that he began to tantalize my darling clittie that I was going to cum my third orgasm of the steamie nite. Naturally, I steadied myself so that when my world rocked, it wouldn’t throw me for a loop. As a matter fact, I was so hot-to-trot that I was taking my clit-licking on my tippie-toes, and when my orgasmic earthquake hit me, I managed the impossible of keeping my lover’s hot hard-on dick planted deep in my mouth.

Then, before I knew what hit me, Ralph scooted out from under me, and traded positions with me. I was lying on the cocktail table, with my legs spread high and wide into the air, and Ralph was cunt-fucking my hornie twat deep and hard and fast with his gorgeous boner cock.

“Oh, fucker! Fuck me, lover! Fuck my cunt! I’m all yours! All yours!” I screamed.

“Bet your ass you’re all mine, baby-doll!” Ralph declared. “Whenever you need fucking, you come to me! Whenever I need pussy, I’m gonna knock on your door!”

“Yes! Yes, lover!” I squealed.

After what felt like a thousand pile-driving strokes, Ralph rocked my nympho desires with a full-blown, cunt-busting orgasm, and as I screamed and squirmed in total pleasure, I felt Ralph’s boner cock unload huge jets of his boiling cum deep up my twat.

“Oh, dreamboat! Yes! Cum! Cum hard in my pussy!” I yelled.

As Ralph groaned and moaned his masculine satisfaction, I ran my hands all-over his sweat-coated physique. Every muscle that I felt was clenched in the pleasure of shooting his wad inside my cunt, and as he collapsed onto my tits, our eyes melted together.

“This wasn’t no one-night-stand or pick-up date, baby-doll. I gotta fuck you a lot more before my pals ever get their hands on you.”

As I smiled my sultry smile, Ralph hit on me with a very affectionate and lustful tongue-kiss. I didn’t want to burst his bubble, but if he thought I was suddenly a one-man woman, he was in for a surprise. On-the-make cougars, such as myself, had given up on that one-man hang-up way back when. I didn’t want to say anything, but those were the facts, Jack. When I spread my legs for him on our first date, no questions asked, he knew I was a partying play-the-field type, and when the booze wore off, I knew he would come to his sense.

In any event, I was flattered that Ralph wanted to put his brand on me. After all, men did not go around wanting to put their brand on a woman who was a bad excuse for being a piece-of-ass. I knew that, and Ralph knew that, too. Nevertheless, I could lie my lie.

“I’ll break a date for you, anytime, dreamboat,” I flirted. “I didn’t have to say it, though, did I?”

“I guess I kind-a forgot where we stood.”

“Thanks, dreamboat. I’m not the fall-in-love type,” I explained. “I’ll take a hard time from you, anytime, anyplace. You fucked me beautifully.”

“Same goes for me, baby-doll.”

As he took me off to his bed, we drifted off to dreamland. I felt confident that we would knock off another piece of tail before the sun came up. I was willing to almost guarantee it.

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